tagErotic CouplingsOral Exam Ch. 07

Oral Exam Ch. 07


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler and Company for the wonderful words of encouragement. If you haven't read the first six stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


"Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" Taryn wailed. I pummeled her from behind, banging the shit out of her little pussy. She was screaming filthy directives at me at full tilt, and I didn't care. Fuck the department! At the moment, I didn't give a shit who heard the sounds of our congress. Consequences, be damned! At this moment I only cared about the fuck! The words, the moans, the grunts were an indivisible part of that. Take them away and everything would be morphed into a vanilla shadow of the current truth. Taryn's words were the ultimate aphrodisiac. "Ram me. Ram ME! C'mon you goddamn bastard. Make me your fuckin' whore. Do you like my twat, my tasty little twat? Then fuck it like you mean it, Professor."

I am not sure where this version of Taryn came from, but I was sure enjoying it. Until now she had been a playful, little nympho, a delectable little tart that liked to tease and toy with my cock. And that was great. The world could always use more women like that. When I bent her over the desk, however, she became a changed and wanton woman. She moaned, writhed, and called out a string of obscenities that would make any civilized person faint. I guess I wasn't civilized. Instead, I fucked her – deep and hard -, as she demanded.

I stood behind Taryn, my cock thrusting away at her juicy, pink hole. Her teen pussy was so warm and tight, a snug satin glove clutching my dick. I felt that strange sensation a male can only get from fucking a pussy: total comfort and electric excitement wrapped up in a single erotic moment. Taryn was deliciously naked before me. I eyed her long, lithe body lying face down on my desk. Her eyes were wide-open in a feral, bestial state. She appeared delirious, and unaware of anything but the fuck. The fact that her head rested on my open, highlighted copy of Foucault's Discipline and Punish seemed strangely appropriate. Taryn's hand was underneath her, playing with her clit, strumming away at her crotch. Her fingers were a blur, as she jacked herself off. The quest for her orgasm would not be difficult.

Taryn's breaths were coming in ragged gasps, as she launched into her third orgasm of the evening. The first one seized her at the approximate moment I had inserted my dick into her pussy. She was that horny! The second occurred several minutes later, as we were still rutting, doggie-style, on my desk. It had been several minutes since number two. Since then, she had gone through several minor tremors and ripples. Now, though, it seemed that she was about to be hit by another biggie. Until now I hadn't felt in danger of cumming myself. Sure, Taryn felt great – her pussy was so juicy and tight – but I had already cum two other times that day. The first had been on the cold, tile floor of my dissertation advisor's office. My professor and I had clawed at each other, as I shot my load deep into her cunt. The second time had been with Taryn. She had given me a long, teasing blowjob that quickly took me to a zone of complete, lustful pleasure. The excitement became excruciating when my officemate, Cindy, came by to pick up her books. Taryn, who was hiding under my desk, played the dirty girl – the cheap slut. She took my cock into her mouth, as Cindy sat just a few feet away, oblivious. Cindy never saw Taryn on her knees, worshipping my turgid cock from under the desk. After Cindy left I couldn't take the delicious torture, so I painted Taryn's throat and face with ropes of my spunk.

Taryn looked so radiant beneath me, impaled on my cock. I drove into her again and again, pounding her cunt to a juicy froth. Her pussy was so slick and slippery. It was a warm vice that snuggly held my cock. The slapping of skin on skin was deeply erotic. It pushed me further, driving me harder into her steamy depths. Despite the open window, the office stank of sex. Her arousal filled my nose and made my eyes water. I could taste the tang of pussy on the air. If someone were to come in, it would be over. There would be no denying that I was fucking Taryn, a student, on top of my school-issued desk.

Her taut, athletic body twitched. "Uh, uh, unh. Oh god! UNH!!!" she gasped. I reached down and grabbed the rounded cheeks of her ass. I dug my fingers into her skin, mauling and groping Taryn's lean flesh with unbridled desire. I spanked her with my open palm. Thwack! She moaned for more. I brought my hand down three more times, reddening the muscular cheeks of her ass. Her orgasm took control as a guttural groan that escaped from her parted lips. The moan was low and lewd. Her hips bucked against me, rotating in a distorted spherical pattern.

That was all the motivation I needed. Taryn's orgasm pushed me to mine. I ran my hand up her supple back. A thin sheen of sweat coated her skin. Reaching the top of her neck, I slid my fingers up through her tousled, chestnut hair. I closed them, balling her hair in my fist, and then pulled tight. Flexing my arm, I pulled Taryn up and brought her to me. Groaning, Taryn's face turned to mine. Her eyes were glassy and encrusted with a fog of lust. Our lips locked, heatedly. Our hunger drove both of us into the other, forcing our tongues into a timeless duel. My arm wrapped around her, holding her close while enabling me to stroke her firm, teenage breasts. Her nipples stood alert and rock hard, against my searching, tweaking fingers. We were standing now, her hands still bracing her sweat-covered body against my desk. My cock drove into her from an upward angle. We were now engaged – full throttle – in a furious, standing fuck. "Oh God! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh shit, oh fuck" Taryn dully moaned. With every thrust my engorged cock, she gasped and rose up on her toes. She tossed her head from side to side, whipping her hair violently. At first the movement of our union was fluid, but soon my hips began to buck awkwardly in a spasmodic and jerky motion. I couldn't think; all rational or intellectual thought fled my brain. There was only the sexy woman and her even sexier cunt that I was fucking. No more! Streams of cum issued forth from my dick, flooding her pussy. The tension drained from my body, as I ground my cock into her with a final shaky thrust. Life was certainly good.

For a moment the world went black. My eyes fluttered open, and I realized I lay on top of Taryn, my weight bearing down on her. We both were still gasping from the fuck, trying to find our base line of breath. My head was buried in her hair. A scent of sweet, raspberry shampoo co-mingled with the acrid scent of sweat. I gently kissed her ear, licking and sucking on her earlobes. I felt calm, peaceful, at ease. I had given her everything I could. The fuck took everything out of me. Afterward, there was only pure, tired bliss.


It was now dark outside. Taryn had left my office a few minutes earlier. While I would have liked to engage in more post-coital cuddling, my office was not the best (or most comfortable) place for that sort of thing. We had made quite a mess. Several books, papers, and pens had been thrown haphazardly to the floor. A mixed pool of our cum puddled on the desk. I wiped it up, while thinking of the last few minutes Taryn and I spent together.

She had said, still bent over the desk with my weight pressing down on her, "Whoa! That was incredible." I could tell that she was still recovering. She wiped away the sweat beading on her forehead. Her voice was low and breathy, from our previous exertion. "Damn! You can do that whenever you want, Professor. You have an open invitation to visit my dorm room."

I chuckled and rose off of her. I pulled my cock out of her cunt, and in doing so I uncorked the mixed flow of our juices. It ran freely from her pussy onto my desk. I stood up straight and stretched. Another beautiful girl, freshly fucked by yours truly, was bent over my grad student desk. Where were these crazy coeds when I was in my under-grad years? I guess they were busy fucking their instructors. Whatever. It was my turn now.

"I agree, Taryn. That was absolutely amazing. I am not sure quite where that came from. When I got inside of you everything unleashed. You looked so beautiful lying there beneath me, waiting for me to take you. I just couldn't hold back. You were very hot, and I wanted you so desperately."

Taryn stood up off the desk. Flaky, white cum was still encrusted on her face. She said, "You know Professor – I hear, from a nameless source, you like being called that – I am not totally sure where that came from, either. I know I loved blowing you. You cock felt so good in my mouth. It was even hotter when we were almost caught. While under your desk, I couldn't control myself. I knew I shouldn't, but your cock was dangling just a few inches from my face. How could I resist? I felt so naughty slurping on it while you were talking to your friend. I couldn't hold back, either. I had to play with myself while sucking you off. I was totally jilling-off under your desk. Did you know that? I even came once from my fingers rubbing against my clit. It took everything I had not to moan. I was so turned on. I could only suck your cock harder to keep from making a sound."

She blushed. I couldn't believe it; this sexy college coed was embarrassed. I took her in another time, really appreciating her naked, teenage beauty. She was so cute. I had to have her one more time, but in a different way. I moved close to her and kissed her full on the lips. I held her to me for a moment and then slid my hands to her hips. I picked Taryn up by the waist and set her back down on my desk. Her legs wrapped around me, and we continued to kiss. I must have set her down in the puddle, since she squealed, "Ooh that's cold. And slimy." I smiled and apologized. Taryn looked at me and said, "You don't ever have to apologize, after the amazing fucking that you just gave me."

I leaned in to take her left breast into my mouth. It was so firm and soft; there's nothing quite like teenage tits. I circled her nipple with my tongue, and then bit it gently. Her tits seemed to be very sensitive. I could stay like this all day, but I had something else I needed to do – desperately. "Fair 'nough," I said, "But the same goes for you too. No apologies, ever. I hope it is ok, Taryn, but I must have you one more time. I have been derelict in professorial duties. Now spread your legs."

Taryn did, while biting her lip. She was adorable.

I spoke again; "There is something that I absolutely must do. I can't believe that I haven't done it already."

"Oh?" Taryn queried, cocking one eyebrow. She looked strangely pure, despite having her well-screwed cunt splayed open before me, "What is that, you dirty, dirty, filthy boy?"

Taryn was so cute. She was a seductive mixture of teen innocence, coed playfulness, and slut horniness. She played each role at the same time with unaware virtuosity. The roles floated in and out, making every moment with her real, unpredictable, and original. I carefully studied her face for a moment and whispered, "This." I placed my discarded jeans beneath me and kneeled on the tile floor. My face was level with Taryn's freshly fucked, teen pussy. She was shaved clean, except for a small decorative tuft of hair. Taryn's puffy pussy lips were open and inviting, while still thick with arousal. Cum drooled from the inside of her molten hole. It was so erotic knowing that I had fueled her desire. It was so hot understanding that I had revved up her beautiful, teeny-bopper cunt. Taryn was hot, horny, and aroused. I could tell that she desperately needed to get off one more time. She lowered her eyes, muttered softly, and then trailed off, "Umm, I don't know about that...."

I was genuinely surprised, "What? Why?"

She looked at me a little confused. Hesitantly, she said, "You know, um, that you came inside of me? Your cum is in my pussy."

I looked at her with as much sincerity as I could muster. My voice was low, almost at a whisper, "Yes Taryn. I know, but that makes kneeling before you even sexier. I want to taste you and what we just did. I want to run my tongue along your pussy lips and drink in your juices. I want to taste your arousal. I need to bring you a taste of the pleasure you gave to me. Is that ok, Taryn? Can I lick your beautiful, little cunt?"

Taryn turned a deep shade of crimson. Her mouth moved, but little sound came out. Taryn spoke in such a low tone that she was barely audible, "Yes, I would like that very much. I would like to feel your tongue inside of me. Please do so, Professor." Where was the animalistic slut that had exploded on my cock just a few minutes ago? How had she faded so quickly into a demure and embarrassed college coed? Even more mysterious, I had never seen this side of Taryn before. I didn't know it existed. On both previous encounters, she had propositioned me. Taryn had definitely been the sexual aggressor. This was out of place, unless....

"Taryn, has anyone eaten your pussy before?" I asked.

She gasped and blurted out before she could censor her thought, "Is it that obvious? Oh, shit. I'm sorry. I don't want to be bad."

"No, no, no. Don't apologize. Do you want me to go through with this? You just are so beautiful, and I want to make you feel good. Is this ok? I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable..."

Taryn interrupted me with a newly found resolve, "Do it, Professor. I'd like to know what it feels like. I want you to do it, and be my first. Please lick me – down there." She paused a moment. In that split second I could see Taryn's confidence crumbling, "Just tell me if I taste bad, though. You can stop if it tastes wretched or something. I'm mean it is kinda gross down there."

I chuckled, "On that you're wrong, Taryn. You look so lovely. I am such a lucky man to be gazing up at you. Let's just see what you think."

I slid my tongue along the inside of her upper thigh. My face was now tantalizingly close to her personal slice of heaven. Pursing my lips, I breathed hot air on the outside of her slippery cunt. Warm air cascaded over Taryn's most intimate zone. I could see her tremble in surprise, but the experience was just beginning. I kissed her twice, gently, on either half of her shaved pussy mound. I then reached out my tongue and tentatively licked the length of her slit. I could taste the moisture. It was earthy, salty, and a little sweet. Certainly, it was not anything of which to be afraid. Ignoring my own cum, I dug my tongue inside of her pussy, relishing the tang of her juices. I rolled my soft, fleshy appendage around, circling Taryn's velvet walls. She was clearly very aroused. I could see the goosebumps on her well-muscled thighs. I thought to myself that making her cum, was not going to take much effort.

Enough with being tentative. It was time to get to business. I moved my tongue from her pussy proper, to the precious little clit that stood at its apex. One lick caused her to jump a little, bucking her hips. Taryn was getting her confidence back. She spread her legs wider, lewdly allowing me more complete access to her delicious, pink fuck-hole. That lick also solicited a deep and throaty moan, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, that feels good. Mmmmmmmn! Just like that. Lick it." Her wish was my command, so I began to lick her pussy in earnest. Round and round I licked, swirling over that little jewel. Taryn's legs were over my shoulders, her thighs pressing in on both of my ears. I looked up to see her head thrown back and her eyes closed. One hand was playing with a hardened nipple, while the other held her weight upright. Heat radiated off of her pussy. I could feel the liquid, truly starting to flow. I gulped it down, without a second thought. I relished her arousal. I wanted to make this special, a first time that she would remember for years with fondness. I wanted her to be able to think back and remember my tongue loving her cunt.

Taryn's mouth contorted into an "O." Her hand that was playing with her tit moved to the back of my head. She pressed me in, forcing me to butt up against her liquid sex. I could feel her bucking against me, spasming wildly in a growing need. She was close. I gripped her rounded hips, digging my fingers into her soft, teen skin, and held on. Finesse was no longer necessary. Instead, I simply aimed to hit the right spot with as much tongue speed as possible. Up and down, back and forth, my tongue flared against her clit. This was not a tease, but rather, a full-on pussy licking session. I lapped at her exquisite juices as they flowed hot and strong. They dripped off of my chin, down the crack of her ass, and onto the floor.

As all of Taryn's muscles tensed, my face was flooded. She came in buckets. Her liquid arousal covered my lips, chin, and neck. Taryn's hand pressed my face against her snatch with Herculean force. I felt like I was in the powerful grip of the Jaws of Life. Perhaps I was? Taryn ground her cunt against me, seeking as much friction as possible. Her legs clamped down and I couldn't breathe, but that was fine since I could still inhale pussy - such a succulent smell!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh God! Ohhhhh!" Taryn moaned. Sensing she had passed over the brink I slowed my tongue, bringing down the speed of my licks. Her firm, teenage breasts were heaving and bucking with the molten rush of her orgasm. Taryn's hand, which had been holding me firmly against her cunt, now was pulling me away. Her fingers dug into my hair and tried to force me back. "No, no, no, no more. I can't take it. It's too hot." she asserted. I looked up her and flashed toothy smile. She smiled back, still gasping for air. Slowly, Taryn was coming down. Why not have a little fun? Be a tease, I evilly thought? I blew hot air onto her sensitive loins, and licked her from slit to clit a final time. Taryn released her grip on my hair, and backhanded the top of my head. "You bastard. I said not to do that," Taryn said and then giggled.

"Did that feel good?" I said, looking up from between her legs.

"Only a little," she smirked. "Just kidding! That was great, Professor. I will definitely have to have you go down on me again. Wow! That was hot! I can't believe that I never made my boyfriend do that for me."

It was time for me to be surprised. "Your boyfriend?"

Taryn looked a little guilty, but then recovered. "Yeah. Oh, don't look at me like that. I'll let you eat my pussy anytime you like." I glared at her as I stood up. "C'mon, that can't bother you, right? It's not like you and I have gone out for a dinner and a movie, or anything. We only had sex."

But it did bother me. I spoke, carefully measuring my words, "Taryn, I agree we only had sex – fantastic, mind-blowing, rock-me-to-the-core sex, but still just sex. But that isn't what bothers me. I just don't like being the other guy. I don't want be the one who is causing the affair. I have been the one was cheated on and it wasn't fun. It was one of the worst life experiences I've ever had. I don't want to be the one who causes the problem or the pain." What is it with these coeds? Don't any of them believe in monogamy anymore?

"You're sweet. I completely understand," Taryn said, her tone suddenly becoming very serious, "but I wouldn't worry too much. This is my decision and I take full responsibility. It is my choice. I don't know where that relationship is going. He's a great guy. Perhaps I am in love with him, perhaps not. Whatever the case might be, I am not ready for a total commitment. While I want you to fuck me again, I won't let him get hurt. I can make that work, I promise. You and I are fuck-buddies; that's all. It will be our little secret."

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