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Online Trouble


Megan starts off her day by going online and checking her email. She yawns and stretches as she waits for her computer to start up. She goes online and sees a message from her online friend from Africa. She smiles and begins to read it. The message says that he will be in the US in a few weeks and would like to meet her. A smile appears on her face because this man intrigues her. She met him thru a chat room and she has played with on several occasions when she needed a release. She replied to the message telling him to just tell her where and when he will be in the states and she will be there.

She had an extra spring in her step as she was going to start her day. She jumps in the shower and found her hand wandering down to rub her clit as images of this black African stud she met floats thru her mind. She rubbed herself harder and faster then began to moan in sheer delight.

“Oh God, Bantu, fuck me.” She repeats over and over as she masturbated to completion.

She exits the shower pauses then looks at herself in the mirror. She was a tall woman with a bubble butt. She stood 5 ‘9” and weighed just over 130 pounds with her measurements filling in at 34D-25-36. She was an average looking beauty with dirty blond hair and a body to die for but an accident as a teen caused her to have a scar across her face and many guys didn't want to be with her because of that. She looked at a picture of herself as a teen before the accident and how much her life changed after that night. She now has a scar that will never go away going from the side of her eye down her cheek and finally stopped just below her bottom lip, she lost the ability to bear children due to an infection after the car accident. But her self-confidence was beyond reproach even with the scar and that may have turned off many men also.


“My queen.” Bantu says.

“Yes.” The Queen says.

“I may have found many a woman for your plan, they are women that I met online as you commanded me and I feel these women can serve us well.” He said as he hands her a few pictures of Megan and the other women.

“Yes, they will do just fine; do you have any others?” The Queen commented.

“I emailed several more that I speak with and none have yet responded.” Bantu said.

“Good work, these will have to do then if no others respond to you.” The queen said praising him.

“But, My Queen, Do you think that we will be able to pull this off?” He asked.

“Don't worry, Bantu, the governmentt of the US will allow this because of the information they want and it is a reasonable trade off for them. They will put an end to a major terrorist organization operating here in Africa and we get what we want.” The Queen tells him.

“Yes, My queen, you are wise and all knowing.” Bantu says.


Megan comes home from classes and checked her email again for the millionth time today to see if she got a response from her Nubian stud. She was happy to see a response. She anxiously read the message and felt her heart skip a beat and her pussy become moist. The message said that he will be in Washington DC in 2 weeks and that he will leave a plane ticket for her at the airport in Chicago. A huge smile gleamed across her face.

Then as time went by, she realized some of the things she said and done with him online and wondered if that was the only reason he was coming. But, she dismissed that idea and thought to herself that she will just have fun and not think anything else about it. She thought that she had not even been with a black man before and never really thought about one until she met him. She was excited and turned on about the thoughts of their upcoming meeting.

For the next two weeks, she laid in bed every night with images of him in her thoughts and all the things they spoke about online were about to come true. She began researching African men online and read rumors and innuendos about some of them especially men from Bantu’s region being well endowed. She thought to herself that she isn't very experienced sexually and only had two partners previous and they weren't very good.


Bantu arrives in the US on his family’s private jet with his bodyguards by his side. His family is one of the richest and most powerful clans in all of the Sudan. He is treated with the utmost respect by the individuals in the government due to the information that he is carrying with him. He meets with a high-ranking individual in the intelligence community and they make an agreement and the queen’s wishes will be fulfilled. The intelligence agent tells Bantu of a little used airfield that he can use for his so-called getaway with his cargo. The shake hands to seal the deal and parted company.


Megan fidgets in her seat on the plane anxiously waiting for the moment that they met face to face for the first time. The hour-long flight to DC seemed to take forever and when she heard that they are preparing to land she became more aroused. She was excited to meet him and subconsciously more excited to see if all he said he could do online was true. The plane landed and she hurried to the terminal to meet Bantu. She scanned the crowd and didn't see anyone who matched his pictures. She did catch a sign with her name on it that a large white guy was holding and hoped that this wasn't a huge mistake or someone lying to her.

“I'm Megan Perot” She said.

“Yes, m’am, I have a message to give to you and ask you to follow me to your ride.” The man said.

She read the note and it said that he was stuck at a very important meeting and couldn't make it to the airport and hoped that he could make up for not being there later. She grabbed her luggage and followed this man to awaiting limo and got into it. She had never been in a limo before, so she was in awe as the car begins to leave the airport. She sipped on the bottle of Champagne that was in the back and she felt like a princess for a few moments.

They arrived at the hotel and she was lead to a suite on the top floor. The doors open to this amazing room and her jaw dropped as she looking around this place. She saw a package on the bed reading the card. It told her to wear this dress for dinner tonight and that he will be arriving at 7pm to meet her. She opened the box and saw this elegant dress before her eyes and was amazed at its beauty. She checked the clock and unpacked her things then began to get ready. She tried to conceal her scar with makeup but it was pointless. She was just being vain because he knew about it and didn't care. She put on the dress that Bantu got for her and it was a rather tight and revealing on her figure. She looked at herself in the mirror and her breasts looked amazing in the dress as did her ghetto booty.

She sat down on the bed staring at the clock in anticipation until the door opened on its own. She saw two very large African men enter and survey the room then she saw Bantu enter. She jumped into his arms, hugged and kissed him. The soft kiss turned into a passionate one as his strong hands began to caress her back and ass. His touch felt like electricity shooting thru her body all leading to her pussy which was becoming soaking wet. They part from the kiss and he looks her up and down.

“You look more amazing in person than you do in your pictures.” He said.

She blushed and said. “Thank you”

“Do you like how you been treated so far and I do regret not meeting you at the airport but business is business, you understand, don't you?” Bantu says.

“Yes, I understand and it is no big deal, so what do you have planned for us tonight?” Megan asks.

“In due time, my Megan, you will find out.” He said with a smile.

She was noticeable excited and she kept trying to turn her scar away from him. He noticed this and walks up to her and kisses her softly on the cheek kissing his way down her scar. Her knees trembled, as his kisses was so soft and sweet. Her nipples were rock hard and she was becoming more aroused with his every touch.

He escorted her out of the room and tells his bodyguards to stay at the hotel. He took her out to a fancy restaurant then a walking tour thru the sights of DC at night. The whole night and the way she was being treated had her mind spinning and she never wanted the moment to end.

They arrived back at the hotel and went up to the floor that they were both staying on. He grabbed her hand and led him to his room. The door opened and she saw the room lit up in candlelight and a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in the middle of the room. He walked over to the bottle and popped the cork and poured a glass for the two of them. He handed her a glass then raised his glass in a toast.

“To the most beautiful woman in the world and a treat for my eyes to admire.” He says to her.

They clink glasses then take a sip. He comes closer then plants a deep, passionate kiss onto her lips and she becomes putty in his hands. After several minutes of this passionate kiss and his hands caressing her firm ass. He pulls back and tells her to go into the bathroom and put on what is in there for her.

She smiles and kisses him as she passes by. He grabs a handful of her ass then squeezes it softly then slaps it softly sending her on her way. She enters the washroom and sees a bag sitting on the counter. She pulls out the items and begins to put them on. She looks in the mirror and the bra and panties he has chosen, flattered her figure and made her look even sexier. Her heart was racing at the thoughts of what will happen next. She adjusts the new outfit then walks out into the room as Bantu watches her come closer to him. She sees him smile and that puts her at ease.

He leads her to the bed and sits her onto the bed then sits down next to her. They begin to kiss and his hand begins to move up and down her thigh then make their way to her supple breasts. Her hand rests on his thigh and he was in total control of the moment. He squeezed her breast harder and kissed her deeper. He pulled back once again and her chest was heaving in excitement. She looked at him with a wanton lust as he stood up in front of her.

“In my country, it is tradition for the woman to undress the man before he pleases her.” Bantu says.

She stood up and slowly undid his tie as he caressed her breasts. She purred with his touch as she flung the tie to the ground. She pulled his shirt out of his pants then unbuttoning his shirt revealing a chiseled chest and a washboard stomach. She ran her hands over his strong chest and wanted him more. She looked into his eyes then started to undo his belt then his pants letting them fall to the floor. She squatted in front of him as he stepped out of his pants. She then looked up at him running her hands over his stomach down to his waist grabbing onto his boxers.

She slowly lowered his boxers licking her lips slowly revealing his African monster. She gasped in shock at the size of his cock. It was long and thick as her forearm. She thought to herself that it will never fit inside her but she wanted to find out and wanted to see how it made her feel. She caressed it slowly in her hand as she rose up. He pushed up on her and kissed her passionately. He pulled her close feeling his hands explore her body and his African cock becoming semi erect as the heat from each other’s bodies was at a fevered pitch.

His hands firmly grabbed her ass and he picked her up off the ground. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him. They kissed more deeply as he lowered her onto the bed. He kissed her around her neck then onto her shoulder.

“Oh yes, Bantu, I want you so much.” Megan cried out.

He continued to kiss his away around her upper body, slowly pulling back the cups of her bra to reveal her breasts and rock hard nipples. He kissed and teased her nipples and squeezed her other breast. She felt like a rag doll in his hands and was willing to succumb to his every desire. It felt just like he said it would. He finally uncovered both breasts and played with them for what seemed like hours. She moaned and purred run sheer delight as he kissed his way down her stomach.

“Oh yes, take me” Megan screamed out.

He grabbed onto the edge of her panties then in one tug ripped them off her frame. She was shocked but excited by the action. He looked down seeing her bald, white pussy waiting for his usage. He lowers his head down to her pussy and beginning to kiss and lick it softly.

“MMM....that feels so wonderful, Bantu." She moans out.

He slowly pulls back her hood and begins to flick at her clit while he slowly inserts a finger into her wet pussy. This action sent chills up and down her spine and she felt a feeling that she couldn't explain. It felt like an explosion inside her body as her breathing rate increases and her hips rose off the bed to his magical tongue and fingers. After several more minutes of this she couldn't take it anymore. Each orgasm was becoming more intense. Her moans were becoming louder and more animalistic.

She was in sexual bliss as he began to work his way up her torso. She kissed him passionately tasting her own pussy on his lips but she didn't care. She loved that feeling and wanted to experience over and over. She realized as they were making out that it was her turn to please him and hoped that she can please him as much as he did her. They tossed and turned in their passionate embrace until she was on top of him.

She begins to kiss her way down his chest while her hand grabs onto his big black African cock and begins to stroke it slowly. She can feel it getting hard in her hand and growing thicker. When she arrives at his cock, she sees this monster fully erect and stared at it in amazement.

“Do you like what you see, Megan?” He said.

“Oh yes, its huge.” She said licking her lips.

She slowly begins to lick around the head then up and down his shaft. She twirled her tongue around his massive head then wrapped her lips around his cock. Her jaw felt stretched to its limits as she continues to stroke his cock with an increased pace and intensity. She slowly began to move up and down with his cock inching it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She felt his hand on top of her head as he moaned in enjoyment. That made her relax knowing that she was doing a good job so far. She continued to bob up and down on his cock feeling his monster hit the back of her mouth and her gagging briefly. She began to cup and caresses his massive black balls, as she tasted his precum in her mouth. She continued sucking on his cock a little harder and a little faster.

“Oh yes, Megan that feels so good, I'm going to cum soon, swallow every drop for me.” He said.

A few minutes later, she felt a wave of cum hit the back of her mouth and drip down her throat. Then wave after wave began to flow out of his cock. She feverishly tried to swallow every drop as he wished but it was too much for her to swallow all at once. She tried to make up for it by licking his cock clean of cum and the base of his monster clean also.

He spoke something in his native tongue and patted her on the head. She let go of this monster and watched it plop down onto his stomach. She looked up at him, smiled and licked her lips clear of cum. She began to kiss her way back up and went to kiss him on the lips until he pulled away. She paused then realized why. So she leaned in and whispered.

“Fuck me Bantu, fuck me good.” She said the laid on her back with her legs spread with a smile.

He changed his position and this African god was above her waiting to fuck her. He ran his cock over her soaking wet pussy teasing her with his cock. She moaned in delight. He grabs onto his cock then pops the head into her tight pussy. She bit down on her lip moaning in sheer bliss. He took it slowly allowing her pussy to get use to his black cock then moved in deeper. He slowly began to work his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh God you are so fucking huge,” She moans out.

That comment made his pace quicken and he began to speak in his native language to her. But she couldn't decipher it. The feeling of pleasure and pain from the African Cock was driving her into a sexual frenzy. His pace increased even more as he went deeper and deeper into her pussy. She felt like a virgin all over again and loved every second.

“You are ripping me in half.” She screamed out.

She can feel her pussy being stretched to its very limits as she wrapped her legs. She then goes into an orgasmic frenzy, moaning and screaming in delight. Her body had wave after wave of sheer euphoria as this monster made her pussy his. He grunted and groaning some more then shot his load deep inside her. She felt her pussy full up with his warm seed and purred in delight as she lay their exhausted trying to catch her breath.

He looked down at her sweating body and her soaking wet dirty blond hair and smiled knowing that she will make the queen very happy. He kept his semi erect cock inside her ,so she can feel his monster black cock inside her a little longer.

“Do you like my African cock?” Bantu asked.

“MMM..Oh yes, you were wonderful.” She said.

“We have another tradition in my country, when a man finishes; the woman gets him a glass of water to quench his thirst.” Bantu said.

“Yes, of course.” She said as she started to get off the bed.

She got to her feet and tired to stand up, her legs were like jello and she couldn't even stand up or walk. He lay there and smiled knowing her did her right.

“You can crawl too if you want to.” He said.

She found herself on her hands and knees crawling over to the mini-frig to get a bottle of water. She didn't know why she was but knew that she wanted to experience that again and she didn't want to upset him and take away that wonderful cock. She returned to the bed and gave him the water as she cuddled up close to him feeling some of his African seed ooze down her leg. She catches out of the corner of her eye, his cock beginning to get hard once again.

“Get on your hands and knees, you excite me so much I want you again.” He said.

She paused for a second wondering if her pussy can take another pounding but she got on all fours presenting her pussy to him for his use once again. He moved behind her admiring her ass. She felt his head touching her pussy lips and she instantly leaned back. He grabbed onto her hips and began to feed his big black monster her tight white pussy once again. His pace was a lot harder and faster and he spoke in his native dialect to her while he was fucking her. She moaned wildly to his cock pleasing her pussy then she felt his grip tighten around her hips and a huge empty void now in her pussy. She felt his cock teasing her pussy and all around.

“Fuck me, please, I love your cock in my pussy” She begged him.

She then felt something she never felt before as his cock begins to move between her butt cheeks and before she could say stop. He slammed his cock into her virgin ass. She screamed in pain as this African cock ripped her ass apart.

“Stop, you are hurting me.” She said with tears running down her face.

His pace become more intense and the pain was too much for her to bear. She passed out from the pain and went limp in his hands.

He paused then grabbed his cell phone and called his bodyguards to get ready for them leaving the country. One of his bodyguards arrived at the room and he scooped up the limp woman in his bed and put some clothes on her, changed the bedding then they left under the cover of night.

“This is the last one and she by far was the best or at least the most obedient.” Bantu joked with his bodyguards.

She was carried into the airplane and was put her seat. The plane made its escape from American soil making its way back to their homeland. Bantu looked over his captives and admired his work and the beauty of this woman. He thought to himself that Megan was the lucky one since she was the only one that hasn't been drugged over and over but that's the way he planned it. She had a special place in his cold heart or at least a special place at the end of his cock.

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