tagInterracial LoveOriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty

byNo Panty Girl©

Josie worked with me at International Importing Company. International imported a couple of million dollars worth the merchandise from China for distribution in the Sates.

Josie was a petite eighteen-year-old Cantonese girl still living with her parents. Josie's father like many Chinese fathers was strict in his upbringing of his daughter. She was not allowed to be in the company of men without a chaperone.

As I was an "old married woman" her father reluctantly accepted me to see that his daughter did not dishonor him.

I liked taking Josie with me on my girls' nights out, as she was a real cock-magnet. I would take her to my place first and dress her up real slutty, get her to wear a micro-mini with fishnet stockings and put makeup on her so she looked like a cheap whore.

Josie was naive and trusted me explicitly. She really believed I was trying to help her find the right man when all I wanted was to have a few orgies with her.

My husband got a real rail on when Josie was at our house changing. I would leave the bedroom door open enough so he could look in while her jerked-off in the hallway.

I took my young charge to all the wrong places to meet a decent guy, my favorite being R J Winners, a bar in one of the local shopping malls.

A lot of black guys hung out at Winners, football and basketball players. They were mostly built like shit brick houses and always had the bucks to throw around to impress the ladies.

Guys' heads would turn when I walked in with Josie. She looked like a cupie-doll, less than the eighteen years and so petite. On the other hand I was a buxomly cougar obviously looking to get laid.

We would barely have a chance to sit down before the drinks started arriving.

Tonight was no different. The place was only about half full but the action started soon after we arrived.

I had Josie dressed in the usual outfit, a black mini that barely covered her ass, heels and thigh-high net stockings and a frilly scarlet sheer top with a plunging vee neckline. Josie didn't have much in the tit department but her chocolate brown button nipples showing through the sheer material of her blouse appealed to guys.

I was wearing one of my favorite "fuck me" outfits. Also a miniskirt with thigh-highs, a garter belt with no panties and a filigree baby-blue top tat displayed my braless 38C tits through the many small openings in the pattern. My rosy-pink nipples were straining to get out.

We hadn't been sitting five minutes before the waiter brought the first drink.

"Compliments of the gentleman at the bar." She said sitting down what looked like a couple of Daiquiris.

A enormous of a black man sitting with a couple of buddies at the bar raised his drink in a welcoming gesture. I returned our thanks with a teasing kiss.

We were still checking out the room when the jukebox began playing a slow "somebody did me wrong" song. Two of our benefactors approached our table.

"You ladies care to dance?" the bigger black one asked.

I looked at Josie, she just giggled at the thought of dancing with a black man.

"Sure!" I said getting up.

The enormous one's partner took my hand while the big guy took Josie's hand lifting he from her chair.

We were the only two couples on the dance floor. While the room watched we danced close together, my partner's hand constantly caressing my ass.

Josie looked as if she were dancing with the giant from Jack and the beanstalk. Her face was barely up to his chest and his huge hand was firmly placed on her tiny ass.

"You don't have any panties on?" my partner asked.

"Don't need any!" I brazenly replied.

My partner's name was Ed. He told me that he and his friend played ball for the local college football team. They had a big game coming up the next day and were looking to unwind that night.

I told Ed that Josie and I were just out looking for a good time no strings attached. I told him that Josie was still a virgin and I wanted to get her laid. Ed assured me that he and his friends were just the guys to do it.

Bernie, Josie's dance partner, had a big, black Lincoln Navigator, which we had all piled into, headed for the motel. One white horny bitch, one young, chaste Asian girl and three burly black bulls. Josie sat in the front with Bernie while I was in the back surrounded on both sides by randy black men. Their hands were allover me. Ed was checking under my skirt confirming I didn't have any panties on and Leroy on my right had my blouse open and was feeding on my bare breasts. I knew it was going to be a night Josie would remember the rest of her life.

The Sundown Motel was one of the better motels located by the interstate exit on the edge of town. The guys had rented one of the second level units and stocked it with booze.

Two double beds dominated the room with a small table and a couple of wingback chairs. A large color TV was secured to the top of the counter.

When we entered Bernie went to the mini-fridge and got out a handful of beers. Josie and I excused us and headed to the washroom.

"These guys are going to fuck us stupid!" I told Josie as I primped in the mirror.

"I know, Bernie was feeling me in the car." Josie said, "Do you think I can handle them?"

I assured Josie she would have no trouble even though I knew their big dicks would rip her apart.

"Let's go." I said as I opened the door.

The guys were waiting in their boxer when we reentered the room. We both gasped seeing their muscular ebony chests and arms. Bernie had his erect cock in one hand stroking it.

Oh my God, it was the biggest schlong I had ever seen on a man! Without a doubt it exceeded fourteen inches in length and was as big around as my forearm. Josie could not believe her eyes.

"See what Bernie's got for you girls?" Ed laughed.

I had enjoyed my share of monster cocks but poor Josie was a virgin! Bernie's gigantic cock would rip her small pussy apart.

"Show us where he's gonna put it?" Leroy goaded.

I took the lead removing the skimpy outfit I was wearing. Nervously Josie followed and we both stood there naked before the guys.

Josie was truly beautiful. A small patch of lustrous black pubic hair contrasted her pale yellow skin punctuated my tiny brown nipples adorning her small mounds.

There is no way she is going to be able to take Bernie's cock I thought as Leroy grabbed her.

I was kind of glad Leroy was going to be her first. Of the three he had the smallest cock, only about nine inches. It would be kinder breaching her than the other monstrosities.

My attention was taken off of Josie when Ed took hold of me and guided me to the bed. I was laid back on the bed and my legs opened in preparation to be fucked. Ed mounted me with a hardon over ten inches heading towards my open pussy.

Felt the massive head of his cock part my freshly shaven labia as he guided himself into me. Inch after inch of thick cock slid into me. I thought his cock would never end and feared I was going to be unable to take it all when finally his balls touching my ass signaled I had succeeded.

Just as the smooth head of Bernie's cock pressed against my lips I heard a sharp cry from the next bed, Josie was no longer a virgin!

I opened y mouth as wide as possible and it was still a tight fit for Bernie's cock to squeeze into my mouth. I had sucked a lot of cocks and considered myself quite good at it but I had never encountered anything as big as Bernie's.

As big as it appeared it felt like double the size as I tried to take as much as possible into my mouth. Meanwhile Ed has started fucking me.

I reached up and took Bernie's meat in my hand and I was surprised with the weight of it. Unable to get my hand completely around it I began stroking it into my mouth. MY lips were sealed tightly around his shaft and there was little room to move my tongue.

Ed was taking long, deep strokes driving the head of his cock into me until it was kissing my cervix. My hips bucked up instinctively greeting his cock into me fuck hole.

Josie was whimpering in the next bed as Leroy made a woman of her. Glancing over I saw Leroy's big ebony body on top of my little friend with his ass rising and falling as he drove his cock into her newly activated pussy.

I tuned my attention back to the huge cock filling my mouth and trying to enter my throat. There was no way I was going to be able to take much more of Bernie's cock and still breathe. I began sucking and trying to caress him with my tongue to please him. Ed's cock was stirring up an orgasm between my widespread legs.

It was an incredible feeling having almost two feet of cock in me. The more Ed's went in me the more of Bernie's I wanted to take. I actually got Bernie's cock started into my throat by managing to breathe though my nose. Before long Bernie was poised to shoot his load directly down my gullet.

Then the impossible happened, they both cum at the same time!

My body was flooded with a deluge of black men's sperm, the thick sticky cream filling my pussy and cascading down my throat. Berne's cum left a slimy trail as it slid down to my stomach while Ed's squished around his cock like an over primed pump. The stench of sperm in the air and the two black bucks' cocks throbbing in me triggered my explosion. My orgasm hit me like a nuclear attack.

Nothing else in the world existed besides my trembling body with kaleidoscope colors bursting in my mind. I could feel my orgasm in every part of my body, even my teeth!

"Holy shit!" I cried as I tumbled into an abyss of ecstasy.

Beside me Josie was struggling with her first cock-induced orgasm. She was fucking unprotected. My plan was to get her knocked up and when her strict parents discovered she was carrying a black man's child they would throw her out of the house. Then she cold come and live with Rick and me. She could be Risk's plaything until she delivered her baby and then Rick could baby-sit the little bastard while Josie and I went out to find more black cock!

Josie was ready to move up a size in black cocks. Ed and Leroy changed beds, Ed taking Leroy's place with Josie and Leroy joining Bernie and me on our bed.

I felt the head of Bernie's monstrous cock parting my wet pussy lips as I took Leroy into my cum coated mouth.

"Holy Mary, mother of Jesus!" Bernie's cock was big! It was like someone was trying to drive a Volkswagen into my cunt!

I could not cry out in fright as my mouth was already stuffed with Leroy's dark meat. I closed my eyes and winced with pain as Bernie stretched me beyond belief.

After having Bernie in my mouth Leroy was no problem. I was able to work his shaft with my tongue while sucking his thick black shaft. I could taste Josie on his dick as he thrust it in and out between my lips. He had his hands full of my hair controlling the movement of my head as he skull-fucked me.

My pussy was beginning to open up for Bernie's gigantic cock. Thank goodness I was already wet and sloppy with Ed.'s goo. Bernie was penetrating me about an inch deeper with each powerful thrust. Half a foot of black cock was sliding in me and he was only half way in!

Both Josie and my pussies were being stretched. I could hear her whimpering as I moaned in delight and pain. It was like the first big cock I had taken in my ass, painful and enjoyable at the same time. I concentrated on Leroy's cock as Bernie expanded my fuck passageway.

Bernie froze, back arched, as he released his load into me. I tsunami of cum engulfed my womb, sticky jizz spilling everywhere between my legs. At the same time Leroy fed me a mouthful of his liquid protein, his salty brine filling my mouth as I desperately swallowed his cum. I was hurled into another earth-shattering orgasm.

We had a brief breather to allow Josie to regain her composure. Having taken Leroy and Ed's cock she was ready for Bernie's monster.

Finally the time come for Josie to have her pussy stretched to unheard of dimensions. I brought Bernie's cock to its full potential with my mouth and told him to fuck my friend. The bed sagged under Bernie's weight as he climbed on top of the little Asian girl. Leroy and Ed came to me to be entertained.

The guys decided to make me the filling in a cock sandwich by filling my front and back passages with heir boners. Ed easily slipped into my wet cunt while Leroy coaxed his cockhead into my sphincter. I heard Josie cry out in pain as Leroy rammed himself into my dirt chute.

Twenty-five inches of cock filled me, separated only by the thin wall between my two fucking holes. Each moved in me incredibly independent, like two living animals. Leroy had is hands full of my tits as he drove his root up into my bowels.

Josie was still trembling when we got out of the car at my house.

"Hi Dear, did you have a good night?" Rick asked as we entered.

"Very good! Josie brought something home for you!" I smiled.

No sense letting her pussy full of black men's cum go to waste!

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