tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne More Grocery Store Incident Ch. 02

One More Grocery Store Incident Ch. 02


The doorbell rang. I glanced out the window to see a young lady dressed impeccably in what appeared to be business attire. Light colored sport jacket blouse, dark blue skirt, below the knees. All expensive stuff too, she could have passed as a well to do attorney. She appeared to be scowling somewhat, with her lips pursed tightly.

My wife had gone to spend some time with her Aunt who was not expected to live much longer. This was a trip she had put off far too long and she finally decided she had to go. I decided to take advantage of this time to see what might transpire regarding this incriminating video.

The young lady at the door was Sherri. She was the same Sherri that Ted had taken the video of with his cell phone in the grocery store parking lot. The last time I had seen her was on Ted's cell phone video. She had Ted's cum in one of her eyes. His cum was drooling out of her mouth and it was on her face and in her hair.

I had called her and informed her I had a friend who had given me a video that I thought she might want. The conversation was quite tense from the beginning. It grew even more strained and tense when she figured out why I was calling.

I gave her my address and suggested she come by on this date at this time. She was prompt. I had been looking out the window and at almost precisely the designated time, she pulled into our driveway in her dark blue BMW.

When I opened the door, her first words were, "How much!" She was not smiling. It was not exactly a scowl, but it certainly wasn't a pleasant look.

"Won't you come in?" I smiled.

"I am fine where I am!" she barked. "Just tell me what it's going to cost for the video!" she added.

I chuckled, "I don't think my friend is interested in your money," I said.

This caused her to pause with a somewhat puzzled look on her face. "Well what then?" she demanded.

Ted and I had found out a little back ground on little Sherri and some of it we filed under "Not Cool." A shirt tail relative of Ted's was the gardener at their estate and he filled Ted in on a lot of the inside dope.

Her husband was gone on business often and Sherri it seems was very demanding of the hired help. When they displeased her, they usually ended up looking for another job because they were unceremoniously fired by her, on the spot. This was an all too common occurrence at their place it seems.

"Well for one thing, he wants you to be nicer to your hired help," I said.

"WHAT?" she blurted, almost laughing.

"My friend wants you to be nicer to..."

She interrupted me, "I HEARD YOU!" she bellowed. "You have got to be kidding me right?" she said.

"Look, why don't you step in and I will explain everything to you," I said politely.

With her lips pursed in obvious disgust, she nervously tapped the toe of her expensive high heels on the cement. "This is fucking ridiculous," she mumbled as she stepped toward me to come in.

I offered her a drink and received a fluttery wave off as she sit on the sofa, "Just tell me what you expect for me to get that fucking video. And I want any and ALL copies too!" she added emphasizing "ALL."

Clearly she had gotten used to having her demands met promptly. Her life of luxury as well as her older husband had certainly spoiled her. Her hot body had gotten her to her present position. While she was certainly a looker to be sure, I preferred my wife with her incredible talents.

"Well like I said, my friend insisted that you treat your hired help better," I said.

"Ya Ya, I heard that, what else?" she demanded.

"OK," I said. "You have to show me your pussy too," I said calmly.

I had gotten three more of my small hi def cameras so I could capture video from different angles and I was glad I did. I had two more in the living room plus one in my back pocket for close ups later on. I had them all set on record as they captured (from at least two different angles) the utterly unbelievable look of shock on her face when I said that.

"WHAT?" she blurted in disbelief.

"Ya, well my friend told me when he was finger fucking you in the grocery store parking lot, that your pussy didn't have any hair on it. I told him I would love to see that, and he said he thought that could be arranged." I calmly stated.

I had definitely caught her totally off guard. She sat there staring at me turning beet red with her mouth hanging wide open.

There was an extraordinarily long pause as she attempted to grasp what I had said.

Finally she said, "Let me understand this. You want to see my ah... You want to see me down there because your friend said I don't have any ah, hair. And you want to see it?"

"Yes," I quickly responded, nodding with a smile.

"And you'll give me the video?" she questioned me.

"Well you have to be nice to your employees too," I promptly added.

"Ya Ya, I got that part," she snapped.

"Oh he was quite serious about that part," I said. "He told me to tell you he has ways to know if you go back to being a bitch."

"Well once I have the video what could he do to me?" she asked pompously.

"Oh you don't get the video today," I said. "My friend wants to wait at least a month to make sure you follow through. If you can go that long, he said I could give you the video and all the copies, although I am not sure there are any copies."

"Well FUCK THAT!" she blurted standing up quickly. "I came here expecting to get that fucking video TODAY. I am NOT going to wait a month!"

The spoiled brat in her clearly rose to the surface. "Suit yourself," I said calmly. "Although I think my friend might decide then to go ahead and send it by courier to Ozgood," I added.

Sherri stopped totally dead in her tracks. "How do you know my husband's name?" she stammered.

"Oh my friend knows him. I believe he goes by Ozzy or Oz, right? Of course if you go along with our deal, then your little secret is safe," I said.

She was frozen to her spot as she pondered her position. Finally she mumbled, "One month right?"

"Yup, that's what my friend said," I chuckled quietly.

"I am supposed to be nice to the help and show you my ahh..." she mumbled.

I said nothing. She slowly turned and walked back to the sofa. Standing by the sofa she asked, "How am I supposed to do this?" she asked with an air of indignity.

"Well I think if you turn around and face me, I can sit in this chair and you will have to take off you skirt and anything else you have on underneath it so I can get a good look at your cunt," I stated matter of factly. I used the word "cunt" to shock her. It seemed to work as she immediately turned beet red.

She drew a deep breath, and then her shoulders slumped. With trembling hands, she reached up under her suit coat and unhooked and then unzipped her skirt. After a shaky tug, it fell to the floor. She stood before me now in what looked like a light slip of some sort which she easily pushed down to fall on top of the skirt around her ankles.

She was wearing pantyhose and what looked like a skimpy pair of panties. I surmised they were like G string panties. That's usually what Debbie wears so she would not show panty lines.

Pushing the panty hose down over her very nice ass, she said "I have to sit ah," she stammered as she sit on the sofa to slip out of her high heels and take the panty hose off. She laid those beside her on the sofa. Reaching to her sides, she took a deep breath, then lifting her ass she pushed the panties down over her knees and tossed them on top of the panty hose.

Her legs were locked tightly together and her trembling hands were balled up in fists over her cunt.

"Very nice," I commented. "You have a really nice ass Sherri," I smiled as I stared at her sitting on the sofa.

"Thank you," she replied curtly through clenched teeth.

"But I am afraid I can't see your cunt. Stand up and step a little closer," I said calmly.

I was proven wrong when I thought she could not get any redder, because she did as she shakily stood and stepped a little closer to where I was seated. Both of her hands covered her pussy completely. I found myself turned on to see her impeccably dressed on the top, yet completely naked from the waist down.

I leaned forward. "Move your hands so I can see it," I said staring directly at her hand covered cunt.

After a pause her quivering hands moved to her sides. Her legs were still tightly locked together.

"Spread your legs," I said as I stared.

"You j-j-just wanted to see that I don't have hair," she whimpered.

"I said I wanted to see your cunt, all of it. I can't see it that well with your legs so tightly together," I said.

She moved her legs only a slight bit apart.

"Wider," I commanded.

She moved them wider.

"Tell ya what," I said. "Go sit on the edge of the sofa and spread your legs sitting like that. I will be able to see it well that way."

Slowly and hesitantly she backed up until her legs touched the sofa. Then she sat leaning back.

"Slide forward," I instructed.

She scooted forward. "A little more," I said. She scooted more forward until I was satisfied.

"Now spread your legs," I commanded.

She spread her legs a little.

"Oh come on, spread them wider how do you expect me to see anything that way," I laughed.

Almost like she was pissed off at my commanding tone, she spread her legs wide apart.

"There, happy now!" she exclaimed with a look of disgust.

"Very much so," I said as I stood and walked over to kneel down and take a really close look.

"This is fucking crazy," she said through gritted teeth as I knelt in front of her.

I leaned in and her legs started to close. I reached and pushed her one knee back. "Don't close them, I just want to get a good look," I said as I moved a little closer.

I reached and ran my fingers up from her knees to upper thigh. She jerked and began to close her legs. "You were just supposed to look," she blurted.

"I just want to feel it a little. My wife does not have much hair around her cunt, but I want to see what yours feels like," I said as I ran my hand up to her cunt lips.

She drew a deep breath and sighed as my fingers lightly touched her pussy and then slid up and down the length of it applying a little extra pressure on her clitoris in the process.

"Are we getting a little wet down here Sherri?" I asked as my fingers slid easily over her cunt lips slipping a little deeper with each pass.

"Fuck you," she blurted.

"I do believe we are," I chuckled as I pushed a finger into her moist cunt.

I started to finger fuck her slowly at first, then more rapidly.

She sat looking up at the ceiling with her lips tightly together. Her breathing had increased notably as I slowly fingered her now wet pussy, pushing my finger in a little deeper each time.

"My my, this hairless pussy is dripping now," I said as I leaned in and licked her cunt from the bottom to the clitoris which I sucked on for a moment.

"F-f-fuck you," she stuttered.

I reached over to the end table drawer and pulled out a large black dildo I had placed there.

"My friend said you like this color; let's see what you can do with this. Before she could react, I pressed the head of it into her wet cunt.

"Ahh ohhhhh," she moaned as the head popped into her cunt.

I moved it slowly deeper into her pussy as she rolled her head back surrendering to the dildo.

"Here," I said as I pulled her hand over to grasp the dildo. "You take over for a while; I have something else to take care of.

At this point, I knew I had her where I wanted her. She gripped the dildo and began pushing it into her cunt deeper than I had to that point.

I leaned over her and unbuttoned her suit jacket and pulled it off her shoulders. She had a button up blouse under the jacket. As she pumped the dildo into her wet cunt I grabbed her blouse by both sides and jerked. The buttons flew all over as I jerked it down off her shoulders.

She jerked when I tore her blouse open, but continued pumping the dildo into her cunt. Her sport coat and blouse were pulled off her naked shoulders and she sat there with her flimsy bra being the only thing left for me to remove. Her nipples were straining against the flimsy bra and protruding deliciously.

Reaching into the drawer where I had the black dildo I pulled out the scissors and quickly cut her flimsy bra in the middle. I also cut the shoulder straps and pulled it completely off her.

She was moaning constantly during my harsh treatment. I suspected by the way she was now jamming the dildo into her cunt that she was climaxing regularly. Being unfamiliar with her sounds when she has an orgasm it was hard for me to tell. The smacking and sloshing sounds coming from her cunt however did lead me to believe she was cumming a lot.

Her tits jiggled and her nipples were rock hard as she worked the dildo. I stood up once I had her stripped and undid my pants. I hauled my rock hard cock out and moved to straddle her face.

I poked at her tits with my cock, smearing her nipples with my pre cum. I rubbed my dripping cock all around her mouth and her cheeks, her forehead and her nose.

"I am going to fuck your mouth Sherri," I announced.

"Don't cum in my mouth," she stammered. "I don't like that, you can cum on my tits," she mumbled as she pumped the dildo.

"No, I am going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow it or Ozzy will have the video before you know it," I commanded.

Moaning she said threw gritted teeth, "You cum in my mouth and I will throw up."

"No you won't and you will swallow it all," I repeated sternly.

"F-f-fuck youuuuuu, ohhhhhhhh," she moaned as I was sure she climaxed again.

"Close your eyes and it will taste better," I laughed as I shoved the head of my cock into her already gagging mouth.

I don't know if she bought what I said or not, but the minute my cock went in her mouth, she closed her eyes. This gave me to chance to pull my third camera out of my back pocket and click it on record to get good quality video of her with my cock pushing into her mouth.

Ted was right; she was no where nearly as good at cock sucking as my wife. I chuckled as I thought to myself that we would have to work on that. I drove my cock deep into her mouth and she would gag and twist and grimace. She was pumping the black dildo feverishly in her wet cunt.

Every time my cock hit her throat opening, she would wretch and gag. I reached down with one hand while I held the camera with the other and jacked myself off as she kept the head of my cock in her mouth.

I pulled the camera down as I said to her, "I am getting close, if you spill a drop, the video is going to Ozzy." As I expected her eyes popped wide open and she frowned as I jacked myself off.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed, it will make my cum taste better," I lied.

Obediently, she closed her eyes and I brought my camera back up for the close ups.

"Here it comes Sherri," I grunted. "Don't swallow it until I tell you to. I want to see it," I added.

"Aaaaaaarrrrrghhhh, oh fuck fuck take it all don't lose any of it!" I moaned as I felt my cum course through my cock into Sherri's mouth. My ass was clenching as I pumped her mouth full.

Once it felt like I had shot all I possibly could in her mouth. I said, "Don't lose any of it when I pull my cock out. Keep your eyes closed and tilt your head back," I added.

"Now keep your eyes closed and open your mouth, I want to see how much cum you have in there." I held the camera close as she opened her mouth. Her eyes were squeezed shut. I laughed to myself because she really had believed me about it tasting better that way.

Her mouth was full of my thick hot white load of cum. "OK," I said, "now swallow it all."

She sat there for a long time, her lips tightly closed so she would not lose any of my cum. Her hand was no longer pumping the dildo into her cunt, but the dildo was still lodged deep in her cunt.

"Swallow it!" I commanded.

She shook her head slowly at first then violently from side to side while grimacing.

"UMmmmmmp, ummmmm," she continued shaking her head no. She was wretching and gagging.

"Don't you dare lose a drop!" I said sternly. Her eyes were watering and she had a constant grimace on her face.

"I have to call my friend then and have him get his courier," I whispered into her ear.

Her first gulp was closely followed by a wretching noise from her, then a gagging sound as she gulped again. Her eyes clenched tightly as she swallowed a third time. Then having swallowed all of my cum, her mouth flew open as she gasped for air. She shook like you do when you take a strong shot of straight liquor.

She literally vibrated as she continued to shake.

"FUCK I HATE THAT STUFF!" she bellowed as I slipped my camera back into my pocket.

"Your fucking friend shot a huge glob of that nasty stuff straight down my throat in the parking lot, I nearly puked then," she moaned as she continued to vibrate.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww, fuck give me something to drink you asshole," she yelled.

"Fuck that is nasty, ewwww," she moaned as I poured her a shot of bourbon.

I handed her the glass and she downed it in one gulp. Then she vibrated again. "FUCK, what the fuck was that?" she gasped.

"Bourbon," I replied with a chuckle.

"Fuck that's almost as bad as your fucking cum," she shuddered.

"You're probably used to the expensive stuff," I chuckled as I leaned in to shove my limp cock in her mouth.

"Here, suck on this a little. It will make the taste go away," I laughed.

Naively she actually sucked on my cock. I chuckled.

"OK, here is the deal," I said as she sucked on my cock. "Your goal is to get my wife to eat your hairless cunt within one month," I announced.

The sound of my cock popping out of her mouth was noticeable.

"WHAT?" she blurted.

"I want to see my wife eat you out," I said calmly.

"What the fuck is this?" she demanded. "I just want that fucking video, I don't do girls and even if I did, how the fuck am I supposed to have your fucking wife eat me?"

"Oh I have some ideas on how we can manage to at least give you a chance to make that happen," I said. "But a lot of it will depend on how good of an actress you can be."

"Look you asshole, you said if I showed you my pussy I could have the video. I fucking showed you my pussy, and then you shove your fucking cock in my mouth and force me to swallow your icky load, ewwww," she shuddered grimacing. "I have done all you asked. Now give me that fucking video!" she demanded.

"You have to be nice to your help too..."

"Fuck that you cock sucker, GIVE ME THE FUCKING VIDEO!" she screamed, pulling the black dildo out of her wet cunt with a pop...

"Ok," I responded calmly. "I guess we're done here. You might be thinking of how you can explain sucking a big black cock and swallowing the cum in a grocery store parking lot to Oz," I said as I stood to show her to the door.

"Ok wait, wait," she quickly replied. "Perhaps I was a little too hasty. I ah... Look I apologize. It's just that, well I love Ozzy, I really do, and I just don't want anything to happen that would come between us," she meekly said.

"You just don't want anything to come between you and his cash," I thought to myself.

"You mean like a big black cock in your mouth?" I replied to her.

"Well, ya I mean he wouldn't understand it was just a moment of weakness on my part. I think he is a racist you know, so I know he would never forgive me for that," she whined.

I did not think Oz was a racist. I said, "for sucking a big bla..."

She cut me off, "YES!" she blurted, "for sucking a big black cock!"

I laughed. "Well I told you how we can avoid that."

"You want your wife to eat me," she said.

"Precisely," I responded.

"Does she like girls? Has she done that to other girls?" she asked.

I shook my head, "Not that I am aware of. She has never been with a girl as far as I know and I know she has never eaten a cunt. I know she likes cocks, and I know she likes to swallow cum, and she also likes to be fucked in her asshole," I added.

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