Operation: Final Fantasy


"Here, try some of my mahi-mahi," she said, holding up her fork.

"Wow. That is really good! I think I ordered the wrong thing," Ryan chuckled.

Trixie smiled, "We still have plenty of time; we just got here. There's always next time."

"I suppose it's too late to add into our contract that you have to trade me your food if I ask for it?"

She playfully looked into his eyes while taking another bite, "Yep, too late. Besides I said nothing kinky. That would infer you're my Master. We can't have that, now can we, tiger?"

Ryan stifled a laugh, "I have a feeling you're gonna keep me on my toes."

Trixie seductively looked at him, moving her straw up and down in her tequila sunrise, "More than you know. But I guarantee, you'll love it."

On their way back to the hotel, Trixie could tell he was anxious. She could read men like a book, and knew Ryan was ready for her. In a way, she was relieved. She was in new territory; it was the first time she'd been with a client who went this long without having sex with her.

Just before they reached the hotel, Ryan did something unexpected, "Wait right here." He briskly walked off and stopped at one of the local vendors.

Trixie stayed put but he was still within her sight; she could see him buying something but couldn't tell what it was. Something pink, it looked like.

Ryan came back to her holding a small pink flower. He smiled at her, lifting up the flower. "Hold still. You know," he said while putting the flower on her right side of her hair, "they say the flower up here on the right side means you are still available. If I were to put it on your left side, it would mean you were married. Or, at least, you were taken."

Trixie beamed a radiant smile. Her eyes were misting up; she kept blinking, hoping Ryan wouldn't notice. If he did notice, he didn't say anything to her. As he placed it in her hair, she noticed he had that far away look in his eyes, even though he was looking right at her. It was the most passionate look she had ever seen from any man, and it was directly at her... but in a way, it seemed to go right through her. She couldn't figure out why.

"That is so sweet, Ryan," She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, slowly and passionately. She smiled inwardly as she heard a soft groan of satisfaction escape his lips and felt his body relax.

Ryan took her by the hand and practically dragged her to the resort. "Ryan!" she laughed. "Slow down! You're going to make my flip flops fall off!"

As quickly as he had her into the hotel and on the bed, he began to work slowly on her body. He began by kissing her on the lips, but slowly worked his way down to her chest. Every few inches he kissed her body, working down to her stomach. She caressed his head and opened her legs. Her mouth was open, eyes closed, and her breathing quickened. His soft lips were all over her body. She was aching for him.

After what felt like an eternity, he crawled up on her, lifting her hula skirt up and sliding her panties off and down her legs. Trixie had his shorts off of his waist in no time. Propping her legs up, she reached behind him and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer to her.

Ryan was breathing hard. She could practically feel him shaking while he hovered over her. "I need it, please. Give it to me," she whispered.

He slowly slid himself inside, gazing into her beautiful eyes the entire time. She gasped. It was amazing at how well he fit inside her. Her hands ran up the side of his body. Gently, she held the side of his face as he pumped her back and forth.

"Darling, oh darling," he whispered. Shivers ran down her spine.

She almost felt lost in his eyes. But she could see the way he was looking back at her was different. He had that look again. It was more than just a look of desire and adoration. He looked at her with love. Absolute pure love. But somehow, she knew it wasn't for her. Not exactly. She couldn't explain it.

She wrapped her legs around him tighter which was just enough to set him off; he thrust hard and deep, moaning as he exploded deep inside her. Trixie almost had an orgasm, but even though she didn't, the experience was still unbelievable. She was at a loss for words. Oh shit, she thought, biting her lower lip. How on earth did I forget to make him wear a condom?

She felt like she was losing her mind. She had never, EVER forgotten something so important. Madeline had confirmed that he had a clean bill of health, and Trixie was on birth control, but making a mistake that significant wasn't something she had done before with a client. Ever.

Then again Ryan wasn't like anyone else she had ever been with -- client or otherwise. Even though he had just cum in her, she still had him wrapped up with her legs and arms and didn't want to let him go. Part of her didn't care that his cum had been fired deep inside her. Even after realizing the mistake she made. What's happening to me?

Ryan was content laying on top of her, without smashing her of course, his head on her chest between her breasts. She could hear him breathing deeply as he recovered. Trixie stroked his hair and held him tight, but she was afraid. As amazing as that was, how could she have done something so, so stupid? How did she let one guy get in her head so easily and why was she only realizing this now?

And most importantly, who was the girl Ryan thinking about when he was with her? Who was the fortunate girl that captured his heart, and where was she?


When Ryan went to the bathroom to clean up, she lay on her back and looked up at the twirling ceiling fan. She felt peaceful as her body slowly continued to recover. "With or Without You" by U2 was playing in the background.

Trixie took the flower out of her hair. She took a moment to admire every single petal, observing how the light pink color made a subtle transition into a darker shade of pink. Even the fragrant smell of the flower was breathtaking.

With the pink flower in her hand, she looked up to make sure Ryan was still in the bathroom, and he was. She bit her lower lip, putting the flower carefully back in her hair, on the left side.

She smiled to herself. She was a little nervous but figured he wouldn't notice. He was very smart, but she had already deduced that he was not an overly observant person.

Besides, the flower in her hair only meant that she was taken just until the following Tuesday, and not one minute later.

And then she'd turn into a pumpkin.

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