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Oral Exam Ch. 19


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot down my thoughts. A special thank you goes out to Azrael, who took the time to edit my work (Yes my ego is huge but I am trying to bring it under control)You took a lot of time to give me some really great advice. Thank you also to Rockcrawler and Company. Your life is a continual inspiration. Keep living the dream. Ally – thank you. I cannot say it enough. There is some plot here so, if you haven't read the first eighteen stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. Be warned, this story gets a little weird. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


I stepped under the warm spray of my shower.

My body ached. I had not slept well. I think my hand had been bent underneath me. My neck had a kink in it for falling asleep in an odd position. Honestly, I stank. I was covered in sweat, grime, and various other bodily fluids. I smiled inwardly, thinking about it. While I was worse for the wear, last night had been a lot of fun.

The water was soothing. It felt like a thousand little fingers massaging my neck. The constant pressure worked out my knotted muscles. The heat soothed the tension that clenched me.

I picked up a bar of soap and worked it into a washcloth. I could see the lather as I held the fabric to my nose. Ahhhhh, I would smell like a pine tree today. I rubbed down my stomach, enjoying the rough scratching sensation of the fabric.

The door creaked opened. I heard a feminine voice inquire, "We are a little dirty too, Professor. Do you mind if my sister and I join you?" Taryn, I chuckled. Her words sounded like they came directly from a porno flick or perhaps some erotic fiction.

"Sure," I replied, "but the shower isn't that big. You can wait, or you will have to make do."

"That shouldn't be a problem, Professor," Roxy said, entering the conversation. "I don't think we will have a problem squeezing together. It's not like we haven't bumped into each other before."

"Fair enough," I said. "Hop in."

The two women pulled back the shower curtain and stepped inside. Last night I hadn't really had an opportunity to compare and contrast the two ladies. I was pretty worked up by the time Taryn stripped down. Roxy had never gotten completely naked, preferring instead to leave on her stockings and corset while we were fucking. I think she even fell asleep with her boots still on.

But now I could look. Both sisters were tall, thin and athletic. Roxy was paler, although still very muscular. She had three tattoos and four piercings (I hadn't seen her nipple piercing last night). Taryn's hair was a lighter brown (with blonde highlights), her hips were a little wider, and her boobs were probably one cup size larger. Taryn had a small, brown landing strip above her crotch, whereas Roxy was completely shaved.

As I turned around to peek, I also stepped back to make room for the ladies. They stepped under the shower's spray and moaned their approval. Roxy gushed, "Oh God, that feels so fucking good. You'd think that I would be relaxed after last night, but I ache all over. That water hits the spot."

"Sleeping in a strange bed is always uncomfortable," I offered.

"Oh, I don't think I am sore from sleeping," Roxy quickly retorted. "I don't think I will walk normally for days. Taryn, you have a wicked ass tongue."

Taryn and I giggled, before murmuring our agreement about the water. The three of us then spent the next few minutes doing a shower minuet. One of us would lather up while another would step under the water to rinse off. The third person made themselves busy by scrubbing (sometimes themselves, sometimes someone else). We went through this process, "accidentally" bumping into each other several times. I wasn't yet hard despite the close proximity of the two sisters. I could feel, however, my cock brush against slippery female flesh. The slick rub of skin on skin was having an effect. Arousal was beginning to take hold. The blood began to rush to my loins.

Roxy noticed my growing cock. In response, she kneeled on the base of the base of bathtub. "I need a healthy breakfast. Can you feed me some sausage?" Roxy said while looking up at me, her voice tinged with laughter. Roxy's hair was slicked back and her face was wet. The thick caking of make-up around her eyes was now a gloppy mess. Dark rings formed, making Roxy look a little like a raccoon.

Roxy cradled my cock in her hands and slurped it into her mouth. I hadn't expected, or even really desired, a blowjob. But Roxy was so talented, I was fully erect in a matter of seconds. She deep throated me, taking my length as far as I could go. Her nose was against my groin, rubbing my wet skin.

I braced myself on the shower wall, the warm water pelting my back. "My sister is a slut," Taryn said, "She can't get enough cock. I'm betting you are the third or fourth guy she has blown this week." Taryn then leaned over her sister and ran her fingernails up my chest. The soft scratching felt spectacular. She leaned forward and took my nipple in her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue and then bit down. I felt pain shoot through my chest, but it mixed with the pleasure in my crotch. I don't think I could ever get enough of these twins.

"This is how I suck your balls," Roxy said. I felt her breath while she was stroked my rod with one hand. First there was single flick. And then another. Roxy's tempo increased sending her tongue into overdrive on my balls. Tiny licks overwhelmed me.

I was leaning down to kiss Taryn when I heard several loud knocks at the front door. My first inclination was to ignore whoever was making the racket, but then I remembered that my costume for the party was going to be dropped off this morning. I didn't want to miss that opportunity. So I said, "Excuse me ladies," as I pulled Roxy off my balls. I leapt from the shower, threw a towel around my waist, tossed, and went to the front door.

What a vision! I opened the door to see a beautiful woman who looked Korean or Japanese on my door step. She was wearing form-fitting, black leggings and a light blue sweater that came down just below her butt. She also had on an unzipped white, winter coat that puffed up around the arms. The woman's long, black hair fell loosely over her shoulders with a lustrous gleam. This beauty was short and of slender build, probably not weighing much more than 100 pounds.

A massive grin, from ear to ear, lit up her face when I answered. Her lively eyes looked me up and down, eventually refocusing on the towel around my waist. "Good morning. I am supposed to leave a package here," she said. "Are you Jessica's friend?"

"Yes," I said, nodding.

Her grin grew even larger. "Good. I'm glad I found the place. I drove around forever. This apartment complex is pretty hard to find. Jessica didn't give me great directions. So then you are the person coming to the induction ceremony and end of the semester party?"

Now I was confused. "This is the induction ceremony tonight? Jessica didn't say that," I asked.

"Well, she is not supposed to," the woman giggled as she lowered her voice down to a whisper. "She wasn't supposed to say any more than that it was a costume party. It is pretty secret stuff. Truthfully, as a pledge, Jessica doesn't know too much more. Anyway here is the package with your costume. Be dressed and at the address listed inside at 9:30 p.m. Don't be late. By the way, my name is Katherine, or you can call me Katie. Either way."

I reached out to grab the package. My towel, took that opportunity to slip from around my waist. It tumbled to the floor, falling around my ankles, leaving me completely exposed. My dick, still in a semi-hard state (Katie, a very attractive woman, did nothing to deflate it) swayed gently in the chill, morning breeze.

Katie's eyes immediately lowered and locked on my exposed member. For a long moment she was stunned and silent. Then Katie looked up at my face. A devilish sentiment played in her eyes. She licked her lips and said, "Very nice. I think you and I will have to get better acquainted. But I wouldn't want you to catch cold before the big night. That would be a shame." She leaned toward me, put a hand on my bare chest, and gave me peck on my cheek. I could feel her wet lips graze my skin. A thousand little songbirds went off in my head. I couldn't help but smile. "Later," she said, "Make sure you look for me."

With those words, she bounded from my door step. I picked up the towel, closed the door, and went back inside. Taryn poked her head around the bathroom door. Her eyes grew wide when see saw me naked in my living room holding a towel and a package.

"Do you often answer your door naked Professor?" she asked, batting her eyelashes sweetly.

"Very funny," I replied. "It fell off when I was accepting this package."

"That must have been one stunned deliveryman," yelled Roxy from the bathroom.

I chuckled and yelled back. "It was actually a woman."

"Really?" Roxy replied. She walked out of the bathroom naked, toweling off her hair. I couldn't help but marvel. "That is even more interesting."

Taryn came out of the bathroom with a towel around her mid-section. One simple yank would make her nude. "So what did you get? What's in the package?"

"I am not really sure," I said, scratching my head. "It is the costume for Jessica's party." I pulled it open. Inside was three items:

1. A slip of paper with some directions. It looked like I was going somewhere off of campus, probably five to ten miles away. A password was also given: 'Kitty.'

2. A flowing, black cape that came down to my ankles and tied around my neck. I could wrap it around me and my entire body would be cloaked.

3. A stiff, white mask that covered half of my face. Jessica promised that my identity could be kept secret. I guess this was the method.

The ladies and I looked over the items. We joked around for a few minutes, trying to guess what was going happen to me later that night. I really had no idea. Jessica had just said that it would be a party and that it could get pretty intense. She indicated that sex was very likely, probably in some sort of orgy situation. Beyond that I really knew nothing.

Taryn and Roxy left about an hour later. They supposed to visit their grandparents that afternoon. Since their classes were done for the semester Roxy and Taryn had to move back home. Dorm life, and all the freedom it represented, would be done until next semester. Neither of the twins seemed thrilled by the prospect. Curfews were being enforced (the ladies told their parents they were staying with a joint friend last night) and there would always be a watchful eye. I am sure that the newly discovered incestual aspect of their relationship would provide some trying complications.

Before they left, the sisters had suggested that we pick up where we left off in the shower. While I wanted to (very badly), I had to beg off. I wanted to be in peak shape for the party later that night. I figured that I would need to horde my cum until then.

Instead, I offered the solution, "Ladies, why don't you show me one more time what being sisters is all about?"

"Oh?" Taryn asked, raising one eyebrow. "You'd like to watch the two of us?"

"Yes," I said, "right here on my floor. I'd like to see a sisterly sixty-nine."

"Fuck this is all about your ego jollies, isn't this? Some macho male fantasy a bout freaky lesbo shit between two sisters?" Roxy jibed.

"Yes," I replied truthfully.

"Then sit back and watch while I fuck my sister," Roxy said, approaching Taryn. She threw her arms around her sister and moved in for a breath taking French kiss. They swapped spit and rubbed tongues as they sucked face.

Slowly, sensually they descended to the floor. Roxy lay on her back, legs spread open. Taryn settled in on top of her, facing the opposite direction. They looked like they were built for this activity. Their bodies were perfectly contoured to make this shape, to fit in this position.

Stomach to stomach, pussy to mouth the women began to feast. Their heads swayed back and forth as they each drilled their tongue into the open cunt before them. Soft fingers set to work. Feminine moans filled my living room.

I settled into my couch, naked and throbbing. However much I wanted to I wouldn't touch myself; I wouldn't jerk off. Instead this would be a test of will. This show was just for the voyeur in me, a preview of the delights that I thought would come later tonight. Today was going to be a good day.

I stood in front of a large, red set of double doors on the porch of a house I never knew existed. I was way off campus at some mansion smack in the middle of a corn field. There probably wasn't another building for a mile or two in any direction.

I held up the door knocker and banged it twice. I was wearing a pair of dress slacks and a button down blue shirt. The cloak was wrapped around me, but it did little to ward off the chill night air. My breath formed a hazy mist every time I exhaled. I felt a little silly with the mask over my face, but those were the rules. Besides, given the little bit I knew about the party it was probably best that my identity didn't leak out.

A moment after I knocked, the doors swung open. On the other side were two women also in capes and masks, only theirs were light pink. The voluminous capes hid their clothes and obscured their figures. Hair tumbled out from behind both of their masks. One woman was brunette and curly, the other was a straight-haired blonde. Before I could step inside, the brunette asked, "Password?"

"Kitty," I muttered. I felt very goofy saying it. I am sure that these ladies could have picked a less ridiculous password.

The women, I am guessing, thought nothing of the uber-silly password. Instead, they responded by nodding and ushering me inside. One of them pointed to a room off the foyer and said, "Wait in there and have a seat. Feel free to pour yourself a drink. Just make sure you stay silent. You are the last to arrive, so we will be starting the festivities shortly."

I nodded and went into the room. This whole process seemed strange and was beginning to weird me out. I could understand the security, but the capes and masks made the experience very surreal. It was like somebody decided copycatting the movie Eyes Wide Shut would be just a super idea.

The waiting room was a large, wood paneled study with a beautiful stone fireplace. The walls seemed to glow with the shimmering light cast from the licking flames. Several plush, red velvet chairs lined the walls. Antique paintings and a large centerpiece rug gave the room a stately charm. The entire room was money. To one side was a bar with several colorful decanters. I made a bee-line in that direction. A drink would help settle my racing nerves.

I counted nine other people in the room, each wearing a black cloak and a mask similar to the ones I was issued. They were sitting quietly or nervously pacing about the floor. There was no conversation. My guess was that they didn't know any more than I did about their current situation than I knew about mine.

I poured myself a scotch, neat, and sat down. I couldn't tell much about the other figures by looking at them. Two had gray hair, one was bald, and two looked like they might be women. How strange? I had thought I would be the oldest person at this event, but in fact was probably the youngest.

I sipped on my drink and waited

Time passed. Five minutes? Ten? Maybe fifteen? Another set of doors opened and a masked woman in a pink cape stood in the entranceway. She spoke loud and clear, "Good evening everyone. I trust that you are looking forward to the events tonight. I imagine they will be very... umm, stimulating. Everything that is about to happen is very sensitive and secret. Please keep that in mind. Do not ever speak of this evening again. This is as much for your protection as it is ours. If you have a problem with remaining silent it would be best if you leave. If you choose not to keep the secret, I promise you there will be repercussions. Does anyone wish to leave now?"

The woman in pink leveled her gaze across the room. She looked at each of us carefully in turn, scrutinizing us for the slightest movement. Nobody twitched.

"Very good," she said. "If you could please leave your drinks and then follow me."

I swirled my scotch in the tumbler, gauging the wonders of a single malt. The liquid courage would help. I held the glass to my lips and downed it in a quick gulp. The fiery liquid burned all the way down my throat. Time to move on.

The ten of us formed into a line behind the woman in pink. She led us down a long hallway filled with several nude portraits done in oil. It was the sort of art work that looked semi-pretentious and probably cost a lot of money. The images certainly weren't erotic. Dim lighting cast the corridor in a glow of mystery; in the shadows, my uncertainty was magnified. The hard soles our shoes clicked solemnly on the hard wood floor. We were a line of shrouds, complete strangers with a shared destiny. When she got to the end of the hall, the woman in pink knocked three times in rapid succession on the door. A moment later the door opened and we were beckoned inside.

We were led into a semi-circle formation along one wall of a massive ballroom. In the center of the room was a rug. Lights, set on dim, framed the perimeter. A gargantuan chandelier dangled from the ceiling. Otherwise, the room was void of decoration.

Almost everyone in the room was wearing a mask and a cloak. Those garments, however, came in different colors. The ten of us, the guests, were wearing black. There were approximately thirty women wearing pink, standing along the other walls. In the center, along the opposite wall I could see three women wearing red. There was enough space between them and anyone else that I could immediately tell there was something special about those three individuals.

The centermost woman in red stepped forward, bare feet padding across the floor. For a long moment she stood there, staring out at her audience. She was the lone woman not wearing a mask. That fact, alone, made her unique. Her presence commanded attention. We waited expectantly, twittering with nervous anticipation. The woman was tall and statuesque, with long wavy, red hair. Her pale skin was like porcelain. She was a beauty beyond compare. Her voice was deep, resonant, and smoky. She sounded like a femme fatale from a 1940's film noir.

"Good evening members of the sisterhood and honored faculty guests. As president of the Kappa Beta Xi I would like to welcome all of you to our annual induction ceremony. All of you will play an invaluable in the ceremony.

"This is your last opportunity to leave. If anyone does not wish to participate in our festivities please step forward now. If not, plan to stay for the duration."

Silence. I could hear the beat, the gentle tup-tup, of my heart. No one moved.

"Excellent. Then when I tell you to, the guests in the black cloaks will need to take two steps forward. Then turn and face the wall. Undress. Take off all of your clothes: your shirts, slacks, skirts, undergarments, and shoes. No need to worry about nudity here. I am sure that you will find an evening without clothes much more productive. You will need to place your garments in the box that a sister will be holding in front of you. Your clothes will be safe; you will not need them for the rest of the evening. Make sure you leave your cape and mask on. They exist to protect you.

"Do so now."

In unison, the line of black cloaked figures did as we were told. We stepped forward and turned around. Ten women in pink capes, holding large cardboard boxes, stood in front of us. I unbuttoned my shirt, keeping my eyes locked forward on the woman in front of me. The pink cape completely encircled her, so I couldn't tell what she was wearing. She had olive skin and a very voluptuous figure. I felt no hesitation; I wanted to do this. Whatever was going to happen this evening would be the crowning moment of my semester. I smiled at her as I unzipped my fly. She grinned back and winked playfully. I slid my pants down and put them into the box along with the rest of my clothes. I was naked behind a mask and a black cloak, in a room full of strangers.

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