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Orgasming Together


Some thoughts about orgasming together. This is written from the stand point as a guide for men.

Possibly the best sex is in the evening after the man has had a nap and feels well rested and ready to please.

Starting in the spoon position with the man behind and the woman held into his chest facing away with as much of the body in contact as comfortable. And now just breath into the woman's ear. The man will tune into what the woman is feeling. As he feels that she is riding the wave of sensation. He will feel a strong desire to start gently touching her ear with his tongue. Do follow the woman's energy and feel the needs in her this is creating. Let go of the male energy of wanting to hurry to completion. Have no thoughts other than just what is happening at the moment. Let the waves of joinment guide the next tiny step. Savor each tiny step, be ready at any second, for the energy to desire a rest. Use these times to connect with the lover. Feel love, breath in light, God and feel the heart center feel warm and full, exhale this to surround and nourish your partner. Feel that everything all around is benefiting from this process.

Continue feeling where the joined waves move you, or if the waves of connection, desire connection and sharing love with each other. Move on to other areas of the female body as directed by the joined connection.

Essentially the intention of the encounter is to totally connect, share love and see God in your self, partner and surroundings. As the waves of sexuality peak through this intention. Let her energy guide your movements.

Eventually you will be guided to move on to feeling the sensations of her whole body, try to stay away from the sexually charged areas like breasts and bottom and between the legs until last. This could easily last over an hour with out touching these sexual areas.

Often she will instinctual move so as to maximize contact with areas she needs touched. Just play with these areas with out any thought of anything else. Forget about any idea of completing your time with even this area. Allow eternity to last as long as you are internally guided to caress her energy here. Rather than thinking of touching her body imagine your energy coming from your body and joining with the energy in her body. Feel and internally see the movement and Will of this energy. Think of floating naked in the ocean. You are part of the ocean like a drop of water in the ocean, moved by the Will of the Ocean. Allow the Ocean of energy to move you and tease your joined sexual desires and connection.

Eventual the Ocean will bring you to the vagina area.

By this time she could not stand not having your groin area near her groin area. Think of an inward spiral with the center of the spiral being her clitoris. The Waves in the Ocean will start you at the outer edge of this spiral and eventually you will end in the center. Allow your self to be reluctant to move to the center. Maximize your enjoyment of slowing the decent of the spiral to her clitoris. When the awareness in finally only on the two groins in close proximity, a nice position is the woman laying on her back with her legs as far open and her knees raised in the direction of her ears as much as comfortable, heals resting on his low back area. The mans arms will go under her shoulders and his palms will hold the back of her head. thus creating a kind of open pocket with the upside down V legs of the clitoral nerves that run from the clitoris along the inner labia and into the vagina. The penis will slide from her opening almost to her clitoris slowly and very connected.

Keep the point of contact between the penis and stimulated area on the woman well lubricated. By dipping the penis occasionally into the vagina. The goal is for there to be no friction between the penis and contact with the woman's area now.

Looking into each others eyes and seeing God or infinity in the other persons eyes, helps now. Gradually the movement of the penis will become faster, as this happens the woman will take over being active and the man will become passive, eventually the man stopping his movement completely. As the speed increases the mans movement will come to a stop and what will take over is an instinctual tiny jerking of the woman's hips. As she is instinctual moved to tiny jerks of her hips her intention is for the penis to not come into contact with the clitoris, starting each tiny stroke near the opening and ending each stroke below the clitoris. She may now take over completely and do what feels best. Just stay away having the penis touch the clitoris until the woman can not put off orgasm any longer. Now that she feels she must orgasm she may allow the penis to contact her clitoris. And allow the orgasm to explode her awareness into the cosmos, joining her completely with her partner and God.

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