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They had all found their seats by now. The ever smiling receptionist had carefully checked off each new entrants name on a clipboard as they had gathered in the atrium before the small, uncertain group been directed into the lecture theatre. Although, with it's three tiered rows of seats facing a single large screen, the lecture room resembled a movie theatre more than something you'd expect to find in an office block. The entire building was a prime example of corporate chic decked out in sleek chrome and pale wood which did a good job of making what was essentially a rectangular box look vaguely interesting.

Beccy had taken a seat in the back row and settled comfortably into the well padded red leather chair. It was more like a really comfortable armchair than a cinema seat, with a nice padded headrest section and wide armrests. It was very cosy though. Despite her new-job nerves Beccy even managed to savour the luxuriating comfort of the chair.

Why couldn't she find a chair like this for her apartment? The answer popped straight into her head; because comfort like this costs money and Beccy knew that luxuries like this were way beyond her means. Just managing to find a decent paying job in this gloomy economic climate had been an achievement in itself as far as she was concerned.

Another person was making their way along the row and Beccy turned to look. She was a petite, large chested girl in her mid twenties with a mane of curly black hair which nicely complimented her dark complexion. Seeing Beccy appraising her, the woman broke out into a broad welcoming smile before taking the seat next to her.

"Hi!" the girl announced cheerfully, "my name's Gabrielle."

Beccy smiled immediately in response to the girl's open, breezy manner. She liked Gabrielle instantly. "Hiya, I'm Beccy," she returned in the same cheerful manner.

"Do you think I'll be able to go to the lobby for some popcorn before the movie starts?" Gabrielle quipped mischievously.

Beccy sniggered in reply. "Don't forget to turn off your cellphone," she replied weakly in response to the banter.

Gabrielle flashed her another toothy white grin before asking, "So I wonder what they'll be showing us here?"

"Some sort of presentation about how great they are and how lucky we all are to be working for them I guess."

"Think I've seen that movie before," Gabrielle muttered, her smile dropping slightly.

Their conversation was interrupted by a voice from the small dais in front of the screen. They both turned to look down at the speaker. She was a tall slender woman with long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and dressed in a smart grey trouser suit and jacket.

"Good morning everybody," the woman announced over the microphone. "Firstly I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to your brand new jobs. My name is Monica Devitt and I am the Human Resources manager in charge of recruitment here at this facility." She paused for effect, her eyes scanning the silent audience before her.

Whereas Beccy had taken an instant like to Gabrielle, she now had an equally strong, but opposite, reaction to Monica. She'd only been speaking for under a minute and already the woman gave Beccy the creeps.

"We take employee satisfaction very seriously in this organisation," Monica went on, "and it's my job to make sure that each and every one of you will be happy working here. Happy employees make for a much better environment for us all."

Unusual way to introduce yourself thought Beccy. But was this just some sort of tongue in cheek HR aspirational policy statement or was there any substance behind it? It certainly caught her attention despite the less than favourable impression she had of Monica.

"We have a video orientation presentation for you all to watch now which should go some way towards explaining the mission of our company and where you as an employee fit in to our corporate structure," Monica continued. "We will be continuing your induction after the video so please just sit back and enjoy the presentation" she smiled before stepping away.

Beccy shuddered involuntarily at Monica's patently false smile. The image of a wolf baring it's teeth before a helpless prey sprang to mind.

With that the lights dimmed and the large screen flickered into life. Up came a series of nifty, expensive looking, graphics which morphed into the corporate logo; a stylised inverted eye within a diamond shape. Some cheesy intro music accompanied the display. With surprise, Beccy noted that there were speakers in the head rest of the chair itself which gave a odd stereo type effect to the music. Beccy did have to admit that it did make this otherwise boring corporate presentation just a little bit cooler.

On the screen, some aerial shots of various company buildings and happy workers were merging into a display of some of the various products the corporation had a hand in developing. Finally a pretty, wide blue eyed, blonde with her pulled back on top of her head appeared on screen.

"Hello," the woman announced cheerfully, "my name is Drina and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to your new working life." The blue eyed blonde's mouth was wrapped in a permanent toothpaste commercial grin. "I'm going to be your guide as we explore the many exciting new challenges that lie ahead of you!"

Drina was quite attractive, Beccy did have to admit, but the boundless enthusiasm was grating on her nerves just a little.

"Now, lets begin," Drina continued in the same bubbly manner. "One of the key facets of corporate life is that we regard employee satisfaction and happiness as an essential element of how we do business. It makes good economic sense for us to have an enthusiastic and well motivated workforce who will actively help us reach our targets and goals."

Beccy did have to admit that did sound sensible. Too much time was wasted bickering and bitching about trivial things.

Drina beamed her pearly whites at the twenty seated women. "And from your point of view, being a content, well adjusted employee will provide a great deal of happiness and stability on your own life."

Again Beccy conceded the point. She'd worked in places before where it was all bitching and scheming in order to gain a toehold on a slippery rung of the corporate ladder. It was all so ridiculous and stupid. If people only concentrated on their jobs and did what they were supposed to it would be so much better and simpler.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a totally new workplace, one where our employees are free of the negative aspects of life so that they can concentrate on what is truly important. Our overall goal is to transform you into a happy employee," Drina announced ecstatically.

Without even realising it, Beccy smiled in response to Drina's permanent on-screen beam. Beccy wasn't able to take her eyes off the screen. But she wasn't worried. Drina was really pretty. The more she looked at the blonde girl the more Beccy grew to like her and trust her. Drina was so beautiful. Beccy hardly heard what Drina was saying now. She was lost in Drina's smouldering Eastern European looks. So sexy. If only Beccy could be more like her.

Beccy suddenly knew what she wanted. It was so simple and so clear in her mind. Beccy wanted to be happy like Drina. Beccy wanted to be a happy employee.

By now the background behind Drina had slowly faded and changed. Instead of the interior of the office building she had been standing in, Drina's face was now located in the centre of a giant pulsating spiral.

Beccy's eyes dilated at the sight. She was utterly captivated by the twirling, patterns and colours that had ensnared her gaze. Unable to turn away even if she had wanted to, and she didn't want to, Beccy stared intently at the beautiful, happy Drina.

Drina smiled again. She was so beautiful. She was so happy. Drina was perfect.

"We want to make you a happy employee just like me," Drina beamed. Beccy's smile grew even broader if that was possible. That was so nice! Beccy wanted to be happy. She needed to be happy. She needed to be like Drina.

"Tell me that you want to be a happy employee," Drina continued.

The words left her lips immediately. Beccy didn't have to even think about it. "I want to be a happy employee," she yelped enthusiastically. So lost was she in the mesmerising spiral surrounding Drina, Beccy hardly even registered the simultaneous chorus of the nineteen other female voices who had exclaimed the exact same sentence.

Drina's smile grew even wider. "I am so pleased that you want to let us help you become a happy employee," she bubbled excitedly. "Now I will guide you on the path to true happiness. If you want to be happy, you must trust me and do as I say. Tell me that you will trust and obey."

The twenty voices of the seated women yelled the words in unison. "I will trust and obey."

Beccy was enraptured by the whole experience. The speakers in the head rest were transmitting not only Drina's sultry, sexy voice but something that sounded like a low hiss or white noise. But as her whole conscious mind was concentrating completely on listening and watching Drina, Beccy wasn't even aware of the other noise as it grew steadily in volume and pitch.

"Good!" Drina purred, "I am glad that you trust and obey me." Beccy felt a flush of pleasure at the words. She had pleased Drina. This knowledge made Beccy happy.

"Now employees," Drina continued, "you will listen to my voice. You will hear what I say and you will believe. You must believe. You cannot resist. You do not want to resist. You trust and obey me. All you want to do is obey. Tell me that you obey." The pattern behind Drina had changed again. The spiral was spinning faster and faster now, sucking Beccy's concentration deeper and deeper into the dark twirling vortex.

Whatever capacity Beccy had left for conscious thought disappeared.

Beccy's smile vanished. Her mouth hung open loosely as she stared transfixed at the massive screen.

"I obey," Beccy announced.

Drina's smile disappeared. Her flawless face grew stern and harsh.

"Good. You must obey. You must follow my commands."

"I must obey. I must follow your commands," Beccy repeated listlessly.

"A panel on top of the left armrest of your chair has opened. Inside is a helmet device. You will take out this device and place it on top of your head," Drina announced, all trace of her earlier cheery demeanour gone completely. "Obey now."

"I obey," Beccy responded. It was sheer torture to look away from the screen and the glowing Drina, but she had been ordered. Beccy needed to obey. She wanted to obey so badly. Every desire she had was focussed on Drina. Beccy needed to please her.

Sure enough the top of the armrest had slid back to reveal a hollowed out section. Quickly, Beccy reached inside and removed the device. It was a series of shiny metal strips bonded together into a loose conical shaped framework. Taking the device in her hands, Beccy reached up and planted the gleaming dome on top of her head. The helmet device hung loosely around her head. A latticework of thin metal strips criss-crossed her hair and culminated in a thick metal band that encircled Beccy's forehead. Wires trailed from the helmet down back into the chair.

A stray twinge of unease bubbled through Beccy's consciousness. Surely this was wrong? Why was she doing this?

"Obey," Drina announced in a calm, clear voice. It was as if Drina had sensed the conflict inside her mind. Although Drina had only uttered a single word it was more than enough to clear all residual doubts from Beccy's aching mind. Beccy returned her focus to the spiralling vision of perfection that filled the screen before her.

"Obey," Beccy murmured in response. Clarity and purpose claimed Beccy's mind once again.

"Good," Drina announced. "Inside the right panel of the chair you will find two small devices. You will attach these devices to your nipples. Obey now."

"I obey," Beccy whimpered. Beccy's whole body tingled. She was aware that she was getting more and more aroused with every passing moment.

Beccy found it much easier to reach inside this hidden cavity in the chair without having to turn away from the screen. Her fingers found the two cup-shaped objects Drina had told her to remove. With her left hand she ripped the top buttons of her blouse away and roughly pulled away her bra to bare her small, pert breasts. Quickly, she slid one of the little metal objects on to her breast. Beccy gasped as she firmly clamped the hard device to her engorged nipple. With trembling hands she repeated the procedure with her right breast. Her nipples were now completely enveloped by the two small metal cups.

Beccy concentrated on the task. She knew that she had to obey. She wanted to obey.

Drina stared back from the screen in silence until all twenty woman had completed this part of their orientation. Beccy's unblinking, transfixed stare never waive red. The trembling girl sat in her seat, waiting for Drina to speak and claim her mind once again. The pain that throbbed from her cupped nipples was of no consequence.

After what seemed like an eternity her blonde guide spoke once again. Beccy shuddered in anticipation at what she would be commanded to do next. Whatever it was Beccy would obey. Of that fact, there was no doubt whatsoever.

"Underneath the front of your chair is a phallus device. You will insert this device into your vagina. Obey now."

Beccy's mind was silent. Any thoughts that might have interfered with doing what Drina told her were suppressed by the intense subliminal bombardment that was pounding her conscious and subconscious mind into submission.

"I obey," Beccy snivelled, desperate to please Drina before reaching between her legs.

Her fingers located the smooth, bulbous phallic object within the panel that had opened under the chair. Beccy lifted herself up on the seat slightly and quickly unfastened her belt before sliding her skirt down to her thighs. After that came her sodden panties.

Without moving her eyes from the screen, Beccy slid the long hard device inside her sopping cunt. Her muscles gripped the dildo eagerly and tightly. Beccy moaned in delight at the delicious ecstasy of penetration. The vibrator inserted, Beccy sat back down on her seat, her crumpled skirt and panties resting on her thighs.

Beccy had obeyed. She loved to obey. She wanted to obey. She needed to obey. It just felt so good to obey.

Drina's blank face on the pulsating screen stared down at the group of silent women. Each woman returned the intense stare. The audience was completely docile, minds empty of anything other than obedience, helmets covering heads, nipples clamped and vagina's plugged. Their slack faces were bathed in the reflected glow of the swirling patterns and colours that the screen used to capture their consciousness.

Drina spoke again. "The first phase of your transformation will now commence. Obey now."

As Drina spoke those very words Beccy felt the devices begin to work. The helmet which had hung loosely atop her head began to tighten. The dome began to shrink, growing tighter and tighter around Beccy's head until it became a framework of metal strips that fitted snugly over her tangled hair.

Simultaneously, the phallus device within her began to throb and pulsate. Beccy groaned with the mounting pleasure coming from her loins.

In a weak, lust filled voice Beccy managed to gasp "I obey" before she succumbed to the mind-blowing orgasmic bliss that was consuming her mind and body.

Beccy's eyes never dropped from the screen. Drina's face was gone now. Instead the entire display consisted of the hypnotic patterns and the vibrant colours that had sucked Beccy's thoughts away.

The vibrator buried deeply within Beccy continued it's work, throbbing in time with the endless swirling, twirling patterns.

Slowly, whatever capacity remained within Beccy to think for herself disappeared as the relentless audio, visual and sexual stimulation claimed her lust drenched mind and body.

* * *

Beccy stared vacantly ahead. Her entire world had shrunk completely to the spiral, the sounds that whispered into her ears and the delicious sensations that had consumed her body. She was incapable of looking away from the screen and it's whirling patterns. The display absorbed her completely body and mind.

There was no space in Beccy now for anything other than this. Her mind soaked it all up like a damp sponge.

Slowly the spiral began to slow and grow more lethargic in it's spinning. Beccy sat still in her chair. Down between her legs the vibrator within her had also slowed it's pulsations and was keeping her steadily aroused but without bringing her to orgasm.

A long streamer of drool made it's way downwards from Beccy's open mouth unnoticed.

"Stand," Beccy heard a voice command, "obey now."

Instantly she was on her feet in front of the chair. The rumpled and soiled panties and skirt that had been bunched around her thighs slipped downwards to the floor. She stood still. Beccy's body was paralysed. Her mind was empty. She waited patiently.

"Remove the nipple devices," the voice ordered again, "obey now."

Without averting her gaze from the screen, Beccy reached underneath her creased blouse and tugged the metal cups from her tender breasts. They slid off easily. The wires on the cups retracted slowly, pulling the cups back into the open panel of the chair. Beccy paid no attention to this detail. She gazed blankly ahead.

"Remove the phallic stimulator," the voice boomed through the room, "obey now."

The room full of slack faced women immediately complied.

Again, Beccy used her hand to reach between her legs and grasp the end of the shaft. She had to bend her body forward slightly to assist in wiggling the still throbbing unit out of her dripping vagina. As she eased the bulbous metal device out from inside her, Beccy ensured that her eyes never left the screen.

The wires attached to the dildo began to retract as soon as it was free from Beccy's grasp. Like the nipple clamps, it too slid backwards into the chair panel from which it had emerged.

Beccy stood expectantly. Her mind was empty. She waited for the voice to command her so she could obey.

Previously she had hungered for the chance to obey. The delicious sensation of obedience had been an overwhelming need that absorbed her thoughts. But now it was different. The primal craving for obedience had mellowed. Beccy knew now that she was obedience. Obedience flowed through every thought Beccy would ever have from now on.

This realisation filled Beccy with joy.

"Come to the screen," the voice announced, "obey now."

In a slow, silent procession, the twenty helmeted women made their way out from their seats and formed up in a neat line before marching down the short flight of steps. The group formed up in a loose line in front of the dais.

As their eyes were still completely fixated on the screen, none of the women had noticed the figures that waited for them there.

Beccy, like the others stood still. She continued to stare blankly upwards at the screen above her.

Her view of the hypnotic screen darkened. Beccy was puzzled for a moment as to what was disrupting her bliss. Slowly her fogged mind registered that there was somebody standing directly in front of her. But the ever compelling spiral sucked away whatever inclination Beccy had to look at who it was that stood before her

The silhouetted figure waited silently, never speaking or moving.

Gradually the undulating screen began to dim, the patterns lost their glow and the spiral slowed. At last the screen was completely dark. Beccy consciously became aware of blinking for the first time in what seemed like at eternity. Her eyes were tired and gritty although they still floated upwards to the blank screen automatically.

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