tagLoving WivesOne of Those Days.

One of Those Days.


It was over ten years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just finished a meeting at city hall and it was about 4:30 and time to get back to my office. It was August in Dallas. The typical 100+ degrees but as I left the building I could see the storm clouds signaling an afternoon thunderstorm. The sky was dark and rumbling and a few scattered drops were falling. I hustled the block to the visitor parking area and got in my car. I started up the car and turned on the wipers and put my damp briefcase in the back seat. I noticed a crowd of employees leaving the building and briskly starting their walk the two blocks to employee parking area. The pace of the rain picked up as did their pace. Looking in the other direction I could see a torrential downpour approaching. The pace quickened.

I turned up the wiper to full speed to keep the window clear. It was one of those rains with huge raindrops and not much wind. There was traffic everywhere and the roadway was now flowing with water.

I noticed one particular woman approach the intersection crosswalk to cross toward me on her way to parking. She was young, probably early twenties. She had long dark wavy hair that she was attempting to cover with her hand over her head holding a portfolio. She was wearing a yellow skirt that stopped a few inches above her knees and snuggly followed her hips and thighs. She had a short sleeve white blouse that fit her snuggly. From less than fifty feet away it was clear that she had been near the front of the line when they were handing out great figures.

As she was speed walking to the crosswalk the light changed and the string of waiting traffic began to pass. She and the other folks on the sidewalk fidgeted anxiously and the rain quickened and they were unable to move as the backed up cars filled the intersection. Then the skies let loose completely in a downpour. She clutched her purse to her front as if to protect it and tried to shield her head with her portfolio. As the red light queue cleared the passing cars were moving faster. The curb lane was quickly filled with several inches of water in the gutter. One driver, moving quickly and making a right hand turn, hit the puddle in the curb lane and sent a veritable wave of water spraying toward the group in the crosswalk.

The pretty woman took a direct hit with the front of her skirt being instantly soaked. She jumped with the impact but wasn't out of the way when a second car reemptied the puddle on her skirt. She pulled the portfolio off her head and moved the purse from being clutched to her bosom to hanging the strap over her shoulder. As if assessing the damage, she dropped any pretense of trying to stay dry. She stepped out of her shoes and picked them up with one hand, holding the portfolio in the other as she stood with the rain having now plastered her hair to her head and face. As she final walked across the street, I could see her smile in resignation to her predicament. She was gorgeous. The blouse was soaked on her shoulders and the top of her front with the only spots not plastered to her skin being the area below her bust that was somewhat protected as what looked like substantial breasts provided some protection from the vertical rain. As she walked past you could see her white blouse being near transparent plastered on her back. Bra straps obviously visible. She was no longer in a hurry as she carefully navigated barefoot toward the next corner.

At this point it was time to move the car. I decided I needed another look so I quickly headed two blocks in her direction hoping to turn around and drive past her one more time. I pulled into a parking metered spot on the street as she approached. Her blouse was now fully soaked. The outline of her bra was clearly visible as her blouse was near transparent. Her hair was plastered to her head. Her pretty olive skin glistened. She was smiling. I could clearly see her cleavage and the upper edge of her bra cups. Her nipples were visibly leaving an impression in her bra and blouse and I swear I could see the dark color of her Areoles. The yellow shirt was similarly clinging to her like -- well like a soaked tight skirt. It wasn't transparent but the bumps of her blouse tails and panty lines were obvious. I watched her shapely legs and ass move away from my car and toward a parked car. Her visible bra straps teased. If I hadn't been married I would have run after her.

I headed home on wet congested streets but entertained by the images I had witnessed. When I arrived home I entered the house through the garage into the kitchen where my wife, Carol, had just finished sticking a frozen Lasagna in the oven. The routine was the usual, a peck on the check, and quick update on the day. Dinner would be done in fourty minutes, about 6:30. The kids were at scouts til 8:00.

I watched Carol as she scurried around the kitchen. She was still wearing her work clothes, a fitted business skirt and white silk blouse. She had kicked off her heals and jacket. Her pretty brown hair framed the face I had first fallen for ten years ago when I spied her across the classroom in graduate school. Her size ten skirt hugged a shapely rear end and her professional blouse didn't fully disguise the nice rack that fills a 34B bra to perfection. I smiled thinking how lucky I was, and headed to the bedroom to change and freshen up.

I decided on a shower as the day's heat and rain's humidity me sticky. I was just starting my shower when Carol entered the bedroom to change. Then it struck me. I stuck my head out of the shower door and yelled to Carol to please grab me a fresh bar of soap. Moments later she had grabbed and unwrapped the soap then opened the shower door to hand it to me. I didn't take the soap but instead grabbed carol's arm and gently but firmly pulled her toward me. She quickly responded, "What are you doing." I ignored her completely, pulling her into the shower and planting my lips on hers as I hugged her to my body. She squirmed and tried to talk for a few seconds but my warm passionate kisses continued. Carol's back was taking the full stream from the shower head and she was soaked as I continued the kiss and ran my hands over her body. I turned her around and latched on to her neck, looking over her shoulder as the shower soaked her blouse and skirt front. My very hard cock was pressed tightly against her ass and my hands rubbed over her body.

The white silk blouse clung to her cleavage and revealed her lacy bra beneath. The dark skirt remained opaque but something is sexy about a wet clinging skirt hugging a shapely figure. Carol was protesting me getting her good clothes all wet but from her tone it was clear she knew I wasn't at all sympathetic. "Well I have a stain on the blouse anyway." she commented. Carol had her hand behind her by now and had grabbed my cock and was teasing me about how excited I seemed, asking me what got into me today. I undid the side hook and zipper on Carol's skirt and slipped the wet garment down over her hips being careful not to remove her panties at the same time. Then I reached around to her front, still standing behind her and grabbed her blouse with both hands. "I'll buy you a new one." I said as I firmly pulled part the two sides of her blouse popping the buttons as her blouse ripped apart.

Carol's only comment was, "My, I must not have been taking very good care of you lately -- you're awful feisty today."

I turned Carol around again to take in the sight of my pretty wife standing soaked in a lacy bra and panty set with her skirt and blouse remains laying on the shower floor. Carol smiled then unhooked the front clasp on her bra, commenting, "It's new and I don't want you to ruin it and I had a funny feeling it was coming off."

"And the panties too." I commanded.

Carol rolled the soaked panties down her hips revealing her nicely trimmed pubic patch and sexy bikini tan lines.

Carol kneeled, using the clothes as a knee pad, and grabbed my throbbing cock and began kissing it as she gently played with it. Then she slipped the head into her mouth. The shower water had now doused her hair and was washing down her body as she began working my cock with her tongue and hands. Her other hand was now fondling my balls. She had about two or three inched in her pretty mouth and began pumping her head.

Then I heard a buzzer going off. It was the oven timer. Carol pulled her mouth off my cock for a moment, looked up at me and said, "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes so I will take care of this immediate problem now then tonight after the kids are in bed, I expect to have my clit treated to a good tonguing followed by a good fuck in our bed." I quickly nodded my consent as she place my cock back in her mouth and picked up the pace taking deep thrusts of my cock. As I moaned I was getting close, Carol shoved the fingers on her right hand between my ass cheeks and fingered my anus. As she pushed her finger, she pulled her mouth off my cock and began pumping it vigorously with her hand. As I erupted the streams of cum sprayed her face and were quickly washed away by the shower water. She pumped me dry. Then in a matter of fact manner she stood, gave me a quick kiss and said, "I'm looking forward to payback tonight."

The Lasagna was good too. Carol came twice later that night as I returned the oral pleasures and unloaded a second load deep in her pussy.

The next night after work I picked up a beautiful new silk blouse for Carol - telling her each time she wore it I would probably get a hard-on thinking of our hot sessions. Carol reminded me the kids were home and supper would be ready in twenty minutes.

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