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One-Way Mirror


DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that's about it. I'm not big on build-up or character development, so if that's what you're looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't I probably won't lose any sleep over it...


My wife and I have always had a very open relationship. Right from the beginning of our relationship, long before we got married, I had been okay with her fucking other men. Sometimes I would be there to make it a threesome, and other times she would tell me about it later. After this had happened a few times she agreed to have the same arrangement with me, where I could sleep with other women, provided that I told her about it afterward; that is, of course, if she wasn't there to join in.

Recently I put a one-way mirror insert into the door of our walk-in closet. The idea was that this would allow one of us to watch while the other one fucked someone else. We had yet to take advantage of it, but I was hopeful the time would come soon.

A few weeks after I had installed the glass, my wife was invited out for a girls' night out to celebrate a friend's birthday. As I watched her get dressed in one of her sexiest outfits, I mentioned to her that it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the mirror.

"We'll see," she said with a smile. Twenty minutes later she had kissed me goodbye and was out the door.

It was late, about two in the morning, when the phone rang. Seeing my wife's number on the call display and hoping everything was okay, I answered the phone.

"Have you got a comfy chair in the closet?" she asked.

"Why?" I asked. "Are you with someone?"

"He's following me home in his car," she said. "I told him I'm married, but that my husband's out of town."

"I'll shut all of the light off and wait in the closet," I replied, then we hung up. I found out later that she had been making out with this guy all night long, and that he had even fingered her pussy on the dance floor. I turned everything off and even set the alarm to the house to play into the story she had told him. When everything was off I went up to the bedroom and shut myself in the closet, waiting in the dark. It wasn't long before my wife arrived with her lover for the night. She turned the light on in the room so I could see everything as she guided him onto the bed.

"Shit, you really are married!" he said to her, noticing our wedding picture on the dresser. She didn't say a thing, choosing instead to take off her top, revealing her bare breasts. She took off her jeans next, leaving her in nothing but a nude-coloured thong. As she started to take off his clothes I took off my own, quietly placing them on the floor of the closet and sitting back, stroking my cock.

"My husband has no idea that I cheat on him," she said to the guy once he was down to his underwear. "He'd kill me if he found out!" She rubbed his cock through his underwear for a minute, then reached inside and wrapped her hand around it before continuing to stroke it. He reciprocated by bending over and sucking on her tits, groping them, and then reaching down and rubbing her pussy through her thong. She pulled off his underwear and took a moment to look down at his hard cock.

"Mmmm," she said. "Perfect size. My husband's got a really big cock, but it's too big. It hurts when he fucks me." While my cock was larger than the guy she was with this night, it certainly wasn't too big. I almost laughed out loud imagining what this guy must be thinking.

"You are so fucking beautiful," he said to her as he pulled her thong off, revealing the pussy that she kept waxed just for me. She leaned back away from him and pulled his head down between her legs. As he started to eat her out she looked over toward the closet and blew me a kiss, making sure he wasn't looking.

She seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself, even coming close to cumming after a few minutes, something she rarely does as a result of oral sex alone. Eventually he gave up and pulled away.

"Suck it gorgeous," he said. I knew my wife would try hard not to laugh at this line, thinking back to the line in the movie American Pie where Oz says, 'suck me, beautiful.' She controlled herself, however, and bent forward to take his cock into her mouth. "Suck that dick, baby!" he said to her. Since she was, in fact, used to my eight-inch cock, so she was able to suck most of his smaller cock into her mouth. She worked on it for a few minutes, then she pulled away. She grabbed a condom out of the nightstand drawer and gave it to him to put on. She got on her back, then he got between her legs and began to slowly inch his cock into her pussy.

"I'm so glad my husband isn't home!" she cried as he started to fuck her faster. Within a few minutes she was getting pounded hard, and I was tempted to emerge from the closet so I could feed her my cock at the same time. It sounded like he was getting ready to cum, but he held it back and pulled out. He rolled onto his back and she climbed on top of him, lowering her bald pussy onto his throbbing cock.

"That feels so fucking good!" he said as she rode him hard. "Your pussy feels so tight!"

"That's because my husband never fucks me any more," she said. Truth be told, she prided herself with doing pelvic exercises to keep herself tight, despite the fact that I fucked her at least three or four times a week, and other guys fucked her at least once a week as well. He started rubbing her clit as she ground her hips into him, bringing both of them close to orgasm. A few minutes later he exploded, shooting cum into the condom he was wearing. She came just moments later, crying out as she always did.

"I'm fucking cumming baby!" she screamed. "Fuck yes!" They both finished cumming, then she climbed off of him.

"You're one of the hottest women I've ever seen," he said to her. They smiled at each other, then he got up. "I should go," he said. She didn't utter a word of protest as he got dressed, then she walked him to the front door.

"Get out here and give me a real fucking!" she said as she returned to the room. I stepped out of the closet with my cock fully erect. She looked behind me and, spotting the chair I had been sitting in, she pushed me back into it. She turned away from me and quickly impaled herself on my cock. "Did you like watching him fuck me?" she asked. "Did you get jealous watching me ride his cock?"

"Why would I be jealous?" I asked, smacking her ass. "He only made you cum once. I know how you really like it."

"I'm so wet for you!" she said. "I love your cock so much! God baby, I'm cumming! You know my pussy so well!"

"I love watching other guys fuck you!" I said as she continued to ride me. I reached around and started rubbing her clit, then I started pulling her hair and spanking her. "Ride that cock, baby!" I said.

"You married a horny slut!" she cried. "I'm cumming again!" She leaned forward and started bouncing her ass up and down hard and fast. "That pussy is all yours!" she cried.

"It might belong to me," I said, "but it's fun to watch you share it!"

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming again! I'm cumming all over your big dick!"

"Do you want to taste yourself?" I asked. She got off of me and turned, dropping to her knees and devouring my cock. "Does that taste good? Clean those juices up, girl!" She sucked it for a minute, then I stood up over top of her. "I'm going to cum on you, baby!" I stroked my cock as she looked straight up at me. "This is what you get for cheating! Get ready to feel it!" She opened her mouth wide and I started to cum. "Fuck yes! That feels so good!"

"Cum for me baby!" she cried as I covered her gorgeous face. I finished cumming, then I collapsed back down onto the chair. "I think it's safe to say that the mirror was a good idea!" she said.

"Yeah, but next time you get to hide in the closet while I bring home another girl to fuck," I said...

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