tagInterracial LoveOne Night Stand Ch. 01

One Night Stand Ch. 01


Hello everyone! I'm back (and older, crap)!!! Woulda been back earlier but my bastard internet went spastic!! Anyway, here's a new story that's been jumping about in my head and was meant to be like really short but it seems to be spiraling out of control. So...putting it up and if you want me to continue just say so...if you think it's utter shite and should be dumped faster than a daft boyfriend (or girlfriend)..well...your wish is my command.

Oh yeah, and the silver eyes sequel will definitely be up very soon!!! :)

Happy reading! xoxo

************************* *************************

'I knew I shouldn't have dyed my hair blue!' Ada sighed as she stared at the mirror.

Her best friend, Jemima just stared at her.

'You're kidding, right? You find out that the guy you've been with for five years was cheating on you and you're talking about your blue hair?'

Ada shrugged as she kept on scrutinising her appearance. Her reflection stared back at her. Her short bright blue 'fro looked, well, shiny in contrast to her dark skin. Her large, dark brown eyes stared back at her and her full lips were squeezed in a confused pout.

'Are you even listening to me, Ada?' Jemima asked exasperatedly.

Ada stared at herself once more before turning round to roll her eyes at her friend.

'What on earth do you want me to do? He cheated on me. Not the first time apparently. He's been doing it for yonks according to the girl who was wrapped around his cook like glue. I've had a whole week to myself to deal with it and now, I'm telling you, telling you first mind you just because you're my best friend. Right now all I want you to do is humour me even if you don't understand why I'm taking it this way. I don't need you to ponder on my 'madness'...just tell me if this hair is truly crazy or if I should dye it back to black.'

Jemima stared at her as if she were lost for words. Then she gulped and replied, 'Err...yeah, I guess it's okay. I mean, it should look weird, but it kinna suits you.'

Ada beamed at her. 'Thank you. That's all I needed to know. Now, I told Linda at work that I was up for a night out so I'm gonna need some time to get ready. You don't mind me leaving now, do you?'

Jemima just shook her head speechless.

Ada smiled at her again and leaned over to place a kiss on her cheek. 'Thanks hun. I'll see you later. Mwah.'

With that, Ada grabbed her oversize tote and practically skipped out of Jemima's tastefully furnished flat.

It had been a week since Ada had used her fiancée, well ex-fiancée's key to open his flat and seen a mixed-race girl sucking his cock for all that it was worth. She had stared on, absently thinking to herself that the girl's mouth was like a Hoover.

He had looked up suddenly, as if some sixth sense had informed him of her appearance and pushed the girl off of him as if she were a scorpion.

'Oh shit, Ada. I'm so sorry, I had absolutely no idea that...I mean, I can explain...'

Ada had burst out laughing at that, 'I had an internal bet with myself that you were going to say those three wondrous words 'I can explain', don't worry hun. I release thee.' She chuckled to herself again at that as she walked into the room and calmly started putting her stuff scattered randomly about in her tote.

He, Olisa, had run around after her, his flaccid cock flopping about as he beseeched with her to not be hasty. His personal Hoover just sat there, staring like she was in shock before asking plaintively, 'I thought you guys were over?'

Ada had ignored the both of them as she walked into the ensuite bathroom and dropped her toiletries in her bag.

He had stepped in front of her and she had automatically lashed out with a fist, punching his dick as hard as she could. He doubled over with a large howl and she giggled, putting a hand to her mouth.

'Oops, reflex hun, apologies. I did tell you not to worry.'

She stepped around him and made for the stairs. As she reached the door, she heard his hurried footsteps as he hobbled downstairs after her.

'Please, Ada Mordi. We were engaged for a year. Don't throw this away just because of my stupidity. We've been together for five years. Doesn't it mean anything to you?'

Ada had turned round at that, her eyes going slightly cold. 'That's something you should have thought of before sticking your cock in someone else's mouth. Funny, as that girl upstairs is someone I've seen you with before so this is clearly not the first time you messed around behind my back. This is over, Olisa. And you best be deleting my number from your phone because I don't want to hear anymore of your whining. You laid your fucking bed, now go asphyxiate yourself in it.'

She had smiled sweetly at that before getting out of the house, shutting the door quietly.

Now as she went over everything again, for the umpteenth time, she wondered why she had not yelled and screamed at him. She had always wondered what she would do if she found him cheating on her. Scream? Spit bloody murder? Pulverise him with her special baseball bat?

None of that.

Instead, she had felt a sudden calm steal its way over her bones. Of course when she had gotten home and been confronted with their framed photo by her bedside table, she had broken down and wept.

Olisa had been her college sweetheart. She had met him when she transferred from an all-girls boarding school in London to another one in Reading. He had been in his second year in University there and she had been enthralled by him as he was the first guy to ever kiss her. The first guy to ever make love to her. She had only ever had anything to do with him. All through college from the age of seventeen till date, well the previous week, now that she was twenty three.

She had been so pleased when he popped the question the year before. She had just started training at one of the top literary agencies in London and she thought it was the perfect time for an engagement. She had a wonderful job that she adored as did he and the plan was to be engaged for two years before actually getting married.

Her father had been extra thrilled. He had been haranguing her to come back home to Nigeria as she thought she was getting a bit too 'English-fied.' As if that even made any sense. The fact that she had ended up with a Nigerian guy who was of her tribe as well; suffice to say that it was her father's dream come true.

Of course she had loved him as well; being able to please her father was an added bonus.

Now, it seemed the honeymoon was over. He had shown his true colours or had been unable to hide it as properly as before. All she could think of now was how crushed her father was going to be. As for her; she was so over it. She had been the perfect daughter and perfect girlfriend.

No more.

She had been a prefect in school, had the highest grades there as well as University. She had been the perfect worker too. She had stayed at work till 1 a.m. some days and gotten wonderful praises and bonuses. She had learnt how to cook perfectly, bake and even do laundry. Stuff she never thought she would have to learn as she was pretty well-off. All of this she had done as she was subconsciously training to be a wonderful wife.

Well, no more. She was not going to be the perfect role model anymore. She was going to let down her hair and party like there was no tomorrow.

Starting from tonight.


Linda grinned as Ada strutted to their table at the bar. Ada was in a short mustard dress which clashed beautifully with her short blue afro. She had on high black platforms and her newly purchased Hindmarch oversize clutch. She knew she looked hot and smiled inwardly at the hushed whispers that followed her steps towards Linda.

'Look at you!' Linda gasped excitedly.

Ada smiled back as she plopped her bum on the chair next to Linda and a blonde girl that she did not know.

'You look wicked! You scrub up pretty well, Ada. I swear I wouldn't have recognised you. And what the hell happened to your hair. It's short! And...'

'Blue? Yup. I just got tired of the old me and wanted to re-invent myself.' Ada grinned as she ran her fingers through her newly shorn hair.

Linda shook her head grinning, 'And what did dear Oli have to say about it?'

Ada shrugged as she looked around airily, smiling slightly at a mixed-race man who was blatantly staring at her.

'Oh, we aren't together anymore.'

Linda gasped aloud, but this time in shock, 'Get out. What happened?'

'I caught him cheating on me so I decided to dump his snivelling arse.'

Linda just looked at her, 'Wow. Did this happen ages ago?'

Ada shook her head, 'Nope. Just last week.'

The blonde girl interjected suddenly, 'You seem pretty chirpy for someone who just ended an engagement.'

Ada turned to stare at the girl who was looking at her with cool blue eyes. She rightly guessed that the girl was used to getting all the attention and was not too pleased that Ada was getting quite a few stares.

'I wish I could bawl and moan like other girls but it's a bit pointless to let oneself go and turn into a smelly, irritating hermit when it's not going to bring the guy back. Plus he cheated on me. I'm not going to waste my tears on someone who did not have respect for our 'engagement.' And who are you, anyway?' Ada asked with an arched eyebrow.

Linda quickly cut in, 'Oh this is my flatmate, Mandy. Mandy, Ada my like best friend from work.'

Ada raised a bare gleaming shoulder, 'Charmed.' Then she looked at the bar before continuing, 'I'm going to go get myself a drink. You guys want anything?'

Linda nodded asking for a wine spritzer while Mandy shook her head sullenly.

Ada just shrugged and got up from her chair. She was not going to waste her time explaining anything to Linda's flatmate. She had mourned her engagement, but she was not going to spend the rest of her life crying over someone who disrespected her enough to cheat on her, knowing she had a key to his flat and could easily walk in anytime. No sodding way.

She leaned against the bar counter and smiled to herself as she saw the bar man rush over to her side to ask what she wanted.

'A wine spritzer and a French Martini.'

The guy nodded as he fixed her drink. She turned round to lean on the counter and cast a lazy gaze round. There were a few fit men there as this was a cool bar in central London but she was not ready to hook up randomly with anyone; not at the bar anyway. She wanted to go dancing then...well, she'd see how it went.

She brought out her wallet to pay for her drinks but the bar man shook his head and pointed to a guy sat by the far side.

'He's sorted out the bill.'

Ada turned to look at him and smiled at him. That was rather sweet of him but she was not going to go over. She raised a glass in acknowledgement then turned back to Linda and her friend.

'Guess what? Some guy over at the bar paid for our drinks.' She squealed.

Linda widened her eyes, 'Get out! No way, you lucky bitch.'

Ada shrugged playfully, her eyes gleaming, 'I know. That's never happened to me before.'

'Guess losing the shackles of your engagement is opening doors for you.' Mandy commented snidely.

Linda gasped, 'Mandy! What's the matter with you?'

Ada just shrugged again. Talk about the green eyed monster coming out to play, 'Oh don't worry, Linda. Say what you want, Mandy but I've been a very good girl all my life. If I want to let my hair down, well metaphorically speaking of course, and go wild then that's no one's business least of all you.'

She ended this statement with a smile to take the sting of it then turned back to Linda, 'Let's get drunk then go party!'

Two hours later, the three somewhat tipsy girls piled themselves in a cab and were on their way to a club called Vendome in Mayfair. A few drinks had turned Mandy slightly better and Ada was not thinking of jamming her heels up her nostrils anymore.

When they got to the club, the three girls made to queue up as Linda had put their names on the guest list, but the bouncer, apparently in a good mood and appreciating the beauty of the blonde, red-haired and blue-haired girls waved them in, ignoring the angry mutters from the crowd.

The three girls giggled their way in as they dropped their coats in the cloakroom and sashayed downstairs to the dance-floor.

Soon the girls were boogying away on the dance-floor as they shimmied to Pendulum's 'Tarantula.'

After thirty minutes of concentrated dancing, Ada stopped, pressing her hands to her side. Although she looked naturally athletic and toned, she and the gym were not best friends. They were not even frenemies. She was beyond knackered after a mere thirty minutes of dancing and she was gasping for water. She walked towards the bar to get a glass of water for her parched throat.

When she got there, she saw a large queue of people struggling to place their orders and nearly groaned in frustration. She could not wait here for that long. She swallowed, or tried to swallow some more spit but she could not even create anything in her parched mouth.

Crap, bollocks, wank!

She turned round to go back to the dance-floor and felt a gaze on her. She looked round and spotted a man sat on one of the VIP tables staring at her intently.

'Oh.' She gave a tiny gasp. She could not really see how he looked as he was sat in an unlit place but she could feel the intensity of his gaze.

She gulped, or tried to, then looked rapidly away. She made her way back to her girlfriends on the dance-floor and Linda asked her breathlessly, 'Where've you been, mate? The music is amazing.'

Ada just grinned back, she was still reeling from the look she had shared with the unknown man.

All of a sudden, some big-shouldered man came over to them and said in a clear, deep voice, 'My boss over there would like to see you.'

Ada glanced at where he was pointing instinctively and saw that it was the same man who had been staring at her. All of a sudden, her heart galloped causing her tummy to clench. Was she to play it cool or go over?

Mandy looked over as well and simpered sweetly at the man before hissing in a quick aside to the other girls, 'Come on, let's go over there! He's got a VIP table for fuck's sake.'

Ada raised her eyebrows. She would never have pegged Mandy for a gold-digging girl...errr, not.

Ada shrugged and turned to Linda who shrugged in return. Seems the question of playing it cool was out of her hands then. The three girls walked over to the table with the man leading them.

On getting there, Ada saw that there were three other men and two girls laughing among themselves. She felt those same eyes on her and turned to who it was, knowing immediately that he was the 'boss.'

Her mouth popped open as she saw the most gorgeous specimen of a hunk that she had ever seen. He had a clear icy blue stare and wavy golden blonde hair. Although he was sitting down, Ada could swear on her life that he was tall. Towering over her petite 5'4 frame, that was for sure. She quickly shut her mouth as she saw his gaze turn amused at her blatant ogling.

Play it cool, remember. She thought to herself. She sniffed once then turned over to smile at the other three men who were introducing themselves.

She as well as the other girls were asked if they wanted drinks and Linda and Mandy took their champagne glasses with large grins. Ada shook her head politely and asked for water.

'Water? Surely, you're joking?' One of the men gasped as the two girls previously sat there giggled to each other.

She smiled again and replied, 'I'm rather parched and champagne causes me dehydration. When I'm better, I'll have some of your lovely champers, but at the moment, water will do perfectly.'

She looked straight ahead although her whole body hummed with the urge to turn when she heard That man's voice say softly, 'If it's water she wants, then please, get her some.'

The man who had led Ada and her friends to the table nodded and walked off to the bar.

Ada smiled her thanks at him and got a heart-stopping smile in return.

She gulped and turned quickly to the man on her other side.

As soon as she drank down her water, MGMT's 'Kids' came on and she started tapping her feet to the beat.

'I take it you like that song?'

She turned to the gorgeous man and stared for a second, before remembering herself and replying, 'Yes. I do actually.'

He cocked his head to one side and then asked, 'Would you like to dance with me?'

Ada arched an eyebrow even though her heart began its familiar drum-roll.

'Are you a good dancer?' She replied cockily.

He gave a quick smile, 'I guess I could call myself satisfactory.'

Ada arched both eyebrows this time as a smile tugged at her lips, 'Then I guess we could dance, however,' She continued as he made to stand, 'I'd rather dance to a more, shall we say up-beat song. This is more of a jump-around song with a few mates.'

He sat back down and spread his hands, 'As you wish.'

Mandy had spotted the soft conversation between Ada and the hot man and was not happy about it. Why her? Mandy wanted him for herself and Ada was not going to stand in her way.

In a clear, falsely sweet voice, she said, 'So glad that you're having fun here, Ada. I actually thought you would be gutted about your foiled engagement. What was it that happened again?'

Linda gazed at her in horror as Ada just stared with a tight smile. 'I believe I told you about this before, he cheated on me and I left him. And as for having fun, but of course I am. The best way, as they say, to get over a man is to get under one. And by God do I intend to do so as soon as possible.'

With that she turned to the amused looking man, 'What do you know? They're playing Shakira's new song and I absolutely adore it. Want to show me your satisfactory skills?'

The man gave her a very large smile as he stood up and dragged her gently to her feet, 'Certainly.'

Ada smiled back as they went to the dance floor. She turned back once and mouthed at Linda, 'Shut your fucking friend up or I'll do it for you.'

The moment they got to the dance floor, the man grabbed her hand and pulled her to him in one smooth move. She gasped as she was clutched tightly to him, her hands placed on his chest reflexively.

Then he sensuously ground against her, causing her to give out an involuntary moan as she felt a slight bulge press against her nether regions.

Soon, they were grinding to the intense beat of Shakira's 'Did it again.'

When the song was over, the DJ moved smoothly to Beyonce's 'Video Phone' and Ada let out a little squeal. She loved the song.

As Beyonce belted out the lyrics, she turned round and pressed her bum into the man, rolling against him and turning round to give him a coy look.

He grasped her hips and pushed up against her as she backed against him. The dance had slowly turned into simulated sex. She bit back a groan as he pressed his hardening bulge into her bum.

She knew they were going to have sex tonight and she did not care. This would be the first time that she would be having sex with anyone apart from Olisa and a part of her was filled with trepidation. The larger part however, stifled such feelings. She was not the same girl who did everything to please her father and fiancée. Now, she was going to think of herself first and finally, live the life all her friends had lived in University and which had passed her by. Starting with this beautiful stranger.

She turned her head again and this time, she licked him from his neck to the top of his jaw.

His grip tightened on her hips as he gritted his teeth.

'If you do that again then I'm definitely going to fuck you tonight.'

'That's what I'm hoping for.' She whispered back.

He pulled away from her and turned her around to face him properly. He stared into her eyes then nodded once. He looked over to his apparent bodyguard and nodded to him. His bodyguard gave him some signal before walking out of the club.

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