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Orgasmic Indulgence


Well, well, well. I wrote my first sex story last year after I had a completely hot run-in with a fellow on my trip to Italy (that story is called Orgasmic Awakening and it's on Literotica if you'd like to check it out). That was right after my divorce and I was just starting to bask in the glow of sexual freedom! Since then I went through a period of shall we say extreme sexual activity :), followed by a couple of brief dating relationships. Now I seem to be back in casual fling mode, which is fine with me after almost 20 years of marriage. So the reason I've decided to come back and write another story is recently I had a sexual experience that just blew me away, so I thought I'd share.

Well, for starters, my name is Lesley, I'm 38 years old and I've been single for almost a year after 17 years of marriage. I have 2 sons, ages 18 and 20, both out of the house. The past year has been an intense time in a lot of ways, as you might expect since I went from being a wife and mother to be a single women on her own. One of the really great things about this past year is I've really rediscovered my sexual appetite, which was seriously lacking towards the end of my marriage. I guess it's no surprise then that I've found myself gravitating towards younger men, since they seem to share my sex drive.

Over a month ago I was walking to the door of my condo when I struck up a conversation with a man who lives about 4 doors down. He's in his mid-20s and has lived there for over a year. Until recently I hadn't spoken to him much, although I admit checking him out from time to time. On one particular occasion I'd even run into him at the local 24 Hour Fitness, and quite enjoyed my view of his very nice bare upper body :). Every time I'd see him around the condo complex he was with a woman who seemed like his girlfriend. This time he was alone, though.

I was carrying 2 paper bags of groceries and he saw me and offered to take one in for me. Yeah, carrying groceries is one of the more cliché ways to meet someone, but it was still a nice offer. After we took the bags to my kitchen we started chatting while I put the food away. I think right away we both sensed some energy but I truly was not thinking we'd end up in bed.

It turns out he's 25 and his name is Josh. We chatted for a little while about his ex-girlfriend, who it turns out was the woman I'd always seen him with. As it turned out, they'd broken up about a month earlier, so we ended up talking about relationships and breakups and all that cheery stuff. But while we were chatting, I definitely found myself attracted to him, not to mention instantly comfortable and relaxed with him even though I barely knew him. He just seemed like a nice, unassuming guy, but with this hint of confidence and even cockiness that was a real turn-on.

We chatted for perhaps an hour on my living room couch, and then, almost as a natural extension of the conversation's mood, we started kissing. He wasn't a very good kisser but I could tell he had good hands as he slid them over my midsection. Then, he pulled away for a moment and told me he'd always thought I was really attractive. I'd never gotten the feeling he was checking me out, but I guess all it takes is a glance.

Soon we retired to the living room, chatting a little more, mostly about working out at the gym. Before long he made his move, leaning in to kiss me as his hand gripped my waist. Our tongues quickly became involved and I too leaned into him, running my hands up his chest outside his T-shirt. Through his shirt I could feel his strong chest and tight stomach, and I ran my hands to his navel, raising the shirt off him. Then I climbed aboard, onto his lap while we kissed, his head leaning back against the sofa. I lowered my tongue to his collarbone and slowly made my way down his chest, relishing the subtle slope of his muscular curves.

It was kind of erotic how he sat there wearing only a pair of shorts while I was still in my jeans and my gray cotton shirt. I wonder if he felt like a piece of meat the way I'd just kind of tossed his shirt aside and jumped on him. Somehow I don't think he minded, though. Using my hands to caress his chest and arms, I slowly kissed and licked my way down the center of his body, my tongue taking in every bit of flesh. He brought his hands to the small of my back and began raising my shirt up, but I immediately reached behind me to grab him, bringing his hands around to my front and pinning them up against the wall. For the moment, this was my show, and I was quite enjoying running it!

Soon I'd descended as far as his stomach, only to swiftly slide my tongue back up him while I felt his pecs with my hands. Once I reached his face we kissed strongly, a reflection of how the tension had built just in a few moments. Again he attempted to remove my shirt and this time I didn't object. Once it was tossed aside, Josh leaned forward, holding my hips while he made love to the part of my breasts not confined in my bra. I pressed on his arms for a moment, insincerely trying to push him away as if it were a competition to see who would explore whose body. For the moment, though, I lifted my chin as I felt his mouth on my cleavage and his hands slowly slide up my back to the strap of my bra. After a momentary struggle he slid it off, and subtly dropped his mouth to give my whole breast his attention before moving to the other one. I found myself gripping his shoulders now, pulling him closer as his fingers firmly held my lower back again.

Eventually there was a pause and I leaned back, standing on the floor for just a second before I kneeled down, ready to lower his shorts.

Instead, though, I decided to tease him, sliding my hands down his front to the elastic band, but then caressing his cock from the outside of his shorts, denying him direct contact. He very lightly huffed as if he'd been anticipating more, but gladly went along when I stood up and guided him up by the hand. Then, still holding onto his hand, I led him into my bedroom..

For some reason I was really in a kissing mood, even though he had too much tension in his mouth and it felt like he was trying to devour me or something. As it turns out, though, that attitude worked out quite well later. Finally I pulled away and gave him a seductive glare before I ran my hands down to his shorts. Jokingly, I pulled the band back just a bit and pretended to grab a peak and quickly pull my eyes back. "See anything down there you like?" he snipped back, grinning. Once that was done, though, I washed the smile from my face and lowered myself towards the floor, pulling the bands of his shorts and boxer shorts at the same time as I went. Soon, his cock poked out and the shorts rested at his ankles. He was already rock hard, and if I might say so, quite nice. I'm not a huge size-queen but hey, I enjoy a bit on the larger-than-average side, and he was definitely that.

I teasingly ran the very tip of my tongue along his shaft until I reached his navel. Then I raised myself again, running my tongue up his body while I massaged his penis with my hand, feeling it stiffen even more. Josh stepped out of the shorts surrounding his ankles, and began returning my favor, bringing his hands to my jeans and helping me remove them. My jeans were tight so there really wasn't a sexy, seductive way to take them off. I just took them off unceremoniously. As we stood there facing each other, silently lusting after each other's bodies, my underpants and socks stood out glaringly as the only articles of clothing left on either of us. Beginning to show his assertiveness, he went straight for my underpants, kneeling down while he lowered them until I finished the task. Then, for the first time, our entire naked bodies met as we leaned into each other, kissing briefly before I pushed him to the bed.

He sat there on the edge while I kneeled down, lowered my mouth onto his cock and feeling his hands caress my hair. Wanting to touch him, I slid my hands up his thighs to his stomach and chest, pushing him down so he lay on the bed with his legs hanging off. Then, I gave him head. Not fellatio, not oral sex, head. I made it relatively brief so as not to move him too close to orgasm, but at this point I was definitely feeling the mood. I moved my mouth somewhat rapidly along his shaft, using my tongue like a paintbrush while he let out little grunts.

After a moment, I felt him lean forward and slip his hand down to cup my breast. I pulled my mouth up and he nudged me higher until he could run his hand up my thigh to my hip. Then, insistently, he wrapped his hand around to my butt and pulled me swiftly towards him, kissing my stomach while both his hands caressed the lower part of my body. Then, quite to my surprise, he took two fingers and slipped them inside me, immediately pressing my G-spot in a textbook "come hither" motion. Instantly I felt myself shiver, both because of the touch on my sensitive spot and because I suddenly found myself in a place of vulnerability, trusting him in my recesses. He gazed up at me, speaking for the first time in awhile. "You sensitive there?," he asked. I nodded my head without saying a word. At that moment that was all I could muster as I felt his fingers press more firmly inside me. "Well," he noted, "we'll have to make sure you get some attention there then." Again I nodded, feeling his fingers gently massaging my G-spot (I have quite a sensitive one!).

Josh pulled his fingers out of me and stood up, just gazing at me with an eager look in his eyes. For a moment I was frozen on the outside but soon I discovered what that aura of confidence I'd sensed in him was all about. Inside I felt the same readiness I think he did. Then, he said it: "Turn around" In my mind I was already there. My G-spot was swelled and ready, and I felt like it was screaming to me. As far as I'm concerned, there's one position totally best for G-spot action, and I guess you can chalk it up to chemistry that he seemed exactly on the same page.

I climbed onto the bed, kneeling facing the wall as Josh kneeled on the bed behind me. I felt his hands make their way up the outside of my thighs, up to my butt and back down the front of my thighs until he had them wrapped in his forearms. Then, he yanked my legs out from under me, gently letting me down on the bed.

I lay there flat on my stomach, resting my chin on the pillow while he kneeled behind me. Almost immediately he ran his hands over my shins and slid my socks off my feet. Finally we were both naked. Then he slowly slid his hands - up the back of my shins and thighs, to my butt. He moved forward to kneel over the backs of my upper thighs, running his hands up my lower back, massaging me. Up to my shoulders, down my arms, reaching under me to cup my breasts, then down my stomach, over my clit, and back around to my butt. Momentarily he paused and ran his cock seductively along my butt.

The feeling of his hard penis so close to my opening was tantalizing, but I was enjoying the massage. Fortunately, he continued, resting on the backs of my thighs while he caressed my upper body. Finally, though, after several minutes of this, he paused again, asking me if I had a condom. I directed him to a drawer next to the bed for a condom which he then slid on. Moments later I felt his cock slide along the lips of my opening, teasing me. I moved my legs a little farther apart, and he followed up by nudging them even farther until there was enough room for him. Then, after he touched my lips once more, I felt the head of his cock push inside me. He held it there for a moment, and then moved forward, leaning above me as he buried himself. I gasped at the feeling and quickly became adjusted to his presence in me. I was also almost jumping with excitement inside, for I had a hunch that this was about to be all about my G-spot.

Almost immediately Josh slid his cock over my front wall until he found the spot. Then he just rocked forward and back a little, massaging it. Already I could tell he knew his way around a G-spot, and I also have to say I find that to be a great quality in a sexual partner! For now, he hovered over me, leaning his fists on the mattress beside me. Then, holding himself in me, I felt him slowly lean the front of his body down onto the back of mine. Ohh god. First I felt his thighs on mine, then his stomach push down on my butt, then his chest press against my back until he covered me. I get horny now just thinking of that position, squeezed into place, the front of my body sprawled against the soft sheets while I felt every part of his hard body press down on me from behind, trapping me under him.

Without lifting himself, I felt him move his thighs apart and begin grinding into me. In this position the penetration was very deep almost immediately, and I gasped at the feeling of my walls being stretched. As he grinded he ran his hands up my outstretched arms and kissed my cheek as I rested it on the pillow. Soon I pulled my arms back, stretching them behind me to feel his butt flexing as he grinded, the muscles in its tight package churning in perfect harmony.

After a little while he raised himself off of me. For a moment it felt cold and empty to no longer have his body pressing down on mine, but my mind wasn't on that very long. Josh supported himself by his arms, planting his hands on the bed inches to each side of my head. Then he slowly began lowering himself. Once his cock pressed my G-spot, he paused and shifted forward, letting my increasingly swelled G-spot slide along the underside of his shaft. Then, he brought himself back and did it over again. I closed my eyes in concentration while he essentially did pushups on me. It was, in a word, HOTTTT.

Feeling his cock push on and then methodically drag over my G-spot, pressing down just enough to make me start to writhe in my skin, ohhh. It was all almost unreal, especially after this went on and on until I began really feeling the pressure build in me. Joining the sound of the bed flexing were our increasing sounds of lustfulness. Over and over I felt him push against my G-spot and then slide over it, and after awhile I found myself panting, and struggling to control my writhing enough to avoid disrupting our rhythm. Josh also contributed to the cacophony, letting out low grunts as he went, as if his ability to sustain this thrusting pattern was some test of virility. Still, he moved relatively slowly in me, patiently letting my sensations build. Eventually, though, I inevitably reached that point, feeling my G-spot now swelled to a state of readiness.

Maybe he sensed this from my panting, or maybe he felt my knob reach erectness. Either way, he suddenly grabbed my wrists one at a time, pressed them into the mattress with each of his hands, shifted his body slightly forward and abruptly changed rhythms, now thrusting down powerfully and continuously, directly onto my G-spot. That was like bringing the gas pedal to the floor, and I rapidly felt a large storm brewing, building up inside me. Over and over his pelvis crashed down on my backside, his thrusts sending his cock directly to my most sensitive location as if he had a map. It took some patience but eventually I felt myself on the brink. Maybe it was the animalistic feeling of it all, or the notion of being taken by a strong man, but this time my orgasm didn't tease me. No sooner did I find myself on the verge than I was over the top. At first I couldn't stop myself from twisting and turning.

Fortunately he held me in place and continued thrusting while I came, feeling deep, satisfying waves pulsate one after another throughout my body. A G-spot orgasm is so different to me than a clitoral orgasm. Deeper, more all-body-consuming, more wave-like, usually longer-lasting. And, once it passes, I find myself with an erect, sensitive G-spot, feeling an almost infinite orgasmic capacity, and an intense urge to fulfill it, to cum again and again.

Once my orgasm passed Josh slowed, momentarily returning to that previous pattern, using his arms to shift his body in mid-air. Before long he lowered his knees to the mattress, running his hands up my backside as he gently but consistently thrusted. From that angle he was missing my spot, allowing its sensitivity to subside just enough to make direct contact feel good again. After a moment I let my head drop to the bed. Again I felt his body begin to collapse down onto mine, and suddenly his elbows hit the mattress on each side of me. He shifted himself forward until he'd found my G-spot again, and then began churning, thrusting slowly but strongly, pressing his cock into my spot with patience but determination. I enjoyed the renewed feeling of his hard thighs and stomach pressed against my backside, and soon shivered again as his chest pressed down on my back. I turned my head, reaching up to kiss him just before he told me how hot I was. "You're not too bad yourself" was my reply, reaching back to return my hands to his butt, feeling his muscles flex and churn with every grind, every thrust.

He dropped from his elbows and smothered me with his body, still grinding, and kissing the back of my head and neck as he rested his arms on the pillow just in front of me. That's another nice thing about that position - I love having the back of my neck kissed and licked, and he was in a perfect position to do it. Soon he began thrusting slightly faster, and, already having orgasmed once, I almost instantly felt a preliminary lightness in my stomach. Pulling my hands away from his butt, I now lay my arms to the side and rested my forehead down on the bed, closing my eyes as I felt the sensations build. Again Josh must have read my cue because he once again raised his body off me, shifting forward so he kneeled sitting on my butt, gently thrusting downward. I felt his hands on the side of my butt, sliding up to my lower back, then up.

Somehow I knew exactly where this was going. Up my back his hands slid, to my neck, then slowly out to my shoulders, down my arms, until he grabbed my wrists and held them to the bed. Still his thrusts grazed my G-spot, and I felt myself getting more sensitive with each stroke, as if achieving a state of readiness. Increasingly I found myself primed, sensitive, and wanting strong and direct stimulation. Still the grazing, though, slowly until I was practically aching for release. Just before I was about to tell him to "do it", he did it. He lifted himself by his arms, squeezing my wrists more firmly as he leaned on them, burying my hands into the bedspread. Holding his upper body above me by his arms, Josh shifted forward and began bringing himself down rapidly, powerfully, directly.

My G-spot was again hit straight on with every thrust, and like clockwork I felt like the motor had been turned on, like I'd be sitting in an airplane waiting at the gate and suddenly we were speeding up the runway, about to take off. I pried my head up, desperately wanting to gaze at him at this moment, reaching my head back to watch him as he bucked, a look of fierce intentness on his face. He looked like he was as determined to give me the orgasm as I was to have it.

Still, I could only hold my head up for a moment until it crashed back to the mattress. I wrapped my mind around the sensations, his thighs on mine, his hips on my butt, his cock assaulting my G-spot, his strong hands pinning my wrists to the bed. I love being "taken," and this was it. Then, in a moment that made my first orgasm look like a light gust of air, the plane took off. I suddenly felt a brief urge to pee and then it happened. I came deeply and strongly, biting at the mattress, feeling the waves ripple through me, threatening to wash me away. As I sometimes do with intense G-spot orgasms, I ejaculated, squirting a little bit of fluid onto his cock and the mattress. Still I continued to cum. The sound escaping from me was throaty, like I was choking momentarily before I just screamed. When I calmed down, Josh leaned down and held me, kissing my neck, grinning at me and noting that "it looks like you're having some fun there." I know he meant just to keep the mood light but at that moment I heard it as "YOU are having the fun." But when I asked him if he was having fun he chuckled for a moment, answering "oh yeah" as if it was the silliest question ever.

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