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One for the Album


Joyce, what can I tell you about her? Well, more than a few years ago, and let's face it girls, the same applies to all of us, she was a cracking looker. I know, because I have seen some pictures from back then. Mind you, she isn't a bad looker now at sixty, just a bit more what you might call cuddly. We had a right evening when she told us her story.


I'll say it myself, it will save you all thinking it. None of us are innocents, everyone of us has a tale to tell. This is mine, and in my way, I am not ashamed. Ok, I was a bit of a tart! I loved sex. There I've said it.

I had quite a few boyfriends, didn't really care whether they were married or not, what they did for a living, I didn't give a damn. All I was interested in was a good time.

I can tell you, some of the characters who were keen to show me a good time were not gentlemen. If you were to call them 'Gangsters' or 'Thugs' 'Crooks' even 'Criminals' you could be accused of insulting those living with those descriptions. Some of my 'boyfriends' were seriously not nice.

Anyway one of the nicer chaps, was Freddie. I don't rightly recall much about his job, or really his circumstances now, but I was hot on him at the time.

Freddie it must be said had a penchant for what he called 'webbing' which he told me was what they call the stuff they wore in the army on ceremonial occasions now when that was applied to us 'ladies', in my case 'lady' was stretching it a bit, meant that he liked lingerie, including suspenders and stockings.

That is, specifically, bra, suspenders and seamed stockings. Freddie was certainly generous enough, he kept me well supplied with 'webbing' and lots of other very very sexy undies. He also liked to see me and a-hem... screw me, in them.

Who was I to complain, I was getting a lovely sexy underwear collection, and my a-hem 'appetite' catered for.

Frankly I enjoyed flashing my bits at him wearing the lovely things he bought me, well to be honest, flashing my bits at any of my 'boyfriends' wearing the stuff...or even not wearing the stuff... Know what I mean?

Freddy Left the area to work somewhere up north, can't remember exactly where. We did expect to be apart quite a bit. But we were close and intended to continue that way.

I worked in a department store, had a flat in town, some twelve miles or so from where my parents lived. I did visit them regularly, as I didn't drive I used public transport.

I didn't get on too well with all my colleagues, some of them were jealous of the finery I displayed when I put my uniform on in the staff room.

I did have friends, one in particular came into my life about the time Freddie went off up north. Nothing sort of sexual, well not at that time anyway.

Jack lived just a few miles from my parents. He was a bit older than me, a bit of a square really, but he was alright. It became quite a regular event for me to get a lift from him when I wanted to visit my parents, he would collect me from my flat and drop me at my parent's door. That saved me the cost and annoyance of public transport.

We became mates, and our conversations were quite saucy at times, but he was a real gentleman. He knew of my reputation, had he tried I would have welcomed him into my bed, but he made no such attempts worse luck.

About a month after Freddie had gone I had a letter from him, he was missing me Aaah.

He often thought about me, he missed our sex life, etc, etc. Well I was missing him too, and it was approaching his birthday which last year had been celebrated with a ridiculously exciting and satisfying sexual surfeit. Birthday? It was more like a birth week! No chance this year of a repeat.

I was talking to Jack about the situation, the chat I could tell, was making an impression on him, but still he made no move on me.

Oh! He was getting horny, but he kept it to himself. Sitting beside him in the car I could see his equipment stiffening as we talked.

"What do you think Freddie thinks about when he is missing you?"

"Probably what we used to do together."

"Does he picture you in his mind?"

"Oh yes, I reckon he imagines me in the under wear he bought."


"Oh! Ok! I bet he wanks over the imaginings."

"What are you going to send him for his birthday?"

"I thought about sending a pair of knickers."


"Why? Do you have any other suggestions?"

"Well you could send him a picture of yourself."

"He's got one in his wallet."

"What? One with you wearing your 'webbing'


"Well then."

"Well then what?"

"Send him some of you..."

"Me what?"

"....I was going to say"

"Say what."

"You in your 'webbing'"

"I couldn't."

"You have been seen in the stuff."

"No...what I mean is I can't."


"Well, I haven't got any pictures for a start."


"Well if I haven't got any, I can't can I?"

"You can get some."

"You don't understand...who from, there has never been any taken, I am too shy."

"That takes a bit of believing."

I have to say, the idea did appeal to me, but I would need a bit of persuading, for a start I didn't know a photographer I could trust.

"You are not that shy!"

"In some ways I suppose. Anyway I don't know anyone who could take pictures like that. Don't you need a special camera or something?"

"Well, a reasonable camera and the ability to use it."

"Well there you are then! My point exactly!"

Then Jack hit me with it. At weekends he often worked as a freelance photographer and some evenings he taught at night school. He had his own cameras and even a darkroom.

"And" he continued, "you are not all that shy with me...are you?"

"Well no...not really. But you might think I don't take a very good picture."

"You wouldn't be taking the pictures, if you wanted them done I would be taking them."

"You know what I mean."

Looking back at it, he was really pushing it... seduction but not as I knew it! I'll give him that, I wasn't too bothered, as like I said, if he had tried it on I would have had him. Let's just see, I thought, just how this will go.

"So you are saying, that if I want to do that, have photos taken, you will take them?"

"Well, I wouldn't do it without an audition. And a release to say it was what you wanted!"

"An audition?"

"Well, not so much an audition, more like a camera test."


"I would want to see how shy you were, and whether you could pose, whether you could relax in front of the camera, relax in front of me."


The conversation terminated at that point as we drew up outside my parent's house. Several days later, over a sandwich I tentatively broached the subject again.

"Jack, were you serious about doing those photos.?

"Which photos"

"You know, the ones we talked about, the ones of me?"


"On what?

"Like I said You have to say its what you want and we should do a camera test and if that is all Ok then yes. The important thing is that you are sure it's what you want."

"I've been thinking, when would you do that test thing?"

We were joined by another colleague, so that was it for the next few days, the next opportunity was on the Friday when Jack called at my flat to give me a lift home. It was a Friday like so many other Fridays just two slight differences, one I had a day off from work and two, it was a bank holiday so no work on the Monday.

I got up.

I showered.

I had a coffee.

I decided that I would confront my nervousness about Jack's 'camera test'.

I was going to do it.

I was going to do it today.

I had 'butterflies', I had a slight, you know, tingle, I was, I suppose, just a little excited, at the thought, manifested in a dampening of my nether regions.

Was I horny? I don't really think so, but having dressed particularly sexily, well in the undie department anyway, I did anticipate at least a little activity but I wasn't quite sure how things would develop.

Jack arrived as usual, about 1 o'clock. Inside I was trembling like a leaf when I opened the door to him, all though, the only thing that I should have been concerned about was that Jack might not go along with my wishes. Instead of being ready to leave, I asked him in..

"What's this then, got a brother in here to knock me about for making rude suggestions?"

"No, course not."

"Then what?"

"I thought... we could have a cup of coffee and talk about that picture idea...the camera test"

"OooooK. You are not worried by that are you?"



"No, just a bit nervous."

"Don't be, you'll be great."

"Are you sure?"

"You know the conversations in the car?"


"Did you know that I get horny when you tell me saucy things?"


"Does it bother you?"

"Nope, sometimes I just say things so you did get horny, I like to see your stiffy in your pants."



"Are you concerned now with me here?"

"Not really, just a little nervous."

"Would you rather I left?"

"Oooh no, I want you to stay?" I shrugged my shoulders, my tits bouncing just a little as I spoke.

"Where is that coffee?"

I placed the mug of coffee before him as he took his seat in my only easy chair. I sat on a hard chair at the small dining table nearby.

"And if I ask you to show me your knickers?"

I had been sitting opposite Jack at the table. To answer, I just stood, and lifted my skirt, exposing my transparent nylon French knickers... I only wore silk ones for special occasions.

"Yes, very nice."

"See I am not too shy in front of you."

"Yes, very nice and a very tidy thatch too, but what I expected was for you to show me some of your "webbing". But I do appreciate the gesture!"

Can I tell you girls, I blushed redder than I have ever blushed. I did not know where to put myself. If it hadn't been for not wanting to appear more foolish I might have deposited the butterflies from my stomach on the floor at his feet


So I went and got some from the bedroom didn't I? it too a few minutes, I needed to calm down. I chose the sauciest. I dumped them unceremoniously in the middle of the table. Jack rose to his feet and started to go through them silently. Each brassier, each teddy, each night gown and every pair of knickers, was picked up, held up, scrutinized, neatly folded and placed tidily in piles on the table.

"Well?" I asked, "are they suitable?"

"Difficult to say, they are cold and dead like this. Tell me, when you have teased me do you get... you know..?"

"Are you asking me if I get horny when I tease you? Bloody cheek, what a thing to ask!"


"Of course I do, there would be no point teasing you if I couldn't get anything out of it."


"Now you know, don't you, that I am only going to do this for you as a favour. This is not my specialist subject as they say. I don't really know how to direct you, but years ago I did this for a girlfriend and I asked her about posing."

"Well I don't know about posing either."

"Well I gave her two choices, I could try to tell her how to pose, or I could put her in the pose. Basically hands on or hands off.

"What did she decide?"

"Hands on."

"Then I will chose the same."

"Now you do realise that that will probably mean that I will have to adjust, what shall we say, quite intimate parts of your clothing, I mean, she didn't mind because we were...well we did sleep together. Well, not so much of the sleeping. " He winked, slowly and sexily, while looking deep into my eyes.

"I probably won't mind."

"The other thing is a bit more delicate."


"Thing is, when we were doing it she got very sort of excited. Which was a good thing, because her bits were naturally shiny with juice and we didn't need oil."

I'll tell you, with just the conversation, I was getting 'sort of excited'.

"I mean, horny excited. And well, she used to get me to relieve the tension so to speak." He paused.

" The choice is if you like, if that happened with you, I could either leave the room, or turn my back while you sorted things out , if you know what I mean. You would need to let me know. I wouldn't want to embarrass you."

"What would you like me to show you first?" I picked up a pair of Panties and a peephole bra. I sort of ignored the previous question. Well I didn't answer.

"The best way to start from my point of view would be to just strip off and let me see what you are like with nothing on, see if you get nervous like that.."

Girls, please give me some credit, I am not silly, I knew exactly where this was going and it was going to be F.U.N. I was going to lead him all the way. I knew he was wanting to get his hands on my bits, hell I even knew he was going to shag me (because I wanted him to.). Yes, he was right where I wanted him.

"Do you want me to leave the room. While you get your things off, that is if you are going to get stripped."

"No, you just stay right there. Come and sit here the chair is more comfortable." I intended to do my utmost to embarrass him, just for the hell of it.

If I understood half correctly he may have been sort of suggesting that it would all be clinical, and one thing for sure, I wasn't going to let him get away with it. No, he was going to get horny whether he wanted to or not.

I did the dah dah bump and grind strip tease sort of thing as I slowly, and as sensually as I could, I unbuttoned my blouse, one button at a time, I slipped one arm out, dipped it over my shoulder and slipped it back up, turned and did the same the other side. I raised my arms and shimmied, pushing my tits out before lowering my arms and allowing the blouse to slip from me to whisper into a heap on the floor.

Jack sat in the easy chair sipping his coffee, swinging his crossed leg as he watched me intently. Periodically uncrossing and recrossing them.

I wiggled my hips, placing my hands first one side then the other, settling them at last on the side zip which I lowered and raised several times before eventually leaving it open. I undid the top clip, and lowered and raised the skirt from the waist, turning and sort of mooning at him then covering up again. Having eventually pushed the skirt right down till it was about my ankles, I kicked it to the corner of the room.

I played silly beggars with the half slip, and that too eventually slithered to my ankles. I have never been a great one for tights, and my friends did prefer stockings, so they followed, one foot at a time, onto the arm of his chair I unclipped the first from its suspenders, and coaxed it down .

"Take the toe Jack and pull it off for me. You have pulled one off before haven't you Jack?" I emphasized the double entendre.

He of course did so, looking as he did so straight at my pussy.

"Oh yes, I've pulled one off many many times!" he winked.

Jack recognized my meaning, and we moved on to the second stocking.

"Can you, Jack," I breathed, "undo the suspender for me?"

His hands went about the task, brushing as they did so against the front of my knickers and my furry coating this time he was looking straight into my face. I took the stocking top from him and eased it down my leg before asking him again to "pull it off" for me.

At this distance from him, or should I say this close to him, I could make good use of my 38s. I thrust into his faced as I reached behind to unclip my bra, then eased it forward to release my tits. Waggling them in his face as I did so, my nipples, now erect brushing across his nose.

I dodged his tongue as it snaked out towards me. I am in charge for this little game, and if I had a nipple licked I would have boiled over and I had something else in mind for that.

Jack reached out for the table as I danced away, discarding the bra as I went, and picked the pencil from my crossword book.

"Here, Joyce, can you pass the pencil test?"

"What's the pencil test?"

"Just hold the pencil with your tits."

I took the pencil, but unfortunately I failed the test, I just couldn't get enough sag on my tits to hold it! Each time I let go of the pencil it dropped to the floor.

"Yeah, not bad, that's some perky boobies you have there."

"But I failed."

If you had held the pencil you would have failed, because it would mean your tits sagged."


I put my hands into the back of my knickers and started wiggling my arse. Back to the Dah, dah, business. Down a bit, up a bit, tease tease tease.

With my knickers half down....

You know how it is girls, we get a bit excited, we mess about a bit, and the ole gusset rides up into a sticky moist pussy and so it did.

....I put my foot again on the arm of Jack's chair.

"Would you do a lady a favour?"

"And that is?" Jack licked his lips.

"Tug the knickers out of my crack."

"With fingers or teeth?"

"Don't be rude, with your fingers of course!"

His fore finger entered my knickers in my bush, ticklingly parting the curls as he intruded, hooking his finger out on the other side. The sensation of his finger in my hair, so close to my you know what, would have had me clamping my thighs together had my foot not been on the arm of the chair I was so close to either peeing myself or exploding into a full blown climax. I was gagging for it girls, I truly was, but even at this stage I was determined to be in charge. After all, this was MY game

His finger started its downward mission to disengage the knicker gusset from my crack, the hooked finger meant that Jack traced his track downwards through my curls with his knuckle. He touched the upper most end of my slit, I shivered in anticipation. The damp fabric started to peal away from the sensitive flesh. He moved closer, his nose almost touching my curly mat.

Jack's knuckle touched, oh so lightly, my clit. An electric shock catapulted me into a shuddering climax. I grabbed his shoulders to steady myself and in the same moment Jack's tongue connected with my sensitivity.

That was it!

The leg I was standing on suddenly had the rigidity of a piece of string and I went to the floor my legs clamping together, and my head banging unceremoniously against the table leg. Did it hurt? I have no idea! I was in the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had.

It was several minutes before I regained my senses, coming too I found my head cradled in Jacks arms. My eyes closed, my teeth gritted my hips writhing as I rode the waves of sudden release.

"Are you Ok?" Jack was gently caressing my cheek.

I nodded.

"I think you need to sit down."

He helped me up despite my inability to have any semblance of control over my legs, and deposited me, slumped in the chair we had been misusing just a few minutes ago.

Jack wasn't a big man , and it tasked him to get me off the floor and into the chair. I say into the chair, that was a bit of a stretch, my bum was right on the edge of the seat and I was laid back into it, still gasping and shuddering as the afterglow washed over me.

"Are you sure you are alright?"

I nodded weakly, I could barely breathe, I was panting hard, I couldn't speak, my legs splayed asunder, the knicker gusset hanging limply, offering a suggestion of damp modesty to my person.

He knelt between my parted knees, and reached up to squeeze first one of my tits then to gently pinch the other engorged nipple. Before leaning back to rest on his haunches.

I could feel the gusset being gently lifted from my flesh, and eased aside, then, as Jack leaned forward, first his hot breath then his tongue warmed and probed at my being.

I cannot say that my original orgasm had totally ended, if not, it certainly burst anew and with vigor upon me. I brought my legs together on his shoulders and fucked Jack's face his ears pressed into my thighs as his tongue probed ever onward first on my clit then delving down, down into the deep moist hot grotto of my pussy.

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