One Night


They had both been waiting for this day, this moment, this one chance to discover what had been missing from their lives all these years. At the very moment of denying his invitation for a date soon after their high school graduation, she created a void in each of their lives that both would know until reuniting almost ten years later. Neither questioned the glances that were stolen across the busy restaurant; neither hesitated more than a few moments before sinking into a warm embrace; and neither mentioned what had kept them apart for so many years. Only one thing was for certain: each felt a spark, an electric connection that would bring them together for one precious night….

Her body is perfect: the curves and delicate features that so exquisitely define the brunette leaning against the tall corner post of the cherry colored bed. Her silken hair, long and slightly curled, and her eyes – emerald with a spark of gold. And nothing seems more beautiful than her ample breasts with erect nipples tinged a dark rosebud pink. Only a slight flick of the tongue entices them to harden, to savor the warmth of one’s mouth and lips. Her legs are long, and her skin a beautiful golden brown; her full, strong thighs lead up to shaven pussy that can be seen as she slowly steps aside to lower her gracious body onto the soft bed.

Slowly he steps toward the beautiful goddess lying before him in the midst of casually discarded coral shaded satin sheets. Building the anticipation for himself, he gradually makes his way to the bed; he can see the faint outline of her lips and she smiles in the candle-lit room as light dances on the ceiling, casting dark shadows over her body. Rising slightly from the bed, breasts lifting upward with each short breath she takes, she playfully licks her full lips knowing this will draw him to her in the shadowed darkness. Teasing him, she draws one cherry fingernail lazily around an erect nipple.

Silently he sits beside her on the edge of the bed. Taking in the beauty of her rounded breasts, her locks of hair framing her delicate jaw-line, and the shape of her anxious body, he runs one finger up the inside of her tan thigh. Slowly, carefully, he traces a line up her body while making sure to avoid the one place she longs to be touched.

Leaning closer, their hushed, yet quickened breaths combine as soft lips touch for the first time. He outlines her face tenderly and runs his hands into her silky hair; softly taking hold and weaving his fingers into her hair, she gasps as he pulls her head back slightly to place a long-awaited and intensely hard kiss on her graceful neck. Slowly, he moves his tongue up to the edge of her small earlobe. Nibbling, tasting, teasing he moves his tongue along the length of her ear, and then suddenly he grasps her earlobe between his teeth making her cry out in mixture of passion and pain.

Moving back in for a slow kiss, he pulls at her lips with his own. Growing more anxious, he probes her mouth for her tongue. After sharing a breathless kiss, he suddenly takes her right nipple into his mouth – sucking, biting, licking until it stands hard against his moving tongue. Gently, using his hand, he traces circles around the left nipple, only stopping briefly to wet his own finger in her hot mouth. Tracing a path with his now wet finger, followed by tiny kisses from his soft lips, he moves down her body to find the area that longs to be touched.

He can feel when she begins to move her hips against the finger slowly making tiny circles atop her sensitive clit. As her first orgasm begins to build, he slips two fingers inside of her already wet pussy until her cum covers them. Tenderly withdrawing his fingers, he again begins to massage her clit as he kisses a trail from her nipples to a stopping point only inches from the wetness he felt moments earlier.

Arching her back from the ecstasy she feels, she slowly raises her hips from the bed to meet his warm tongue as it touches her hard clit. Gingerly he takes her into his mouth, forming tiny circles around her before tasting the wet lips that will soon take in his ever-hardening cock

Positioning his body along side hers with his head buried between her thighs, she slowly strokes the length of his dick. Using both hands to guide him into her mouth, he moans loudly at the pleasure consuming his own body. Slowly she works her tongue around the head, down the length of him, and then carefully allows him to slip into the hollow of her throat.

Unable to stand the pleasure that has now turned to a growing passionate pain, he quickly rolls onto his back. Taking her hands, he pulls her body above him so that they are once again face to face. Guiding her hips with his strong hands, he pulls her down so that her pussy hides his large cock deep inside.

Moving together, they both feel their orgasms beginning to form as he pushes the entire length of his cock into her body again and again. Crying out in a last desperate attempt to prolong this moment forever, they both dissolve into each others arms as their orgasms combine to bring their bodies to a height never felt before.

Quiet now, their eyes meet and he can almost see the reflection of his own spent image. Silence embraces them as their bodies form to make one – resting, waiting, loving, before the feeling fades into the shadows of the darkening room.

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