tagGroup SexOreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie

bySean Renaud©

"You know he just pisses me off so much!" Karen shouted as she slammed the door of her Jetta shut. "Goddamnit!" She hissed gripping the door and opening it and then slamming it shut a second time. It hadn't closed properly since that bastard Mark had crashed her car.

"Forget about it." Scott said as he wrapped an arm around her and kissed her on the forehead. "He's not here. He's off playing some stupid card game and you're here at a party."

"Yeah I guess." She pulled away from his grasp and started walking up the stairs. She'd dressed to impress, her tan legs barely covered by her red pleated plaid skirt. Her boyfriend, Kris, had bought it for her and it barely covered her rounded booty. Combine that with her over the calf socks and heeled sandals that just seemed to point at her exposed bottom and you had a winning combination already. She'd gone dressed like that into the comic store with that and a black button up shirt half undone so he could see her tit flesh trying to escape her bra. Kris had barely given her a second glance before he shoed her away.

That was when she'd called up Scott and met him at Denny's. A western omelet skillet had done little to improve her mood but being at party with Scott seemed a lot better than being ignored by her boyfriend.

Karen knew that he could see up her skirt as she swished her way to the top of the stair case. It made her heart race to know that he was staring at her trying to get a good view of her body. There is nothing in the world that makes a woman feel attractive like a man who can't take his eyes off her. A sudden updraft flipped her skirt up over her ass for a quick second before she could pull it back down.

"Damn, I need a taste of that ass." Scott said starting up the stairs after her. Behind him his friend Bryan's jaw had dropped to the floor. She was wearing a jeweled thong so he'd seen her entire ass in that brief moment.

"No you do not!" Karen teased spinning at the top of the stairs letting her skirt rise as she did. He couldn't see anything that time as she locked her hands behind her back. "You have a girl."

"I have a friend." He smiled as he continued to approach her. "Just like you're a friend."

"Don't look at me like that." Karen whispered backing away towards the door.

"Look at you like what?" He asked leaning closer to her.

"You know what I mean." She whispered again backing away from him slightly. For a moment she stared into his eyes before ducking around him and into the apartment that Bryan had just opened.

Scott remained where he was gripping the railing as she walked past him. "It's kinda warm out tonight isn't it?" He said as he turned around and walked into the apartment closing the door behind him.

Bryan glanced back at him and smiled. "Yeah it is a bit warm; let me go turn on the air." He walked over to the thermostat and turned up the heat just slightly. "There."

Scott smiled and walked over to the fan turning it on as soon as Karen was in its path. The air lifted her skirt up over her thong this time getting a whistle from both men. "Did you see that ass? Where'd you get that?"

"You did that on purpose." Karen said narrowing her eyes at Scott who just smiled sheepishly. "And I got it at Hot Topic." She replied. "If you promise to be good I'll let you get a better look at it."

"I'll be good." Bryan blurted out.

"Yeah, Scout's honor." Scott echoed holding up two fingers like a pledge.

"Fine." Karen reached down and gripped the hem of her skirt lifting it up over her stomach letting the boys get a perfect view of her rounded tan globes. "See?" She wriggled her bottom back and forth before releasing her skirt. "Now go get me something to drink."

"Yes ma'am." Bryan said stepping into the kitchen and pulling down a McDonald's cup.

Karen teased as she sat down on the couch crossing her legs.

"You know it." He smiled taking down a bottle of rum. He put two handfuls of ice in before half filling the cup with liquor. The rest was half Sprite and half Minute Maid fruit punch and Karen's favorite drink. He brought it over and set it in front of her.

Karen gripped the cup in both hands looking at the boys over the rim of her cup. "You guys are just trying to get me drunk so you can fuck me." She sipped at her drink.

"No." Scott looked at her then at her drink. "No."

"Of course not." Bryan agreed looking at her and then at Scott. "Never." Karen took another sip of her drink staring up at the two boys some more.

"I wouldn't do that." Scott said glancing at the drink again. "Ok maybe." He admitted letting his eyes wander over her breast.

"Is it working?" Bryan added sitting down right next to Karen and putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Maybe." She teased smiling at him. Bryan's hand slid down her side to swell of her breasts rubbing her through the fabric. "Don't do that!" She hissed without moving away from him.

With a smile Scott turned around and walked back into the kitchen grabbing to bottles of beer. He opened the first for himself and sat down on the other side of Karen wrapping his arm around her as well.

"Guys!" She shouted tipping the cup back for a big swallow before setting it down. "Stop it!" She gently pushed them both away and wiped her head. "It's still hot in here." She muttered.

"Yeah it is." Bryan hopped up off the couch and turned the thermostat up another few degrees and then reclaiming his seat this time with a beer in hand. He wriggled himself up against her kissing her softly on the cheek.

"See this isn't bad." Scott said gripping tipping his beer to his lips quickly.

"Not at all." Karen replied cupping his hard cock through his jeans. "Not at all."

"Now who's trying to fuck who?" Scott teased leaning his head back over the couch.

"I never said I wasn't trying to fuck." Karen cooed stroking him through his pants. "I said you were getting me drunk so you could fuck me."

"She got you there." Bryan said.

"Shut up." Karen replied pulling her hand away from Scott's crotch to swat Bryan's chest. "You were helping."

"Yeah." Scott teased.

"You know its getting hot in here." Karen said wiping a droplet of sweat from her forehead.

"So take off all your clothes." Both boys replied in sync making the girl between them blush.

"You all don't want to see me. I'm all chubby. You guys just like those skinny girls." Karen lowered her head then leaned over quickly gripping her glass in both hands taking a big swallow of her drink and setting it back down.

"I wanna see." Bryan said reaching for her buttons.

"Noooooooo." Karen whined while pushing her chest out for him. It only took him a few seconds to open her shirt up completely. Beneath it she was wearing a black bra with red patterns stitched over it.

"Wow." Scott whispered staring at her breasts for a moment. Beneath her breasts was her stomach, just a little soft with flesh but far from fat. As he stared a little harder he could see a faint shape where her nipple was supposed to be.

"You've never see them?" Karen asked grinning playfully at him. The look on his face was priceless as tried to figure out what she was talking about. Without him to understand she gripped the bottom of her bra and pulled it up over her breasts. Her nipples were pierced and each one had a star shaped nipple shield in place just like the ones Janet Jackson wore that year. "You can look, but don't touch. They are very sensitive." She lifted them up slightly facing toward Scott first then turning back toward Bryan. "Time for the boobies to go away." She teased starting to pull her bra back into place.

"Leave em out." Bryan said putting his hand over hers. With his other hand he pulled his own shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. "See you can see mine."

Scott rolled his eyes but followed suit pulling his shirt off and using it to wipe the sweat from his head before tossing it aside. He tipped his drink back again draining his beer and looking at the bottle for a moment. "Bryan finish your beer so I can grab you one while I'm up." Bryan finished his and tossed the empty bottle to Scott.

"Nipple shields, jeweled thong panties and a plaid skirt. You were all dressed up huh?" Scott asked wrapping his arm around her letting his fingers brush against the sides of her breasts.

"Not that he noticed." She pouted.

"Karen." Scott said firmly as he sat down handing his buddy a beer. "I told you forget about it. He's the one missing out."

"I know." Karen relented putting her head down as she spoke.

"Then drop it." Scott replied sitting down beside her. "It's not that big a deal." He reached down and gripped her leg draping it over his own.

"I just wish he would pay attention to me. He normally trips over himself when I wear this." She didn't really notice that Scott had rested his hand on her knee subtly inching it up toward her thigh.

"Sometimes guys just need a little space." Bryan added pulling her other leg up over his. Her skirt had started off too short to cover her ass but with her legs split wide like a wishbone it only covered her stomach. Both of the boys could smell her pussy in the air, the distinct stink of a bitch in heat. His fingers wandered over her tits again gradually moving to the edge of her steel ornaments.

"He could just say something." Karen pouted shifting slightly so the boys could get full access to her body.

"He is an ass." Scott said as his fingers started rubbing up along her inner thigh just inches away from her cunt. He moved his eyes up to Karen's sliding her leg a little farther up into Scott's lap. She was spread so wide open that her puss was on full display nearly swallowing the tiny black thong she was wearing.

Bryan reached his other hand over cupping both breasts at the running his fingers over the soft flesh. Karen gasped slightly as his thumb brushed over the shield. "Let me get my drink." She smiled leaning forward and nearly toppling if Bryan hadn't gripped her tits and held in place. "Thanks." She whispered grasping the plastic cup in both hands. Without moving to sit up she gulped down the rest of her drink and set the cup down. "Ok continue."

It started with two fingers gliding into her cunt up the last knuckle and then a third as Karen wriggled on Scott's hand. "Mmmm." She leaned her head back against the couch as her cunt was fingered by one man as another rubbed at her nipples. Karen wasn't even aware of her hands slipping into their pants and wrapping around hard cocks.

"Damn." Bryan muttered twisting her steel shields slightly. Karen grinned and pulled her legs off the boys and slid off the couch quickly turning back around to face them.

"This is what you wanted right?" Karen smiled reaching up and undoing Bryan's pants and yanking them down to his knees. "You can take off your own pants." She told Scott as she moved her lips to Bryan's cock. The tip of her tongue danced around his shaft tasting his precum. As soon as Scott's pants were off, one of her hands wrapped around his cock, the other around Bryan jerking their lower extremities.

"Wow." Scott whispered looking over at his buddy and then at Karen's head as it bounced Bryan's cock slurping noisily. Both men watched as her spittle oozed down his shaft and coated his balls before she abandoned his cock and moved over to Scott. This time she started at his balls lapping at it like an ice cream cone till his scrotum glistened with saliva.

"Mmmm." She moaned slightly as lifted her ass wriggling it around as she ran her tongue along the length of Scott's cock. Each time she started at his balls and gradually licked his entire shaft circling the tip and starting again. When his entire cock glistened with saliva she started jerking him off again returning her lips to Bryan again.

Karen took a deep breath and wrapped her lips around Bryan expertly working her tongue as she inched downward. Slowly she managed to walk her lips down the length of his dick until his balls rested against her chin and then the backed off and pushed down again fucking him with her mouth. Her hand moved from Scott's cock to between her own thighs grinding her clit in circles as she moaned.

"Why are we sharing when she has more than one hole?" Bryan asked. Scott smiled and got off the couch mounting her from behind. Karen's cunt was so soaked that he slid all the way in on the first stroke and started pounding her from behind. He could still hear her moans muffled by his friend's dick as he pounded her pussy. His hands moved around to grip at her breasts twisting her tit rings as he fucked her. Any protest she might have made was instantly silenced by Scott gripping her skull in his hands and holding her in place for his pistoning cock. The only sound she could make was a muffled moan around the dick buried in her throat.

Karen's fingers moved up to grasp at Bryan's hips clutching his flesh as her cunt squeezed around Scott's cock. Her back arched upward as she let loose another muffled scream as an orgasm ripped through her body. Scott groaned slightly as her pussy clenched around his cock. Bryan's cock slipped from Karen's lips and rested on her cheek as she relaxed against his thigh.

"What happened here?" Bryan asked, his voice finally starting slur from the alcohol.

"Just need a tiny break." Karen replied obviously drunk as she looked up at him. She turned her face slightly trying to try and wrap her lips around his cock again.

"Don't worry, I got an idea." Bryan smiled gently sliding off the couch and onto the floor. "Come over here." Karen didn't even remember Scott was behind her as she wriggled away from the couch and scampered over to Bryan. She didn't need to be told to climb onto his cock. It took her a few tries to get her aim right but she sat down on his cock all at once.

Scott looked down where Karen had been a moment before and let out a half laugh. A few feet away he could see his friend's cock buried in her puss as she sat straight up literally bouncing on his hips. The sound of her ass slapping against Bryan's thighs filled the room. Karen's legs were spread, her cunt split open on a cock and her tits were bouncing up and down as she braced herself against her lover. The only thing that caught Scott's attention though was her mouth still hanging open with a moan.

Scott stood up and walked over to her gently gripping her face and aiming his hard cock toward her lips. Karen turned her head toward him mouth open wide to accept the cock she couldn't manage to get at. Instead she ended up with her own cunt juices smeared all over her cheeks.

Karen couldn't taste herself on Scott's cock as she started slurping over his hard cock. She inched her lips down slowly until she had swallowed him completely rubbing her nose against his stomach. She could see the look of disbelief on his face as she started slowly working up and down the entire length of his shaft.

If she'd been sober she would have complained when Bryan shoved a pair of fingers into her ass. Instead she started popping her hips, making sure she rose up at the end to push his fingers deeper into her bowels. She didn't complain either when Scott gripped on of her shields and Bryan the other stretching her tits as far as her flesh would allow.

"Dude, you should try this." Bryan hinted pulling his fingers from Karen's ass. Scott managed to get a rare glimpse inside her before her ass clenched shut from where Bryan's fingers had been. Scott looked down at his buddy and pulled Karen's ass open and pushed into her ass.

The combination of alcohol and lust let Scott slide into her ass with relative ease. It was the first time Karen had ever felt so completely full and complete. A cock and a vibrator just didn't compete with two flesh and blood cocks pumping inside her. Karen could feel them grinding together inside her. She screamed out in ecstasy popping her hips back against the two men driving them into her body up to the hilts.

Scott grunted and pushed himself farther into her ass reaching around to get a firm grip on her tits. He didn't notice the points of her shields digging into his fingers as he massaged and yanked at her boobs.

Bryan moved his hands to her hips just in time to feel her body spasm in a second orgasm. Between the two men they could barely hold onto Karen's thrashing body pinned between them. He clutched at her hips as his climax rocked through his body pumping cum into her pussy.

At the same time Scott crushed her tits in his grasp as he flooded her asshole with his cum. He slumped down over her back resting his head on her shoulder and looking down at his friend's sweat coated face. Bryan had a relaxed smile on his face as he looked up at his pal. Karen had collapsed between the two men staring at the carpet as she struggled to stay awake.

"It's just like an Oreo." She giggled slapping Bryan's side.


"Well the vanilla is on the outside but it's just like an Oreo cookie." She giggled again wriggling her rump against the two cocks. She could feel cum oozing out of her holes but she couldn't get the energy up to slide off.

"Well you got the creme filling!" Scott said with a smile laying a gentle kiss on Karen's neck.

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