tagInterracial LoveOne Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok


(If the story sounds familiar there is a reason. It was wrote using the song as it's plot. I issued a challenge and this is my take on the song. I hope you enjoy these 2000words.)


Looking up at the neon lit darkness I with all my heart wish I was home. I should be sitting at my desk working on my novel... maybe.

But NO! I'm in Siam reporting on a Chess tournament. Dragged half way around the world to this stinking place to watch and report on a chess match.

And now I'm being dragged into this place as well.

Following this fool the boss stuck me with into a place called the 'Golden Cloister', I can't even get full into the door when the smell of the place hits me. A sick mixture of perfume, stink from the rivers, and sex, mixed with an overpowering smell of smoke.

Every type smoke under the sun, or the neon as the case is.

As I walk to the bar I feel a bit of silk brush my arm. Almost like an angel's feather. I look down to this 'angel' that's sliding up next to me.

"You look hot want something to cool you off? Maybe something make you hotter?"

Her hand brushes across my hip. For a second I worry about pickpockets.

Then she has a hand full of my cock. Her finger pressed hard through my pants rubbing at the bulge as it starts to swell.

"Why me?" I think as I suppress the urge to pull away from her. Half these girls aren't girls and I can't tell for sure with this one yet. "Why me?"

I could be back home. Hell I could be reporting a Mets game if the Boss wanted me to do sports writing. Chess? What the hell do I know about Chess?

Hell Murray at the head office was begging...on his knees begging for this job. "Nope you need the overseas exposure. Think of it as a paid vacation. Do the tourist thing while your there."

Tourist? Muddy rivers, reclining Buddha's.

"I don't even like Thai food!" I think as she continues to rub me the wrong way. I can see the cameraman 'Topper' watching me out the corner of the office gossip window. If I don't let this little Asia flower tempt me I'll be a laughing stock back at work within a day. I look at the girl he's got a hand full of. 'Girl'... yea right...Two shots of gin down already and I can see that isn't what he's holding. I look back down at my little 'angel'

Yea maybe. I feel my zipper do a downslide then her fingers are firm and soft around me. She strokes with a skill that is unnatural.

Chess? The game of kings! The only king I know about from here is Yul Brynner and he isn't here. Now if he were I would have a story given that he's been dead since 85.

"You like?"

Looking down at her little round face framed with the blackest of hair. For a few seconds I do want her. I don't even care what she might be.

Fuck it that's the gin talking.

"I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine." I tell her taking my third shot.

She grins at me.

"I change your mind. Come I give you sample then you decide."

I see 'Topper' grinning at me from across the bar. I'm already hearing his snide ass remarks. I'll be the talk of the water cooler.

"Fuck it. Lead on." I tell her.

Shooting back a fourth shoot of this rather good gin. I'll give the place that at least.

I follow her out the bar and into a side hall. I can hear moaning from the silk curtains we pass. The smell of unwashed bodies, perfume, and sex has saturated this place till it drips from the walls like massage oil.

The little room is dim lit, which may not be a bad thing. She turns and goes to kiss me. I concede again the possibly of there being an 'Asian Surprise' under those shorts. Her lips touch mine in a hot wet kiss, that very slowly finished what the gin and stroking started.

Hard and hating it I watch her drop to her knees in front of me.

"You like you pay me. I do a lot more."

She has me out and down her throat faster than I would believe.

Chess? Like I even know what I've suppose to be looking for. The boss let hint that I might be looking for a job if I don't bring back a good story.

Maybe I could find a scandal involving the chess players and some of these go-go girls.

Feeling the skill of her tongue I start to wish I couldn't still taste her on my lips. I feel like I've just kissed every cock in the city.

"Oh fuck." I say in a soft whisper.

Okay...she good.

I lean back a bit and my hands come to rest on her silky black hair. I smell oils and stranger smells come up to me as I caress her head. Her mouth clutches me, the suction pulling me deeper into her. Her breath comes out warm around me to add heat to my balls. Then I groan when I feel her tongue come forward slide out and lick at the top of my sack.

"Holy shit." I whisper softly.

Her mouth pops free. I open my eyes and look down at her. A drug fiend wouldn't crave as bad as I am right now.

"You like? You pay I do more."

I try to catch my breath and fail.

My hand shakes as I fish my wallet out my front pocket. I open it and let more than a few US bills fall around her.

They don't touch the ground.

Led by my cock she turns me around and sits me down on the bed. For a second I worry where the sheets have been but the sight of her slowly slipping out her clothes distracts me from that.

Her body is tiny, slim, hell almost boy like. My eyes drop to the triangle of hair.

Fuck I still can't tell... she could be tucked. The hard points of her nipples are no clue. Her breasts are all but flat.

As I watch she crawls up onto the bed and shakes her petite ass at me.

"I don't care where you put it. Just put it deep!" she says softly. The words have a sound of having been said often by her.

Standing back up I let my pants fall around my knees and step up behind her. The condom I fished out my pocket rolls down the length of me with little pause. I question again looking for 'landing gear' then decide what the hell.

Gripping 'her' hips I simply push where there should be an opening and hope for the best.

Whatever hole I'm in... my... fucking... god... it's tight! For a second I wonder if I'm going to get in then I kind of pop through and in a slow surge I sink into her.

"Oh you big.... I likey big cock."

I try to ignore her words. The ring of them, that sound of a speech often rehearsed. I swallow and thank the world for latex.

Such thoughts soon leave me as the wet walls of her grip me with a strength that I have never known before. I slow the pace and just revel in the tight feeling of her. I listen to the sounds coming from her; I feel a smile quirk my mouth when I hear fake turn to a more realistic sounding moan.

Leaning forward I reach under her body and hope for the best. When my fingers touches her clit I give a soft sigh of relief.

Not that I would have stopped. I'm too far in to it to stop now over something like that.

I give my head a shake when I realize what I just though.

Yea I'm in too far. About seven inches too far.

Part of me starts to wish that she wasn't this good. It's going to end too soon. Not that I don't feel I've already gotten my money's worth she is right up there with the best I have ever had.

Not that I've had enough to give a good critique.

As I pump away my mind goes to the women I have had. I run down the list fucking them all a second time with this oriental flower as their surrogate. Though in truth I don't think most of them were even close to this tight around me.

I hear the deeper groan from me then. I sound like I'm trying to hack up a fish bone almost. Little coughing grunts.

Chess. Find a story about chess. Think...oh god she feels wonderful.... damn it chess! Think of the tournament, the guys hovering over their boards, never looking up.

It hits me then. I have it. As the idea flowers in me I feel the tightening I've been trying to keep at bay. With racking grunts that sound almost painful I pull her to me and drive myself as deep into the warmth of her as I can. I wonder if Topper hears me when I cry out to the heavens. I really don't fucking care. Hell I don't care if they hear me all the way back home.

Dripping sweat I slow to a rocking, shallow thrust, listening to the little panting moans from her. They sound real but now I'm not as sure as I was when I was still in lust heat.

Heat? Oh god yes. I'm dripping sweat now. I slip from her with a hard suction pulling on me still. I pop from her with a sound like a Champaign cork. She stays where she is as I turn and sit down on the bed next to her. I look at her sweaty face and I feel a smile tug at my lips.

I made her cum. I'm as sure of it as I am that Topper is with a guy. This little angel of the night just got off with me inside her.

"Feel good?" I ask her softly running a hand across the small of her back. The gesture reminds me of petting a dog. I have to fight the urge to pat her side like I would my German shepherd.

"Oh yea." She says with a breath. There is now no sense of her sale pitch, no practiced words given without feeling to them. For this second she isn't what she is...she's just a woman who's been given pleasure.

As I go to get up I look down in horror! There is a ring of broken latex around the base of my cock and glistening wet skin that shines out with her fluids and mine. I swallow and feel myself start to shake. I pull it free and feel a sudden need to flee this place. That if I can get out of here quick enough maybe I won't have just gotten something I can't get fixed.

I look at her then as I pull my pants up. I see then how young she is. My nieces age, maybe. Should be just getting ready to go to college not on her knees with a stranger's cum running down her leg. She stands up slowly and looks at me as I take out my wallet again.

"You pay already." She says with a bit of confusion. "You want more now?"

I take the large bill and curl it into her hand. Leaning into her I plant a soft kiss upon her lips. I can see the confusion, the total lack of understanding as I turn and walk away.

I smile when I hear her whoop. The hundred I gave her is worth a lot here.

Time to go find Topper. I need pictures of the city.

The city they never see, because they don't look up from their chessboards.

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