tagInterracial LoveOnly You Ch. 05

Only You Ch. 05


Author's Note: Mad apologies about the lateness. My life is in complete upheaval at the moment. Chapter Six is on the way! Sienna H.


Tegan woke the next morning and the feeling of exhilaration had yet to dissipate. She was still slightly sore, deliciously so, from last night's sack session with Derek. As usual, it had been an all-nighter. Her body silently pleaded for her to take it easy, but she was finding it harder to resist him with each passing moment.

Even now, she watched the rise and fall of his defined chest as he slept: flat on his back with a long arm thrown casually over his eyes. The same sly smile forever plastered on his lips.

God, she couldn't get enough. He was gorgeous, absolutely beautiful and part of her was terrified he was going to wake up any moment, a look of pure disgust on his handsome face with the realization he made a terrible blunder. The thought of that happening made her feel sad.

She bit her lip and chided herself for being such a twat. He liked her, this much she knew. However, she couldn't shake the feeling there was something he wasn't saying. He was quite upset last night but tried to play it off. Tegan hoped that with time, he could tell her what was bugging him. Maybe going with him to Los Angeles wouldn't be so bad.

The concept was still hard to grasp. Somewhere in her brain, the reasonable side questioned her sanity. Surely going across the country with a man she hardly knew seemed like the actions of a very insane young woman, but Tegan knew that she deserved an adventure. She had played it safe for far too long, preferring to live vicariously through her friends and at times, complete strangers. Maybe it is time for me to start taking some major leaps.

"I can hear those naughty thoughts rolling about your head, James."

She glanced up to see Derek watching her, his cobalt eyes still heavy-lidded from sleep. A slow grin appeared on her face. She couldn't help it; he was simply irresistible. "You clearly haven't the faintest idea what I'm thinking about, Ryan."

"Oh really?" He propped himself up on the pillows. "So you weren't thinking about sticking your hand underneath that sheet to give me a proper good morning?"

Tegan shook her head. "Not at all. In fact, I was actually trying to come up with a way to let you know I've changed my mind about California."

The telling smile on her cute face gave her away. Derek tackled her easily, pinning her underneath him with her arms above her head as she squealed in protest.

"Cheeky girl," he remarked. Tegan noticed the change in his voice. Once high in a joking fashion, it was now deeper and much sexier. Her pussy couldn't help but pulse hotly in anticipation of what he was planning to do. "You mustn't tease me."

She smiled, and he could see the lustful flicker in her hazelnut eyes hidden behind a thin veil of innocence. "But it's what I do best," she said. "Among other things."

"Oh really? Come on, then. Give us a good look at the other things." His eyes traveled to her large breasts, the nipples starting to harden at his words. "Ahh, there we go. Yes, I have to agree, those are only some of what you do best. But what about this?" his hand moved between their bodies to stroke her mound, the arousal evident. "Mmm, wonderful," he cooed, his finger tracing the outer lips in such a painstakingly slow fashion Tegan thought she could die.

Her sensuous moan brought the trademark half-smile to his lips. "You're sodding gorgeous, you know that?" His lips kissed hers gently before they moved down to her neck, trailing butterfly soft kisses on the smooth nape and collarbone. She lay there panting, her heart and senses on utter overload. God, he was too fucking smooth. "Every single inch of you," he continued, moving to her right breast, his tongue lingering over the swell and curve before dipping into the valley, tonguing the very sensitive skin.

Tegan whimpered as her legs automatically went to wrap around his waist. Derek smiled. "Nuh-uh, luv" he said, shaking his raven curls. "You're not going to get off that easily. Pun intended. Stroke my ego a bit. Make me feel all manly."

Grinning, she flipped him onto his back as she straddled his legs. "Well, your hair is so fucking hot" she said as her fingertips raked gently through his scalp. Derek groaned as his dick jumped, making Tegan rock her hips forward. "Your eyes, I've never seen a deeper yet vibrant blue."

She kissed his eyes gently as his hands steadied her hips. "And then there's this," she whispered excitedly. "This wonderful mouth with the adorable half smile. I could kiss it all day." Tegan moved down his body. "Hot chest, nice muscles, but what I really adore are these." She licked the blue stars on his hips, the sensation sending erotic shocks all over.

"Fuck," Derek moaned. His cock was throbbing and he was nearly in tears from the pain. He needed release, needed to feel her body writhing from pleasure. Picking her up, he gently moved her underneath him onto her stomach. "Lift and spread, baby" he growled. Tegan complied, lifting her ass up and spreading her legs wider. He gave her pussy one long, slow lick that had Tegan muffling her moans with the pillow under her cheek.

Derek positioned his erection at the apex of her thighs. He was about to plunge when the sharp trill of a phone had him groaning in frustration. Tegan sighed and reached for the black cordless when Derek stopped her by thrusting into her tight pussy. Her moan was low and long and she pushed her ass higher, as her pussy tried to suck his entire length inside.

"Don't answer it," he groaned out. Beads of sweat were already starting to form on his forehead as he continued to slide his cock inside her.

"I-I have to," she pleaded. There was only one person who could be calling at this hour on a Sunday. When he undulated his hips, she arched her back. Pushing her back down, his hands palmed her cheeks before giving each a sharp slap that had her begging for more.

"You're not answering that phone, sweetheart" his words were light, but there was a darkness in his tone that had her shivering with pleasure. Derek slid his cock out before plunging hard again, this time both of them groaning in unison.

He smiled cheekily before rolling his hips once more. "Now scream for me."


A few short hours later, Tegan sat at a table in the posh Victorian Tea Room. She sipped her orange juice and checked her watch. It was never like her to be late. Man, she must be really pissed at me.

"Excuse me, miss but are you ready to order?" It was the waiter again. He had appeared at the table once before to do his job and Tegan informed him that her guest had not yet arrived. Now nearly fifteen minutes later and still no sign of her.

She forced a smile. "I'm sorry, sir but I'm afraid my guest hasn't...."

"No need to stall, Tegan. I am here." The woman took her seat. "Good afternoon, sir. I'd like to start off with the salmon puffs and a spinach omelet with just a hint of dill and extra brie."

She smiled at Tegan. "And she will have the Belgian waffles and a spinach omelet prepared just as the first with thinly sliced sausage. But before all that, let's start with the Lady Grey tea, blueberry scones, clotted cream, and chocolate petit fours." The woman ignored the slightly astonished look on the waiter's handsome face. Tegan stifled a grin.

"Yes, madam. Right away." He walked away briskly.

Tegan smiled at the woman, a pair of light brown eyes like her own held the same bright glow. "You think you ordered enough, Mom?"

Catherine James smiled at her daughter. "Well, I will admit my appetite has gotten a bit carried away lately. I believe your father will take the blame for that. He's been putting my yoga classes to shame." There was a lively spark in her eye that made Tegan flush.

"Mo-om!" she whined. "I really don't want to think about you and Daddy having sex."

"Tegan Harriet, control yourself!" her mother said with a small smile. "We are out in public!"

"That's what I'm saying," Tegan muttered. Both mother and daughter exchanged smiles.

Catherine picked up the goblet of ice water and sipped casually. Tegan had to admit, her mother was one classy broad. Even though she came from a family who struggled all their lives, Catherine knew about manners. Her mother, Tegan's grandmother scraped enough money together to send Catherine and her two sisters to charm school. Catherine was the only one who really took the lessons seriously and it paid off. Every movement was stylish and graceful.

To Tegan, her mother was beauty personified from her silky sienna skin, light brown eyes, and impeccably done dark hair. She was always well dressed and today was no exception. Even though it was Sunday, she was wearing tailored grey slacks with a high waist and a pale pink short sleeved tuxedo shirt that was definitely designer.

Unlike other Park Avenue wives, Catherine worked very hard. She owned a small fashion marketing company that specialized in advertising fashion and designer brands. Tegan was very proud of her mother, who had come a long way from two-bedroom welfare apartments in the Brooklyn projects.

"You look good honey," her mother remarked as the waiter returned with their tea and treats. "There is definitely something different about you."

I've been gettin' some on the regular, she wanted to shout but she didn't think her mother was that understanding. "Oh you know I've just been taking care of myself more." She placed the white linen napkin in her lap as her mother passed her the plate of petit fours.

"Well, whatever you're doing agrees with you. Have you been working out?"

You have no idea. "Um, yeah. I have been getting worked out a lot lately."

"Mmm, personal trainer?" Catherine sipped her tea and daintily placed a piece of scone in her mouth. Tegan was impressed at how she was able to keep her soft pink NARS lipstick in place.

"Yeah, you could say that." She was trying not to giggle.

"Well, you should tip him double. I can't remember the last time you looked so...different. You're positively glowing. And I must commend you on your fashion choice. There's hope for burning those band shirts yet."

Tegan smiled. She and Teddy shopped at a stylish boutique every so often to pick up outfits specifically for Sunday brunch with her mother. She normally kept the outfits hidden in the back of her closet.

Today it was a pale yellow short-sleeved sundress with a V-neckline that was tasteful yet sexy. Her hair was down and curled softly, her dark bangs swept to one side. She was wearing tan wedge sandals. "Don't worry; I'm still keeping some of the band shirts around just for fun."

As she savored her omelet she wondered how she was going to tell her mother about leaving tomorrow without actually giving away the part about a boy involved. Deciding that it was no use to lie, she was going to come straight out with it. "Mom?"

"Yes honey?"

"I'm...going to be out of town for a couple of days."

"Really?" Catherine's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Where are you going?"

"California. Los Angeles to be exact."

"Honey who do you know in Los Angeles?"

"Well, a friend of mine is doing some business and invited me to come along."

Catherine smiled. "That is very nice of them. Do I know this friend of yours?"

No, but he was definitely the one who kept me too busy to answer your early morning phone call today. Tegan shook her head. "No, you haven't met them."

Catherine nibbled on a salmon puff. "Tegan, you are well beyond the age where you need to ask permission from your father and me. If you want to travel, just go."

"I know," she said with a small sigh. "I just wanted you guys to know where I was, just in case."

"Well thank you, honey. What about work?"

"Greg, the other main DJ is going to take my shifts for me at the Romper Room and I didn't have any jobs lined up on the photography side until the week after next, so I'm good to go."

"You've thought of everything, haven't you?" She smiled. "I am my mother's daughter."

Catherine returned the smile. "Yes you are. So tell me, who's the boy?"

Once more her cheeks flushed. "W-what?"

"Oh come off it, honey. I know that look anywhere. And the whole going to California thing? You haven't left the City in Lord knows how long." She took another generous sip of her tea. "So who is he?"

"Um, well his name is Derek."

"Nice name. So what does Derek do?"

"He owns his own website, a gaming one."

"And why is he whisking you away to California?"

"Well some company is interested in buying out his site and he just wanted me along for the ride. Plus, I think he wants me to meet his brother."

Catherine's eyes widened. "Meeting the family already? How serious is this Tegan?"

Tegan was thoughtful for a moment. "I really like him, Mom."

"I see. And does he feel the same?"

"I hope so."

She watched her mother's face, an undetectable emotion plainly visible. "Well, I hope you find everything you're looking for in California, dear."

"I hope so too, Mom."

******** After leaving brunch with her mother, Tegan decided to walk home. The sun was shining and promised another glorious New York summer day. Now that she had unofficially gotten her mother's approval to go to L.A., she couldn't help but feel excited. Digging her cell phone out her purse, she dialed Drea and Teddy's place.

"Hello," a groggy voice answered.


"Tegan? Why the hell are you calling so early on a Sunday?"

"Drea, it's definitely nearly one in the afternoon."

She yawned over the phone. "My sentiments exactly. It's too early."

Tegan shook her head. "Well the rest of us normals have been up for a while. I've got some news for you. I'm going with Derek to California."

"What?" She heard a rustling noise that sounded as if Drea dropped the phone. "Tegan, are you serious?"



"Why am I serious?"

"Very funny," Drea scoffed. "No, why are you going?"

"Because he asked me to."

"He asked you to Cali?"

"Yeah, he did. Why are you acting like that's so hard to believe?"

"No, it's not that. Tegan, are you a little concerned things are moving kind of fast?"

"Things like what? It's just going to L.A. with him. We're not engaged or anything."

"It's just..." Drea trailed off.

"What's wrong?" Tegan could tell there was something she wasn't saying.

"Nothing. Just...be careful, Tegan."

She chuckled. "I will, Drea. I'm always careful. Go back to sleep. I'll call you later." As she hung up the phone, a tiny thought kept working its way into her mind. Drea had been acting funny since last night at the bar after coming back from the bathroom. It was also around that time Derek became super quiet. Had something happened between the two of them?

Tegan shook her head, in an attempt to clear the idea. She tried to focus on the nice day, but she couldn't help but wonder if Drea knew something about Derek that neither one was willing to share. She'd have to ask Derek about it later.

******** "Bend over because I am so about to give you the best you've ever had!"

Derek was sitting on the bed with Matt in Matt's hotel room, a controller in both their hands. On the television screen was the latest FIFA video game.

Matt snorted. "Bitch please! You're about to get schooled by the master."

This was the normal banter between the two whenever video games were involved.

Derek grinned. "Oh, what was that O masterful one? I do believe that was a goal!" He jumped onto his feet, bouncing up and down on the bed.

"England for the epic win!" he shouted.

Matt shook his head. "Serves me right for using USA. Revolutionary rematch my arse." He watched as Derek continued to do his victory dance on the bed. "Oi, you could stop rubbing it in now!"

Derek smile lit up his handsome face. "Oh, but I want to gloat more."

"Well while you gloat, I'll pack." Matt jumped from the bed and headed to the bathroom. He emerged quickly, carrying a toothbrush and shaving cream. "Have you even bothered to get your shit together, mate?"

Derek shrugged before hopping off the bed. "I'll pack it up soon."

"You're a piece of work." Matt laughed. "I swear you procrastinate more than anyone I know."

"I know. I just don't know about this whole deal, Matt."

"What's up, D? You've been off lately."

Derek sighed. "Nothing major. But, do you really think we should sell? I mean, we've been working hard at this thing for years now, just to see it go to shite by some L.A. exec who's probably going to mainstream the company and try and turn it into some big sellout money-making venture."

Matt was quiet for a moment before nodding. "I see your concerns, mate. I really do. But why don't we at least go and see what the man is offering. We don't take the deal if all three of us aren't happy. Does that sound good to you?"

"Yeah, that seems fair. But what about Jake?"

"Like I said, D: it's all of us or none of us. We're the Trifecta."

The two of them smiled. "Cool," Derek said. "Oh, by the way I invited Tegan to L.A."

Matt stared at Derek incredulously. "What?"

Derek shrugged once more. "I asked her to come, she said yes, so she is. End of story."

"I just..." Matt was at a loss for words. "What the fuck are you playing at, D?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's just I really didn't think it was that serious between the two of you."

Derek's nostrils flared slightly. "Why not? Because she's a bigger girl? Don't you start in on that too, Matthew. I already put up with Jake's shit and I can't take much more."

"Not at all," Matt said. "I didn't think it was serious because she's way too good for you."

At that statement, Derek laughed. "What?"

"I'm serious. One look at that girl would tell you she's pure and good. And you've totally corrupted her."

"Yeah, I'll admit to that."

Matt shook his head. "Just be careful with this one, D."

Derek scoffed. "Why does everyone act like I'm some predatory pervert?"

Matt laughed. "Because you are. I know you, man. I know how you get with girls: hot and heavy one minute, then out the door. You get bored or something. All I ask is that you don't do it this time."

"She's different, mate" Derek said quietly.

"Yeah she is," Matt agreed. "So don't fuck it up. If you don't want to be with her, make a clean break. These girls, man. They get sucked into your charm and there's no hope for them. It's not something you intentionally do, but you do it just the same. All I'm saying is this: really think things through with this one."

The weight of Matt's words played heavy on Derek's thought process. It was true. He was a big flirt, this much he knew. But with Tegan, he didn't have to flirt. She genuinely seemed to like him, but it was like he couldn't turn it off. He was so used to putting on shows for girls' attention it just became second nature. He was determined not to screw things up with Tegan. I wonder why, his brain taunted.

Derek smiled at Matt. "Thanks. No wonder you're the sensible one."

Matt laughed before chucking Derek under the chin. "Who else is going to keep you two wankers in line?"


Tegan's stomach was churning slightly as the plane descended for the landing.

Derek noticed her hand gripping armrest tightly. He loosened her fingers and grasped them gently.

"Tegan J?"

Her eyes were shut and she seemed to be talking to herself. When he leaned in closer he realized she was singing softly. He chuckled. "Rocket Man? Seriously?"

She nodded, her eyes still shut. "It's the only thing that calms me down whenever I fly."

"Have you ever thought of taking sedatives like normal people?" He winced when she punched him hard. "Ouch! Remind me not to piss you off anytime soon. Why didn't you tell me you were scared of flying?"

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