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Orbital Mechanics


During their eon's long journeys our solar system's planets and moons are bound by the simple laws of gravity and their paths are subject to the very precise formulas of orbital mechanics. A small light body is drawn to a larger more massive object and it gains speed. As the smaller mass is drawn toward the inevitable collision it's speed works to fling it into space past its big attractor. The flinging never completely happens. The lesser becomes a partner in a dance of escaping and being captured. It's in an orbit. We have lots of examples but the regular notion of things can be thrown out of kilter. A rogue body hurtles along on its own path and crosses the regular orbits of all the well behaved. The bad boy upsets or perturbs the masses in the neighborhood. Usually it's no big deal. Sometimes it is. 4.5 billion Years ago a naughty Mars-sized interloper crashed into the earth and now we have the moon. People are in their own special orbits and sometimes those orbits are perturbed.

Katherine was about to have her orbit perturbed. The great attractor of her lesbian life style provided a stable large mass for her orbit. A foreign body hurtled through the charged space of human relations. A decidedly non-female, non-lesbian mass crossed Katherine's path and her careful circular journey was nudged into something unexpected.

Katherine showed up at her sister's new house eager to help with the move in.

"Hi Suzy, nice day for a move if you like snow flurries."

"Look Katherine, either unload or complain about the weather. Or you can do both, everyone else is."

Katherine started picking up the sea of small boxes that Suzy had decided were just right for a serious move.

"What was Suzy thinking? One big box would work for the 10 little ones I have to pickup."

Soon it became apparent to everyone that the pace of the move had slowed to a crawl.

"What the hell is not going on" bellowed a new player in the game.

Terry, one of Suzy's friends had been steadily moving large loads into the house and stopped to survey the progress or rather lack of it.

Billy the Rope sighed and explained to the group "Terry's a classic Dom and he was bound to take control. We should be thankful he's here and willing to run the show."

"Shhh" cautioned Suzy "Katherine's not in the scene and I think she's be appalled not just by us but what's behind Terry's command presence."

"My sister is the classic corporate marketing type. The only difference is her interest in other woman and a curious lack of interest in following through. I suspect she'd shit a brick if she know about Terry's D/S antics."

"Well yeah" added Billy the Rope. "I remember the one party at her house where she had that hot little blond all worked up, fed her wine, and touched her all over. I expected fireworks until the evening ended and Katherine started helping people leave. Her little friend stayed until the bitter end and it was bitter."

Billy the Rope turned to Terry with a small smirk. "Hey Terry, can I borrow your knife?"

"Come-on Billy it's a tool for cutting twine not one of you SM trinkets. I don't fancy any of your twisted blood on any of my things."

"Terry, Terry can't you accept that some of us non-vanilla folks aren't all D/S devotes?"

"Oh I can and some of your stuff is cool, I just want to see more moving and less scening."

As the day wore on Terry was able to herd the confused group, unload the truck, and move Suzy's stuff

into her new home.

Katherine stood off to the side and watched as Terry secured all the rope and packing. He threw a short piece of rope to Suzy and joked. "Here you go Suzy, time for a tie and a spank."

Suzy turned and glared at Terry. "Shhhh enough with the BD stuff, not only is Katherine oblivious she's got her own secret thing."

Terry moved closer to Suzy and put his hand on her shoulder to pull her close.

"What do you mean Suzy? I thought Katherine was one of us."

"No, no, no not only doesn't Katherine know about the scene, she's a closet lesbian" I think she's had a couple of girlfriends but she just prefers to think of herself that way and not have to act on it."

"So Suzy, let me get this straight, Katherine is a lesbian who doesn't do lesbian stuff?"

"Exactly and you need to keep your jokes to yourself, she's very sensitive about all this sex play."

Terry finished the cleanup and decided to chat up Katherine.

"Hey Katherine, I really like the way you dug into the work. One of you is worth 10 Billy's."

"Thanks, why do they call him Billy the Rope?"

"I think because he's always tied up in some mess or trouble."

"I've heard otherwise and I think Suzy doesn't know how much of their wired stuff I know about. You seem like a normal guy how do you know those two?"

Terry squirmed and put on his best stealth evasion.

"Well I have my moments, but hey what's your favorite wine?"

"Suzy told me you were a wine nut. I like the reds myself."

"I have a spectacular Pinot that I've been itching to uncork but I don't like to drink alone."

Katherine paused for a moment wondering why she felt attracted to this guy. Terry wasn't obnoxious, didn't hit on women, and seemed to want to help his friends. Terry's intelligence was evident but he didn't press his ideas or thoughts on his friends, he just went with the flow.

"Well I do like Pinot Noir and from what I've heard about you, the bottle you have is probably a notch above."

"Well, all I need is an invitation. I just happen to have said bottle with me just for an occasion like this."

"Occasion? Occasion? What kind of occasion is this?"

"It's always an occasion when you have the energy to drink some wine after a strenuous afternoon."

Terry thought "My evasive best" and then he began picturing Katherine bent over his knee with her panties around her ankles, and her ass a nice bright red after vigorous spanking. "Whoa big boy, careful or you'll blurt something out and scare her off."

Katherine fished out her car keys "Come on Terry let's get out of here before they put us to work again. I can use some relaxation and a glass of wine."

"Ok Katherine, I'll follow you home."

Suzy gestured to Billy the Rope "There goes a real disaster in the making. Terry is a high end Dom and he probably sees Katherine as his next big project."

Billy scratched his head and grinned. "Don't be so sure, Terry has crashed and burned plenty of times but he's also climbed some big mountains without a rope. Ha Ha without a rope. Get it?"

"Sure Billy, hilarious. I just don't want to see Katherine hurt. Terry will have to take fend for himself."

Katherine and Terry were next found lounging on a nice red couch in Katherine's condo looking out her broad picture widow at the traffic on the road below.

"Wow you were right this is a really nice Pinot. How about some more?"

"Well Katherine I just wanted a taste. Sometimes alcohol isn't a good idea."

"Ok maybe just a bit more for me." Katherine poured a nice splash of red into her glass.

"What's with the serious look Terry? Have I offended you somehow?"

"No, No just the opposite. I have to admit I find you quite attractive and that space between your ears has some serious stuff bubbling around. You know I'm a sapiosexual?"

"So you're turned on by intelligence?"

"Yes and a smart curious woman absolutely arouses all my antenna. I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree with you though? Isn't that right?"

"So Suzy told you about my secret life, did she? Damn I don't want any of this getting out. The corporate world I'm part of is not so open-minded. What do you really know?"

"Well I'll net it out. I hear you're an asexual lesbian who dabbles and avoids the scene."

Katherine drew in a short breath "Suzy told me you were sharp and direct. Yeah that pretty much sums it up for me. Looks like In Vino Veritas rules again."

"Well wine will usually loosens the most guarded tongue and I'm just as susceptible."

"You've put your cards on the table so in fairness I have to be equally open"

"Ok Terry, what is your thing why are you here on an impossible quest in some man haters living room?"

"Katherine, please you've got a good heart and I don't for a moment think you hate me. Actually I wanted you to think of me as a new project, a different slant on things so to speak."

"Project, I'm a project now?" Laughed Katherine.

"Frankly I'm reluctant to share the thoughts I've had about you lately. Thoughts that might either arouse or horrify you."

"What do you mean Terry? Now I'm more than curious. Let me guess, that remark about wanting to spank me was not just said in jest?"

"Ok, ok Katherine let's not get ahead of ourselves. I need a glass of water or juice so I know I'm as clear headed as I can be. I am going to paint you a picture, a picture with you in it."

Katherine handed Terry a glass of orange juice and as he accepted it Terry let his hand linger on her thigh, slowly rubbing up and down. The rubbing progressed to the front of her leg. Terry smiled shyly at Katherine and looked up to ask with his eyes if it was ok. Katherine was startled and found Terry's attention arousing and was even more startled that she found a man's attention something she welcomed. Katherine smiled back and Terry's heart skipped a beat.

"Katherine, what you might not know is that I'm what you would call a non-vanilla."

"So you're into BDSM? I would have never guessed."

"Actually I'm involved in a branch of it called D/S which is short for Dominant/Submissive. In case you haven't guessed I'm the D part."

"Strange and improbable as it might sound I think it's just what you need. I find that the best, most interesting Submissives are smart, curious women who need a break from their high paced work place. After all it's about letting go and putting yourself in the hands of your Dom."

Katherine was speechless. How could Terry dare take such liberty with her feelings? She considered ordering him to get out and by the way leave her alone for the time being. She couldn't bring herself to turn on Terry, she felt something stirring, something disturbing close to her crotch. Damn it not close but right there. "Oh my I'm becoming aroused and wet" were Katherine's last thoughts before Terry took both of her wrists in his hands.

Terry looked into Katherine's eyes and saw compliance and question. "I think you'd do well to consider my proposal. Hear me out and if it's not for you I'll leave and this conversation never happened."

Katherine smoothed her blouse, licked her lips, and tried to compose herself as she leaned back next to Terry.

Terry took Katherine's hands in his and looked deep into her blue eyes. "My dear, my pet I propose that we explore a D/S relationship with you as my Submissive partner and me as your Dominant. It won't happen overnight and there will be the odd speed bump or two but in the end you'll grow and expand as a person. Where we'll go together isn't certain but it's a chance to have something that most can only dream about. The beauty and purity of a pair bonded D/S relationship can be breathtaking. It's more honest, more fulfilling than the regular vanilla dating or marriage

"But Terry... ."

"Shhhhh Katherine" Terry place a finger on her lips and then so spontaneously that she could only watch what was happening from a corner of her mind Terry gently cupped her chin and brought her mouth up to his. Slowly but firmly Katherine felt their lips meet. Terry's tongue penetrated her partially parted lips and firmly pinned her tongue. Katherine realized she had to put a stop to this or give in to Terry and in the end she knew she'd allow him, no encourage him in the crazy improbable path he was taking her.

Terry released Katherine and shook his head in disbelief. He got up from the couch and began to pace back and forth. He was as agitated as he could be, and conflicted as well.

"Well miss smarty pants I'm like the dog that finally caught the car it was chasing and realized he really didn't know what to do with it.

"Ohhh" wailed Katherine in jest" First I'm a project and now I'm a car. What color? I hope I'm a BMW."

"Katherine I want to do more than just spank you. There's a lot to the protocols that rule the lives of a D/S pair. Look I have a book I want you to read and then we'll have a long conversation about what you think, what your desires are, and what your limits might be."

"Desires, Limits what the hell my dear this sounds complicated. Is there some kind of play card we have to wear on a chain around our necks? Ha Ha, there must be some other equipment I don't know about."

Terry left and quickly returned from his car and pressed a fat paperback into Katherine's hands.

"Here you go, should be a quick read for a motivated Sub like you."

"Bear in mind Terry I'm not your Sub yet, just a curious candidate for you to tie up, beat and fuck"

"Hotel Sierra Katherine it's not like that. Everything we'll do will be agreed upon in advance and only for our own enjoyment. Neither of us will do anything we don't want to and everything we do want to do. Trust me on this. We'll even have a written agreement."

"Let plan on getting together next Friday. That will give you six days to read the book and decide what you really want. I expect to hear from you each day at seven right after dinner. I want to know what part you're into and how you feel about things. Remember this is all voluntary and you can back out any time you want."

"Not on your life Terry. You're going to have to deliver. You caught the car."

Terry finished his juice and started to gather his things.

Katherine looked up from the Dom/Sub instruction Manual.

"Where do you think you're going?

"I'm going to give you some time to process our crazy day and dig into the book."

Katherine put down her book and did something so out of character that it gave her chills.

Walking across the room Katherine smoothly slid onto Terry's lap and put her arms around his neck.

"Terry my emotions are on a roller coaster. I'm alternately aroused and frightened. In business we have a notion of a deal closer. I need a deal closer. I need to find out how I really feel about the possibilities. You're going to have to spank me before you leave."

"Katherine you have the roles confused. I decide what we do and when we do it. You agree and go along. That's how it works. Do you understand?"

"Sure Terry. Oh no let me rephrase. Yes Sir I understand. Sir may I please have a hard spanking to remind me to keep my place. See I know a little about your D/S stuffiness for manners."

"You're determined to crank things up before we have all our plans in place?"

"Yes Sir, just this onetime."

"Very well but you can expect to have to deliver some serious cock worship in the near future"

Katherine's eye widened. "Cock worship, what the hell? The last time she saw one of those it was attached to someone she was diapering and looked more like a bird's dinner. A small bird at that."

"Katherine we'll jump ahead a bit but you'll need some safe words. Green means everything is ok, yellow is it's getting hard but still ok, and red is full stop. Understand?"

"Terry why do you people want to be spanked? Why do you want to do the spanking? What's the attraction, what do you get from it but more importantly what will I get?"

"It's very primal, very satisfying for both, and it's about the confirmation of possession. The Sub needs to know she is the possession of her Dom and the Dom has the exquisite knowledge that he owns his partner's heart and body. Especially her body. Does that make sense Katherine?"

"I don't know Terry it sounds like the Amish or maybe the Taliban, You know the way they keep their woman in subjugation, bare foot and pregnant "

"Couldn't be further from the truth. It's all about a power transfer. The Sub really has all the power but she give it to her Dom and that's just the start of the pair bonding process. Both partners sit down and formally decide what they want from one another. Both must agree and it's in both of their best interest to make sure they both get what they need. The Dom is in control and steers their play and in some cases their lives. The Sub provides the support and her submission is the glue that binds them together."

"Ok Terry now that does sound more interesting but you still haven't solved the spanking mystery for me."

"Well Katherine it might be easier for me to show you then explain it but let me try to clear things up. There's different kinds of spanking which serve to guide either behavior or pleasure. Some types of spanking are to focus the relationship, sort of a formal punctuation for an infraction or a reset. Some spanking is for play to enhance a sexual encounter. A very charged form of foreplay. Spanking is never done in anger. There might be some pain involved but that's not usually the chief goal. So for example I'm going to spank you to assert my domination over you, to make my statement, my mark. It's going to hurt so you remember. I'm going to ask you to accept your role as my Submissive. You'll have to ask to be spanked, ask for it to be hard. We'll negotiate the number of strokes but in the end I'll decide. You'll have to count out the strokes and thank me for each. I'll probably ask your color occasionally so I'll be able to keep it all in bounds and like all our play you can stop it at any time. It's really quite simple."

Katherine sat very still with her hands in her lap. She seemed to be lost in thought. Terry just let her be. What happened next would set the theme for their adventure. If there was to be an adventure.

"Katherine you've pushed ahead of where things normally go but you're an unusual woman who needs to make sure. It's a huge leap for you. A 180 degrees turn so you need something to ground your decision. I understand. I have several conditions. I intend for this exercise to be part of your training. First you must follow my directions without question. If you can't or won't comply our little game is over with no hard feeling. Do you understand but more importantly do you agree?"

"How do I know Terry, how can I agree if I don't know? Didn't you say we had to agree on everything first?"

"That's my good girl, you were listening. Here's how it's going to go. I want you to take all your clothes off, fold them and stack them on that chair. Next you'll adopt one of my favorite Submissive position on your knees by my side. Your hands will rest of your thighs and your eyes will be on the floor. Can you do that?

Katherine stood and began removing her blouse and pants. She turned and stood before Terry. "Everything, even my bra and panties? Surely you can spank me dressed like this?"

"Everything Katherine and you need to assume the kneeling position now."

"Oh well, I've gone this far". Katherine slipped off her bra and pulled down her panties. Soon she lowered herself into a kneeling position next to Terry.

"Katherine you have lovely breasts. I can't wait to tease your nipples but first I want you to crawl up on my lap and get comfortable."

"How the hell am I going to get comfortable when I know you're going to wail the daylights out of my ass?"

"Ah my pet that's not exactly how it's going to go down. Now just squirm yourself into position."

Katherine slithered up on Terry's lap and turned her head to look up at her tormentor.

"I've never felt so vulnerable and I'm not sure about this. Comfort is the farthest thing from my mind."

"What's your color Katherine? Please put your hands on your knees and don't move."

"I guess I'm green."

"I guess I'm green Sir" Terry reminded Katherine and grabbed her hair for emphasis.

"I'm green Sir. Please don't hurt my hair."

"Katherine let's make sure we're on the same page. I'm getting ready to pull your hair and spank you until your ass is the right shade of red."

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