Order for Buck


Tylene Buck wasn't happy with the way her life had panned out recently. She'd been living the high life as the center of Vince Russo's T&A era in WCW these last couple of years. Week after week she would get paid to parade around wearing as little as possible knowing that men all over the world were jacking off, dreaming about what they'd do to her hot body. Tylene had loved it and it really had been a life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll but now...

Since being fired as part of the major cost-cutting exercise intended to save the company, she'd been at a loss as to what to do. She'd contacted the Vince McMahon to ask for a job in either the WWF or the new WCW and she'd gotten some positive feedback. However, they couldn't decide anything until the situation with WCW was sorted out and that could take months. She figured that was fair enough but it's not like she was incredibly highly paid and she'd have to find some way to make money in the meantime. Her first instinct had been to go back to fitness modelling but in her absence new stars had emerged on this scene and Tylene just wasn't in demand anymore. Movies were another option but she couldn't get roles in any serious films; they didn't want people associated with 'that second class business'.

Of course, the porn industry was a different matter, they were practically bending over backwards to get her in some low- budget fuck-fest but wrestling was her first love and she knew she'd never get a job with the WWFE if she resorted to porn. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy having sex; she loved it. But if it turned out the WWF didn't want her services she knew she'd give porn a shot. The sex was probably what she missed the most from her WCW days. When 90% of the staff are male and the business requires long hours away from home what's a nympho to do? She'd fucked her way around the entire dressing room and some of the front office members. Hell, it was how she'd avoided the cost-cutting axe for so long. It was quite the Catch-22 situation; her first two loves were wrestling and fucking; she couldn't fuck for a living if she wanted to wrestle and she wouldn't know if she could wrestle again for an indeterminable amount of time. This meant filling up her bank account with other jobs until something was sorted out.

Tylene kept her ears to the ground and decided to base herself in Minnesota while waiting for word from the WWF. They had a decent amateur-wrestling scene and the head coach at the university was close friends with Gerald Brisco. She figured that the only place better for the inside track on the new WCW would be either Atlanta or Hartford but she didn't want to look overly eager.

With the little money she had saved up she rented an apartment and after quitting several other minimum wage, menial jobs because she got recognized, ended up delivering pizza. She didn't like it very much; the hours were shit, the tips were usually horrible and the weather wasn't exactly California but cash was cash and she figured that it was only temporary anyway. Plus, with this job she didn't have to interact with other people too much. Being recognized was a pain, she was always polite and smiling but barmaids and waitresses and the like don't want to get stuck talking to the same few guys all the time; more customers equals more tips. She was the first to admit she enjoyed the male attention and it wasn't like she hadn't fucked some of them but she was desperate to stay focused on getting back into the wrestling big-time. Delivering pizza meant she had a uniform, including a hat to cover her face and customer interaction was minimal. 'Here's your pizza'; 'here's your money', 'thank you', 'goodbye'.


On one particularly Saturday night in the midst of a harsh winter in late February Tylene was just about to knock off for the night when one order came through, 2 fucking minutes before the cut-off time! All the other deliverers had gone home so Tylene was stuck with traipsing over to one of the University's frat houses to deliver a pizza to some drunk and stoned students who had a late night attack of the munchies.

"Shit Tylene. Have you seen the weather out there?" Asked the chef, who was just as pissed off at the late order as she was. Tylene turned and glanced out the window; the storm had gotten worse in the 10 minutes she'd been inside. The winds were gusting really strongly now and rain and wind must have combined to knock the already cold Minnesota air down another 20 degrees.

"Shit!" Tylene muttered as the chef put the pizza into the box and began chopping some onions for tomorrow.

"Since this is the last call order, don't bother coming back tonight. You can settle up tomorrow, I'll clear it with the boss." The chef said to Tylene's back as he checked out her tight little ass through her dark blue, polyester trousers. "Thanks Frank, and you might want to keep your eyes on where that knife is rather than my butt." Tylene replied without turning around. "Damn girl, how'd you do that?" Frank asked.

"Reflection." Tylene turned, smirked and pointed at the window. Frank just smiled back as she turned and walked past him, her shapely hips swaying as she did so. She picked up the pizza and the address on the way to her car parked out back. Once Tylene had managed to open the back door against the wall of wind on the other side she started for her car. Struggling to keep on her feet against the wind she made it about halfway across the parking lot before her cheap blue baseball cap was whisked off her head and landed in a puddle some 20ft away.

'Shit!" Tylene exclaimed, her long blonde hair now flailing in all directions. She decided to give the hat up as bad job. A bit of cleavage or thigh to the manager would get her a replacement with no charge. Finally making it to her car, Tylene cursed her luck this late evening and sped off to the address she'd been given.


She pulled up to the frat house and saw that despite the late hour, whatever party they'd been throwing was still going on although it was obviously winding down. The music wasn't so loud and there didn't seem to be hundreds of people in the front room. The storm was as strong as ever and Tylene almost lost her balance a couple of times on the walk up the drive. Finally, her slender frame succumbed to the bashing from the elements and she slipped onto the lawn to the side of the path. The good news was the pizza was unscathed but the bad news was that she was plastered from head to toe in mud.

"Fuck!" Tylene shouted out at no one in particular. She stood up and looked down at herself; 20 minutes ago she'd been planning to go to bed and maybe a quick frig to help send her off to sleep; it had been a week or so since she'd been fucked good and hard. But instead she was standing in the front yard of a frat house covered in filth. She decided to just deliver the pizza and go home as quickly as possible.

She continued to struggle against the wind for the remainder of the trip up the drive. A handsome young man with black hair who Tylene guessed was about 21 and 6 foot tall answered her knock on the door mercifully quickly.

The guy just stood there open-mouthed. Before him stood this woman who looked like she'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Despite the mud he could see she had a sexy face. The rain and mud had caused her cheap looking uniform blouse to stick close to her skin highlighting her incredible curves. Like most frat boys, the only thing on Tom's mind was fucking and what he wouldn't give to fuck this woman stood before him right now. He felt a stirring in his pants and his cock started to grow as he began to mentally undress the pizza delivery girl.

"If you're not going to invite me in for a moment out the rain, then at least be quick with the payment." Tylene snapped, she noticed his ogling and was quite flattered but was in no mood to be messed around.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please, come in for a moment." The lad said. "MARK! Pizza's here." He shouted up the stairs. Steve backed up and Tylene followed him in. She noticed his bulging crotch and guessed he must have been pretty well hung. "COMING TOM... " She heard from the top of the stairs.

Another lad came bounding down the stairs with cash in hand. He also had black hair, appeared slightly taller than Tom but marginally less muscular. Tylene glanced around and it sounded like there were a few people in the room next door but the door was closed. She was struck with how good looking these two were and if they were anything to go by she must have wandered in to a Frat house for male models! "Woah!" The guy coming down the stairs (Mark, Tylene guessed) said, "Why haven't we used this pizza company before?" Mark stopped at the bottom of the stairs and began gazing at Tylene's incredible body. Tylene could tell both were slightly drunk but this usually made men more confident and always more amusing. She always appreciated flattery and their playful attentions had started to take her mind of how pissed off she was about the evening so far.

"How much?" Asked Tom while Mark just stood there aghast, dreaming about sucking on the big tits of the pizza delivery girl whose nipples were clearly visible through her drenched shirt; his cock swelling at the thought.

"It's $12.50 altogether." Tylene told the two excited frat boys who she could see were VERY pleased to see her.

"Shit!" exclaimed Mark, slightly embarrassed by his prominent bulge, "Haven't got enough for tip here, be right back." He charged back up the stairs. "Big party?" Tylene asked, giggling slightly at Mark's somewhat drunken, exaggerated running.

"Something like that." Tom muttered, "Look, since you appear to be in need of cleaning up why don't you use the bathroom while you wait for him."

"Thanks." Said Tylene, "where is it?"

"Upstairs, first door on the right" replied Tom.

"I might be a few minutes, I want to get some of this crap off." Tylene said, motioning down her body.

"Take as long as you want." Tom said, taking a nervous gulp. Tylene handed him the pizza box and the bulge in his pants twitched. Tylene noticed and gave him a foxy smile.


Tylene entered the bathroom and realized there was no lock on door, just a sign on the outside that you had to change between 'vacant' and 'occupied'. She frowned at the lack of privacy but switched it to 'occupied' and turned to look in the mirror. Her clothes were a mess; it would be tough to get them all cleaned up before her next shift tomorrow night. She washed her face and hands before removing her shirt and trousers. She figured she could try to get the worst of the mud off them now. As she lightly scrubbed her wet clothes she looked at herself in the mirror; she'd always been very proud of her body. Her large 36DD tits were the things dreams were made of and looked perfect in her white, lace bra while the matching thong panties left little to the imagination. She wondered what dirty thoughts Tom and Mark must have been having about her. She began daydreaming about fucking the two young studs she'd just met and her bad mood disappeared completely, she even began to get a little turned on. Subconsciously, one of her hands drifted down to gently stroke flat, smooth belly with her fingernails. A hollering from just outside the door shattered her bliss. "YEAH, I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE. I GOTTA PEE." Before Tylene knew it, the door was swung open and a guy barged in. Like Mark and Tom he was around 6 feet tall but blonde. He'd obviously not paid any attention to the sign outside the door and clearly wasn't expecting anyone to be in the bathroom as he already had his dick out. He stopped abruptly when he saw Tylene. His need to urinate forgotten as he saw the athletic blonde stood wearing nothing but her underwear. The sight of the fit beauty got him instantly hard.

"Woah! I thought all the girls had gone home!" The lad said.

Tylene's eyes widened with lust at the sight of this guy's massive tool. It must have been at least 11" long. She couldn't take her eyes off it and her already semi- aroused state was cranked up another few notches. Steve noticed what she was looking at and smirked.

"I don't believe we've met. I'm Steve and I, along with my cock are very pleased to meet you!"

Tylene hadn't taken her eyes of the immense penis waving in front of her. Her lust overcame her and she stepped forward. One of her hands gripped Steve's thick shaft and began to slowly pump it up and down.

"I'm Tylene," she said staring at Steve's meaty weapon while continuing to stroke it, "I brought the pizza."

"Well, I must say I like the service." Steve grinned, knowing most women couldn't resist him after getting a glimpse of the weapon in his pants. The sight of such a large, rock-hard cock was too much for Tylene; she hadn't had one so big for a very long time. Most wrestlers used steroids so they weren't exactly up to much. She had to have this man; she had to feel his stiff dick pumping inside her and making her scream. She forgot all about anything else and the slut in her came out. She knelt down, taking her gaze off Steve's impressive cock for just a moment to glance into his eyes and direct a devilish smile at him. She put her head down and to Steve's amazement buried her face on his monster prick, taking all 11 inches in one movement. The bathroom door was still open but the thought she might be seen turned Tylene on even more.

"Fucking hell girl!" Steve shouted as Tylene deep throated him. Steve gripped the sides of Tylene's head but didn't need to fuck her face as Tylene took the hint. She began to rapidly pump her head up and down the entire length of Steve's huge cock; pulling out so just the head was between her lips and then quickly slamming her head down again so his entire shaft was embedded in her throat. Her cute, tight ass wiggling as she pumped. Steve couldn't believe what was happening to him. He'd wandered into the bathroom only to discover this large-breasted slut who was now sucking his sizeable pole like no one had before. He could feel her tongue playing around his shaft and knew this certainly wasn't the first cock this bitch had had down her throat.

"I... I... I'm gonna... cum... " Steve announced after a couple of minutes of Tylene's frantic sucking. Tylene took Steve's shank most of the way out of her mouth, leaving only his purple helmet between her puckered lips. She tightly gripped the base of Steve's cock with one of her hands and began to rapidly pummel his thick root. Before long, Tylene felt Steve's cock begin to swell and looked forward to the creamy meal she was about to receive.

"UUUUGGGGGG!!! FUCK YESSS!!" Shouted Steve as he unloaded into Tylene's expertly slutty mouth. His thick spunk flooded Tylene's windpipe and she tried to swallow every last drop. Tylene had always loved the taste of cum and Steve certainly had plenty for her. Throughout Steve's orgasm she created an even tighter seal between her lips and his dick and jerked her hands up and down his engorged cock-stalk. This caused Steve to shout louder and he emptied an ocean of cum into Tylene's maw before staggering backwards; leaving a trail of stringy, thick cum between his fatiguing cock and Tylene's lips.

Steve's shouting had alerted several other frat boys who were by now jostling for a good view just outside the bathroom. Some of who were frantically rubbing their excited cocks through their trousers.

Tylene stood up and seductively licked all the remaining cum off her lips. Steve was speechless; he'd just received the best blowjob of his life from a woman he'd just met half naked in a bathroom! He stared at Tylene's curved body; her sexy, slutty face, her mountainous breasts, her slender hips and lithe, athletic legs. What caught his eye most though, was her crotch. The area was apparently quite damp and the flimsy lace was sticking to her hot, eager twat. He could tell that this woman had only just begun to enjoy herself. Seeing the beautiful Tylene Buck in all her glory was enough to get Steve hard again almost instantly. Tylene glanced down at the stirring of his huge portion and walked towards him. She began to caress his hard shaft with her soft hands and said: "Looks like you're ready to go again, big boy. Are you goin' to stand there gawping or are ya goin' use it where you're meant to?" Tylene asked as she squeezed Steve's prick harder eliciting a moan from the well-hung stud.

Steve's shock induced speechlessness hadn't affected some of the onlookers, as one said to her, "Hey slut. If you want a good fuckin' come to me, I'm all man baby!"

"No way, I'm the hung one around here." Called another.

"Now, now boys." Tylene purred softly before full-scale arguments could begin. She'd had a devilish thought, "I'm sure there's enough of little ol' me to go around. But, having seen young Steven's more than generous package I'm not sure if I could settle for anything less... " She teased. The guys didn't need to be told twice, Tylene watched as every single one of them (including Mark and Tom) dropped their trousers and pants, exposing their rock hard dicks. Tylene was astounded, not a single one was less than 8 inches long and her initial thought had been correct; this WAS a fraternity of male models. None were as big as Steve but she wouldn't have turned any of them down. She could have enjoyed a good, long fuck session with any one of these hot, young studs but could she really take on an entire frat house?

Steve's paralysis broke and he approached her from behind. Tylene let out a slight shriek of surprise as his hands began to maul her immense, ripe melons through her delicate bra. Tylene felt the considerable length of Steve's rigid cock pressed against her pert ass; she just couldn't wait to feel him probing deep inside her. A few of the onlookers had come towards Tylene for a good grope. One was kissing her damp snatch through her panties causing her to let out a low moan. Steve unclasped her bra and Tylene removed it. Almost straight away there were two guys, one of which she noticed was Tom, sucking on her rounded orbs. The guy lapping at her cunt ripped her thong down to her ankles and Tylene stepped out of it. The same guy then began kissing at her pussy-lips causing Tylene to grab his head in her hands and grind her dripping cunt against his face. The guy reciprocated by pushing his tongue into her succulent hole. Steve was playing with her asshole with his fingers. It was a feeling Tylene had experienced from many men before and she knew what it meant; Steve was intending to fuck her ass.

Tylene thought everything was getting too carried away too quickly. The confines of the bathroom were no place to host a gang-bang.

"C'mon guys. We don't want to get too excited this early. We've got all night. Why don't you take me somewhere more comfortable?" Tylene purred as she gently but firmly broke away from the inquisitive hands scrutinizing her luscious body. "Now, which way to the biggest bedroom?" Tylene asked as she strode past all the gaping mouths in the bathroom's doorway.


The bed was huge. She wasn't surprised to hear that Steve's was the king-size. 'When the sorority girls found out about that rocket in his pants I bet they were all over him,' Tylene thought wickedly. Tylene walked into the room ahead of the horny throng. She headed directly for the bed, lay down and started to rub herself down. She glanced up and figured that there were at least 30 guys ready and waiting to fuck her.

"Guys, I want to be fucked hard and fucked over and over again. I want you to fuck my cunt, my ass, and my mouth. I wanna be filled with cum and covered with cum. I want each and every one of you to fuck me until none of us can take any more. I need all your big, meaty cocks inside me now!" People were almost killed in the stampede to fuck the horny, big-titted, blonde slut.

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