tagLesbian SexOptions Ch. 03

Options Ch. 03


Options III: Unplanned Options

It was so difficult to concentrate on her classes. For over two weeks Stacy remembered Barb's kiss. Before she stepped from the dorm shower, before Barb grabbed her by the back of the neck, before Barb's full, warm lips smothered her own, Stacy's thoughts often turned to the sensual. But in that breathtaking contact she found a focal point for her latest fantasies.

Ever since she and Morgan, her best friend growing up, had "discovered" sex together Stacy clung to the memories. Morgan's kiss had been such a soft touch, but one that set off the powder keg of Stacy's budding sexuality. The sight of Morgan's lips on Stacy's breasts, the touch of her delicate fingertips between Stacy's thighs, the incredible pleasure of giving and receiving oral love replayed over and over in Stacy's mind. And when she had a new infatuation, as she did now with Barbara, it was a simple matter to insert her fantasy lover into the mental play.

She removed her glasses and rubbed the low bridge of her petit nose. A furtive glance confirmed that she was alone in her usual nook of the library. Her fingers went to the nape of her neck, to the spot where, coincidentally, she could still feel Barbara's firm hand. She stroked the sensitive little spot and her nipples stiffened. Stacy sat back with a deep sigh, closed her eyes and let her hand trail down her shoulder. It grazed the edge of a breast and tickled its way along her ribs. Her fingertips traced the waistband of her sweatpants before moving lower. And all the while she dreamt of Barb's lips, so full and soft, enflaming her skin where—

"Hi, Stace!"

Stacy startled and jerked her wrist away, only to bang it against the underside of the heavy table. "Ow."

"Shhh, Shell," Barb admonished in a hiss. "Indoor voice."

"Oh, hey, Shelly." Stacy glanced at the vee of Shelly's jeans then averted her eyes. "Hey, Barb," she mumbled, staring at Barbara's sensuous lips. Stacy looked at her books as her face reddened.

Shelly eyed Barb and winked. "So, Stacy," she began, "do you get Orgas—, uh, I mean, Organic Chemistry?"

"Sure, Ah mean, like, mostly. Why're y'all askin'? Ya havin' trouble?"

Shelly paused. She and Stacy shared two passionate nights together, before Barbara of course. The genteel Southern accent from that beautiful Asian face made her heart race then, just as was doing now. It was just so damned sexy!

"Well," she continued, more composed, "I didn't get the last lecture. And I—"

"We—" Barb corrected.

"Yeah, sorry. We were wondering if you'd come by some night this week. To our room. To help me study."

"Gee, I dunno . . ." Stacy regretted her response the moment she uttered it.

"Please?" Barb pouted.

"Yeah, Stacy. We'd love to have you." There was a spark in Shelly's eyes that Stacy found intriguing and, perhaps, a little familiar.

"Um, 'kay, sure. When?"

The couple exchanged a look and a nod. Then Shelly offered, "How 'bout Friday? Like, seven?"

"'Kay, sure." Stacy tried to meet Barb's eyes again, and failed again. By this time a damp heat asserted itself, slipping downward from the pit of her tummy. Stacy breathed deeply and exhaled. Barb eyed the rise and fall of Stacy's chest and wondered how sweet her breasts would look totally nude.

"Good," Shelly giggled. "You mind?" she asked, reaching for the phone next to Stacy's pile of books.

The girl answered, "Naw, it's okay."

"'Kay, here's my cell," the blonde murmured. She keyed in her number and connected. Her phone rang, "And now I have yours."

"And miiine," Barbara said, not wanting to be excluded.

"And Barb's. Oh, and here's, like, our room phone, too, 'kay?"

"'Kay." Stacy crossed her legs under the table, but all that did was squeeze her swelling flesh. It felt so good that she sighed again.

"Jeez, Shelly, we're just down the hall," Barb stated. She rolled her eyes.

"I'll have to give you a cool ring tone, Stace," Shelly mumbled to her phone.

Barb watched Stacy for a moment and whispered, "We ought to let you get back to studying." She bent down and brushed her thick lips against Stacy's ear. "See you Friday." The girl shivered, and her nipples pressed into the worn cotton sweatshirt. She hunched forward to hide them and hoped it was not obvious.

Shelly noticed the effect Barb had on Stacy's body. Her mouth watered as she recalled suckling Stacy's thick brown nipples until the girl came.

"Yeah." Shelly's fingertips touched the back Stacy's neck, a strategic, particular spot on Stacy's neck. The sensation raced down Stacy's spine and lodged in her melting sex. "See you Friday." Stacy's skin burned long after the fingers retreated.

Shelly straightened. "Babs?"

"Shell?" Then to Stacy, they chimed, "Bye."

"See all y'all latah." She watched both of their bottoms sway as they walked down the aisle. Shelly bumped Barb's hip and Barb play-pushed her. Stacy thought Barb's ponytail seemed a touch more red that she remembered but before she could be sure they disappeared around the corner of the book cases.

She imagined what it would be like to be taken by them both, to have her breasts and pussy licked the way Shelly had done her, and to lose her breath in Barb's wet, hot kisses at the same time. She swung her crossed leg under the table and felt her hood glide along the length of her throbbing clit. Her labia slithered together in a wet friction that left her pulse racing.

She knew she should stop. It would be so simple to wait until she got back to her room. But it felt too good, so she swung her leg harder and faster. Seconds later she could not stop, and in short minutes more she had to grip the heavy oak tabletop and bite her lip to keep silent. The rolling wave of her climax broke, engulfing her body in its delicious embrace.

Her eyes shut and she curled forward until her face was just inches above the tabletop. Two very erect nipples pressed through the cotton sweatshirt into the polished wood, spreading luscious tingles that mixed with the orgasmic tidewater. The girl choked back moans, and gasped instead to the rhythm of her sweet spasms. Stray wisps of hair puffed in time with her ragged breathing. At last, and too soon, her peak tapered off and passed.

There was no way she could study now. Stacy just hoped she could make it back to the dorm before her knees failed her. She knew she would end up as she had for the last several nights; masturbating again and again with delicious thoughts of making love to Barbara's gorgeous lips, and the rest of her lush body. Only tonight the fantasies would include Shelly, too.

* * * * * * *

Stacy closed her eyes and cradled Shelly's head, wanting her. Shelly resisted, lifted the straps over Stacy's rounded shoulders and peeled the bra down to expose two heavy breasts. Then she pushed the girl back onto the bed, wriggled into a better position and spent several minutes nibbling the soft skin, flowing curves and swollen tips of Stacy's chest.

Barbara watched. She caressed her own breasts and almost immediately her eyes glazed with lust and she moaned. Stacy knew how erotic the sight two women together could be. She sighed at the pleasure of Shelly's lips and knew the scene stoked Barb's desire. Having an audience turned up the heat within Stacy's sopping vagina.

Barb moved forward and sat on the edge of the bed. She caressed Shelly's back and told her, "You two are so damn hot!" Stacy looked up with a shy smile as Shelly moaned softly around a hard nubbin. Stacy's eyes lingered on Barb's hair. There was the reddish tint she noticed before; the way it framed her face looked just so beautiful.

Inexorably, Stacy focused once more on Barb's mouth. She saw Barb lick her lips, saw her swallow, and lean closer. As their faces moved together the girl closed her eyes and whimpered in delight. Stacy kept one palm on the back of Shelly's head, guiding and encouraging more nipple worship. Her other hand slid over Barbara's shoulder to her nape and pulled her harder into the kiss.

Oh, God! Those lips are sooo perfect, the brunette thought.

Stacy would have been completely lost in kissing Barbara had Shelly's mouth not been paying homage to her body. Her mind bounced back and forth between the competing, complimentary sensations. She would shiver from the soft swipe of Barb's tongue in her mouth. The very next moment Shelly would swab her stiff nipple and puckered areola and Stacy's tummy would quiver with delight.

Stacy sucked on the thick swell of her lover's full upper lip, tracing Cupid's bow with her tongue before easing it into Barbara's sigh. Shelly had licked her way from one nipple and ran her tongue along the line where Stacy's left breast joined her abdomen. The blond trailed tiny wet kisses all across Stacy's chest, covering her breasts while avoiding her swollen brown buds. The denied pleasure heightened their collective need.

Stacy groaned, deep and breathy, into Barb's mouth. Shelly's hand wandered up and down Stacy's tummy. Stacy reached for one of Barbara's breasts, rolled a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and heard the redhead moan. In return, Barb played the back of Stacy's neck as though fingering a violin. Her head lolled back into Barbara's caress.

"Ohmyyy," she gasped in her soft Southern lilt. She tried to return to their kiss but Barb had already moved. Stacy felt another mouth, a different mouth, trapping a free nipple. Barb's fleshy lips and hard tongue triggered electric tingles that raced through Stacy's body.

Shelly traversed Stacy's tummy with a languid trail of soft, sucking kisses. It was plain what she wanted, what she needed, from the girl. Her hand reached into the sweatpants and descended until she felt the turgid flesh accept her fingertip.

Stacy whimpered. With nothing but the whisper of wet lips working on her body, her vocal expression of pleasure sounded so loud it almost drowned out the beat of her heart. One long finger prodded her G and she convulsed. Her hips thrust, wanting to be ravaged, but Shelly only toyed with her.

"Babs, guess who's not wear-ring any pan-ties," Shelly sang.

Barb lifted herself from Stacy's pert, textured areola and looked at Shelly, whose hand slid along Stacy's stomach. Her middle finger left a wet line.

"Let me see."

Shelly pulled on the waistband and gave Barbara a glimpse. "See?"

Stacy giggled

Barb looked at the slight curve of the smooth skin and the edge of an intimate tuft of black hair. She gazed into Stacy's face with a wicked grin. "Well, aren't we the naughty little slut?"

"Uh, huh. Jus' yore l'il ole drippin' wet slut. What're all y'all gonna do about it? Kiss me again, baby?"

The two young women ravished Stacy. Barbara took her with passion, kissing her, sucking her lips, tonguing her mouth. Both of Barbara's hands were all over the girl's full breasts and paid special attention to the sensitive, dark nipples. Still wet from the prolonged licking, they slipped between Barb's fingers as she rolled and twisted. Tingling pleasure radiated outward from Stacy's chest and ricocheted in all directions before finding her clitoris.

Shelly's tongue circled Stacy's navel while her hand caressed and stroked between the girl's legs. She worked through the sweatpants but that was not enough. Shelly stopped, leaned onto her elbows and tugged.

Stacy lifted her hips, dying for more. She loved Barbara's mouth on hers, loved that Barb had become more forceful, more insistent. She hoped that Shelly would stop teasing her pussy, though, and would devour it with as much hunger as Barb exhibited. She looked down at the blonde's lovely face and noticed her glazed stare.

Shelly eyed the fluttering tummy, the trim hips, and the dark triangle of thin hair that could not quite conceal the plump pink lips or their glistening proclamation of Stacy's arousal. Shelly pulled the pants down over smooth thighs, past the cute knees and stopped around the ankles. She placed one palm on the girl's lower tummy and used her other to caress the leg muscles and trace Stacy's hipline. Shelly resumed her trail of kisses at the knees and moved higher with what Stacy thought was infuriating sloth.

"Damn, baby, I need somethin' more," Stacy gasped in Shelly's direction. "Now!"

Barb smiled and told her, "She'll make it worth the wait." She grabbed a thick handful of hair at the back of Stacy's skull and kissed her hard. Then Barbara pulled back to expose Stacy's neck and descended on it with licks and kisses and nibbles. Her free hand played with the girl's chest.

Stacy's intake of breath was as sharp as the touch of Barbara's incisors against her throat. She gasped again as Shelly panted between her trembling thighs, the small puffs of warm breath caressing her swollen folds. The tip of a hot tongue licked along the crease of her leg. She shifted her hips towards the contact, hoping Shelly would get the message and stop torturing her.

"OhmyGod, hurry, Shelly. Mmm, Barb, theah. Ye-ah, bite me theah, Jus' like that, baby. Ooo!" The girl's cries were an intoxicating blend of sighs and whimpers seasoned with liberal dashes of desire. She drew ever closer to her moment.

Barb had staked her claim on all of Stacy's upper body. Her sensuous lips kept the girl contented as their kisses grew more feverish. Their mouths devoured each other with an arsenal of lips and tongues.

With one hand Barbara manipulated Stacy's head so she could have her way with the brunette, could possess her and drive her wild with passion. Her free hand pleasured Stacy's nipples, and more. She caressed and stroked the smooth skin, dragged her fingernails over some of the less sensitive areas, and still managed to elicit gasps and trigger goosebumps. Between the kissing, the breast play, and the anticipation of Shelly's oral antics, Stacy felt her natural lubrication shift into overdrive.

Stacy became so wet that she knew Shelly had to be enveloped by a cloud of musky perfume. She hoped it would turn her on enough to end the teasing. Then she felt warm, wet lips kiss her labia. Shelly sipped and sucked the burning petals into her mouth. The Southern girl moaned and her pelvis lurched. Shelly took hold of both hips and held them steady as her oral assault grew earnest.

Her tongue parted the last unopened bit of Stacy's pussy. She licked up and down the length of the warm slit, circled the hood and ran her tongue downward to the opening. She repeated the route again and again; each time she dug a little deeper, lingered a little longer, circled a little harder. Once, when she reached Stacy's vulva, she closed her mouth over the girl's tender, swollen sex. The tongue drove Stacy wild with a host of contrasting sensations; soft and hard, smooth and course, thin and broad. Shelly's lips clamped onto wet skin and she started a soft suckling.

Stacy ripped her face from Barbara's kiss. "Oh, shit, Shelly, that's so . . . oh!. . . damn . . . swee . . . eet." She could only speak in time to Shelly's deep sucks. "Aaah. Gawd, Barb . . . oh, shit . . . you're . . . mmm . . . right grrrl. So . . . worth . . . the . . . wai—oooh, fuck!"

Shelly's incessant mouth gulped at Stacy's rising passion. When the puffy labia and flowing sex weren't enough, Shelly amused herself with the protruding clit. It was slippery and slick, and throbbed against Shelly's tongue. She used a broad, flat stroke to stimulate Stacy's glistening pearl and the surrounding flesh. Then she drew in most of the pink folds and somehow managed to reach her tongue upward at the same time. Powerful shudders rocked Stacy's body.

"See, I told you she's worth the wait," Barb huffed into Stacy's ear. Her pride at Shelly's oral technique was obvious. "Is she doing that thing where she sucks your pussy into her mouth and tongues your clit at the same time?"

"Oooh, mm hmm!"

"Yeah, I love that," she admitted as she palmed the firm mounds and her fingertips pinched the girl's thick nipples.

"Ye-ah . . . yeee . . . aaah, oooh, Gawd . . . ye-ah!"

"Oh, baby," Barbara cooed, "You're gonna cum, aren't you?"

"Ye— Yeees . . . oh, fuck! Ungh . . . na . . . na . . . oooh-nooow!" Stacy's body grew rigid. Her legs tightened and shook around Shelly's head.

"Mmm, wait'll she fucks you with her long tongue. You're gonna cum so good and hard!" Barb covered Stacy's panting mouth and it opened to accept the redhead's tongue. In the next instant Shelly slid her tongue deep into the liquid core of Stacy's throbbing vagina. Her upper lip pressed the erect clitoris hard against pubic bone.

Stacy arched off the bed and gasped raggedly into Barb's kiss. Having her mouth and pussy filled by these awesome lovers proved too much for her. Colors danced behind her eyelids and powerful waves of electric heat raced through her quivering frame. For an incongruous instant the brunette reveled in how Shelly could suck her pussy, tongue fuck her and mash her clitty all at the same time. But the instant was gone just as quickly, replaced but a moment's lull and another cascading climax, stronger than the first.

"Shit, you're sooo hot!" Barb was staring into Stacy's face as the girl panted, gasped and blushed her way through the overwhelming cums. Barbara stood, ripped at the soaked crotch of her thong and swung a leg over Stacy.

"I need it, too, baby, so fucking bad," she told the girl as she lowered herself. Stacy caught Barb's scent, her lips opened and Barbara smeared them with her essence. Stacy mouthed the first bit of flesh she felt, and latched onto one swollen labia. She sucked it as the redhead settled with a soft moan.

Shelly kissed up and down Stacy's legs until the girl's skin grew less sensitive. Stacy knew Shelly had to be watching and decided to give her a proper show. Barb's nether lips stretched into Stacy's lurid suction. The tortured labia sprang from Stacy's mouth with a slurping sound. Her tongue reached out and ran back and forth between Barbara's clutching folds. Barb lowered her pelvis a little more. Her ass flexed and rippled as Stacy devoured Barb's swollen tip.

"That's it, baby. Oh, God, there, ungh, yeah . . . right . . . oooh, fuck, right there!"

"Shit, Barb," Shelly gasped, "Are you that close already?"

"Ungh, God . . . ooooh!"

"She's almost there, Stace!" Then Shelly dug her tongue into the molten depths of Stacy's sex. Her upper lip massaged the thick dome of the girl's clit. Shelly pushed the thighs wider. Stacy's ankles were still trapped in her sweatpants, so as her legs spread her feet moved up the bed. Stacy felt Shelly's hips begin a grinding rotation against the cloth-entangled lump of her feet.

"Mmm," Shelly moaned. The vibration on Stacy's clitoris made her shiver as she suckled the wet swell of Barb's hooded flesh. The threesome became single-minded as they surged towards fulfillment.

Shelly ground her athletic hips onto Stacy's feet. Barb tossed her head, making her hair fly. Some of it clung to the perspiration coating her neck. One of her hands was against the wall and the other played with her right nipple. She forced herself harder onto Stacy's luscious mouth and showed all the signs of an impending explosion.

With a sharp jerk Barbara pitched forward. She just caught herself before her head slammed into the wall. Her body shook as rolling pleasure pounded her insides.

"Ooooh, Gawd! OoohmyGod! Ungh . . . ungh . . .oooh," she chanted as her body convulsed. "Damn, Sta . . .cee! Yeeeah . . . yeeeah . . . yeee—aaah!" Barb's wide pelvis rocked back and forth on the fulcrum of Stacy's face. Her clit danced on the hard ridge of Stacy's arched tongue.

Stacy caught a flood of Barbara's steamy ambrosia. Shelly suckled Stacy's clit and half her pussy. Stacy felt Shelly's orgasm, too, as the blonde ground her mons into Stacy's feet. Her right arch dug between Shelly's thighs and Shelly rewarded her with a strangled cry of sexual fulfillment.

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