tagGroup SexOne Life 2 Live Pt. 08

One Life 2 Live Pt. 08


My editor did not have time to edit this story. Sorry for the mistakes. Since I haven't given you a story in several months, I figured none of you should have to wait any longer for a new story. I promise the next ones will be edited. Thank you


Chapter 1:

The following day, Toby arrives at his school an hour before it's officially open. The morning janitor let Toby in through the back way. As Toby heads towards the library to meet Ms. Duncan, he overhears loud commotion coming from the gymnasium. The open was open and Toby decides to peek inside. His eyes wide large as the school's Spirit Squad was rehearsing a cheer. The school's Spirit Squad was not a normal group of girls. Their looks may all not be glamorous, but each member possesses large breasts, which concerned some parents about every member of the Spirit Squad being big breasted or having huge asses.

Rather it's a football game or basketball game, the Spirit Squad would bounce around in their tight, small cheerleader like shirts. Not even their bras or sport bras could contain their huge boobs from jiggling and wobbling uncontrollably. Their boobs alone was worth the price of admission to every game. The fans would get a raise out of the Spirit Squad in more ways then one.

The Spirit Squad also possesses girls of different diversity. April, the group's leader, was a white female with red hair, baby blue eyes, standing 5'6, and was a little bit thick but in all the right places. Her 36DD breasts however, stood out most about her. Second behind her was Chloe. An Israel girl, black hair, brown eyes, standing 5'4 and was stacked with incredible 38 E cup breasts. She even had an ass that would put Jennifer Lopez to shame. Next was Karen. A Mexican/American female standing 6'1, 145 lbs and had long brown hair with yellow streaks. She was an Amazon of a woman but still had a cute face and carries huge 38DDD breasts. They stood out of her chest like liquid-fill footballs. Nesses was the only black female in the group, standing 5'8, black hair with red highlights, brown eyes, long slim legs, a juicy ghetto booty and 32DD's. They looked even bigger because her body was in shape of a hourglass and her king size booty stuck out to the sides. Maddy was Mexican and the shortest girl in school. She was only 4'8, short dark brown hair, dark eyes, large lips, and wore a 36D cup and last was Trishelle. She was white as a dove. 5'3, crystal blue eyes, short black hair and only had a 36B cup. But her king-size ass make up for her front.

Since this was practice, all the girls only wore oversize tee shirts, sport bras and sweat pants. Toby's cock harden at the sight of several huge tits bouncing and flopping around under the shirts.

As Toby daydreams about the girls, the cute and big booty girl Trishelle walks over to him. He breaks his daze and starts to blush. Trishelle smiles and winks at him. Toby smirks back shyly. As he turns around, Trishelle places her hand on his shoulder.

"I've seen your performance," Trishelle said.

Toby didn't know what she was talking about. He was puzzle.

"My performance?" Toby answers questionably.

"Yeah silly. The one over the Internet? You and that enormous breasted girl Amanda. Who knew that freak had milk in those jugs," Trishelle said, which caught Toby off guard.

"You actually seen that??" Toby says in shock.

"Yeah. The entire Spirit Squad watched," she replies.

Toby starts to sweat. His knees buckle and heart pounds.

"The girls and I were wondering if you would like to come over to the house this weekend?

Toby pauses for a moment and takes a huge gulp. He hesitates to answer Trishelle.

".... Come over?" Toby repeats.

"Yeah silly. Over to our house. We all live in one house and share the bills. That's if your not busy this weekend?"

"I'm.... I'm.... I'm free Friday?" Toby answers with a dumbfound look on his face.

"Awesome! We have a game on Saturday so Friday is perfect. You could help us get "warmed" up for the big game," Trishelle says with excitement.

She kisses Toby on the cheek and runs over to tell her fellow squad members the good news. Toby thought he had died and gone to heaven. He couldn't wait to spend Friday night with 6 gorgeous girls at his disposal. But first, he had to go take care of some matters with Ms. Duncan...

Chapter 2:

Toby arrives at the library. He goes inside and heads straight for Ms. Duncan's office. The morning janitor was inside her office, dusting and emptying the wastebaskets. Ms. Duncan was nowhere in sight.

"Excuse me... But has Ms. Duncan arrived yet?" Toby ask the morning janitor.

The janitor stop what he was doing to answer.

"Ms. Duncan called off sick today. She won't be in," The janitor answers, then goes back to emptying trash.

Throughout the day, all Toby could envision was the videotapes of Ms. Duncan and her freaky side. Toby couldn't wait for school to end. He decided that he was going to pay Ms. Duncan a visit after school. During Toby's last period class, he bumps into the beautiful Sofia. She was wearing a school girl uniform with the buttons on her shirt about ready to pop off from her massive breasts being smother inside.

"Hey Toby... I didn't meant to bump into you... Well actually I did. I hope we're still on for Saturday? The tutoring session?" Sofia ask in a sweet voice.

Toby was memorized by Sofia's beauty that didn't hear her speak.

"Toby? Toby?" Sofia calls out his name.

Toby finally breaks the daze.

"Yes Sofia?" Toby asks.

"So yes it is," Sofia replies and gives him a kiss peck on the cheek.

Toby felt like melting. His cock began rumbling in his jeans. Toby spoke to himself quietly, telling his cock to wait until school was over.

School was let out and Toby rush to his car with no hesitation to stop and talk to his two best friends Josh and Marty. Toby found out where Ms. Duncan lives from the school's computer. Toby finally knew his nerdish side was good for something. He arrives at Ms. Duncan's house. She lives in a small blue and white house with a nice garden on the side. The neighborhood seem like something from the Brady Bunch. Very peaceful and quiet. Toby walks up to Ms. Duncan's door and knocks. He heard feet slowly approaching the door. The door opens and Ms. Duncan stood in the doorway wearing a burgundy robe, which couldn't hide her enormous breasts and thick white socks. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were sleepy with bags under them. She pulls out some tissue and blew her nose before speaking.

"What are you doing here Toby?" Ms. Duncan ask before sneezing.

"Well Ms. Duncan. You wanted to see me but you didn't show up at school today so I thought since it must have been important that I'll come to you," Toby says.

"Well come in my dear."

Ms. Duncan turns around and starts walking towards the kitchen while Toby enters her nice house. Toby looks around a bit and doesn't see any pictures of kids or a man in her life on the wall. Toby enters her living room and takes a seat. He did find a lot of books on his way to her living room. So he figures that's why she became a Librarian. Ms. Duncan enters the living room wearing her red frame glasses and had a cup of tea in her hand.

"Well Toby... I asked you to meet me today because some very important videos have turned up missing and a lot of the kids in the library said that you were the one who enter the storage room? Is that true?" Ms. Duncan questions Toby as she sat down a couple of feet away from him.

Toby didn't know what to say.

"Well Toby? Did you take them? I won't be mad at you if you did," Ms. Duncan pleas.

"Yes Ms. Duncan. I confiscated your videotapes and I'm really sorry. I was going to return them but I got side tracked," he explains.

Before Ms. Duncan could answer, she begins sneezing like crazy. She spills her tea all over the floor. Toby looks on with a concern look.

"Wow. I can't believe how sick I am," Ms. Duncan said. "You shouldn't have come here Toby. I don't want to get you sick too."

"Nah. No problem Ms. Duncan. I think I can help you if you have some nutmeg, lemon juice, and coco butter," Toby requests.

"I should have them somewhere in the kitchen Toby," Ms. Duncan said before sneezing again.

Toby goes into her kitchen, finds the things he needs and whips her up a new patch of tea. He goes back into the living room and hands it to her.

"Drink this! It's an old health remedy from my grandma. It should do the trick."

Ms. Duncan takes a drink of the tea. It had a sour taste to it but she continues to drink it until the cup was empty. She immediately began feeling better.

"Not bad Toby. Very sour but I think its working. You should become a doctor and help sick patients with this remedy of yours," Ms. Duncan said.

Toby blushes. Ms. Duncan sits the cup down, stands up and embraces Toby with a hug. Toby's cock jumps as her huge warm breasts smash against his chest. Ms. Duncan stares into Toby's eyes and he looks back at her. She removes his glasses and smiles at him. She slowly but surely plants a kiss on his lips. Toby's cock jolts even more and he knew Ms. Duncan could feel it rising.

"Since you helped me get rid of my cold, I believe I can help you get rid of that boner," Ms. Duncan bluntly announces.

Toby was in shock from hearing Ms. Duncan. She grabs a hold of his hand and leads him upstairs to her master bedroom...

Chapter 3:

Ms. Virginia Duncan pushes Toby onto her queen size bed. She bends down and kisses him passionately, like she hasn't been kissed in years. She stands back up and disrobes. Toby's cock nearly reaches fully hard as Ms. Duncan stood before him in a medium size teddy, panties, and her tube socks. Her nipples look big pointing through her teddy as her humongous soft breasts hung down and away from her chest.

"Are theses what you've been wanting to see Toby?" Ms. Duncan teases as she smashes her giant tits between her forearms. They balloon out so far, Toby thought for sure her teddy would rip open.

She grabs the bottom of her teddy and slowly lifts it up and away from her body. Once the teddy was off her body, she tosses it on the floor. Toby couldn't believe the sheer size of Ms. Duncan's tits. They were a lot bigger in person and with age. Her huge breasts starts low on her chest and began to form at her armpit level. They hung down and slope out into mountainous flesh before cursing back in to connect with her ribcages. Some light blue veins run across the center of her breasts and very few stretch marks underneath and on the side of them. Her pink aureoles were about the size of the bottom of a coke can with small bumps lightly scatter across them and her nipples were large and light pink. Toby's eyes were wide open as he took in every inch of her huge breasts.

"I'm glad you like them. I wear a 44I cup," Ms. Duncan teases.

She bends over causing her tits hang low. Toby couldn't believe how deep and long her cleavage was. He knew his monstrous cock was in for a challenge. Ms. Duncan sways her gigantic pillows back and forth hypnotizing Toby. His eyes were dead lock on her swinging pendulous breasts. She shook her shoulders and cause her tits to quiver like two giant blobs of jell-o. Toby's huge dick fills up the front of his jeans and was ready to be release.

Ms. Duncan couldn't believe her eyes as Toby's giant crotch.

"I think my tits are going to be in for a work out with that cock Toby," Ms. Duncan say as she drops to her knees and helps Toby take off his shirt, shoes, socks, and jeans and piles them on the floor. Toby sat on the bed with only his boxers on.

Toby's massive cock manages to poke out of his boxers through the slit and point directly in Ms. Duncan's face. She gazes with astonishment at the throbbing huge cockhead just oozing with pre-cum.

"Oh God Toby! Such a large beautiful cock. Much bigger then my ex-husband. His cock was the first cock I've ever had. We have been divorced for 5 years and I haven't met a man sense to satisfy my needs. My ex-husband has been the only guy I've done everything with," Ms. Duncan explains. "Tasting another man's cock will be like coming to life again."

Toby leans back and smiles as Ms. Duncan gasp the mighty cock with both hands and uses her palms and fingers to massage it. She then strokes his cock with one hand and moves her other hand to his giant balls. She jiggles and wiggles his cum-filled balls bean bags full of sand. Ms. Duncan slides her tongue across his big sacks, then around the huge base, up his veiny shaft, and circles his bulbous head. She opens her mouth wide and slides as much of the cock between her lips as possible. While she sucks on his big cock, she uses her tongue inside her mouth to lick the juicy cockhead repeatedly and probing the wide pee hole with the tip of her tongue. She then uses the flat part of her tongue to lick away at his shaft while moving her lips further down his big dick. Toby tightly grabs her bed sheets as his body felt a warm tingling urge flowing inside. Ms. Duncan bobs her head up and down between Toby's legs, moving further down his cock with every bob. Toby could feel her saliva pouring out of her mouth and running down his shaft and balls. The roof of her mouth rubs against his cockhead as she took it deeper down her throat. Toby gasp, groans, and moans at Ms. Duncan expertly sucking his cock.

"Oh Ms. Duncan! Oh God!" moans Toby as he closes his eyes to the incredible feel.

Ms. Duncan quickens the pace which causes her mammoth tits to bounce off Toby's bare legs. Her rock-hard nipples dragging up and down his skin. Ms. Duncan's cheeks were swelling up in an ugly manner as it became clear that Toby's monstrous cock continue to grow between her lips. She pauses nearly half way to the base of his cock, to savor and suckle what meat she had in her mouth. Her tongue rapidly licks away at his shaft. She grabs his big cock by the base and massages it while slowly sliding her mouth up and down his cock.. She releases his cock base and lifts up her enormous I cup breasts and drops them upon his glistening thighs. His huge wet cock was surrounded by vest tit flesh as she squeezes his shaft between her soft pillows. She kept his cock in her mouth while squeezing it between her tits.

Toby leans forward on his elbows and watch Ms. Duncan smother her own face between her monstrous jugs while sucking his cock. Toby reaches out and pulls on her big nipples. He scissors them between his fingers and stretch them away from her bumpy aureoles. He presses his thumb against the top of her nipples and rubs swiftly. Ms. Duncan slides her mouth off Toby's saliva drain cock and grabs both of her giant breasts from underneath and buries Toby's entire cock between them.

"How does that feel Toby?" Ms. Duncan teases as she crams her huge melons all over his thighs and cock.

Toby couldn't response with his mouth gasping open and memorize by her tits. She jiggles and bounces her tits against his cock. Not an inch of his cock could be seen from her cleavage. Ms. Duncan begin sliding her jugs up and down his cock. Toby lifts his ass up off the bed and starts thrusting his cock between her tits. Ms. Duncan cradles her breasts while Toby uses all his strength to fuck them. The sounds of his thighs bounces against her the bottoms of her tits echoes throughout the room. She begins to moan as Toby thrust hard and fast in her cleavage. His cockhead manages to poke out every once in a while. She would slide out her tongue and catch the head.

"Ohhhh Toby! My pussy is so wet! Hmmm shit! Your big fucking cock fucking my big tits!" Ms. Duncan moans out.

Toby fucks her tits for a good 5 minutes before she releases her tits and slide onto the bed. She pulls off her cotton panties, giving Toby an eyeful of her hairy cunt. The hairs glisten from her cunt juices. Toby buries his head between her legs and starts eating her out intensely. He held her legs up by the back of her calves. His tongue drills in and out of her pussy. Her puberty hairs brushes against his face and he took in her sweet pussy aroma. He uses his fingers to open her pussy and slide his tongue up and down inside, licking every inch of her pink wet walls. Ms. Duncan's body tenses up and she releases small moans. Some of her cunt juices spill into Toby's sucking mouth.

Toby uses the flat of his tongue to lick the inside of her pussy like an ice cream in a cone. He rapidly licks away at her pussy lips until he reaches her clitoris. Toby buries two fingers inside her pussy while he sucks away at her clitoris. Ms. Duncan's legs buckles and her body shivers viciously. Toby sucks intensely at her clitoris, making Ms. Duncan's toes curl in her socks. His fingers wedges deep inside her cunt.

"OH FUCK Toby! I'm cumming! OH GOD!" Ms. Duncan moans lustfully.

She rams her pussy against his face while her body suffers a violent eruption. She begins to breath hard as she felt a powerful orgasm being release. Toby fasten his mouth on her pussy and welcome her sweet cum into his mouth. She arches her back and her immense knockers nearly rest on her navel. Toby sucks and bit her clitoris continuously as she orgasms and cums. She falls back onto the bed and her huge breasts spread out across her chest. Her breathing becomes steady and Toby lifts his head up from between her legs. He spreads Ms. Duncan's legs further apart and lets his giant hard cock slap and bob against her thighs.

"I've never felt orgasms like that before Toby. I guess my ex-husband was not that good of a pussy eater. Hmmm. Please fuck me now with that huge dick," Ms. Duncan moans.

She didn't have to tell Toby twice. He grabs his cock with one hand and slides his mushroom size cockhead up and down her pussy slit. Some cum still drips from her cunt lips as Toby slowly slides the head of his cock between them. Toby sat up on his knees and held Ms. Duncan by the wrist. Ms. Duncan took off her glasses as her pussy painfully sucks in his huge cock.

"OH fuck, that's big!" Ms. Duncan exclaims.

Toby decides to lay on top of her and fuck her missionary style. He slowly thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy. Ms. Duncan kisses Toby passionately. She slides her tongue into his mouth. He increases his thrusts and her breathing became too heavy. She removes her mouth from his and starts to moan heavily. His huge cock slips in and out of her wet tunnel rapidly. Toby pushes down hard trying to fit his entire shaft inside her cunt. Her pussy lips welcomes the challenge, swallowing more and more inches of his throbbing meat with each thrust.

Ms. Duncan wraps her legs around Toby's wrist. Her sock-cover feet bounces off his ass as he pounds her savagely into the bed. The bed was rocking and the springs were squeaking. She wraps her arms around Toby's neck and he kisses her shoulder and neck. Her humongous sweaty breasts squishes and slides against his chest and balloon out to the sides.

"Unhhhhh! Unhhhh GOD! Ohhhhh fuck Toby!.... Ohhhhh SHIT TOBY!" cried out Ms. Duncan as Toby fed her every inch of his thrusting cock.

His giant cock was jackhammering her pussy with vengeance. Since the day Ms. Duncan became the school's Librarian, Toby imagined what it would be look fucking her and now his imagination became a reality and he was going to milk her for all he's worth. He knew he might not get another shot at fucking her so he was going to make it her best fuck ever and possibly his. His huge balls were beating against her ass as Ms. Duncan spreads her legs into the air. Her pussy was soaking wet with Toby's huge dick stuffing it. The sounds of their privates sloshing fills the room with her moans and cries.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh yes! Unhh! Unh! Uhhhhh!" Ms. Duncan cries out as reaches up and grabs a hold of her headboard which was constantly banging against the wall.

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