One Mother, One Son, One Morning


"Oh God I love you so much baby!"

She pulls him harder against herself, crushing her tit against his lips and forcing her teat into his mouth, shutting her eyes in pleasure and then returning his gentle thrusts with her own. Her breath catching in her throat as her throbbing clitoris grinds against his thigh, her engorged pussy-lips clinging wetly to him. "I want to fuck you, Tim!" she gasps, looking down at him then, her right hand slipping lower so that her fingers slide between the firmness of his buttocks, "I want to fuck you every day for the rest of my life! I want to feel you cum inside me again and again!"

"I want to make you cum as well, Mom!" he groans, his senses full of her. Ha she always been so passionate? Has she always been so vulgar? He's as shocked to hear her use such language as he is to feel her finger encircling his anus, but at the same time he is delighted and overjoyed that she has chosen to display a new side of herself to him. Eager for her to carry out her promise, to see just where their passion will take them. "Oh Mom, you're so hot! I... I want to fuck you senseless, Mom! I want to make you cum your brains out, and then I want to fill you with my spunk!"

"Oh Tim, that had better be a promise!" she giggles, pushing him away a bit, panting as she stared at his excited face, looking down then grinning at the sight of his twitching cock, "I want you to cum in my mouth, and my hair, and my... My pussy, and my arse, Tim!.. I'm your slut, Tim, and for the rest of my life, you have to give me every drop of your cum! "

"Oh fuck yes!" he shudders at the thought of doing as she asked, grabbing her then kissing her once more, his right hand clutching at her firm right tit, "I love you more than anything in the world, Mom!"

"I love you too Tim!" she laughs, tears of happiness once more running down her cheeks, grasping his hard cock then gasping in delight at how big and hard it was as she grasps his balls with her other hand, staring down at his manhood as she strokes it as in awe. Licking her lips and grinning then moving her hand slowly up and down, faster as his breath catches within his throat. Faster once more as she stares into his eyes, her hand moving urgently upon flesh, the shaft now slippery with the pre-cum that bubbles out of him only to slide wetly down onto her hand, "Oh God I need you so much, Tim!"

Oh Mom!

He gasps, staring down at her hand in awe. The girlfriend who waits for him in college, the older women that he dated before her; none of them have ever wanked him as skilfully as his mother does now. Certainly they had been delighted to see his cock, but none of them had ever been as passionate and so eager to pleasure him as his beautiful Mom is right then.

Oh fuck, this is real! I'm not dreaming it... I'm going to fuck Mom!..

"Mom!" he can't hold back a gasp of ecstasy and desire, can't hold back the wave of pleasure that fills his loins. "Oh fuck! Oh Mom!" he almost whimpers, shutting his eyes, shuddering; and then he cums, his hips jerking toward her, the engorged purple knob of his cock thrusting above her grip, a stream of pearly white spunk blasting upwards, splashing across the bottom of her breasts. She blinks, just for an instant puzzled by his cry, and then her eyes light up in pure delight and she looked downward as quickly as she can.

"Oh Tim! Cum for me baby!"

A second stream splashes into the valley between her breasts, a third flying over her breasts, arcing gently into the hair at her shoulders, a fourth and a fifth splashing across her breasts. A sixth much weaker than the others landing on her belly then starting to trickle down towards the wetness between her thighs as if eager to fulfil its role in nature.

"Oh fuck, Mom! I'm sorry..." he pants, shuddering, leaning over her weakly, gasping again as she gently squeezes his cock once more, working first 1 then 2 more blobs of cum out of him. "I was so excited - oh, oh fuck!" he gasps again then, stiffening; and he looks down in shock as she licks his oh-so-sensitive cock with infinite tenderness, lapping up the cum that still oozes thickly from him. Licking his hot shaft clean from balls to tip as she gazes up into his eyes with devilish delight before lifting her head then looking downing. Lowering her head slowly. Relishing the entry of his cock into her mouth. Against her tongue and then against the back of her mouth as he gasps and whimpers above her, before sucking upon his still-rigid flesh as if it is a straw. "Oh fuck that feels good, Mom, but you -"

"Shh, Tim." she lifts her head off of his cock to look up at him, feeling his wet knob brush her lips, knowing that he wants to please her but feeling nothing but total contentment with her current position, "Just cum for me, darling! I'm so happy that I could make you cum! I promise that I'll let you do whatever you want, but please let me do this first."

"Oh, Mom..." he swallows, blinking, nodding his head then swallowed again, looking down at her as she smiles. So this is how a mother makes love to her son. He gives a little laugh as she kisses his knob cheekily, gasping again as she takes his hot flesh into her mouth and lowers her head once more, "I'm so happy, Mom! I want to spend my... I want to... Oh, Mom!.. Oh fuck, that's so good!"

A whimper. As if he has been reduced to a child once more by the love and desire with which she worships him, his words at once so unnecessary and yet also so wonderful to her ears.

You only need to stay with me and fuck me, darling.

A thought and the look in her eyes as she gazes up at him with his cock buried to the hilt between her lips. She gazes up at him in adoration of the young man she has given birth to and raised for so long; feeling as if her heart might burst at the sight of him, at the realization that she has made him cum. Had she ever felt this way about Mike, or about his friends. No... She knows that she hadn't. That it was never this special. That she could never have loved them as she loves the son who caresses her hair and gazes down at her as if she is a goddess. She looks down once more, feeling silly at the tears in her eyes but too happy to care, licking his shaft adoringly, sucking the last traces of his orgasm out of him. No, her whole life was only a lead up to this moment. To the moments that will follow. To the rest of her lifetime spent not just in love with him, but making love with him.

"Mom..." he whispers her name, staring in fascination as she laps at his cock, watching as she kneels naked upon the floor in front of him, her eyes looking up at him as she gathers up the cum that dribbles down her breasts. The single trickle of cum that winds its way down her belly. The drops that have splattered her panty-mound. She licks his seed off of her fingers eagerly, relishing the taste. Sucking again and again until there can be no trace of him left upon her fingers; and then she tilts her head back slightly.

"What should I... What should I do with this?" she looks up at her son, speaking with care, "Please tell me, Tim." she grins despite herself, scooping up the single trickle of cum that had escaped from her mouth before tilting her head a little further back, opening her mouth carefully to show him her mouth awash with a mixture of his spunk and her saliva.

Please give me orders, Tim!

She has to hear them now. Has to let him know that she can't be just a mother and a lover, that she has to be his in every way. She waits patiently, knowing that she shouldn't rush him but almost unable to stand the suspense, and her heart races in anticipation and delight at the thought of how he might react. How far has he fallen from the tree of his birth? By how much does his blood differ from his father's and hers? Would he order her to do something, would he ask her what she wanted to do, or - God forbid - would he find her actions be a little bit too slutty? No. She knows it won't be the latter. She feels her heart racing, feels her naked tits heaving; wants so desperately to finger herself as she enjoys his taste, to swallow down his seed as she climaxes before him.

Oh fuck me, that's another thing I've never seen a woman do before! She's so fucking hot!

He stares in awe at his naked mother, barely able to comprehend what she has just asked, feeling dizzy at the sight of her body displayed benow him and at the sight of his cum rolling about upon her tongue. For a while he wonders what she would want to do, wonders if she would want to spit it out like most of the other women he had fucked, or drink it down as his current girlfriend did. Should he give her the choice? No, something in her eyes, something in the way that she had asked him, tells him not to; tells him that she wants him to decide! That she wants him to tell her what to do! That she wants... No, that she needs him to tell her to do whatever it is that he desires.

"What if I was to ask you to do something really perverted, Mom?"

He realizes a moment after the words have finished that by just holding his cum on her tongue she has already done something that many would consider perverted.

"I mean, something that would be perverted even if you weren't my Mom?"

Oh God, that's what I want darling! Make me do perverted things, darling, and let me cum once you have used me for your pleasure!

"Then I would do it gladly, darling." she grins once more, trying desperately not to giggle in delight, trying to keep as to the point as she could; aware that her jaw was starting to ache. That it felt good. That it was proof of just how nastily she was showing her son the seed that swam upon her tongue. "And then I would ask you... If you wanted me to... Do something nastier..."

Holy fuck, Mom!

He stares in awe at her. Realizes from her response that just swallowing it will be too normal. Racks his brain for something that she might find exciting.

"Then, I want you to rub it into your pussy, Mom." he feels his cock twitch at the thought of watching her, at the thought her letting him give her other orders. At the thought of all the things that he would ask her to do. All the filthy or forbidden ways in which he would try to make her cum. "I want you to... I want you to mix it up right up inside your cunt and then eat it."

She doesn't move.

Just stares up at him as if speechless, biting her lower lip as she does so.

Perhaps it was a bit too perverse? Perhaps she hadn't realized how dirty his mind was, or how dirty his fantasies of her had become? He swallows, knowing that she would forgive him but wondering if he has gone too far, and then he sees her face light up. Sees her beam in delight and feels his heart pound at the realization that not only was she not shocked but his words, but she was obviously overjoyed.

Oh Tim, that's it! That's what I want!

She giggles, feeling as if she has been waiting her whole life for that, his first order, almost ecstatic at the thought of showing him something so naughty, at the thought of the orders that he might give later. "Then please watch me, darling."

Her tone sultry. Her eyes smouldering. She stands up, feeling on top of the world, hugging him for just an instant, then sits on the edge of the bath, spreading her legs to show him the wet, dribbling place from which he had entered the world.

He swallows at the sight of her wet pussy. Stares entranced at the sight of her parting the lips of her pussy, and at the sight of the darkness that lies within the coral-pink that she exposes for him. He wants to drink the pussy-juice that glistens upon her flesh and dribbles out of her dark, gaping cunt; wants to experience her excitement will all of his senses; and he is helpless to stop his hand from grasping his wet cock. Powerless to stop himself from wanking gently as she looks downward, opening her mouth. A string of saliva and cum falling from between her lips, landing in the hand that she holds just above her bush. A rope of spunk and saliva hanging past her flushed and heaving breasts. She waits until till all of the precious liquid has fallen to puddled upon her hand, and then she looks up at him, panting as if in exertion. Her pussy twitching in rebellion against the hand with which she displays it so wantonly.

"I love you with all of my body and mind, Tim."

She leans back a bit, one hand spreading the lips of her pussy even further, exposing herself even more to him. Uses 2 fingers of the other hand to work his spunk into herself as they watch each other in a dazed awe, oblivious to all but the love and lust in the other's eyes, to that and the movements of their hands against their private parts.

"I love you just the same, Mom."

His wanking increasing in urgency, his cock almost as stiff as it had been at the start of their encounter, a white foam covering the purple head. He wants to touch her, to feast on her nipples again, to slide his cock into her hot wet pussy, but he doesn't want anything to stop the obscene show that she is putting on for him.

"Oh God, your cum feels so good inside me, darling!"

She moans wantonly, lasciviously; finger-fucking his sperm into herself, working their combined juices into a lather, the small room filled with the smell and sound of their masturbation, with the heat of their naked and excited bodies. She trembles, moaning in ecstasy, using the palm of her hand to grind down on her hard clitoris, jerking as a little orgasm ripples through her; crying out as she realizes that her first incestuous climax - or at least her first with her son - was almost upon her.

"Oh God, I can't stand it anymore! I want to eat it now, Tim!"

"Eat it Mom!"

She gives a little cry of thanks, momentarily frozen by the shuddering wave of another orgasm, and then she scoops his cum out of her pussy as fast as she can, sucking on one set of slimy fingers as the other plunge into her cunt. Crying in happiness as she savours the sea-like taste of their combined cum. Trying her best to fight the climax that builds within her loins and spreads to every cell within her body. To fight the feeling that she was about to fall into a bottomless abyss.

And then he was between her legs, his right arm curled behind her, supporting her back, his left hand pressed against her sopping wet pussy-lips, two fingers framing her hard clitoris, frigging the tiny nub as fast as he could, his head pressed against the base of her tits.


She sobs his name as she cums, sagging against his right arm, crying and shuddering in ecstasy as she feels her body go into the motionless fall of her climax, her pussy squirting her hot juices against her son's fingers.

"Tim! Oh God, Tim! I love you so much!"

She cries out, shuddering as her climax passes, feeling him pull her out of the her precarious position over the bath, sagging against his chest.

"Oh God that was good, darling..."

Oh fuck, I've just watched her cum!

He holds his mother tightly, crushing her to him, too speechless to reply. He'll never let her go. Never stop trying to think of ways in which he can satisfy her. Ways in which he can have her show him the ecstasy that he saw just moments ago. He feels her face against his chest, her slender body heaving against his own. Her hard nipples scratching his belly as she catches her breath.

There can't be another woman in the world as wonderful as her, and yet she's chosen me.

There can't be a better son in the world, and he loves me as a woman...

They blush together then, holding each other tight, whispering their love and devotion to each other as she rests against him. Him remembering how much cum she had sprayed over his hand and wishing that she could have sprayed it into his mouth instead. Her wishing that she could repeat her obscene show once more. That perhaps he could piss over her pussy as she did so.

"I want to lick you out, Mom." he strokes her hair, letting his fingers trail down to her cheeks, smiling as she sighs in pleasure and so-temporary contentment, tilting her head back to look up at him, "I want to lick your lovely wet pussy then stick my cock into it and fuck you all day long."

"That sounds nice..." she giggles, her hand grasping his hot cock, rubbing the slippery knob tenderly, "But as your mother, Timothy, I think that I shouldn't... That I shouldn't let you stick that nasty big cock of yours anywhere until I've cleaned it with my mouth."

"Oh?" he laughs then, holding her tighter and kissing her upon the lips, tasting their cum upon her tongue, "Then, as your son, Samantha, I think that we should get into bed and start cleaning as soon as possible!"

"And as your horny mother, Tim, I think that I should agree!"

Another giggle, another kiss, and then one more. Longer. Tongues lingering. Eyes open.

"Come on, let's go!"

She dances out of his arms, opening the bathroom door then heading into the small hotel room in which she had decided to deliberately expose herself to him for the first time. Knowing that they were both eager to fuck, that his cock would penetrate her pussy before the hour was up; that if they had their way then it would be just the first fuck of a lifetime of lust. His heart still racing, his mind still certain that nothing so wonderful could be real and that he must be experiencing some kind of wonderful dream; Tim grins at the sight of his mother's naked butt then runs after her, certain that from now on they would never sleep in separate beds.


As always, thank you and congratulations on reading this far! I hope that you have enjoyed this, and if you have something that you would change about the way in which I write, I would welcome any comments. m(_ _)m


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dream come true

liked this from the beginning , hope you decide to continue it. I can tell you are just getting started with these two teasing each other seriously ,fucking each other silly.

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