tagInterracial LoveOne Hot Summer Day

One Hot Summer Day


Mid-summer, high noon. The heat radiated everywhere. The humidity made the heat in the air heavy. The walk to the library, though only five minutes, made her feel as though she were in an oven. Though her long, curly brown hair was up in a bun, there were drops of perspiration sliding down her face and neck. Though she wore a bikini top covered only by a thin button-down shirt, her back was wet with perspiration. And she felt drops slide from her neck down between her breasts. Her legs were bare save for a well worn pair of cut-off jean shorts, the thong bikini bottom beneath them.

As soon as she entered the library the coolness gave her chills, making her nipples hard. Smiling she glanced around and saw no one, save the desk clerk. As he returned her smile she took note of him.

At least 6 ft tall, judging by her own height of just 5 ft, and with a build so muscular he must work out. Dark skin, dark brown hair, deep green eyes, and a great smile. "Damn," she thought, "that is one fine man." She stood a little taller, which caused her breasts and erect nipples to protrude even farther. She saw him look at them, then at her sky-blue eyes. She ran a hand down her neck and between her cleavage, her eyes never leaving his, and licked her lips. She walked up to him and, leaning onto the counter, looked at his name tag, "Joe", and asked where the coolest part of the library was. He smiled and pointed to a secluded corner, just slightly darker than everywhere else. Smiling up at him she asked if there was anyone there. He said no, they were alone. She asked if he'd mind if she went to cool off in private, and he said no. She smiled as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

His eyes following her every move, his breathing becoming shallow, he tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. All buttons open, he got a good look at her 36C full, creamy breasts, barely contained in her top. Licking his lips he looked up as she smiled. She walked towards the area slowly, turned around and said thanks.

Once in the nook she found a few high back wooden chairs around a table, a leather sofa and two leather chairs with an end table between them. Choosing a wooden chair, she placed it in a direct path of an AC vent and sat. The cool air chilled her sweat-dampened skin, hardening her nipples and causing goose-flesh across her bare skin.

Closing her eyes, she began to fantasize about the desk clerk breathing on her nipples, touching them, and she twitched with the thought. Slowly she began to caress her own nipple through her top, still fantasizing. As she imagined him licking her nipple, she slid her hand into her top and began pinching and rubbing the nipple, softly moaning. Unaware she was being watched by the very man she sat fantasizing about, she slowly brought her second hand up to her other breast and moaned again.

As she opened her eyes, she saw a small window looking out into a serene garden. There, tall and dark, was a gardener. Wearing only form-fitting jeans, she watched his muscles ripple as he moved, his skin glistening with a sheen of perspiration. As she walked to the window for a better look, she slowly unbuttoned her shorts. Rubbing a nipple with one hand, she unzipped the shorts slowly with the other.

As she watched him work, she imagined him doing things to her. Kissing and licking her nipples, touching her with those big dark hands against her creamy flesh. She moaned at the thought and began to touch herself. So caught up in her fantasy, she slid a hand into her thong and began to rub her clit, feeling it bulb out and harden. She moaned again, pinching her nipple.

As though the gardener heard her, he turned around and saw her.

She saw him smile as he watched her hand inside her top. She licked her lips and smiled at the thought of him watching her masturbate. He started toward the window as she slid a finger into her hot, wet pussy and moaned. Noticing a decidedly large bulge between the gardener's legs, she removed her hand from her breast and motioned the gardener to come to her.

Once in the library, the gardener saw the desk clerk watching the young woman. He closed and locked the library door, and flipped the sign to "closed. While walking towards the nook, he began to unbutton his pants.

The clerk watched. Knowing what was going to happen he felt a thrill run through him.

The gardener asked the clerk, "You want to have some fun?"

Joe replied, "Hell Yeah!"

The two very tall, very dark men entered the nook, pants unbuttoned. The gardener went up behind the young woman and wrapped his arms around her with one hand on her nipple and one in her bikini bottom.

"Allow me to assist you," he all but growled.

She moaned and leaned back against him as he kissed her neck. Sliding her hands around behind her, she began to stroke the bulge between his legs.

He groaned against her neck, "Ooh yeah."

Joe came up as the gardener turned around with her. Joe began feeling her breasts, sliding the tiny triangles of material to the side so he could lick and suck on her very hard nipples.

She started as she felt the extra hands on her body. Seeing the young clerk, she smiled shyly and slowly placed one of her hands on his face as he leaned in to kiss her full on the lips. As their tongues danced, his hands played with her nipples.

The gardener removed the woman's shorts. Seeing the tiny thong, tucked between two creamy round cheeks, he grinned and playfully slapped her ass. She jumped and moaned.

Joe broke the kiss and began sucking her nipples again as the gardener began inspecting her ass with his tongue, while lifting one of her legs.

As she let out a moan, the gardener slid a finger into her dripping wet pussy. "Yeah, more. I'm SO wet!" she cried.

Removing his finger he stood and, tapping Joe, moved the young woman towards the table where he bent her over it. Nervous, but excited, she asked, "What are you doing?"

Stroking his hands slowly down her back he relaxed her, then holding her down with one hand, he slapped her ass cheek. She yelped as she jumped from the sting, but spread her legs. "Oh my god, do it again!" she cried.

He slapped her other cheek, leaving two matching red handprints.

Joe moved to where her face was. "I want to watch you suck my dick," he said as he slid his huge dark cock into he eager mouth.

Holding her hair with one hand, he fucked her mouth, while the gardener again began his inspection of her ass.

Spreading her cheeks, moving the thong, the gardener began to lick around the tiny hole.

She squirmed and moaned against Joe's dick.

Getting his middle finger wet in her pussy, the gardener began to slide his finger in her ass slowly. She tried to move, but he held her. Once half way in, he began to slowly circle to the left and right, relaxing her, widening her. As she relaxed, he began to fuck her ass with his finger, making her moan and spread her legs again. He slid another finger in making her tense again.

While this was going on she was moaning onto Joe's huge dark cock as he fucked her mouth. He was getting harder as he watched the gardener play with her ass. As Joe watched, the gardener slid a third finger in, making her moan loudly. Joe helped hold her down with his free hand. He slid his dark cock in and out of her mouth slowly, and then removed it.

She looked up. "Please, I need to suck your dick," she begged. So he slid it back in. She eagerly sucked it while the gardener fucked her ass with three fingers.

Taking his hand from her back, the gardener pulled his big, dark cock from his pants. "Get ready, baby," he told her, "I'm about to fuck your ass. Getting close to her ass, he removed his three fingers and slipped his nine inch cock in, making her scream around Joe's cock.

With just the head in, he stood there, waiting for her to relax.

Joe stroked her back while the woman sucked his cock. He saw the gardener's dick in her ass and started to cum in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it down, and licked him clean.

As Joe moved away, the gardener began to move in deeper making her moan. He placed her hands on her ass and had her spread her own cheeks.

She looked back and saw his cock sliding into her ass. "Oh my god, that feels SO good!" she moaned loudly.

In minutes he was stroking in and out, deeper with each stroke. And long minutes later he was cumming deep in her ass.

As the gardener pulled out and moved away, Joe stepped up for his turn. His cock, though not fully recovered, was bigger than the gardener's, easily eleven inches, and the young woman tried to move. Joe grabbed her hips and held her, slowly moving his cock into her ass.

She squirmed and squealed. She spread her legs and her ass trying to make it fit. With the head in, Joe bent down and nibbled her neck, stroking her back and sides with his hands. As she got aroused and relaxed, his cock slid in slowly. She soon started to move with him.

Suddenly he stopped moving, and holding her, slowly backed up to sit on the sofa with her ass still wrapped around his cock. As he lay back, he motioned for the gardener to come over.

Lying on Joe on her back, her eyes widened as the gardener came over. She spied his big cock and realized what he's going to do. "Oh my god, I've never done this," she told them.

"You'll love it, beautiful," said the gardener.

She spread her legs and watched as he slid his dark cock into her pink pussy. Feeling the burn and the stretch she half moaned, half screamed.

As Joe played with her pink nipples, with his dick deep in her ass, the gardener started a rhythm going, fucking her pussy.

She was soon moaning with pleasure. "Yeah, fuck me, fuck me!" she all but yelled. She felt the orgasms building like waves, each one bigger than the last. Her pussy was dripping and the juices were running onto Joe's dick as it slid in and out of her ass.

It didn't take long before all three were moaning, close to screaming, deep in the throes of orgasms.

As the men filled the tiny young woman with their seed she cried out, riding wave after wave of orgasm.

Finally, slowly the men pulled out of her. As she leaned on the sofa, knees on the floor, the men can see the cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

She trembles as she tries to stand. Joe came to help her.

The men helped dress her and lay her on the sofa to rest. The gardener left and went back to his work. Joe kept the library closed and stayed with her till she was ready to move again.

He asked her name and if she was okay.

"My name's Lyn, and I'll be fine, thanks. I've never had anal before, or a threesome, so it's quite tender."

Joe let her know it would be okay. They weren't so rough that they'd done any damage. Then he asked, "How did it feel? You're so small, and we're so big."

She replied, "It hurt a lot at first, then it felt so good. I nearly passed out it felt so good!"

Joe smiled. "So you like a big, dark cock?"

Smiling she said, "Yes!"

She asked why he's being so nice, why he didn't just leave like the gardener did. Joe told her, "Well, one I work here, so I can't leave till you do. Two, I'm actually a nice guy. And three, I haven't had your pussy yet." Seeing the shock on her face made him laugh.

She smiled in return. "Give me awhile, and maybe you will," she shot back sassily.

"Good, said Joe. "Let's go to my place, it's much more comfortable than here."

As they got up to leave, neither one noticed the small camera that had been "watching" them the whole time.

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