tagLoving WivesOne Of Those Days

One Of Those Days

byGrey Eagle 286©

It was one of those days. His work truck had a flat tire on the front when he started out that morning.

Then on his first job the pump jammed up. The block was in the first section of hose. It only took him forty minutes with the nine-pound sledge to clear the blockage. The job was a small section of sidewalk and it went fast after that.

Jack found the second job site after getting lost twice. It was in an area of large expensive homes. He got out of the truck and looked the job over. It appeared to be ready for him. He went back to the truck and locked in the hubs on the front wheels. Jack got in and shifted to four- wheel drive and pulled the pump over near the building walls, making sure there was room for the concrete truck to back in behind him.

Jack started unloading the heavy hoses and rolling them out. He walked back to the pump and swung the reducing cone closed and latched it shut. He took a hose clamp and hooked on the first length of 2" hose. He picked up more clamps and joined together four more hoses.

Jack went to the truck and got a shop rag and balled it up. He disconnected the first clamp and crammed the rag in the hose to block it off.

Jack looked around to be sure no one was watching, the tree huggers didn't like what he was going to do. He took a piece of rebar and pushed the rag several feet into the hose. He got a quart of used motor oil from the truck and poured it into the hose. He reconnected the hose to the concrete pump. He checked out the old Mayco pump and then started it up.

It started right up and he let it idle for a few minutes while he strung out the remote control switch on its wire.

The workers for the contractor showed up and none of them spoke English. Damn, he thought, not another one of those days. Jack found the temporary water outlet and stretched out a water hose and filled the hopper of the pump. He heard the back-up beeper on the concrete truck and went to guide the truck back in place. When the truck was close he had it stop and he released the chute and swung it out behind the truck. He signaled the driver to back up again. Jack stopped him with the chute in the proper place.

The job foreman walked up and asked if Jack was ready, Jack said, "In about five minutes, do you have two or three hose handlers and a switch operator for me. Make sure the guy on the switch talks English. OK!"

Jack started the pump and climbed up the ladder to the tie beam forms carrying the hose over his shoulder. He walked along the edges of the plywood form boards to the end of the wall. He looked down at the men below; three were holding the hose and one had the switch box.

Jack nodded to the switchman and the pump sped up and the hose jerked as the pump pumped the water from the hopper through the hose, lubricating it.

The concrete truck driver started the concrete down the chute as the water neared the bottom of the hopper.

The hose grew heaver as it filled with water. Jack held the end of the hose over the side of the form and let the water shoot down into the dirt along the wall. When the water was replaced by concrete the hose got much heavier and he moved the hose and began filling the forms. He had a hook clamped to the hose and hooked over the form board. As the form filled he backed along the forms and moved the hook behind him to take some of the weight from his shoulders and arms.

The hose tenders below were lagging behind him. He was on the verge of overflowing the forms and it seemed he was dragging the three guys along instead of them helping him. He yelled at them and told them to follow him closer. He looked back behind him and saw he was getting close to the corner of the wall. He looked at the switchman. The guy was talking and laughing with another man.

Jack yelled at the top of his lungs but the switchman couldn't hear him. He was at the corner of the wall. The forms were full. He unhooked the hook from the tie beam and dropped the hook, the hose and the whole rig inside the house. He walked the beam to the ladder while the hose tenders stared as concrete sprayed over the floor. He walked to the switchman and took the switchbox from the startled man and flipped the switch to idle. He waded through the concrete on the floor and picked up the hose end and threw it out the nearby window. He walked out to the Concrete truck and told the driver he was through. He flipped the switch to PUMP and got the water hose and turned it on. He ran the hose into the hopper when the concrete began getting low. He switched to idle and let the hopper fill up with water.

When the hopper was almost full he switched back to pump. He did that several times until he was sure the hoses were clear of concrete. He ran and checked the end of the hose and saw clear water running out. He switched to Idle again then walked back to the pump and shut the pump off.

The concrete truck driver came over and asked Jack what he was going to do. Jack looked at him, "Charlie, did you see what happened? Those dumb assholes almost dragged me off the tie beam and the switchman was not paying any attention to me at all. I am going home. Maybe they can get someone else to pump for them."

"Yeah, Jack, I could see you had your hands full. I'll call the company and see what they want to do."

Jack uncoupled the hoses and had most of them rolled up and in the truck when the job superintendent pulled up in his pickup truck. He went in the house and came storming back out. "What the fuck do you think you are doing. You can't walk off the job like this."

Jack grinned at him, "Sure I can, just watch me."

"We will sue your ass if you walk off the job and stick as with the mess in there and the rest of the load of concrete."

"Read your contract. Acceptance means you agree to furnish me with trained and experienced helpers. Failure to do so subjects you to absorbing all damages caused by those helpers. You must pay me for my time and incurred expenses. You can't get anyone else to pump for you because you are so damned slow paying your bills. Now I want to go home, my back is killing me because your helpers don't speak English and I had to drag them and the fucking hose, I almost fell a couple of times."

He threw the remaining hose on his truck and drove off.

Jack was home way early and he walked in the house and back to the master bedroom to shower and clean up. He stopped in the door and watched as some guy fucked the shit out of his wife. He sat in the chair and watched as she screamed in her joy. "God! I love the way you fill me with that big cock. Fuck me harder and faster. I need it so bad. Jack just cant do me like you do lover. His little cock don't fill me up. Cum with me my love, I'll get him to clean me out later, he'll never know the difference if I let him fuck me first. He hasn't noticed anything yet. Oh! I feel you cumming. It feels so damned good, not like the little squirt Jack gives me."

Jack quietly opened the closet door and reached around the corner and pulled out his automatic shotgun. He knew it was loaded with birdshot. He aimed carefully and fired a shot into her closet full of clothes and watched as they flipped around to stare at him. The gun was now pointed straight at them. Their eyes were bugged out. Sue, his wife was trembling, "Please don't kill me. Please." She sobbed. Jack slowly swung the barrel to point at the man. He now recognized him as a neighbor.

"Are you prepared to meet your maker, not a good way to go if you expect to get into heaven, George. God won't welcome cheaters."

Sue stared at him. "Sue, get off the bed and run to the linen closet and get two big beach towels. Hurry or I'll blow your lover's cock and balls off." She jumped from the bed and ran down the hall. She was back in a minute.

"Give one towel to lover boy there and keep one for yourself. NOW! Both of you walk down the hall to the front door." He jabbed George in the back with the barrel of the shotgun hard. "Now Sue open the fucking door. Go on out the door."

Sue sobbed, "This towel won't cover all of me."

"Take Georges then 'cause that is all you are taking out of here. Now walk out toward the street and turn left. Don't pay any attention to the people standing out there. They can figure it out pretty quick. Walk toward your house George."

George started to turn around. The blast of the shotgun scared the shit out of him. It ran down his legs. People came out from a number of houses to watch the little procession move down the block.

George's wife was one of the observers. She stood on the front porch to their house. Jack marched the couple up to the steps. "Here is your cheating husband. If I see him near my property again I will kill him. The bitch with him no longer has a home with me." Jack reached out and grabbed the towels from each of them. He turned and walked away. He heard the door slam behind him. He looked back and saw the nude pair standing in front of the house. He grinned and walked home. It had been one of those days. He needed a beer.

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To coat-lubricate hose you mix hydrated lime with water in five gallon bucket and dump into hopper before filling with concrete-grout.
After running hopper out of grout you break reducer open and put inmore...

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