tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 11

Open Marriage Ch. 11


Mark held Tracy's hand as they walked along the beach in front of Hank's mansion. Mark turned around and saw every light on in the house and the silhouettes of the large group of guests in almost every window that was lit up.

Mark was holding Tracy's heels in his other hand while she tested the water with her feet.

"We ought to go skinny dipping tonight, Mark. This water must be ninety degrees."

Mark laughed. "This water always gets this hot in the summer here. We should have brought a couple towels out with us before we left the house."

Tracy pulled on Mark's arm as she swung her thin body around until she was able to wrap her arms around his shoulders and laid a big wet open mouth kiss on his lips.

Mark held her tiny waist as she moved her body next to his chest. Mark could feel her breasts pushing against his chest as they kissed a second time only pushing her tongue into his mouth this time around.

The next thing he knew, Tracy was unbuckling his pants and shirt. She giggled as she slipped the dress off her shoulders.

"Come on, Mark and take your shoes off and get in the water with me."

Mark got his shirt and pants off and quickly slipped out of his shoes and socks as she pulled him into the warm gulf water.

She pulled Mark along as he tried to keep up and stubbed his toe on something in the water making her laugh as she kept pulling on him.

She got Mark into the water up to her chin and jumped into his arms and wrapped her hands together behind his head.

"Walk me into the deep water, Mark."

Mark slowly walked out deeper as she held onto his neck. She was extremely small and light. Mark estimated that she couldn't have weighed more then ninety pounds, wet!

They almost fell making her giggle as she held onto Mark as tight as she could. Mark thought she was adorable. They spoke for a while before walking onto the beach. Mark found out that Tracy was hired several months ago as Hank's personal assistant.

She was from Long Island and was only five years older then his daughter. She appeared much more mature when she wasn't fooling around then a young woman in her late twenties.

Tracy told Mark that she loved older men. Mark had a touch of grey in his hair that she said made him very attractive and distinguished looking.

Tracy kept her legs wrapped around Marks waist as she held him tight and kept kissing his lips.

"Why don't we go back to the house and fuck?"

Mark grinned at Tracy's suggestion as a wave splashed against their faces making Mark spit out the salt water that entered his mouth as he replied.

"How are we going to do that with a house full of people?"

Tracy laughed as she pointed toward the mansion. "Take me back to shore and I have an idea!"

Mark carried her back to the beach and put her down on the sand as she gathered up her clothes and told Mark to follow. Mark gathered his things and caught up to Tracy and took her hand as she led them up the narrow walkway back to the mansion.

Tracy walked Mark to a stairway that led up to one of the master suites. Tracy turned around and put her finger to her lips as they saw people standing around the pool as they quietly walked up the stairway, naked.

They reached the second floor balcony and peered inside the windows and saw candles flickering near the bed. Tracy put her hands on the window and tried to cover her eyes from the glow of the moon.

"I think someone is in here!"

"Is this Hank's bedroom?"

"I didn't expect him to be in here with a house full of people. Let me see if I can get a better look."

Mark stood behind Tracy holding his clothes as she stepped to the next window and gasped. She turned and whispered to Mark.

"Hank's in there screwing someone!"

Mark whispered in return. "How do you know it's Hank?"

Tracy replied. I can barely see his face and his muscular arms. Wait for a minute and let me get a better look."

Mark waited as Tracy gasped again then stepped away from the window. "We'll have to wait until they are finished."

"Who is Hank with in there? Can you see who it is?"

Tracy took hold of Mark's arm as she hesitantly said. "I think it's your wife!"

Mark appeared alarmed at first and remembered that she was probably going to end up screwing Hank and some point tonight. He just didn't expect her to be screwing Hank with a house full of people.

Mark put his face next to the glass and peered inside and actually saw Faith's long blonde hair splayed out near the pillow.

"That's my wife, alright."

Mark accidentally dropped his shoes making a noise on the cement and backed away from the window. Tracy was laughing as she put her hand on his shirt and pants.

"You better set these down before you drop everything and we get caught out here."

Mark allowed Tracy to take his clothes as he peered back inside the room and could faintly hear Faith screaming then heard Hank grunt and knew they were both having their orgasms.

Tracy was rubbing Mark's back as he turned and kissed her lips. Tracy grabbed Mark's hard cock and stoked it as they kissed again. He reached out and pulled her slim little body toward him.

Tracy whispered as they kissed. "Lay down on the lounger and I'll climb on top."

Mark glanced over at the cushioned lounger then back at Tracy. "Won't the salt water irritate you?"

Tracy pushed Mark down on the lounger and laid his head back on the pillow.

"I'll be fine."

Tracy straddled Mark's legs and squatted until his cock was in line with her petite little ass. She reached between their legs and took hold of Mark's hard cock and guided it to her wet pussy and started to push her weight down on him until the head popped inside.

She starred into his eyes as she lowered herself on top of him and put her hands on his chest to guide her movements.

She leaned forward as Mark reached out and pulled her face down to his giving her a long passionate kiss as she worked her slim little ass around above his cock.

"Fuck me hard, Mark."

Mark grabbed her little ass and bounced her above his cock until she started to moan and shake and started to have an orgasm. Mark watched as her body shook above his lap as he tried to keep his cock from being dislodged from her tight pussy as she came.

Mark hadn't screwed Faith in about a month and couldn't hold back from shooting his load inside the petite blonde any longer and shut his eyes as he blasted his thick load of cum deep inside her tight wet pussy.

"I'm not on the pill, Mark!"

"Don't worry, I've had a vasectomy!"


Tracy rotated her hips and squeezed every last drop of cum out of his cock. Mark laughed as he commented on the way she tightened her pussy.

"You have a lot of talent!"

Tracy laughed and was about to make a comment in return as the light in the bedroom came on startling both Mark and Tracy. Tracy lifted herself off Mark high enough to glance inside the bedroom.

"They are getting dressed!"

Mark lay catching his breath as Tracy stood next to the lounger. "Come on, Mark. They are gone now."

Mark stood and gathered his clothes as Tracy reached inside her tiny purse and opened the door with her key. Tracy was picking up her things as Mark entered the bedroom. Candles were still flickering on the night stand and the room smelled of sex as Tracy walked in and shut the door.

Tracy pointed at the bed and saw the wet stains in the center of the bed. She laid her things down and motioned to Mark to follow her into the bathroom. She turned on the water in the shower and pulled Mark into the stall where they both washed the salt water off there bodies.

Hank held onto Faith's hand tight as they approached the group of distinguished looking men. Hank got the attention of a grey haired man in his mid sixties and waited for him to excuse himself from the group of men.

Hank whispered to the man to follow him into the library where it would be quieter so they could speak.

"Mr. Davis. I'd like for you to meet the woman I told you about. This is Faith."

Hank pulled on Faith's hand so that she stood directly in front of the man as he smiled at her and extended his hand out to greet her.

"So you're the beautiful blonde housewife Hank told me all about. It's really a pleasure to finally meet you tonight."

Faith smiled as he kissed her hand. He starred at her with hungry eyes as he glanced over at Hank and winked then said.

"I take it she's nice and fresh at the moment. I'm I right, Hank?"

Hank smiled back with assurance and replied. "That's right, Mr. Davis. Faith was freshly fucked about five minutes ago."

Faith was stunned as she stepped back away from the grey haired man and looked at Hank with an open mouth and wondered what was going on as he reached out and held her arm and said.

"Relax. Mr. Davis has been trying to get his wife to fuck a black guy for years but she would never agree."

Faith still appeared stunned as she replied. "I still don't understand. How could you say such a thing?"

Hank was about to reply but Mr. Davis interrupted and stepped forward to take Faith's hand again.

"Please let me explain the situation to you, my dear. Hank has told me a considerable amount about you and made a promise to me that I could have a little peek at you after you've enjoyed that huge black cock."

Faith pulled her hand away and looked at Hank. "I still don't understand what's going on here!"

Hank stepped next to Faith and quickly put his arm around her waist. She starred over at the man who was starring at her with gleaming eyes as Hank tried to explain the situation a little clearer.

"You see, Honey. Mr. Davis has a fetish about tasting a beautiful blonde housewife after she has been truly enjoyed by her black lover. Mr. Davis is the person financing our whole project and will be paying us our share of the profits which will excide fifty five million dollars. The contract I signed with you and your husband will entitle you to roughly twenty seven million!"

Faith just stood there for a few moments as she let that sink into her head then hesitantly looked at Mr. Davis and said.

"I'm sorry to hear that your wife won't agree to your fetish."

Faith put her arm around Hank and began rubbing his back as she continued saying. "Hank and I have been seeing each other for a long time now."

Mr. Davis starred intensively at Faith as his eyes traveled from her head down to her heeled feet. He focused in on her legs then smiled as he appeared to notice something.

"It appears as if you're still leaking some of Hanks seed from your pussy, my dear."

Faith leaned over and saw a tiny wet trail of wetness above her knee on her inner thigh. Faith smiled and looked back at Hank.

"I think I need to wash this off."

Mr. Davis interrupted as she was about to turn and walk away. "It would give me great pleasure if you gave me the honors of cleaning you up this evening." Faith starred at Mr. Davis then at Hank as Hank squeezed her waist and said. "I think Mr. Davis would like to lick your pussy."

Faith looked back at Mr. Davis who was smiling as he replied. "I couldn't have said that any better, Hank. May I?"

Hank looked into Faith's eyes as he squeezed her waist and said. "You can take Mr. Davis up to my room and allow him to do the honor for you, honey."

Faith appeared reluctant but took Mr. Davis's hand as she started to walk out of the library. Mr. Davis stopped in his tracks and pointed at Hank as he said.

"Would there be anyway possible that I might experience a little session with the both of you tonight?"

Hank thought for a moment then replied. "Why don't you and Faith go up and enjoy her cream pie and I'll be up as soon as I mingle with the crowd a little?"

Mr. Davis smiled with gleaming eyes. "Splendid! We'll see you soon!"

Mark held the towel on Tracy's head as he dried her hairy as she playfully reached around her back and pulled on his cock until it was hard.

"We're never going to get back to the party if you keep this up!"

Tracy laughed as she spun around and put her arms around Mark giving him a kiss. She playfully rubbed her nose against his and said. "I don't really think anyone will miss us."

"Hank mentioned that he was to introduce me to this guy putting all the money into the project. His name is Davis."

"I met him this morning. He's a kinky old guy in his sixties. He kept starring at me the whole time we talked like he wanted to bed me."

"That sounds like a great idea to me!"

They kissed again as Tracy thought back when she met Mr. Davis. "Hank almost had me talked into having a threesome with this guy this morning."

"You're kidding me?"

"It seems as if this Davis guy is real kinky about seeing a white woman with a black man. He actually thought I was someone else when we met until Hank told him that I wasn't the woman he spoke about."

Mark kissed Tracy one more time before making a suggestion.

"I think we better get out stuff out of here and find another bedroom in case someone comes in here."

Tracy hung on Mark's neck as she kept her arms around his neck saying. "Why don't you carry me next door to the guest suite?"

Mark laughed. "I better pick up out clothes."

Tracy let go of his neck as Mark leaned down and handed her the dress and heels while reaching out to pick up his shoes and kissed her one more time as they started to walk out of the bathroom.

The bedroom light suddenly went on and they heard a door shut. Tracy pointed to a closet next to the bathroom door and they quickly got inside before anyone saw them.

Tracy quickly placed her hand over Mark's mouth and whispered. "I know my way around in here, just be very quiet!"

Mark could barely see in the darkness as she took hold of his hand and led him through the long close until she stopped short of another door. Mark could see light under the door as she leaned her mouth near his ear and whispered.

"This door is another entrance to the closet from the bedroom. Let me see if I can take a peek without getting caught."

Tracy carefully opened the door open and peeked out. The bed stood about twenty feet away and gently closed the door back and turned to Mark.

"It's your wife and she is with that Mr. Davis you were talking about."

Faith stood next to the bed waiting for Mr. Davis to tell her what he wanted her to do while he unbuttoned his shirt and took off his shoes. She watched as he climbed onto the bed, first sniffing the area where Hank's cum had stained the sheet.

"This is so lovely! This must be where Hank's cum leaked out of your pussy?"

Mr. Davis lay back on the pillow and wiggled his fingers. "Leave your clothes on and come and sit on my face."

Faith got on the bed and straddled his chest and scooted her legs up until her crotch was just inches from his face. Mr. Davis put his hands on her ass and raised the hem of her short dress until her bare pussy was exposed.

He took a deep breath though his nose. "You smell so delicacies."

Mr. Davis pulled her forward until he was able to stick his tongue inside her pussy slit. He began licking the wet puffy slit with his tongue and tasted the aroma of Hank's cum and her own sweet nectar.

He pulled on Faith's ass until he had his nose buried in her mound. His tongue was working hard inside her pussy like a starved man who hadn't eaten in days. Faith closed her eyes as she felt his tongue touching her clit and pushed down hoping there was still some of Hank's cum inside her that would leak out and make Mr. Davis a happy man.

Mr. Davis kept his tongue buried inside Faith's pussy as his hands roamed up and rubbed her belly. She kept grinding her hips down onto his face listening to him moan as if he were in pain.

He was enjoying this! His hands moved around until he rubbed her ass then down to her pretty thighs. He wanted to touch everything that Hank touched. His hands soon rose again only this time he cupped her giant boobs. Faith listened to him moaning and grunting as if he were screwing her himself. He then slowly slid them down her waist until he was holding her ass.

Faith closed her eyes. She was going to cum. She could feel her orgasm building as her legs began to shake. Her whole body trembled as Mr. Davis held her thighs. She came as she pushed her body down onto his face.

Mark could hear his wife groaning as she came above Mr. Davis's face. He couldn't see what was going on because Tracy was the one peeking out the tiny crack.

"What are they doing? Is he screwing my wife?"

"No. She's sitting on his face!"

Mark took a look himself and saw the elderly man on his back with his wife above his face. She was still dressed and wondered why Faith was in bed with this guy.

Faith got off Mr. Davis's face and starred down at him while he wiped his chin and smiled up at her.

"That was so wonderful, my dear! I wish I could have gotten my wife to fuck a black man when she was younger. I had dreams of seeing her knocked up with a black baby. Unfortunately, she would have divorced me if I ever mentioned such a thing to her."

"I'd like to wash up a little before Hank arrives. Would you mind if I use the bathroom?"

"Will you allow me to do the honors of taking off your dress before you disappear into the bathroom?"

Faith smiled as she stood along the edge of the bed and waited for Mr. Davis to come around and take off her dress. He gently tugged and pulled on the thin material until it cleared her head and he stood back and admired her succulent body with wide eyes.

"May I touch your breasts?"

Faith giggled as she put her arms down and watched as Mr. Davis moved his hands across her full natural large breasts. He starred at her body with lust in his eyes. He caressed her boobs and starred at her long blonde hair then slowly moved one hand down and set the palm of his hand on her warm belly.

He backed away from her so he could take all of her beautiful body in then reached out and took hold of her left hand and examined her large diamond engagement ring.

"Your husband is a lucky man to have a wife as gorgeous as you. You're such a wonderful specimen of a fine young married woman."

Faith blushed as she smiled listening to his compliments about her. Mr. Davis kissed her hand then got down on his knees and looked up into her eyes.

"This may sound a little absurd to you but I would appreciate it very much if you will pretend to be my wife once Hank arrives."

Faith smiled as she looked down at Mr. Davis who was starring back at her with pleading eyes.

"I'd love to if that would make you happy, Mr. Davis."

"Please call me Larry."

"OK. Larry. You can be my husband tonight."

Larry continued to hold Faith's hand as he starred up into her beautiful eyes. He was moving his fingers over her wedding rings as he hesitantly spoke.

"Would you do me one more favor, my dear?"

Faith smiled and shook her head and waited for his request.

"Would you mind treating me like I'm your cuckold husband tonight? Perhaps you could make me lick your pussy and get it ready for your black lover?"

Larry nervously asked Faith for another request as he remained on his knees.

"Would it be possible to allow me to touch you while you're enjoying your boyfriends cock?"

Faith had to think about that request for a moment then finally shook her head that it was fine. Mr. Davis got off his knees and kissed her on the cheek. Faith extended her arms out and surprised Mr. Davis when she circled her arms around his shoulders and laid a nice wet open mouth kiss on his lips.

It was the least that she could do for the man that was going to make her a wealthy woman along with her husband. She smiled as she walked away and went to wash up in the bathroom.

Tracy and Mark were laughing in the closet and trying not to make any noise as they thought about what they just heard from Mr. Davis. Tracy's kissed Mark and she stroked his cock.

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