tagRomanceOne Night in Chicago

One Night in Chicago


I open the garage door and feel the bitter chill of the Denver morning breeze. Moving around the car I hit the trunk release on the remote and place a small suitcase inside. As I back out of the driveway, the clock signals to me it is 4 AM. I turn onto 120th going east heading to the airport for my 6 AM flight out to Chicago. As I drive into the darkness all I can think about is tonight is the night. The night I will meet Michael for the very first time.

Pulling into the airport garage, grabbing a ticket from the sleepy attendant. I find a parking space and walk in.

Once inside the airport I head over to check in, which runs smoothly due to being so early in the morning. Now off to security. Very Very short line. I walk up, take off my coat, my shoes and place them into the small bin. I walk through and smile at the security guard, wondering does he know?? Does he know why I have such a large smile on my face so early in the morning? Does he know I am off to Chicago to meet the most incredible man on earth? I collect my shoes and coat and head down the escalator to the train. As the train makes its way thru the tunnels to my gate, I stare off and think about the first time I see Michael in his suit, in the blue tie he picked out just for me.

After settled into my plane seat, I think in my head all the details still ahead of me for the night. First flying into midway, have only done that twice before and really don't know my way around but feeling confident I can do this. Find the rent a car desk, don't forget to ask for directions because Downers Grove is a place I have not visited before. Thinking to myself I sure hope I packed everything I will need for my one night and praying to god that sweet Michael will be happy to see me. I settle into my seat and close my eyes. Before drifting off to sleep ... I can hear the music in my head, the music coming from the wedding, I can see so many people. just wondering if I will be able to find my Michael through the crowds..

Feeling the airplane touch down I awake, My heart pounding as reality sets in. Collecting my suitcase I make my way through the holiday airport crowds and find Avis.

Handing the girl behind the counter my credit card, she asks me, "Are you visiting for Christmas?"

I reply softly, "No, I am here to meet the man of my dreams for the first time!"

She looks up at me smiles and says, "They say when you meet the love of your life that time stops."

Giving her a smile I say, "I hope that is true." as I take the keys from her hand and sign the paperwork........ Before leaving I ask her for directions to the Marriott Suites in Downers Grove. She hands me a map of all the surrounding areas and wishes me much luck.

I walk out to the parking lot and locate the small car she has issued me. I place my suitcase in the truck, get in and sit back as the car warms up. It's a very chilly morning in Chicago. Most be somewhere in the teens but the happiness in my heart keeps my entire body warm. As I wait for the car to get warm, I rest my head back on the seat again thinking to myself... This will be our first kiss, everyone knows the first kiss determines the outcome of any relationship. My hearts starts to pound harder in nervousness. I stop my thoughts and pick up the map. Saying out loud, "Amy you can do this, you used to live here in Chicago when you were a kid. You won't get lost." Finding my way to the highway and onto 355. Soon finding myself in Downers Grove and pulling into the Marriott Suites Hotel.

It's now around 11 AM, I had requested early check in. I walk up to the counter and was greeted by a fairly older gentleman who smiles and asks, "May I help you."

I find his warm smile a bit comforting and reply, "Yes, I have a reservation under Johnson."

He starts to type in his computer and begins to print off paperwork. He asks, "Are you here in Chicago for business today Miss Johnson."

I blush and say, "No, I am here to meet someone."

He looks at me with a confused look on his face. I softly say, "It will be our first meeting; he doesn't know I am here, I have come to surprise him for his birthday."

The man behind the desk smiles and says, "Wow, you have a very romantic soul." and then says, "You know they say when you meet the love of your life that time stops."

I quickly look up at him and say, "You know I have heard that before, but not sure if I believe it."

Looking at me like a dad would look at their daughter he says, "Life has a funny way of working itself out, I wish you the best of luck young lady."

I smile at him. Say "Thank you for the kind words." And head off to the elevator and up to my room.

Walking into the room, I find it to be beautiful- I walk over to the window, snow blanketing the ground as cars pass by. Plenty of hours to go till I surprise my sweet Michael, I turn on the TV and kick off my shoes. I remove my dress from my suitcase and hang it up in the room so it does not get anymore wrinkled. Going to bed so late, and getting up so early has sure made me tired. But my head has so many thoughts going through it and my heart is racing for the evening to begin. There is no way I can sleep with so much anticipation built up. I move back and fall into the many pillows they have placed on the bed. I cover up with a blanket and start to watch an episode of "Friends" that is now on TV. Within minutes I fall asleep.

My eyes open, quickly remembering where I am at. I jump up and look at the clock. A few hours left to go. My heart again begins to race just wondering how this surprise would go. Would we hug? Kiss? Touch?

This surprise could be a huge disappointment or an intense meeting. What if he doesn't like me? What if he doesn't think I am pretty enough for him? What if I myself am a disappointment to him? I guess if this surprise was disappointing, we'd both return to our homes and move on with our lives. Intensity could mean so much different. Intensity could complicate things, in the fact that Michael is married and we met in an erotic chat room.

I undress and head to the shower. The feeling of hot water run over my body, relaxes me. I stand there for a very long time as so many emotions run through me.

Thinking to myself, "Am I doing the right thing?" "Will he like me?" "Should I leave now and go home?" "Was this a mistake" "Maybe this whole relationship is just fantasy" "Fantasy from the chat room?" Worry now running through me!!!

I get out of the shower towel off and put a robe on. I wrap my hair up in a towel and hear a knock on the door.

Panic runs through my body as I stand there thinking, "Who knows I am here." I slowly open the door and a room service boy hands me a bottle of wine with a note. Putting the bottle of wine down on the table I open the note. It reads, "Amy, I thought you could use a little something to relax you. Please don't worry, you are a great person, a true friend and he will see that in you. Just be yourself. Kim." Smiling, thinking how nice, from a friend who helped me plan this 24 adventure.

Pouring the first glass... I hold it up saying, "Thank you Kim."

Feeling a little more confident - I take the glass of wine into the bathroom and begin to dry my hair, after that applying make-up and then slipping into some nylons and the dress I had laid out earlier. I pour another glass of wine and step into a new pair of heels. Sitting down again looking over the map I was given at the airport. I finish the wine and head back to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and apply some lipstick. My heart hurting from pounding so fast in my chest, I put on my coat and head off to the elevator.

Once in the car, I take a deep breath, wondering if I can go through with this. My stomach in knots, feeling sick, just wondering is this right??........ I pull out of the parking lot and head towards the reception hall. I should arrive just after dinner - as the DJ begins to play. I park the rent a car and head in. Feeling kind of faint as nerves rush over my body, I decide to leave my coat in the car because this is all going to happen so quickly, I don't want to mess with a coat in my arms.

I walk in, finding myself in a large reception hall, big enough for multiple wedding parties at the same time. 2 upstairs dining rooms and 2 downstairs dining rooms, I walk slowly towards the room your party is in. My knees feeling weak, my palms starting to sweat, I sneak in and look around.

There, across the dance floor close to the bar... I see you!!! Everything I could have imagined. Standing there with a drink in your hand, laughing with someone about a conversation you are having. Your charcoal suit looks absolutely amazing and your tie, such a perfect blue against the gray. My heart starts to do flip flops in my chest; I just stand and watch you. No one else in the room seems to matter. I don't even see them as they continue to walk by.

I watch you excuse yourself and start to head towards the door. Now is my time, he is off to the bathroom which is located on the first floor, your party being in the lower level. I follow at a distance behind you. Standing in the carpeted hall outside, No one around. I wait! Adjusting my dress, mind going in so many directions, the bathroom door opens and you appear.

You now stand directly in front of me. You don't know me. You smile as you walk by.

"MICHAEL!!!" I yell out, you turn towards me and say, "I am sorry do I know you?"

My heart racing I look into your eyes and say, "It is me, Amy."

I watch your mouth as it turns up into a smile. I feel you reach down and grab at both of my hands, still staring into each others eyes. I feel like I am melting. And in a quick moment we duck into a small corner of the reception hall. Your back against a wall as I push into you, your hands still in mine. I lean up slowly, the wait almost over, our lips meet.

Our first kiss begins. It starts off soft and warm and then more intensely, our tongues entwining and mouths opening further to accommodate. I feel you drop my hands as you now put them behind my head, holding onto me. I love that feeling of you touching me and kissing me. I want it to last forever.

After about 10 minutes we stop- still looking one another in the eyes. I grab your hand and lead you into one of the other reception halls... someone else's wedding. Someone we don't even know. Your hand in mine, I walk to a table and you sit down.

"Michael, wait here. I will be right back."

After about 2 minutes I come back to you from behind. I bend down and whisper in your ear. "Will you join me for a dance?"

As you stand up the music begins to play. I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. The music gets louder and you recognize the song. "Angel Eyes" comes on and we begin to move. Feeling such warmth in your arms,

I look up at you with a smile and say, "Michael?"

You look down on me and say, "Yes Amy"

My voice starts to shake a bit, but manage to get out, "Happy Birthday my sweet Michael. I hope all your dreams come true."

You smile down on me without saying a word as I rest my head on your chest and take in the song as we move to the music.

Pondering over the days thoughts, something stands out in my mind... as a tear rolls down my face... all I can think of is

"Time is standing still!!!" "I have found the love of my life!" "It is true!!!"

The song seems to last forever as I am in your arms, moving ever so softly around the dance floor. Taking each other in, kissing now and then.

The song ends and I must go. Before I leave, I steal one more kiss

And say Michael... "This is all I have ever dreamed of" "You make my life feel complete" "I hope you have an amazing birthday" "And Michael....... ..................I would wait a lifetime for you!"......

I let your hands fall from mine.. Turn towards the door, leaving you standing there and walk out.

Back at the hotel, I pack up my bags for an early departure. I lay down on the bed. Close my eyes and let the entire days events run through my mind. I drift off for a couple of hours. Before I awake for my 7 am flight.

Gathering my stuff.. I look out the window one more time. Still dark in the early early morning.. Thinking, " So this is Downers Grove, Hmmm Pretty nice place"

Still half asleep, I pull on some jeans, slip into my warm uggs, put my hair up into a clip, throw on a shirt and head down the elevator to the front desk to turn in my key.

Who do I see standing behind the desk? The older gentleman from yesterday, who says, "Well Hello Miss Johnson, how was your evening?"

With a smile I could not stop on my face I say, "Magical"

He says, "So it was a good meeting?"

I reply. "Well, IT IS true.... Time Does Stand Still!"

He looks at me with a grin and says, "I am glad you have finally found what love is."

I politely say, "Thank you" and turn to walk away.

Off to the airport. With little time to spare, I stop at Starbucks for a little energy.. 24 hours and an hour time change is a lot to take in.

I return the car. And rush off to my gate.... Boarding the plane, I Pod in hand.. Find my seat.. Plane takes off .. I settle in.. Turn my Ipod on .. Find the song. Lean against the window, close my eyes. Playing the song I danced to with you last night. Again my mind thinks back of the evenings events... A smile builds...Thinking..... Yeah, that's the one!!!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Michael.

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