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One Is Not Enough


It was a long afternoon of skiing and it was already getting darker by the minute. All Sherri could think about was getting down the last hill and getting warm. She was skiing with her husband Ian whom she had married only five months before. Hours earlier, she experienced the thrill of skiing a black diamond run for the first time and now every muscle in her legs were aching. Now, during this last run down the mountain, she and Ian glided by the famous Swiss mountain, the Matterhorn, looking magnificent in the twilight of sunset.

It was their first trip following their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Sherri was in her late twenties and was quite a sight on the slopes. Her tight black ski pants hugged every curve of her of her perfectly shaped ass and long legs. Her blond hair and white ski jacket framed a model's face. Ian was in his early fifties, tall, blond, handsome and very fit. Although there was twenty + years difference between them, they looked like a couple that was meant to be together – both tall, very attractive and obviously in love. The trip was a long delayed joint vacation with Ian's best friend Hans. He and Ian had worked together in Europe in the mid-eighties and had developed a deep friendship that had been nurtured by mutual visits to each other's homes and an occasional ski trip together in Switzerland or Austria. Hans was a German about the same age as Ian and also looked years younger than his actual age. Both men shared a passion for fitness and the ski trip was a perfect blending of relaxation and exercise. Hans traveled from Frankfurt to meet Sherri and Ian in Switzerland at a Zermat resort with his friend Dietrich. This was their second day skiing and Sherri had developed the familiar aches that accompany the skier after the second day.

"We have been waiting for you for a half hour," said Hans when the couple finally arrived at the bottom of the final run.

"Sherri was very sore on the way down from the glacier and we stopped to rest a number of times," replied Ian.

"Well, I think she needs to spend some time in the sauna followed by a nice massage," said Hans flashing a huge grin. He added "But, first let's have a quick German beer and then we will head to the hotel and the sauna."

Hans, although the perfect German gentleman, had been secretly trying his hardest since he met her four years previously, to get Sherri in a position where he could see her naked. All he could do to this point is fantasize about the large swelling breasts of Sherri, always displayed in a tight blouse or sweater. His nickname for her was Anita. During one of his previous visits to the USA he mentioned that she reminded him of the legendary sexpot of the 1960's Fellini movie, "La Dolce Vita."

The Ski Lodge "I'm too cold now for beer," replied Sherri "but a hot cocoa sounds great!" Sheri, on her part, felt sexually attracted to Hans. He was about 5'10," very fit, handsome and with a personality that could be termed very charming and continental to American women. She had heard of his sexual deeds (and misdeeds) from Ian over the past six years. Although still technically married (he and his wife lived together but in an open marriage for the past 15 years), Hans was definitely the "ladies man" and always hunting for the next "victim."

The foursome spent the next hour warming up drinking beer and reviewing the ski events of the day. Sherri caught both Dietrich and Hans staring occasionally at her chest. She looked down a realized that her tight white turtleneck made her breasts look enormous and that her nipples were erect due thin bra she was wearing. She started to feel a tingle between her legs at the thought of these two men finding her body a turn on. Maybe all those hours working out do pay off in the end, she said to herself. She also realized that the two Germans were probably horny. Hans was supposed to bring a girlfriend skiing with him but when she could not make it at the last moment, he asked his friend Dietrich to accompany him instead. Dietrich, whom the couple had only met for the first time the day before, was a large man about 6'4" and 225 lbs in his early forties. He did not speak much English but he had a boyish charm that transcended the language barrier. As the men were telling each other lies about their skiing prowess with each additional stein of beer, she was imagining to herself what it would be like to have sex with all three men at the same time. She had never been with more than one man at a time and she and Ian occasionally fantasized in bed during the past year of having a threesome with Hans.

Again, she noticed the glances of both men staring at her chest. It was then she realized that her erotic thoughts and the cold draft from the door opening to the cold outside, had made her two nipples even more erect and they were sticking straight out of her shirt. Embarrassed, she got up from the chair and slowly walked to the huge blazing fireplace swaying her hips slowly, knowing that the three men eyes were riveted on her movement away from the table. After a few minutes of warming up and staring into the asymmetric beauty of the flames, she walked back to the table not only to the stares of the three men but also to the appreciative glances of the male and female occupants of the tables nearby. Hotel Room

After eating some strudel and cheese and having a few more drinks, the group left the lounge and walked a short distance to the hotel and agreed to meet in 10 minutes at the hotel sauna. As they removed their clothes in the room, Ian noticed how Sherri's C cup breasts looked so perfect. They were large but stood straight out when viewed from the side.

"When our German friends see you nude in the sauna, they will have to keep their legs crossed so their hard-on's don't show," Ian remarked. "Oh, don't get too excited Ian, they see nudity everywhere in beaches and parks in Europe. They are not going to get excited with another pair of breasts." Sherri remarked but not disclosing to him the sexual stares of the two men at the lounge a couple of minutes earlier.

As she removed her panties, she laid down on her back on the bed. She ran her fingers of her right hand between the outer lips of her already wet pussy and squeezed her left breast with the other hand. "Um, this feels sooo good. Maybe Hans and Dietrich would get excited if they could see me now," she imagined as she closed her eyes. Staring at her spread legs on the bed, Ian felt his cock starting to get hard. Her tan lines also turned him on. Sherri had gone to the tanning salon the previous two weeks in preparation for the trip. Her breasts were brown and the tan lines of the Wicked Weasel bikini bottom were very small but accentuated the completely shaven pussy that lay within them.

Kneeling down between her legs, Ian's tongue grazed her clitoris is a slight flicker. "Baby, that feels so good," Sherri sighed. With that signal, Ian inserted his middle finger into her pussy and shared her breasts with his other hand. Sherri was very wet already and he flicked his tongue around her clit in a circular motion. She let her mind wander and began thinking about how she was turning on the two men with her erect nipples and their looks of lust. Within a couple of minutes her head was shaking back and forth and she was letting out little yelps in response to his manual and oral stimulations. "Baby, don't stop…right there……I'm comingggggggggg" screamed Sherri as she arched her back and pressed her pussy into Ian's mouth and tongue. She laid quietly for a couple of minutes and then reached for Ian's uncircumcised 7" cock, which was rock hard and dripping with his precum. "Please put it in my pussy honey," she whispered, "I need to be fucked hard." Ian was about to enter her open lips, which were glistening with her cum and his saliva. But as he was about to lean into her between her spread legs, he remembered that they were already 20 minutes late for the sauna with the two Germans.

"Sherri, baby we have to go…. They are waiting for us downstairs," Ian achingly whispered into her ear. She responded by grabbing his cock with both hands and rubbing one her thumbs over the head of his cock. "Just put it in me for a minute…I want to cum again…I can feel it building inside me but I need your hard cock" she pleaded.

"I know I'm crazy but if we don't leave now they will leave for dinner and think that we dissed them again," replied Ian reluctantly removing himself from her grip and embrace. He was referring to the previous night when the effects of jetlag and skiing had them sleeping for 12 hours straight and missing the sauna and dinner with the two Germans.

"Okay, I understand but I am still soooo horny! Promise me that we will continue exactly where we left off when we get back to the room after the sauna." Sherri asked.

"You have me so hot that I think I can cum twice for you later but let's throw our bathrobes on and head downstairs before it is too late," said Ian.

He watched her walk from the bedroom to the bidet in the bathroom. The swaying breasts and her heart shaped ass caused his dick to even get harder. The splash of the warm water spraying upward on her pussy lips caused her to close her eyes and close her legs in response. "Ummmmm, I really can't wait for later, baby," she said looking at him seductively, as she wiped herself with the towel. She added, "I am really leaking," as she reached for her robe.

She realized that she had quite a man. Although intensely jealous at the start of their relationship when she was in her early twenties, he had become progressively less possessive over time. He knew that their love for one another was eternal, so he gradually loosened to the point where he was quite liberated sexually and took the lead in their developing sexual life. At 6'2" and 200lbs with blond hair streaked with gray, she thought he was so handsome and he KNEW had to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom. Although an incurable romantic, he was also the more responsible of the two when it came to meeting appointments and schedules. Thus, he was able to remove himself from her seductive embrace.

The Sauna

On the elevator he slipped his hand under her robe and felt the juices between her legs. "Wow, you weren't kidding back there," he said, "You are really wet."

"I am one hot woman and you are taking me to a 120 degree sauna with three naked men…I won't be responsible if I can't control myself" she looked up to him seductively with her twinkling green eyes.

He remembered that look from some erotic incident in the past but couldn't remember at that moment when it was.

The sauna area looked deserted. It was already past 7pm and time for dinner for the hotel guests. "Maybe Hans and his friend left already," said Sherri, "After all, we are about a half hour late." At that moment they heard voices in the far sauna and as they checked through the window they saw Dietrich and Hans" sitting together on the right side."

"We thought you decided to stay in your room for the night again," said Hans. "We have already been in the wet sauna for about 20 minutes and have been in the shower and swimming pool…this is our second time in here," Hans added. "You missed seeing two beautiful blond Swedish girls, added Hans looking at Ian, "very, very beautiful."

Sherri replied to these overtly male remarks by removing her robe and displaying her beautiful body to the two naked men sitting on their towels. "Well I hope you won't be disappointed in having to look at this woman's body after your two blond teenagers" she tauntingly replied with her hands on her hips. Both men were speechless as their eyes widened staring at the beautiful tall blond who brazenly displayed herself openly for both men to see everything they wanted to see. "Unbelievable," was the only word Hans was capable of uttering staring at her completely shaven pubic mound and breasts much more beautiful than he had ever imagined. Although becoming more and more fashionable, shaving the pubic areas is still relatively rare in Europe.

She chose to lie on her stomach on the lower bench next to Hans. As she spread out her towel, she bent over. Ian caught the other two men staring at her pink slit between her legs as she took her time, knowing perfectly well the effect she was having on the male animals. Ian chose the bench above her and laid down on his stomach also, so he could reach down and touch her back.

After a few minutes of nervous quiet and increased sweatiness, Sherri asked Ian to rub her back. "I am so sore from two days of skiing…every muscle in my body hurts," she added. Ian started to rub her back for a couple of minutes and gradually worked his hand slowly to her ass. Everyone was sweating profusely now and as softly rubbed her ass cheeks she spread her legs slightly.

Hans and Dietrich were staring at the couple with the focus on Sherri's tanned ass with the tiny white triangle at the top of the crack of her ass where the bikini bottom covered her in the tanning booth. . Hans was only inches from her feet and as he looked between her legs he saw the wet pink lips of her pussy and Ian's hand coming closer each time he rubbed his hand on Sherri's ass cheeks.

Ian turned to his side and looked back at the two men staring at his beautiful and naked wife. He saw the animal lust in their eyes and their fidgety movements. He decided to tease them a little and allowed his finger to graze Sherri's pussy lips. She moved slightly in response as but was half asleep by this time. Ian decided to be adventurous and said "Do me a favor, Hans, I can't reach Sherri's legs from here, would you mind rubbing her legs for me?"

Hans looked into Ian's eyes for reassuring approval as if he didn't believe what he had just heard. Ian smiled and Hans reached tentatively with his hands and grasped both of Sherri's ankles. He was surprised at the smoothness of her skin and the tightness of her muscles. He started to rub her calves and ankles and trying to rub deep into the muscle with his thumb. Although he could not help feeling sexual turned on at the moment, he tried simultaneously to massage her calves properly. The increased stimulation woke up Sherri who started to feel warmth not only in her legs but also between her thighs. She looked up and into the eyes of Ian and at that moment realized that it was not his hands rubbing her legs. She smiled wickedly and whispered to him, " you are letting the genie out of the bottle, sweetheart."

After a few minutes, Ian noticed two things. Both men were erect and hard and Han's hands were moving higher on Sherri's legs. Dietrich was opening stroking his penis underneath a towel to the side in a slow but serious manner while unconsciously staring at Sherri's ass and pussy. Ian then asked Dietrich, who was looking left out, "Do you mind trading places with me? I have to go to the bathroom for a quick second and my arm is getting tired also." Ian translated in German and Dietrich immediately jumped up and covered his erect penis with his towel, embarrassingly and sat down next to Sherri next to the top of her head.

"I'll be right back honey, so relax and enjoy your rubdown," he told Sherri as he was leaving." "Don't worry baby, I feel that I am in good hands………..ummmmm," she replied.

As soon as the door slammed shut, Sherri turned over on her back. Both men were face-to-face with a 28y/o beautiful American woman, completely shaved, who was obviously aroused and open to be playful with the two men. Although feeling confused and not wanting to hurt his friendship with Ian by taking sexual liberties with his wife when he left the room, the sexual attraction and the slightly parted legs of Sherri were too much for any man to resist.

Dietrich kneeled down facing her body and started to rub her large and soft breasts with his extra-large hands. His quickness in taking advantage of the situation was probably due to the Han's translation of Ian's offer and probably the hard throbbing between his legs. The rough calluses of his hands caused Sherri to shiver and slightly jump and it felt like electric shocks as he moved his hands across her chest. At the same time, Hans seeing his friend openly massaging and pinching her nipples, decided to move his hands higher and higher. He finally inserted his thumb between her pussy lips and a gasp escaped Sherri. He was amazed how wet she was at that moment.

"Deeper Hans please!" she growled and begged. Hans now changed position and inserted a second finger and began to finger fuck her pussy as she openly spread her legs wider for him. At the same time she reached with her left hand over her head for Dietrich's cock. She started to stroke it and mentally compared his cock to Ian's. Dietrich's was a little shorter (about 6") than Ian's but much thicker. It felt like a thermos bottle in her French manicured fingers.

Now she had both men sexually stimulating her body and four hands roaming her body at will. Hans lifted up her spread legs and with his right hand began to rub her anus with the juices that were flowing from her pussy. She responded by saying "Eat me baby while you do that to me" He responded by lowered his tongue into her pussy and greedily running his tongue over the entire length of her vulva.

As Hans started to eat her pussy, she pulled Dietrich's cock down to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick and suck the head of his penis. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!," he exclaimed. She responded by taking three quarters of his entire length into her mouth while twirling her tongue around the massive and growing head of his penis. She felt the pressure on her cheeks and her lips were open as far as possible.

The tensions of the moment were carrying her away. Hans was concentrating on her clit with his thumb moving deeper into her ass. As Hans slid his second finger only an inch into her ass, Sherri felt a feeling like a freight train moving from her pussy and she started to convulse in an orgasm that had her entire body shaking.

"Aaahhhhhhhhdgooooooooooooooooood," Sherri screamed with Han's cock in her mouth. Han's at this point could not hold back and he started to spurt cum as he withdrew from the sucking action of her mouth. His cum was landing on her chin, mouth and nose. While in the latter throes of her orgasm, Sherri instinctively pulled Dietrich's cock back into her mouth and tenderly sucked and licked it dry.

All this time Ian had been observing the sexual activity through the mirror on the sauna door. He decided that this was a good moment to return.

As he opened the door, both men were startled and attempted to cover up. He said," I see that you have been taking care of my wife very well. But did you leave any for me?" Both men were relieved that Ian was smiling and not upset and then instantly realized that he purposely set up the situation when he left the sauna a few minutes earlier.

Hans's cock was erect and Sherri was starting to stir from her "twilight zone" after her intense orgasm. "Well Sheri, you look like you had a good time while I was gone but I was watching you through the window." It was like watching a porno on television and you were better than any actress "Ian told her as he leaned down to kiss her. "But you need a break. You have been in here 30 minutes already and you will all have a stroke if you don't cool off. Let's go into the pool and showers and cool off, he added.

The Pool

Everyone except Ian was a mass of sweat and everyone went straight to the cold shower screaming and shouting in shock as the cold water sprayed their overheated bodies. It was actually too cold to be sexual and after a minute or two all four raced for the heated pool. After swimming a few laps, Ian came to rest and sat on the steps at the shallow end of the pool. As he looked in the mid-pool area, he noticed Sherri playing with the two men and teasing them by diving underwater, spreading her legs and grabbing their cocks. Hans was visibly aroused and Ian felt himself getting hard again thinking about his wife being so sexually free with two other men.

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