tagRomanceOnline Ch. 2

Online Ch. 2


I know I must have paused a bit, because Ranger asked again if I was ok. Think fast, MorningStar, you don't want to sound too anxious but you don't want to blow the chance of meeting him face to face either.....least that's what I kept telling myself. So I quietly asked about his wife, what was going to happen at home if we got together. He assured me it was part of a business trip that she wouldn't know anything about it. So the next question was what about MorningStar's husband? There was a pause in his typing...... just as quietly, he asked me what I thought would be the best way to handle the situation from my end of the line. Well it was time for MorningStar to confess a bit more to Ranger. More than what she'd revealed in the past, and then see if he still wanted to meet her.

What Ranger didn't know was the fact that my husband and I had done some swinging in our past......hell we still did if the opportunity ever presented itself and we were in agreement about the encounter. Having been involved in mostly foursomes with other couples, we were looking to have a threesome with someone else. We'd done it once with another female and I discovered I was more of a bi than I thought I was. After that blissful episode, I could understand why the men of the world enjoy the feel of a woman's skin against their bodies, the soft, firm textures of a female's breast in your hand or mouth and the pleasure you get from exploring the folds of her pussy with your fingertips, tongue and lips....not to mention the fact that females just plain taste good.....smile. But my one lingering fantasy, yet unfulfilled, was to share myself with my spouse and another man who had similar techniques and desires that my loving husband had. Ranger fit the bill perfectly.

His descriptions of the care he liked to take in making love to a woman....the long, slow foreplay where there was plenty of nibbling of necks and shoulders....tongues tracing trails across stretches of sensitive skin, hands roaming slowly, kneading muscles underneath, finding all those little tender spots that make the woman jump and then press against the hand or mouth for more....mmmmmmmmmmm....yeah he fit the bill alright. Reading his written thoughts had shown me a man that did things like my husband did....and I was hot enough to want to try it with him in a threesome. But would he understand and be game?

It was already late in the evening and I chickened out and asked him if we could talk about it tomorrow. I needed time to think I told him.....what I really needed was time to talk to my other half and lay out the scenario for Ranger's approval. The only way I was going to be able to meet him face to face was in a threesome. I just needed to find the right words to see if he agreed or was interested at all. You know where my mind was the next day at work...it wasn't on what I was suppose to be thinking about.....grin.

The following evening, neither Ranger or I went to the chat room. We talked on the private chat. Commenting on how the cyber had been for each of us....both a little awed by the fact that it almost felt real, and just how could that be? I just couldn't seem to 'work' my way around to saying anything about a threesome so I finally just told him I had to ask him a question. Had he ever considered a threesome with one gal and another guy? Another dam of information from his past opened up. Yes he had been in such a situation a couple of times and loved it. Of course that was before he was married and the opportunity hadn't presented itself since then. (At this point I was smiling so much at this darn computer screen, you'd have thought I'd been given the key to the candy store.) He launched into some heavy discussion of what had happened at one of those times. The girl was a hot number that never seemed to sleep. The guys had more than their hands full with her. During the night they'd both had her in the front door and the back door...(my ears perked up at that one), she'd give one guy head while the other was hammering away in her hot box, he'd pull out and she'd lick him clean while the other guy would take over the thrusting position between her legs. They took her on the bed, on the table, on the counter, in the shower, one resting while the other accommodated her never ending need for more cock somewhere. I was flabbergasted..... I thought I could go a long time....geeeeeeze.....what was I getting myself into here????

I made the appropriate comments during his story...the oooooooo's and aaaaahhhhhhh's again...the 'wish I had been there's'.....when he finally paused for a minute, he asked me why I'd asked. So I told him what I was thinking might work out for meeting him. His only response was to ask me what my husband thought. I 'smiled' and said why don't you ask him yourself, he's sitting here reading over my shoulder. Now that was a mistake, because I never did get the keyboard back that night. They talked for another hour or more. Ranger asking questions, hubby answering.....and all questions about me....what did I like .....how did I like doing this or that....it was like two high schooler's comparing notes about a date and we hadn't even gotten together yet. The next thing I knew there were 'files' transferred.....some pictures the hubby had taken with the digital camera......erotic shots he'd done of me previously. Seductive poses mostly, but as a real kicker the final picture he sent was a full blown crotch shot with my hand between my legs and the juices dripping off them.......you see....I'm a squirter...I couldn't any more fake an orgasm than a guy can, cos when I cum....I cum hard and I cum wet...two or three towels wet. Ranger smiled and gave us his itinerary.....it was a date. Oh my God....I had to get ready!!!!

The time dragged by until the appointed day. The three of us talked every night until Ranger left on his way to our area. I had to work the Friday he was arriving so we arranged to meet him at one of the restaurants for dinner and a couple of drinks. I was a nervous wreck when I got home. Trying to decide what to wear, something suggestive but appropriate for dining out. The hubby finally took me by the shoulders and pointed me in the direction of his favorite outfit. A fitted blouse and skirt with a matching jacket. He was right, it did look good on me. I grinned at him as I started dressing.....his eyes widened when I got out a garter belt and hose instead of those 'damn panty hose' as he always called them. I put on the short slip over the garter belt and continued dressing......I don't wear panties....they always seem to get in the way....smile....as the skirt slipped over my hips and I tucked in the blouse....he sneaked up behind me and placed his hands on my thighs, moving them slowly up under the skirt....so he could feel the cheeks of my ass.....there wasn't a thing I could do but back into those big, strong hands of his and wiggle a little....deftly he slid a finger along my slit and forward to the clit....teasing it till it stood out at attention.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....slipping that same finger gently inside me, he trailed it back to the crack of my ass and teased that little hole as well...then removed it....straightened my skirt for me and licked his finger dry. "Just wanted to see if you were wet yet or not....you are"....with that, he finished getting dressed himself and I waited downstairs.

Butterflies are not what I had in my stomach on the drive to the restaurant...they felt more like a flock of seagulls flapping around in there. Would we recognize each other? Would I be able to spit out two intelligent words or even make a complete sentence? Was I dressed ok? Could I even eat anything without getting sick? Maybe I should just go home and forget the entire thing......that's when the car door opened for me....there he was ...bigger than life helping me out of the car. Seems he and the hubby had planned this part without my knowing. He knew what our car was like and wanted to surprise me. Did he ever!! He closed the car door, the hubby went to park it and while he was gone I got one of the tightest hugs I've ever had. With his arms around my waist, mine around his neck, he twirled me around several times before he let me put my feet back on the ground....then he lowered his head and kissed me full on the mouth in front of God and everyone....."That's just for starters" he said in my ear so no one else could hear.

The three of us walked in to the restaurant, got our table and ordered way more than we needed to eat. But after a few minutes of pleasant conversation we were all starting to relax more During the first drink, I felt a hand reach over and give my knee a squeeze in reassurance, that was my hubby smiling that way at me.....he like Ranger....they had so many similar interests and experiences, that carrying on a conversation was like talking to an old friend you hadn't seen in a long time. Oh I got a few comments in once in awhile, but for the most part, I was too busy sneaking glances at my two 'would-be' lovers. Somewhere during the main course I felt a hand on my thigh, but it was on the other leg this time. I glanced over at Ranger and just smiled a little smile to let him know it was ok with me. I suppose he got the same message when I moved that thigh closer his direction....giggle...do you have any idea how much fun it is watching a man try to eat a meal with one hand above the table and one hand under the table? By the time dessert was offered by the waitress, the hand had found the top of my nylons and reached a bit further until my personal dessert offerings were reached. We all agreed, we didn't have room for dessert, we just didn't tell the waitress that we were more interested in a different kind of dessert to top off this evening's meal. When Ranger reclaimed his hand, he made a point of bringing his fingers to his mouth. He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled as he licked them dry. That seductive glance he gave me had me squirming in the chair. The 'tingles' were racing and I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the car before I needed some relief.

While the guys were doing battle over the bill, I excused myself to go visit the ladies room. Thank God, women's bathrooms have doors on the stalls for privacy, because at that particular moment in time, I needed some privacy. I didn't want to make myself cum, but I sure as hell wanted to touch myself for a little bit. At least pinch myself to make sure this whole thing was real and I wasn't dreaming. Inside the stall I lifted my skirt and found a fairly wet pussy that was threatening to leak a lot if I didn't stop thinking so much about what was going to happen in a short while. Reaching between my legs, I found a clit that was aching for some attention and who was I to deny it's request. Rubbing it lightly before I inserted my own fingers to sample my juices, all I could think about was the fact the last fingers in there weren't mine. Ooopss...stop thinking MorningStar or you're gonna cum before you want to.....it didn't work....grin...but at least where I was right then, I didn't have to worry about having a wet spot on my skirt when I came out to meet the guys at the door.

The restaurant was within a short walking distance of Ranger's motel, so we left our car there and strolled along the lighted pathway back to his room. Linking my arms between my two escorts, I was walking in seventh heaven. We chatted with each other easily all the way up to the door of his room. His company must be a great place to work for, because the suite he was staying in was wonderful. Being a woman, I had to explore a bit and look around. A big couch in front of the TV, two over sized chairs that looked comfy, and the bathroom had a huge whirlpool tub........mmmmmmmmm that might come in handy later....walking into the adjoining bedroom, I was greeted with a huge king sized bed. This place had great possibilities.

I returned to the 'living area' of the suite to find the hubby lounging on the couch and Ranger occupying one of the chairs. One of them had put on a favorite CD of mine. Hubby looked up as I walked in front of the couch, smiling, he winked at me again, knowing the music always drove me along with it's rhapsodies when I was hot. He'd put more into planning this evening than I had realized. As I walked in front of the TV, I realized my favorite X film was playing on the VCR. Both of the guys seemed to enjoy watching the movie without the sound on, just letting the CD be the background music. I settled myself in the other chair, opposite Ranger and hubby and decided to watch with them, until someone started something more interesting. A few comments about what was happening on the screen were tossed between the men.....I just watched and before I knew it, I was totally involved in the action on the TV, and forgot there was anyone else in the room.

The movie was one designed more for a woman's appeal, in the sense that the plot had a bit more to it than 'slam bam thank ya ma'am'.....and the scene started with the woman sitting in a chair much like the one I was in....and she was doing a slow dance with her hands over her body....discovering the pleasure she could give herself. As she let her mind wander, her hands did the same.....and so did mine. When her hand raised up to the top button of her blouse, my hand followed. Mirroring her actions I slowly undid each button then moved my hand as she moved hers, to caress the top of my breast lightly. We each gently tickled the exposed skin before letting our finger and thumb find the nub rubbing against the lace. Rolling that hardening nipple beneath the material until there was no question in anyone's mind that it was excited about the treatment it was receiving. She moved her other hand to the other breast.....so did I...both of us arching into our own hands, seeking the pressure and release, until it was time to let the straps fall from our shoulders and allow the air to make contact with the rosy tips we had created. As her one hand and arm cradled her breasts the other hand glided down her stomach, over the top of her skirt, to her thighs. She spread those lovely legs open further for the camera to see, mine spread as well.....allowing and audience I didn't realize I had, watch in delight.

Soon the actress and I were both exploring what there was to find under our skirts. I'd watch a bit, then close my eyes and let my other senses take control. Finding a warm, moist slit beneath my fingertips, I draped one knee over the arm of the chair and found myself arching into my own hand almost giving in to the need to climax. But I didn't want to peak yet. Taking a deep breath I brought my fingers up to my mouth, sucked on them slowly and opened my eyes to see that she had been doing the same thing. My hips were rocking on the chair, creating a creaking noise that was music to my ears...not being able to control my own voice, those little moans of contentment and pleasure were mixing with the quiet background music in the room. As I reached once again for that velvet box between my own legs, I dropped my head back, exposing my neck and shoulders more, when I heard an "Oh my God....I can't stand it anymore!!"

There stood Ranger, in front of my chair. His shirt was off, his belt was off and his shaft was straining against the zipper so nicely. What a vision to see, a muscular chest, nicely furred across his nipples, disappearing into a V at the top of his pants, and this vision was bending down to kiss my neck and shoulders. He put one hand on each arm of the chair, stood between my legs and let nothing touch me but his mouth as it started trailing little kisses around my upper body. Every time I tried to lean up into him, he'd back up enough so I couldn't come in contact. And here I thought at times I was a tease. He was much better at this game, or so he thought. Once his mouth licked my breast where I'd dripped some of my juice, his game plan changed. With one low growl in his chest at the first taste of my honey, he dropped to his knees between my thighs and forced them even further apart with his arms and hands. Taking just a moment to sit back on his heels, he gazed at the site before him, then looked up at me and smiled. As his fingers moved closer to my center, he looked over his shoulder at my husband and asked permission to eat at the smorgasbord. With a nod of the head from hubby, Ranger delved in for the first of many such delightful side trips to come.

I had both knees over the arms of the chair by now, pelvis tilted forward, cheeks on the edge of the chair and my hand on the back of his head, holding him close. He wasn't in any hurry to move away too far. I looked over at the couch where my loving partner in life had shed his shirt and pants and was stroking one hell of a hard on through those damn sexy boxers he wears. I licked my lips and winked at him, telling him with my eyes that I wanted to be taking care of that rod that was trying so hard to peek out of his boxers at me. He smiled back, stood up and dropped his shorts, stepping out of them and walking over to stand along side the chair. No one was watching the movie by this time. We had our own plot growing. I took the cock offered my mouth and played with the tip of it....letting my tongue circle the head....find the slit...lick down the shaft then back up....doing the same thing to top as I did to the underside. When I took him in my mouth and started sliding over his hard shaft, a tongue darted across my clit while two fingers inserted themselves in my own love canal.....with a quick tug on my hard clit and a flick of Ranger's fingertips against the inner button I have, I pulled harder on the cock in my mouth and at the same time, flooded Ranger's mouth with my juices.....giving him one of his first encounters with a squirter.....he lapped, he drank, he lapped some more...the entire time I was sucking and pumping my head against the cock I wouldn't let go off. Hubby's hand was holding my mouth close, one of my hands was holding Ranger's head close, the other was cupping and caressing hubby's balls while Ranger's hands were under my ass and probing my throbbing pussy. I had to let it go...I couldn't stand it anymore....and when Ranger used one hand to open my pussy wide to watch me squirt there was no denying the man his pleasure and showing him what I told him I could do...... I came...and I came hard....and when I came, the hubby came at the same time...pumping his load into my mouth, filling it so I couldn't swallow enough to keep up with the delivery. The front of Rangers chest was wet from my own delivery....his chin was dripping as well, letting more of my juices fall on that furry playground of his. He handed me and hubby towels to clean up with, stood up and crooked his finger at me....once again smiling. "Thank you baby," he said...."but I'm not done with you yet!!" That seductive smile he gave me spoke volumes. I stood up from the chair, took a step toward him, stood and waited. He reached around my back, unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall to the floor at my feet. Then he reached up and pushed my blouse off my shoulders, it dropped as well. Pulling me close, kissing my neck and shoulders he quickly undid the bra, so all I was wearing was the garter and nylons. Looking at my husband, Ranger said, "let's take the rest off , while we're on the bed". I smiled at them both and led the way to the bedroom....making sure they both got a good long view of the ass that wanted them both at once. Neither one of them stayed in the living room....smile.

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