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Open All Night


I do not know exactly where to begin; so many things are hazy to me now. God, has it been only two days? Is that all? It seems like forever now.

Two days ago, I was shopping for a gift to give my wife, just a small 'I love you' kind of thing. We had been fighting off and on, and I wanted to makeup with her. After a few hours of fruitless searching I was about to give up. It was getting late, almost ten at night, when I noticed a store I hadn't seen before, which is odd because the store didn't look newly opened and I have shopped here many times before. Who knows? It doesn't matter. All strip centers kinda' look alike, especially the ones in shitty areas of town. The sign over the door read 'Wallachian Antiquities' and the one in the window promised "Open All Night". I wondered again how I missed it before.

Curious, I went in to see what they had to offer. The moment I opened the door, I was assaulted by a myriad of smells. Musty old leather, dust and that curious aged smell so many antique stores have. I could also make out an under layer of smoldering incense, fresh flowers, and something else that I couldn't name. An animal smell, not offensive, but alive. I was amazed by the dazzling display of goods crowded in every available space and competing for my attention. Stacks of rich looking, antique leather cases stood next to rows of glass cases filled with jewels, watches, and crystal. Rows and rows of books lined one wall, a velvet sofa was placed just so, allowing one to sit in comfort and browse at their own pace. Framed art lined every inch of bare wall. Excellent prints, beautiful oils of portraits and landscapes, along with scenes of bygone eras.

How could this just spring up overnight? Eagerly, I began to explore. I was deeply involved in a text that I found on Elizabeth Bathory when I felt breath on my neck, warm and dry. Startled, I turned around to see the most stunningly beautiful woman standing nearly on top of me. Instinctively, I stumbled back a step feeling that somehow I had invaded her space and in the process, knocking several books to the floor. Stammering apologies, I began to pick them up hoping I had caused no damage. She seemed unconcerned and kept staring at me intently. I could almost feel her eyes boring into me. My stomach began to flip. Feeling more and more nervous as the seconds passed, I found I was unable to say anything further. She reached down and pulled me up, her strength apparent as I was standing with no effort on my part at all. Finally, she gave me the barest hint of a smile, and through parted lips, I saw incredibly white teeth.

"I'm Aleksandra. This store is mine. I hope you are alright?" I mumbled something unintelligible, but she nodded her head in acceptance. She smiled again, "Can I help you find anything?" she asked.

Feeling my cheeks burning for reasons unknown, I was unable to answer. I just stood there flushed. She was captivating to see. She was taller than me, with long full dark hair, which fell in waves around her face and shoulders. Her face was beautiful, her lips full and dark. Her skin was like cream, buttery smooth. She had firm breasts, which were easy to appreciate in her dress. They were pushed up, the décolletage like offered fruit. The dress was cut high on the right side with the slit lined with a maroon and gold brocade pattern. Staring at her, I could see that her thigh was now exposed. Feeling my mouth go dry, I realized that I was almost able to see her inner thigh, and the hint of the dark treasure buried there.

Her jewelry clinked as her hands moved making soft sounds that I found comforting. She had too many bracelets on, far too many and each finger was adorned with a ring, even on the thumb. One ring on her left hand was so large it covered the fingers on either side. Her long neck was covered by a black choker. The jewel in the center looked real, a deep ruby, like a drop of blood at her throat. Her dress reached the floor and pooled there, so that when she moved I could not see her feet. Without my consciously realizing it, she was so close to me again that I could feel her breath and smell the scent of lilacs massaged onto her skin.

"I...I was...umm...uh...was looking for a gift for my wife," I fumbled out. I began to sweat even though the temperature inside the store was chilly.

Again she said nothing searching my face for what seemed to be an eternity. Then she said, "Follow me" and walked down a small hallway leading to a backroom hidden from the causal eye by brocade drapery.

"A gift, for your...wife? Yes...Tell me, does she have any special interests?" she asked.

"She enjoys reading, especially the classics, Bronte, Byron, that kind of thing, I was hoping to find a nice bound edition of something," I offered her.

Her fingers traced titles across the bookshelves, then suddenly she stopped and pulled a small leather volume off the shelf. "Here, a wonderful edition of Dante. Would this do?" she asked me.

The cover was richly illustrated with the ride through Hell and the souls lost in torment. I thought this would be great, but worried at once about the price. What was offered to me appeared so costly, surely beyond my means to pay.

"Yes, I think this would be perfect, uhhh, how much?" I asked.

"What do you have to offer?" she said enigmatically, her brow arched.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand. How much is the price?" I said.

"We will see," she said as she moved even closer touching my mouth with an outstretched finger, her nail pulling my lower lip down.

I should have moved away. I should have stopped it right there. Hell, I should have run. But I did none of those things, instead, I stood there as she moved in and kissed me. But, oh God, what a kiss! I have never felt heat like that before, her tongue pushing past my lips, darting in and out, and then filling my mouth. My tongue was pulled into her mouth. She kept suckling, licking me, treating my tongue as a lover would my cock. She had a hold of my hair in the back, keeping me close to her. I felt frozen, not helpless, more overwhelmed. My hands finally crept up her sides, running over her breasts, squeezing them. She moaned deep in her throat with a primal sound almost frightening in depth, her lips locked onto mine, the sound traveling down my throat, filling me. Her fingers dug deeper at my back, and now on the tender flesh of my neck. I felt her nails curling, stabbing into me. The pain was exquisite; I could feel blood start to run from the small cuts, but didn't care. She pulled her hand back, her fingertips slick with my blood. Her left hand held my chin as she again looked at me - into me. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked me off her, as a child would savor ice cream that had melted on their hand. Why wasn't I shocked? What kept me from crying out, struggling to be free? If I had, maybe things would have turned out differently. I did nothing. I stared while she licked the red stains from her fingers, her smile growing wider with each swipe of her tongue. She leapt at me then, as an animal would prey.

I stumbled back, falling. At the last second she caught me. Surprised at her strength, and not surprised, her fingers moved quickly to disrobe me. Before any real thought could form, I was laying naked on the carpeted floor. She stood above me. She had that same smile as she looked down at me, her hands running up and down her body, teasing herself. I watched her hand disappear under her dress, moving up and down as she fucked herself in front of me. I saw her lips moving then, but could not hear her words at first.

"Say my name...," she whispered.

"What? What do you mean," I said confused.

"SAY … MY… NAME," she again demanded.

"Aleksandra," I trembled out.

She had me repeat it several times, her eyes burning on me as I repeated her name, 'Aleksandra', over and over. Satisfied finally with this perverse game, she seemed pleased with some secret thing. She then straddled me, still standing. She gathered her dress up in her hands, exposing her legs to me, then farther up her sex. It was swollen, pink and clean. She had no hair at all, her labia shining in the lamp light around us. I could see that a ring pierced each lip and they gleamed like winking stars. I could feel my mouth watering, aching to taste that crimson core, to run my tongue over and around her, then to dip inside. With no stimulation from me or her, I was erect, harder that I had been in years.

Aleksandra lowered herself onto me, still holding her dress with one hand, while the other gripped my cock with a cool, soothing hand. Her lips parted as my cock slide in to her. For a second I did not feel her, then she seemed to close in on me, molding herself as if her cunt was another mouth, pulling me, sucking me in, loving me. My breath left me quickly as I groaned. I have never felt such unrestrained ecstasy, such bliss. It was like swimming in a warm pool at night, only this pool sucked as her hips moved back and forth.

She never fully laid on me, preferring to stay on her feet, squatting over me, her legs spread, pistoning my cock in and out of her. She was so incredibly wet. I could feel her slick cream running over my legs as she fucked me. She held her dress with her left hand, her right on my throat. I could hear her begin to speak, repeating the same word so softly I could not make it out at first. She chanted it over and over: "mine, mine", but I did not care; I was lost in the dizzy array of feelings that flowed through me.

The smells around me seemed to grow intense, filling my senses. I could not tell if the lights were flickering or if I was beginning to pass out. A buzzing sound filled in my ears. She became more frantic in rhythm, now dropping to ride me fully. Her weight seemed to be almost nothing, as if I was inside smoke. She ripped her dress down, exposing a nipple. She pulled my head to her, so hard my neck snapped. She did not care, my suckling only increased her pleasure. I pulled as hard as I could, biting on the distended tip, then filling my mouth with her, filling my hands with her hair. Her strokes increased even more as if she was trying to pound me into the floor.

I looked up as I felt something wet fall on my mouth. The look on her face petrified me. She seemed to be gone, her head back, her eyes almost closed. The wetness I realized was her saliva, drooling out as she satisfied some animal hunger. As it ran to my mouth, I tasted something metallic, like copper. The only word that my almost shutdown mind could form was ... 'unclean'.

I could now make out that the obscene chanting had stopped, replaced by a primitive sound that seemed to come from outside her, filling the room as the buzzing in my head grew. I could feel my orgasm swelling. At that same instant she again stared down at me, her head whipping down like a snake poised to strike. I sensed more than felt her leap off me, quickly kneeling between my legs. Her mouth closed over me instantly, cleaning me of her juices, any trace of her. That sucking mouth dove over and over me, her hands now clawing into my hips, again drawing blood with those talons at her fingertips. I could hear her breathing increasing in rhythm to match the tempo as she sucked me until I heard deep guttural sounds coming from either her or me. Her head pistoned up and down relentlessly, my cock filling her mouth.

I exploded in the most intense orgasm that I have ever felt, blanking out all thought and sound. I could feel my balls draining as I seemed to pump stream after stream into that sucking orifice. As she felt me filling her mouth, the unearthly moaning started again, then more sucking, pulling every drop from me. At last I stopped shooting. I looked down to see her head back and eyes closed. I watched mesmerized as her cheeks draw in, her throat working as she drank me.

Her mouth dropped to my thigh before I realized what was happening. I could feel the bite quite clearly, at first it was agonizing, then no pain. In my head I heard a sound like glass breaking. I tried to move, but her hands pushed me down, harder that I have ever been hit in my life, holding me. The only image that I could form was a lion holding down a gazelle draining its life.

I woke up sometime later. I had no idea how long it had been. A minute? An hour? My clothes were back on, carefully arranged and neat. I was in my car in front of my home. Lying next to me was a carefully wrapped package, tied with a scarlet ribbon. It was the book, the Dante .The card attached had the most precise handwritten note inside. It read "You are mine, For now, Forever."

I had no way to explain to my wife where I had been, fuck, who would believe? I said I had been drinking with a friend, we had gone out to strip club, and I passed out in the car. This lie she could accept.

I thought the book was now a lousy idea seeing as how she was more pissed than she had been before. I stashed it in her closet, hoping she might find it later and maybe be happy with it. Unable to endure her stares, I've slept in the garage since that night. I also wanted to hide the mark on my leg. At night, it throbs, like it misses her. I see her when I close my eyes, I can smell her in my hair. I'm going back tonight, back to her. I don't think this time I get to leave, I think this time I will be hers, always.

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