One To Ten

byTom Soup©

As she pulled into the underground parking garage, Shelley noticed how few cars were already at the towering mall. She looked at the clock on her car dashboard and noted she was only ten minutes early before all the stores opened. “Where were all the other cars?” she thought. If she had been listening to the radio, she might have realized she had forgotten the time change. But then again, she might never have experienced the delicious surprise in store for her.

Shelley locked her car and walked the short distance to the elevator doors. She felt sexy in her favorite short red dress. Shoulder-less, both the front and back faces of her dress had crossing shoestring-like ties that kept her ample breasts from falling out. Originally, her dress was designed to be worn without a bra. It came with little soft felt pads to seclude her nipples from sight. But knowing she was going to meet her girlfriend, Maya, Shelley had removed the pads before leaving home. She pushed the wall mounted plastic button and an internal arrow lit up. The thin shoulder straps of her black purse clung barely to the edge of her lithe shoulder bone. Her purse was empty now, ready to be filled with whatever sexy selections she and Maya might find.

The hum of the elevator motors whined down as the doors in front of her opened. She stepped into the elevator for the ride up to LaDish’s department store on the third floor. She was intentionally a half hour early for meeting Maya. It would give her extra time to test some of the perfume samples before meeting Maya in the lingerie section. At first she saw the elevator occupied by two men, but it was only the deceptive angle of her view into the mirrored interior walls. A soft little bell sounded, and very quietly the doors merged together sealing her in the golden room of mirrors with the large uniformed man.

Shelley had to strain to read his name in the reflection of the doors. "Stewart" was the neatly hand-lettered name on the plastic tag attached to the man's fitted red vest. The tag looked toy-like on his massive frame. He looked young. She estimated he was in his early twenties, only half a dozen years younger than her. His vest alone would have circled her body twice and both of her legs could have fit in one of his pants legs. He was the height of a man who had to duck under low hanging lamps. His dark curled hair was short and a well-trimmed moustache that merged into a short beard over his chin broke his face. Even with just a quick glance in his mirrored eyes, she realized he was admiring her shapely ass. She imagined the caresses of his eyes tracing like fingertips over her smooth sensitive body. She wondered if he could see her panty lines.

All the interior walls of the elevator were covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. A hard round brass rail ringed the midriffs of the mirrors while small intense lights showered golden light from brass recesses in the mirrored ceiling. The rich sensual dark green color of the carpet offset the red of Shelley's dress. Shelley watched as the elevator passed the first floor. She looked into the reflection of the man again and noticed his eyes still on her. His eyes were transfixed on her ass. Shelley wondered if he was getting aroused. She looked at the mirrored reflection of his pants crotch. His sharp uniformed beltline bowed outward and sure enough, just to the left below a belt loop, she could see a pronounced round bulge. She thought for certain, it had to be the head of his excited cock pushing out his black slacks.

Shelley had an impulsive devilish idea as the digital elevator counter changed to 2. Subtly, she cupped the bottom of her purse, dipped her shoulder, and quickly removed her hand from underneath the purse. The loss of support let her purse slip from her shoulder and fall forward to the carpet floor.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, as she pretended to be surprised by her absent-minded gesture.

Acting like no one else was in the elevator and with the fluid body motion of a dancer doing exercises, Shelley bent forward. Her short dress hem had no place to go except further up her shapely ass and spine. She glanced in the mirrored doors and saw Stewart’s eyes grow wide and his mouth drop open. Never had he seen such an exquisite sight. Shelley’s long tapered thighs merged and curved up naked until midway across the middle of her buttocks. The frilly white waves of lace curled over her ass like the wings of a gliding dove. Her panties clung low on her hip, then curved higher in the middle, and dramatically stretched back to the deep crevice of her ass cheeks. A tiny pink satin crotch tucked tightly into her ass was no more than a fingernail of covering. Stewart could even make out the division of her cunt lips.

The excitement of exposing herself was incredible. Shelley looked away from his eyes in the mirror. Her heart thumped through her chest. Straightening herself again, she felt the elevator motion slowing down, then a soft floor jerk, and finally stopping. The digital counter changed to 3. A bell sounded and she was disappointed it was her floor to get off. As the doors spread open, Shelley intentionally turned to get the best look she could at Stewart's crotch and could clearly see his zipper straining.

"Oh my goodness." She let the words escape from her mouth. Stewart didn’t bother to hide his stare at Shelley’s frilly pink panties just a few tantalizing feet in front of him. His mouth fell open slightly and his eyes had a hungry glow as their glances met. Shelley smiled. Feigning shyness, but with excitement racing between her thighs, she asked, “Are you looking at my panties?”

Stewart knew he was caught. For a second he hesitated to answer, uncertain how the girl in front of him would take his admission of guilt. He shuffled his feet and in a low deep voice replied, “Um, Yes.”

For a split second, Shelley thought of not stepping out of the little mirrored room and pulling her dress up in front to give Stewart a really good view of her panties. She thought of asking him if he would like to kiss them for her. She wanted him to kiss them. The doors began to move from their hidden sockets. As they began to close, Shelley stepped out. She had one last meeting of the eyes with Stewart. Impulsively, she winked. He broadly smiled back as the doors closed.

Shelley wanted to push the button again. Make the elevator come back. She could feel her face flushed with excitement and the wetness in her panties. She wanted more. She glanced down the hallway for other people but there was none. Her legs trembled a little. It was too tempting to see where things might lead. She reached under her dress, slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her panties, and slid them down her hips, past her knees, and onto her ankles where they rested on her shiny red high heel shoes. Quickly, she stepped out of them and picked them up. Like a hostess setting a table, she laid the tiny pink frilly panties on top of her purse, pushed the elevator button, and waited.

The wait seemed like it took forever. The only signal to watch was an illuminated arrow pointing down that the elevator was on its way. Shelley's heart raced. Soon she heard the faint sound of the pulley bringing the elevator to a stop. Two bells softly sounded above the doorframe. Somewhere inside the wall, a sensor triggered, the doors slid open, and there in the back still stood Stewart. When he saw her, he immediately smiled.

"Oh, hello again." Said Shelley, "Silly me, I guess I got off at the wrong floor." She looked at his crotch. The bulge looked like it had moved to the other side of his zipper. “Has he been touching it?” Shelley wondered as she stepped into the seductive elevator and resumed her position with her back to Stewart. Her heart was beating rapidly. Her naked pussy felt excited. Her purse with the panties on top was slung to her side and clearly within Stewart's direct view. The teasing naughtiness of the situation, made her aroused pussy form wetness inside. She knew he saw the panties on her purse, and would surely know she had taken them off. She could have waited for the doors to close by themselves, but instead, she stood where she was, and leaned forward the necessary distance to push the control panel button. It was all or nothing as Shelley exaggerated her lean forward to the control panel.

Her dress again slid up the short distance of her hip, exposing the delicious bottom curve of her naked ass. For Stewart it was the most erotic vision of his young life. Before him, was the sexiest woman, with the hottest ass, he had ever seen in his young life. He couldn’t help but let out a low gasp of breath. “Oh!”

When she reached to push the button, Shelley let her legs spread as well making her ass curve even sharper for Stewart’s view. She smiled to herself at the sound of his escaping gasp. Even without looking into the mirrors, she knew he was taking it all in. Perhaps he was even seeing a few of her tiny curly pussy hairs as well. The doors began to close and she lingered on the button for balance. As they quietly shut, Shelley looked in the mirror.

Stewart’s eyes were drilling a penis into her ass. His large body language was melted against the wall. Leaving her hand on the control panel, she made no attempt to straighten back up, and as the elevator began to lift, Shelley spoke into the mirror, “You like what you see?”

“Oh yeah!” Came his quick answer. Shelley liked the eagerness in his voice.

He was obviously spellbound and very aroused. Shelley’s made no attempt to disguise her stare in the mirror at his protruding crotch or to move from her exposed position. The teasing seductiveness she felt ratcheted higher. “You think I have a nice ass?”

He could only repeat the same words again, but this time Stewart’s voice sounded longing, admiring, and hungry, “Oh yeah.”

The elevator was moving and the digital number changed to 4. Shelley’s pussy was throbbing and she wanted to touch it in the worst way. As she peered into the mirror, She saw Stewart's large hand slide from his side to the front of his pants. His thick long fingers grasped the stiff bulging erection locked inside his pants, and he attempted to straighten it. His cock was so hard, his tight underwear felt like cotton shrink-wrap.

Without turning, Shelley said, "That looks so uncomfortable."

"It.. is.." Stewart barely sputtered out. She could hear the breath he took between the two tiny words. He was obviously very aroused.

"It's okay if you need to release it darling" said Shelley.

"Mmm, I would. I would like that" Stewart was surprised but excited by her suggestion. His eyes kept looking at her ass.

Into the mirror, Shelley watched, as he moved his hands to his belt and unbuckled it. Her exposed pussy was pleading to be touched. The sound of his metal buckle unlocking was pushing Shelley beyond her will of resistance. She couldn't hold back any longer, as Stewart unbuttoned his pants and lowered the metal tongue of his zipper. “Oh yes. Show me that big hard tool.” She urged.

As his fly opened, and Stewart’s hand dropped lower, the sight of his thinly covered, tightly stretched, swollen cock tip pressing his waistband out took away all her resistance. Shelley could see a dark wet spot where Stewart’s precum had soaked through. “Oh is that all because of me?” She asked.

The digital number changed from 4 to 5 as Shelley’s hand slid between her legs and under the barely covering dress hem. Her fingertips felt the wetness that was leaking from her pussy. “Oh, I’m so wet.” She moaned, as her tiny short fingers nestled between her wet pussy lips in front of Stewart.

“Oh fuck.” Stewart groaned. In the mirror, in front of Shelley, he could see her hand moving between her legs. His eyes went from the vision in the mirror to Shelley's hot ass bent over in front of him. He could see her hand pressing between her legs and hear the wet stroking friction of her fingers.

“Pull your pants down.” Shelley instructed. Stewart didn’t hesitate. He shoved his pants from his hips and felt them fall around his ankles on the carpet. His black shirttail fell to the bottom of his briefs, but the bottom buttons were undone and each flap was aside framing his protruding penis. At the joining of his legs, Shelley saw the manly wealth of his thick dark pubic hair surrounding the tight white briefs that encased his hard cock. “Pull down you underwear.” She whispered.

“Yes ma’am.” Stewart replied, eager to please. He dug his thumbs into the sides of his elastic waistband, and shoved downward. As his briefs descended, his cock immediately sprung forward from its constriction.

“Oh my!” Shelley sounded her approval at the sight of his cock. It wasn’t the longest cock she had ever seen, or the widest, but it had a wonderful swollen purplish head that was shaped like a smoothed ice cream cone that had been licked to a point. A droplet of precum lingered at the tiny dark escape hatch. The panel number changed to 6, but neither of them noticed.

His cock shaft split the opening of his shirttails like curtains. Shelley slid a finger into the tight warm tunnel of her pussy. “Wrap your hand around it.” She whispered to Stewart.

“Yes ma’am.” He obediently complied, but he would have done it anyway. His left hand went to his cock and Stewart formed a tight fist around his shaft.

“Stroke it for me.” Shelley urged.

“Yes…” Stewart obeyed. His hand began sliding up and down the length of his swollen shaft as he unconsciously aimed his cock towards the mirror where Shelley could easily watch. No one had ever seen him slide his hand over his own cock. The excitement of the situation and the extreme arousal of his cock speeded the flow of precum to his cock tip. With a forward stroke, a droplet fell from his cock tip to the floor, like a string of clear syrup. Shelley saw it as a waste.

Fluidly, she turned to face Stewart and fell to her knees in front of him. Her purse fell aside and the pink panties on top landed atop of Stewarts pulled down briefs. She reached for his cock with her small girlish hand. “Let me suck you.” She whispered, as she purposefully centered her face to his cock.

Stewart moved his hand from his cock as he felt it replaced by Shelley’s hand. He looked down on the top of her head. Her dark hair curled forward to either side of her face. He saw her tongue extend out from her wet red lips and felt the delicate touch of the tip scooping the next drop of precum from his tiny cock hole. It felt like an exquisite tingle of pleasure and his cock twitched in her tiny fist. “Oh fuck.” He moaned.

The digit changed to 7 as Shelley slightly opened her lips and sucked his cock head inside. Her lipstick transferred to his cock. “Mmmm.” Shelley moaned her tasty approval as her other hand slipped a second finger inside her wet pussy.

The combination of the hand between her legs, and the arch back of Shelley’s ass kept her dress him high on her hips. Stewart glanced at the mirrored elevator doors and could see the rich dark crack of her ass and the pronounced bottom curves of her naked buttocks. He felt his cock slide deeper into Shelley’s mouth and looked back down at her mouth. He slipped a hand into her hair. “Oh yes. Suck me baby.” He moaned.

His words inspired Shelley and she squirmed her pussy against her fingers. She looked up to be sure he was watching her. Pleased that he was, she felt his cock throbbing against her tongue. She opened her mouth wider and took his cock in deeper. Deeper and deeper, she engulfed him until she felt his cock touch the back of her throat. Only enough of his shaft remained to wrap two fingers around. Tiny hairs tickled her nose.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, that feels good.” Stewart moaned. Shelley delighted in the knowledge this massive man, almost twice her size and easily three times as strong, was reduced to a weak submissive little boy just by her sucking control of his cock. Yet as his hand slid through her hair to the back of her head, she felt a change happening. A couple of strong fingers stretched down to her neck, and Stewart’s hips began rocking forward actively pushing his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Suck me baby.” Stewart groaned louder. For a while, his ass had been pressed against the metal railing, but now it bounced against it and he bent his shoulders forward. His other hand, fingers spread, slid down Shelley’s shoulder, collarbone, and eventually thrust inside the dress top, greedily cupping her breast.

“Mmmmm.” Shelley moaned at the teasing pleasure of his fingers scissoring her hard nipple. A quick surprising orgasm rippled from her pussy as she relinquished control to the strong hand that now braced her head for the thrusts of Stewarts cock. “Oh yes,’ she thought, ‘fuck my mouth. Fuck my mouth. Fill it with your hot cum.”

As the digital number changed to 8, forcefully Stewart increased his thrusting rhythm. Shelley slipped her hand away from her tingling pussy. With each hand, she reached and grabbed the brass railing on either side of Stewart.

“Suck it! Suck it!” Stewart ordered her as his pace quickened and his hips started slamming into her. Shelley felt his balls slapping her chin. His cock was coated in her saliva and she no longer could hold the suction on his cock. All she could do was hold her tongue still and wait for his explosion, as he urgently shortened his strokes and speeded to release.

She looked up at him. The lust in his eyes was easy to see. His cock began pulsing wildly faster and she could tell just by the way he closed and contorted his face he was at the edge of coming. His breathing got shallow and quick. She waited for the split second when his thrusting would stop and it did. She took back control grabbing his cock on an outstroke and squeezed it tight.

The counter changed to 9. Stewart opened his eyes wide just at the moment his cum squirted out onto Shelley’s waiting tongue. The sight of her mouth wide open, his cum creating a pool in her cupping tongue was incredibly erotic and he pulsed another load of jism overflowing the creamy crater of cum in Shelley’s mouth. “Oooh FUCK!!!” He loudly groaned.

His legs felt weak and his whole body shook from the force of his orgasm. The hand at the back of Shelley’s head was limp, a mere passenger instead of a driver. Shelley prolonged swallowing as long as she could, trying to collect as much of Stewart’s creamy treat as he could give her.

His hand had forced her dress top down past her nipple and the feeling of his tight grip on her breast triggered another tingling burst from Shelley’s pussy. She met his eyes with hers. So much lust packed into only a few minutes was amazing. Shelley listened to Stewart’s open mouth gasping breaths as he withdrew his cock from her tongue. As the counter changed to 10, she emphatically swallowed.

She looked away from Stewart, and rotated mirrors like a director rotating camera angles, for different views of herself on her knees and his spent cock dangling at the edge of her lips. “Mmm, I love cum taste.” She said to her own reflection.

The elevator stilled with a jerk, startling them both as the doors opened. Stewart lunged for the underwear and pants at his ankles, but Shelley made no similar effort. She just gazed at the reflection of a woman’s dark nylon covered legs stepping into the elevator.

“Stewart! What are you doing?” Shelley heard a strong woman’s managerial voice ask.

Stewart hurriedly brushed past Shelley as she released the railing. She remained on her knees, her back and exposed ass facing the voice of the woman. “I was just, uh..” He tried to reply to the voice of authority, but couldn’t find any thing to say.

“I told you with the time change to be an hour early!” The elevator doors didn’t move as the woman stood half way in and half way out blocking the sensors. “You’re five minutes late already!” She sounded upset.

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