One Wife + One Mother-in-Law = ?



I woke up to feel someone slowly licking up and down my flaccid cock, attempting to tease it back to life. A quick look to the side to see my still sleeping naked wife confirmed my suspicions that it was my mother-in-law doing the licking. I looked up to see Anita, still naked at the end of the bed, her tongue sliding over my cock.

"I didn't wake you did I?" She asked with a grin.

"I think you might of done." I replied as she crawled towards me, making sure her large hanging breasts dragged softly over my chest as she did.

"Terribly sorry, you don't mind do you?" She asked, her face right infront of mine. I had barely got out the word 'No' when Anita thrust her tongue into my mouth, the electricity between us buzzing as our tongues intertwined, until eventually she pulled back and said:

"What are the chances of this old mother-in-law having another ride on your fat cock?"

I was momentarily stunned by her frankness - just over 24 hours ago I would never have believed my mother-in-law would've uttered those words to me!

"If you can get him hard again he's yours!" I challenged her.

Anita grinned at me before diving back down and taking my cock in her mouth, proceeding to give me the best damned blowjob I'd ever had. Her slow licking and teasing eventually started to pay dividends as my cock slowly swelled in her mouth, until eventually it was back to its full size. She let it fall from her mouth as she quickly spun herself round and straddled me, grinning triumphantly as she held my cock up to her soaked entrance, before very very slowly sliding down on it so that I could see every last inch disappear into my mother-in-law's pussy. She rode me silently and purposely, her slick pussy sliding slowly up and down my engorged cock as I watched her silent expression of pleasure and her huge breasts gently swaying with her.

I reached up and grabbed my mother-in-law's swinging breasts, fondling them and rolling her pencil eraser nipples between my fingers as she continued to silently ride me. Our eyes met, the lust between us evident. My eyes drifted down and I watched as her pussy lips slid up and down my hard pole, leaving it briefly exposed and glistening with her juices before sliding all the way back down it again. I lifted my gaze again, my eyes once again meeting Anita's, she smiled and said quietly "I don't ever want this to stop." I smiled back at her and pondered what she meant, had she meant this particular encounter, or had she meant our new-found relationship?

I dropped my hands away from her breasts and Anita immediately bent forwards so that her nipples grazed across my chest as she rode me, the feeling was amazingly sensual and based on the look on her face she was enjoying it too. She leant further forwards so that her full breasts were now dragging across me with every stroke, this brought our faces within inches of each other and my mother-in-law wasted no time in slipping her tongue into my mouth as the electricity once again crackled between our intertwined tongues. We kissed as she gently rode me for ages, all the time being careful not to disturb my wife who was still asleep next to us, as her slick pussy stroked my cock closer and closer to orgasm.

Eventually I had to break our kiss, "I'm going to cum soon." I told her.

"Fill me up." She hissed, sitting back up to give me access to her breasts again. My hands shot back up to her soft mounds as my eyes darted between watching her pussy slide up and down my cock, my hands mauling her tits and the lusty look in her eyes. A few more strokes of her glorious pussy and I could no longer hold back, my eyes holding hers as with a grunt my cock erupted inside my mother-in-law's pussy for the second time that day. My cum splashing inside her again set Anita off on her own, much louder orgasm.

"Oh, fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss." She screamed, bucking around on my cock as her juices leaked from her stuffed pussy, running down the shaft of my cock before she collapsed down ontop of me.

"Mummy?" My wife asked, woken from her slumber by her mother's screaming orgasm.

Anita turned her head to her daughter, her face a picture of post orgasmic bliss and said: "I'm divorcing your father."


Two hours later we were all sat on the sofa, still naked. I was sat on the end watching as my mother- in-law and my wife talked, well argued really about Anita's plans.

"So let me get this straight, you're planning on divorcing Daddy and selling the house, you'll then give us that money to put towards buying a house for the three of us to share, but only if I agree to share my husband with you." My wife summarised.

"That's right." Anita said bluntly.

"You're nuts. As much as I'd love to be able to buy my own house, I don't want to share my husband with anyone, let alone my own mother; and you want to end your marriage of 25 years because you enjoyed a lusty fuck or two with my husband."

"Well I'm divorcing your father anyway, that 'lusty fuck' has made me see how unhappy I am with him, he's not pleasured me like that in 20 years and what's the sudden issue with me fucking your husband, you were keen enough to join in earlier!"

"I was not 'keen', I was forced and it was a one off mistake that will not happen again."

"You didn't seem very forced when you were kissing during our threesome, or when you were pushing her head deeper into your pussy and fondling her tits, or when you sucked her juices off my cock." I interjected for the first time.

"But, but that's not the point..." My wife started before I told her to shut up and carried on.

"I can promise that your mother will not steal me away from you, I'm your husband and she'll just be our hot little sex toy!" I said grinning at Anita.

"But what will other people think?" My wife countered.

"As far as anyone else is concerned they'll only know that a divorced mother is living with her daughter and her daughter's husband; that's not exactly unusual!" Anita told her.

"But what about when we have kids, what will we tell them?" My wife asked.

"Well number one it'll be great to have someone take the weight off you, both when you're pregnant and afterwards. And all we'll just make sure the kids are used to seeing us all naked, make it natural, and tell them that nana likes playing games with mummy and daddy." I answered.

"But what about when they're older?" My wife again argued.

"We'll just lock the doors and be more discreet." Anita replied.

"Fine then, I guess I've got no choice. You can live with us, but none of this sharing bollocks, he's my husband, you'll only ever be borrowing him." My wife said, finally giving in.

Anita jumped up and kissed her daughter passionately, "Thank you so much, I promise you won't regret this!"



Six months later I was sat on the sofa of our new house totally exhausted after finally moving in, and naked. My mother-in-law was kneeling between my legs, also naked, her lips sliding up and down my hard cock whilst her talented tongue teased the shaft.

"Mummy!" My wife exclaimed as she walked into the lounge, naked, "You said you'd wait!"

"Sorry, couldn't resist!" Anita said as she let my cock fall from her mouth.

My wife kneeled down between my legs next to her mother as the two of them shared my cock between them, their tongues occasionally intertwining as they licked up the shaft together, taking it in turns to suck me into their mouths. Unsurprisingly it didn't take much mother/daughter sharing of my cock before I was ready to cum. With a grunt I shot the first load over my mother-in-law's face, before turning and giving my wife the same treatment and finishing off by squeezing the rest across their tits.

I leaned over to the table and grabbed the digital camera, snapping a picture of mother and daughter kneeling naked, with my cum covering their faces and breasts; that picture would serve as my desktop background for years to come.

"Well I guess that's christened our new house!" My wife said.

"Yep, but we best get cleaned up now!" Anita replied, before my wife leant into her mother and started licking my cum up off her breasts and face, I watched intently as Anita returned the favour, my cock rapidly growing. Luckily I was offered two sopping wet pussies to see to that, but which to choose? I guess I'd just have to get used to making this sort of difficult decision!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/16/18

That was a great story. Can't wait for the next part, part 3...😋

That was a great story. Can't wait for the next part, part 3...😋

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by Anonymous09/09/17


Time for the both to be pregnant.

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