tagFetishOne Night Ch. 09

One Night Ch. 09


Warning / Author's Note / Spoiler Alert:

This was my first attempt writing something like this. It's four years old and I don't dare attempt to re-write it. If there's something wrong with it, chock it up to the fact that I was a 20-year-old virgin writing about something I didn't fully understand. I'll take positive criticism, but please don't knock me for a lack of knowledge. I tried to do research.

Now, I know there's a lot of guys out there who have an aversion to the whole idea of taking it up the ass. Well, click "back" 'cause that's what this story is about. I shit you not.

No, Sam doesn't take it in the ass. She does the taking. Don't wanna spoil it, but I don't want no hate mail from pissed-off phallic-centric, insecure guys. Just saying.

Also, this is my first attempt using "in-text" html formatting for my italics, so if I screw it up, I sincerely apologize.

Thanks for your time and patience. I love you all!


* O N E * N I G H T *

Part 9: Jake's Dirty Little Secret

Started: Thursday October 25th, 2007 (I lost track of when I finished it)

* ~ * ~ *

(March )

"Oh, God, please... don't—don't stop..."


I walked into his apartment, surprising him on an early March afternoon. I thought we could go for a ride in my mom's car since she wasn't doing anything with it and Jake and I both had the day off. It was something of a given that our simultaneous days off were to be spent together. But as I walked inside, dropping my purse on the couch, I heard Jake in his bedroom, whispering, begging, moaning. Now I knew for a fact that he wouldn't cheat on me—he wasn't the type of guy—but it sure as hell sounded suspicious.

"Jake?" I said again, knocking gently on the bedroom door so I didn't scare him.

"Huh?" he moaned back, his voice breaking. "S—Sam?"

"Are you okay?" I asked, opening the door and seeing him lying on his bed, his laptop nearby.

He was wearing only boxers and a t-shirt; his cock was up over the waistband of the shorts and he was whacking off pretty frantically.

"Let me help you with that," I added, grinning.

"No..." he murmured as I moved towards the bed.

There was a long, confused pause on my part. "What?"

"Don't, please..."

His tone was pleading. His big brown eyes were wide and almost frightened. There was a sheen of sweat on his forehead, making his choppy bangs stick in places.

"And why—why not?" I asked, feeling my heart sink in my chest.

"This is one fantasy you can't know about..." he said, his voice changing from desperate to incredibly sad. His left hand moved to turn his laptop off.

After another long pause, during which I felt myself start to fume, I said, "Like my rape fantasy? How on earth could it be worse than that?"

"It's worse..." he muttered, still stroking himself with his right.

"Why can't I get you off?"

His eyes met mine and I saw the answer in his expression. He didn't even need to say what he said next.

"You're not part of this fantasy."

Now, to be absolutely honest, I had had plenty of incredible fantasies about Jake long before we started fucking. But I also had fantasized about a couple of friends of mine to whom I was also attracted—though not in love with, as I was with Jake—to keep me busy on the nights I was mad at him. But since we started dating, and loving, I hadn't even thought about another man. Not like that. And I guess I flattered myself in thinking that I was all he wanted, the same as he was for me.

"Then I guess I better go wait for you to finish," I finally said, sadly turning from the room.

"I'm... I'm sorry..." I heard him whisper as I headed back into the living room.

Now I guess it was selfish to be that hurt by the fact that I wasn't the only one he fantasized about, but the fact that he needed to hide it from me rather hurt. I mean, yes, he did have to fight the fact that I liked to be dominated out of me, but I eventually gave in. I guess I would have to fight this one out of him. But then, maybe it wasn't like, he was thinking about his old girl friends or some hot chick he knew. What if it was a cute little fanboy fantasy about someone fictional? He was such an X-Men nut, maybe he was whacking off to a fantasy about Jean Grey or maybe even Catwoman from Batman... Hell, I would dress up in green spandex or black leather and kitty ears to hear him scream, even if it wasn't my name. This thought lightened my mood considerably as I walked back to the mustang.

"Sam!" panted Jake, running down the steps to the car and thrusting his hand against the door as I opened it, slamming it back shut.

"Jake," I softly said, nodding politely like we were mere acquaintances, and not lovers.

"I'm sorry. I know we don't keep secrets, but I would die if you knew this one. It's just not right," he gasped, reaching out a hand for mine.

His eyes were wide and so sad. It was hard to be mad when I looked at him.

"I was thinking, Jake, that it would be okay if it wasn't like, someone you know. Just tell me one thing and you're forgiven."


"Is she a real woman, or is she a fictional woman?"

Jake paused, his eyes flicking back and forth between each of mine as if looking for more criteria to subject to. Finally he sighed, "The only way I can answer this is to say no, it's not a real woman."

I smiled a little. "Good. You know, I wouldn't mind dressing up as Phoenix if that's what it took to make you feel like you made me feel on my birthday. I'd kinda like the green spandex."

It took him a second to catch what I was saying, but he finally said, "Oh, wow. That would be cool... I honestly never even thought about that, having a fictional character take me... But God, I know you'd do it better than anyone could... I always saw you as something of a living Phoenix—a living, breathing, walking, talking superhero."

"You're forgiven, Jakie," I said, grinning at him.

"Can we still go out today? I know it was our day to hang out..."

"Oh, alright," I sighed, letting him put his long, warm, strong arms around me.

But secretly, I was vowing to find out what his fantasy was and make it real. Even if it meant being sneaky. After all, he had snuck onto my computer to read the story I wrote about him raping me.

Well, an opportunity arose not long after. It was only a week after I had stumbled upon Jake masturbating to a fantasy I couldn't know when he left me alone in his place. I had been helping him do his laundry when his old roommate Deb called and asked him to meet her downstairs to get the CDs she had borrowed from him several weeks before. Jake didn't hesitate to run down and see his old friend for five minutes, leaving me folding towels.

I had been waiting all week for an opportunity, and with a grin, I dropped what I was doing as soon as I heard the door close and ran to his computer. It was plugged in, charging, and on, luckily. It only took a second to warm up from sleep mode and I quickly opened his documents folder. I honestly didn't know if it was art, fiction, animation or film that he was jerking off to that day, but I narrowed it down to three things that hadn't been opened since that day and I copied them to a flash drive I'd been carrying with me just in case.

It didn't take but a moment to copy the files and I quickly set the comp back to sleep mode and hurried back to the washing machine, slipping the RAM into my pocket. Jake took his time with his friend, but that didn't bother me. I was sort of revered among his fangirls as the one who "caught" him; they had all been trying for years to win his heart, but it was me that did it. Some of them liked me okay, a few loved me, and a couple hated me with good reason. I wasn't particularly pretty or sexy or really that great in any obvious way—why wouldn't they be mad at me? Most of them were voluptuous and beautiful. It doesn't seem fair to me either. Though, in my defense, I always cared for Jake and I showed it, and I think that might have been what set me apart from the pretty girls he had known longer. I made a point of doing things for him to remind him how much he meant to me and I never took him for granted.

"God, she's at it again," I heard Jake grumble as he came back inside.

"What?" I called from the laundry area, a nook beyond the kitchen.

"She's going back to work at the Yellow Rose," he sighed, joining me and picking up a washcloth—his idea of helping.

"I thought they paid bad there?"

See, Deb was a stripper by trade.

"Yeah, but she says Sugar's has been treating her like crap."

"Well, it's her body she's objectifying. Her choice, I guess, huh?"

"Yeah. I mean, I love her dearly and wanna look out after her, but I'm not her mom..." he muttered, grabbing a towel to fold.

"What do you mean by that? What's she need?" I asked.

"She wants to move again and I'm so tired of helping her."

"Baby, she's a grown woman. You're not obligated to help her every time she needs it just because you're friends. I only been hanging out here a few months but I've seen how she saps your energy, and baby, you don't need that. If you can and it's not too big a deal, help her out. But if you're just sick of all the crap, let her family help her out. You told me they're cool."

"Yeah, I know," he sighed, tossing the dryer sheet in the trash. After staring the linoleum down for a moment he added, "Was this the last load?"

"Yes, sir," I said, relieved to be done with one of my least favorite chores. Like I didn't do enough of it for my family at home.

"Well, what can I do to thank you for helping me?" asked Jake, smiling vaguely as he reached his arms out for me.

"Well," I purred, letting him embrace me, "I'd been thinking all day about something..."

"Really? Something I could give you?"

"Oh, yes... It's hot, and sweet... Very few know how to do it right. And oh, I've been craving one for so long now... I wanna taste it, feel it in my mouth and on my tongue... down my throat... mmm, so good..."

"You're not talking about sex," he deadpanned.

Not beating around the bush, I said, "Donuts."

"You know I can't."

"But we can go have some fresh treats and a latte."

"Fine," he sighed, grinning at me. "But I gotta admit, you were making me a little hard with the thing you do with your voice."

"You mean this?" I asked in the deep throaty growl I used when seducing him.


"Well, maybe after we have lunch, I can give you something else sweet..."

As soon as I got home that evening, I plugged the little flash drive into my laptop and pulled up the files. The first was one of his wonderfully crappy superhero fan fics. I recognized it as one he had asked me to critique before. The second was a video file of Young Love, one of his favorite bands.

"Bingo," I whispered to myself upon opening the third.

It was a simple Word file saved under the name, "DarkSun1.doc". There was no heading, but it appeared to have been copied off the internet, the way I did my favorite porno and hentai stories. I felt a dark, tingling twinge of anticipation and a little fear as I read the soft-core intro. It started about a young teen boy who was hanging out with his friends. Now I honestly thought this would be some sweet and dirty first time story, since the hero was so young. I kept wondering when the woman would be introduced. I kept thinking it would be an older woman or a dominatrix or something kinky that Jake wouldn't want me to know about. I wondered as I kept reading, but by the third page it hit me.

This was a yaoi.

My heart leapt into my throat as I read the words describing the scene. The young man and his older friend were the last at the party, laughing and drinking together. They sat side-by-side on a railing, joking about girls and drugs and sex, and suddenly the older put his hand on the younger man's face. I have to admit, it was extremely sexy, reading that slow scene as the older boy seduced the unsuspecting boy, but it seemed wrong to think of Jake as the boy.

"He's bi," I whispered, my heart sinking down inside me.

Yes, the concept itself of my boyfriend being bisexual was kinky, interesting and something I had certainly considered time and again, but the thought of Jake being bi sort of saddened me. It wasn't that he was obviously the straightest mother fucker I had ever met. No, he was always a little fruity. Part of why I thought he was so hot. But the fact that he'd done me so many times, I had been convinced that he was straight. Now, it almost seemed like he had been lying to me for three whole months. I couldn't help but feel a little betrayed.

But then, he had practically put me in tears to find out about my rape fantasy, so maybe I should swallow my selfish pride and make his butt-fucking fantasy a reality. No, I wasn't going to go find an older, experienced gay guy, but there was a lot a girl could do to please her guy that way.

"Jake, darling, I've been thinking..."

"Uh-oh. When you call me 'darling,' something bad always happens."

Jake and I were sitting in his car two days later. It was Friday afternoon and we were heading to his mom's for lunch. He didn't have to be at work until midnight and then he had Saturday night off.

"Well, you have tomorrow night off and there was something I read about that I wanted to try on you..." I said, ejecting the mix CD we'd been listening to and switching to KISS fm, the hit station.

"We are talking about something sexual, right?" he asked, his eyebrows lowering in suspicion as he changed lanes.


"Just wanted to clarify," he sighed. "Will it hurt?"

"Only if you want it to."

"Ooh, maybe. Is it a secret?"

"Yup. I don't want you to know at all."

"Well, you should have surprised me. I mean, like, snuck in my bedroom in the middle of the night or something."

"In the country, honey," I laughed, "if I'd-a done that, I'd-a got shot."

"Oh, I do have that gun... But still..."

"No, I wanted to give you warning 'cause I know you love the anticipation. And I thought it only fair."

"Well, that's okay. Anything you do, Sammie, has gotta be good."

Saturday evening, I showed up at Jake's place in seemingly normal clothes with a seemingly normal purse that was abnormally full. We sat on his ratty sofa, watching Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs and eating cookies while his fluffy kitty sat on my lap, Jake's lap being taken up by me of course.

"Hey, did you ever read any of those awesome Cardcaptor lemons online?" he suddenly asked out of the blue.

After a long pause, I said, "Maaaaaybe..."

"Dirty girl. Why would you read lesbian hentai?"

"Perfectly honest, Jake, I... I used to think I was gay. I still enjoy a little girl-on-girl fiction."

"God, that is so hot," he whispered, nuzzling my shoulder.

"Boy, I have a couple of stories I could show you..." I purred, grinning at him over my shoulder.

A soft whimper escaped his mouth.

"Have—have you ever, uh..."

"Been with a girl? No. But don't think I don't want to..."

I felt his cock beneath me suddenly grow. It wasn't a full on erection, but I could tell the concept of watching me fuck another woman was one of the things he'd thought about.

To make something out of that little hardness under me, I turned around on his lap and kissed him, running my fingers through his soft, shaggy, brown hair. He moaned as he put his arms around me, drawing my body as close to his as possible. I knew then that my plan was going to work. It wasn't hard to turn him on, but the spontaneity of it was thrilling and sweet. It was the kind of arousal that makes you feel like you're fifteen again.

"I love you," he murmured against my mouth.

"I love you more, Jakie..."

His penis was now very large and very hard and I wanted him to come now so I could start fresh in his room. I had a lot of plans for him that night, but I didn't want him to have to wait too long, so I reached down between us and unzipped his tattered, baggy jeans. He softly moaned as he felt my fingers wrap around his hardness. Without any ado, I slipped to the floor and knelt in between his legs.

"Really?" he asked, smiling sweetly at me.

"It's what I want right now. That okay?"

"My cock in your mouth," he said, chuckling quietly, "is never not okay..."

I grinned as I took him down my throat. He had incredible stamina, as I have mentioned often before, but I knew how to bring him to his knees and all I really had to do was suck him off with passion and attentiveness and he would usually blow his load in a couple of minutes. And I wasn't disappointed. He came with a sharp cry of pained pleasure as I swallowed around the head of his cock over and over. I felt the hot spurt of cum against the back of my throat and I smiled, drinking it up.

"Oh, God, that was so good," he gasped when he was spent, falling back limply on the sofa, his fingers still tangled in my hair.

I slowly crawled back up into his lap and embraced him. He put his arms around me as I lovingly nuzzled his neck and face.

"Thank you so much," he whispered, tilting my head up so I would look at him. The look on his face was priceless.

"You're welcome." I was touched that no matter how many times I pleased him, he still thanked me. He was always grateful. But then... so was I. "There's a lot more I want to do tonight, baby, my Jakie. You wanna follow me to your bedroom?"

A soft moan was his only response as he let me pull him to his feet and lead him to his room.

"First, we have to set some parameters. One, you do trust me no matter what, right?" I said, sitting him on the edge of the big, comfy queen-sized bed.

"With my life, Sammie," he said, looking a little suspicious. "And?"

"You mind being blindfolded?"

"Not if it's just you."

"Okay. And will you do as I ask, no questions asked?"

"Umm... I guess so. This is going to hurt, isn't it?"

"Not really. But you will be surprised. A lot. That okay?"

"Yeah..." he said, his eyebrows arched in curiosity. "Is this safe and legal?"

"Far as I know..."

My grin was unnerving, I'm sure, but I think Jake liked all the sneakiness and intrigue. He had always liked my ambiguousness, especially in my seduction. I tried to sweeten my smile so as to reassure him and I think it worked. His look softened and he finally grinned at me.

"Show me what you have in mind, Sam. I wanna see..."

I grinned again as I kissed him and pulled his old t-shirt up over his head, and then pushed him back on the bed. I moved my body slowly over him to get him in the mood and I felt his penis stir almost instantly as my clothed hips brushed over his. I reached over and took a silk scarf of my grandmother's out of my purse where I had left it on his bedside table and gently traced it over his wide, beautiful eyes. His lips parted in fear as I did so, but I loved the shape of his mouth as he gasped. After dragging the soft fabric across his skin several times, I reached around him and tied it behind his head, covering his eyes completely.

"See anything?" I asked.

"No..." he muttered, clearly in fear.


Without giving him a chance to react, I pulled his arms up over his head and tied them to the headboard with another old scarf the way my own arms had been tied less than a month before.

"Oh, shit," he whispered, clearly not expecting the bondage.

"Sorry," I purred in his ear, feeling the goosebumps rise on his skin as I did so, "but I couldn't risk you running away. But I will stop if you truly don't like what I am about to do. Though I hope you appreciate all the trouble I am about to go to for you..."

"Okay?" he said in a high voice.

"Okay," I growled.

I climbed off him and moved to get my purse off the table. From it, I pulled a small blue bottle, the contents of which I don't really feel like revealing at the moment, and a particular toy I had just purchased earlier in the week. I quickly began to undress.

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