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I have been talking to this woman - gurlnextdoor in the chatroom for two nights now. we met in one of those naughty chatrooms. Things started out normal, just hi-hello and talking about the weather. We started talking about what brought us to the naughty room and things started to get hot and heavy. A few suggestive remarks and we started exchanging ideas about what we like and don't like sexually.

She told me she is very shy but reads a lot of erotic stories of girlfriends cheating, sex in the office, seducing a stranger and horny wives. She also told me that she rents adult movies and watches them at home when she is home alone. she told me that she makes it a night's event when she takes a warm bath, brings out her toys and watches a hot steamy sexy movie with subject matters anywhere from lesbians to threesomes to sex with strangers. The conversation was getting hot at this point.

She also told me that she enjoys online conversations. She would meet a guy online and if things click and if they get steamy she would enjoy a really hot wet sweet and hard conversation. If she feels comfortable with the guy two or three days later they would talk on the phone.

I was getting turned on at this point needless to say. My boxers were small for me all of a sudden. I didn't have anything else on but a tee shirt which came off when the room got really hot. She told me she was wearing her white tee-shirt and pink silk panties. She said that her panties are soaking wet and are now sticking to her skin. It feels very good she said cause you are reminding me of some interesting nights I have had.

I told her that I have never watched an adult movie with a girl and that the idea is rather exciting to me. she jokingly promised to help me make my dream come true. We talked about having sex with strangers and people you know very little about. I asked her where she lived. Her response was California. I told her that I was in Cali as well. She asked me what part of California. It turns out we both were from Northern California. I started to get ideas in my head that perhaps she is somebody I can hookup with and go out. I then asked her what town she was in and that I was in Woodside. She paused for a few seconds - almost a minute. She said - are you serious and I said yes. I live in the foothills of Woodside.

There was a long silence. I figured the network was getting congested so I waited. I asked "so where in Northern Cali are you from" and she responded "close by" my heart started beating fast and when she said "I am probably not too far from you" there was a certain fast beating in my boxers - I told her that I am getting naughty ideas in my mind and she responded by saying "I may have to change my panties before I go to bed tonight" I told her what town she lives in and she finally said "if you can believe it - I am in wood side as well"

We went on talking about what we would do if we ran into each other or better yet met in person. she said that perhaps we should meet in a park at night with blankets so we can fulfill our first fantasy of having sex at night in the open and with a stranger. She also said that she has her toy close by which made me go wild wondering how close her toy is to her. I told her that the conditions in my boxers are very tent-like and that I was afraid there will be a hole in them soon. she talked me into opening the front button of my boxers and freeing myself of the confinement.

I finally got bold and told her "its 400 lakeside dr.". All I got from her was "umm" There was quiet for about a minute. I was throbbing in anticipation. her response "+2" I sat there looking at the screen. what does +2 mean. does it mean I will be back in two minutes. the next thing on the screen was a smiley face. My face lit up. homes on lakeside were even on one side and odd on the other. +2 means - holly shit - she lives next door to me. my response to her was "holly shit - are you serious" and she said yes. Jennifer is 24 year old recent college graduate, dot.com marketing babe who is engaged. She moved into the neighborhood 6 months ago. I asked her about her man and she said - "its now, we are online, its fantasy, its vampire time, and its only me and you - there is no room for a third person" This put an interesting smile on my face and a bit of nervousness.

She asked me to go in my backyard and walk between the houses and meet her in her backyard. She said there is no need to alter my attire. I had to put on my tee-shirt cause it is usually chilly outside. I walked out, its 2 am pitch dark, nice cool breeze. I walk into her yard and I see a shadow - the shadow belongs to a light brown straight haired woman who is 5.7 roughly 125 lbs, gorgeous legs and tennis player thighs, 36D that stand proudly out of her usually corporate dresses. During the weekends the site is short shorts or sweat pants with white tee-shirts. Her bra when visible can hardly hide the erect nipples. Sometimes there is no bra to be found under the plain white tee-shirts. Her shorts are usually short, tight and short. They were made for her specially.

I move towards the shadow - slowly - hearing my heart beat. My boxers giving away the state of my feelings towards this person and this situation. "hey neighbor" is what I heard from her - "hey Jennifer - fancy meeting you here" we both whispered a short laugh as I now stand in front of her. I can feel and hear her breath heavy. "what the hell we're doing here Jennifer" and she giggled "I dunno you tell me naughty boy - trying to seduce somebody else's girlfriend" we both laugh again. she moves closer. "it seems like this somebody else's girlfriend has been feeling a bit damn and hot and can't keep herself from seducing young men next door" this was the last thing that was said for a long time.

we move closer - the front of our bodies touch, I felt her hard erect nipples and her full soft breasts mashed against my chest, her hand moves behind me towards my lower back as she pulls me tight closer to her crotch - all she got was my hard erect blood engorged penis pressed against her soaking wet panties. she opens her legs and lets it slide between her legs before she closes her legs shut. I am now locked in between two boiling hot sexy smooth sweet thighs. My hands move towards the back of her and I press her into me wanting to feel her breasts more and tightly. her both hands are not on my ass and she is pressing me into her every two seconds creating a rhythm. encouraged by her move, I move both my hands onto her sweet tight sex wiggling little ass - I lift up her white tee-shirt over her waist as I grab her ass cheeks and start to massage them and knead them. her lips locked onto mine and our tongues play a little dance. we alternate between playing with each others tongue in my mouth and then in her mouth. I remove my mouth from hers and pay a little attention to her neck and her earlobe. a soft moan skips her mouth as she moves her thighs open and shut to increase the pleasure she is giving me.

I had to feel that molten womanhood that is so wet and throbbing. We stood there for half an hour with my hands gently slid into her soaked panties. she responded by having her hand in my boxers. My other hand was massaging her butt while her hand was in the back of my neck as we locked ourselves in a long kiss.

After two hours of moaning and panting laying down in the soft cool night grass of her back lawn - we finally kissed each other goodnight - "see you online lover" as I responded - "goodnight neighbor" I laid in bed wide awake all night. The next morning - I caught a glimpse of her as we were leaving for work. "hey neighbor" was what she said - and "hey Jennifer - good morning" was what I said as Mrs. Smith across the street watched us with a newspaper in her hand rocking in her old rocking chair. Only if she knew what we really meant when we greeted each other good morning.

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