tagSci-Fi & FantasyOthsmeet Ch. 03

Othsmeet Ch. 03


"Oh Gods! What have I done?!"

The words croaked out from Jasha's lips as he tried unsuccessfully to raise himself to his elbow. His pillow had a remarkable amount of blood on it, and he felt his nostrils caked with the same.

Think man, think! Put it all in order.

Well, I went to The Rising Moon. Horrible place. A redhead getting anal. Emerald...Emerald.

He closed his eyes and breathed. It felt like he'd been pushed through a brick wall.

A drunk was going to hit her, yes. I Commanded him outside, and...

"Ohhhhh," I shapeless groan burst from him as he tried to put himself back together.

I used a combustion spell, and I invoked Ad– "Ahhhh!!" – I invoked a Word. Then I used my Gleecoin to buy Emerald. Oh fuck. And I dug out one of my stashes.

He reached down slowly to his belt, his fingers finding the pouch and confirming its contents.

Well, that's a relief. But three diamonds for a room?! Gods.

He pried his eyes open again. This time, with a great effort, he not only managed to get to his hands and knees, but out of bed completely. He swayed his way over to stand directly before the mirror.

His top lip was crusted with dry blood, his eyes sunken and bruised.

"I am never using that Word again," he said to his reflection, unwittingly repeating the same promise from last night.

There was a terrible weight on Jasha's mind. Some of it was for the man he'd obliterated – he'd only ever killed a handful of men in his time – but most of it was for Emerald. He'd only ever planned to have a night or two with her and then they'd both go on their way.

He thought of the way she'd looked at him last night, the way she'd kissed him.

"Just couldn't help yourself, could you?" He asked his scowling reflection.

"What a mess."

It was past midday, and he spent the next five hours shuffling about, doing small, uncomplicated things. He ate and drank and felt a bit better. He slept for another while.

At seven o'clock he was sitting on the edge of his bed, head in hands, wondering what to do. His reflection in the mirror looked much better than when he'd first arisen, but it was still nothing to be proud of.

He took a deep breath. Alright. Time to sort this out.


Jasha was not in the best of shapes when he arrived in Emerald's room. She was looking wide-eyed at the door, which must have seemed to have opened on its own. He let the invisibility dissipate.

At first the shock turned into a brilliant smile, but then into concern. Jasha shut the door behind him.

"What happened to you?" She asked, gliding over to him, running her fingers down his cheek. He smiled tiredly, still out of breath. Well, you see, in the course of killing one of your customers I used this word that knocked my brain straight out of my head. That's why I went to all this trouble for you last night. Completely out of my head, see?

"Wizard business."

She frowned at him, and shook her head slightly, then wrapped her arms around him.

"Well, I'm glad you're here now."

She smelled wonderful, and her hair and skin was soft against him. He closed his eyes and sighed. She spoke into his neck.

"I wish you wouldn't always leave me."

"Well, about that..." he began. She pulled back and looked him straight in the eye. Her irises were almost luminously blue.

"I'm actually living on borrowed time. I never meant to get so involved with you."

She tightened her grip on him.

"I mean, you're a wonderful woman. You're beautiful. But I just can't do this."


Her answer was simple and sure, and he couldn't break free of her gaze.

"You can have whatever you want from me, but you can't leave me."

Jasha looked at her and sighed.

"I'll see," he said, turning away.

"No," she said again, reaching up and taking a surprisingly hard grip on his chin, turning his face back to her. "Promise me. You can be away for however long you want, but you'll keep coming back. Promise."


"Well, uh..."


Jasha took a deep breath. "Okay."

Jasha-boy, you just don't get it, do you?

She smiled at him them, one of the most brilliant smiles he'd ever seen. She kissed him long and deeply.

"Alright," she said taking a step back. "I'm yours."

"Oh?" He asked, smiling wickedly, putting defeat behind him. "And what if I want to do horrible things to you? What if I want to fuck you in every profane way possible?"

She bared her teeth.

"You'd better clear your schedule, then."

Jasha's cock began to come to life. He quickly stripped off his clothes as Emerald watched eagerly.

"No magic this time," she said. "I want to see what you can do on your own."

Jasha, now naked, considered for a moment, head cocked to the side.

"Just one piece," he decided.

He extinguished the lamps with a thought, and infused the ceiling with a soft blue light. The room was sunken into dimness, but Emerald's pure skin made her a glowing wraith of desire in the dimness. Her skin soaked up the light and threw it back to him, renewed. Her eyes– her eyes which were always crackling blue – seemed to actually burst out of her face like bonfires.

Extending his hand before him, Jasha called into existence a long black feather.

"Okay," he smiled. "No more magic."

Emerald was still clothed, and he didn't seek to change this as he swung her into his arms and laid her on the bed. He kissed her very softly on the cheeks and on the arms.

Jasha had, in fact, cheated somewhat. The feather was imbued with the slightest of static fields. Just enough to help along the shivery, tickly sensation it would naturally cause when pulled over delicate skin.

Cheating is in the eye of the beholder.

And now he bought the feather to bear, trailing its very tip down Emerald's cheek. The touch of a lockpicker was enough for him to control its path perfectly down her jawline and under her chin. He tickled her, and she giggled, pulling away playfully.

This, however, exposed her neck, and he took full advantage, swirling both tip and blade down the strong column of her neck. He continued out over her fine collarbone, and from the tip of her shoulder down to where her cleavage began.

Jasha had learned long ago that breathing was the voice of pleasure. Emerald's face as she looked up at him was in a state of expectancy, of concentration. When he moved the feather over her chest and the breast-top swells, though, she would breathe deeply, and when he stopped, she would stop unconsciously.

He listened and moved his delicate touch about, twirling and teasing. Finally he pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her blue-lit breasts. She was lying on her back and so they really looked small indeed. Jasha bent his head.

First the one, then the other, he blew on them. Lungfuls of cool air soon had emerald shivering and her nipples standing to attention. Then he put his hot tongue on first the left nipple, then the right.

"You sure you're not using magic?" Emerald asked with half a laugh.

"Of course," he replied. "I am magic, baby."

Jasha shifted on the bed and brought the feather to bear on Emerald's legs. Inch by inch he pushed up her dress and applied the feather's touch to her. When he was getting near the end of his slow journey up the inside of her thigh, Emerald clicked her tongue.

"I get it already! I'm turned on, now please fuck me!"

Emerald wriggled her way to nudity and Jasha laughed, tossing the feather in the air and unsumonning it in the blink of an eye. As Emerald lay back down, legs wide, Jasha snaked in. He was on top of her and in her before she could do more than gasp.

He fought the hot resistance of her skin for a while, but soon her juices were fully flowing and he was pushing regularly in and out of her.

"You know, honey," he said, "you have the best ass in the world. I'm not kidding."

She smiled up at him. "Do you say that to every woman?"

"Why, yes. I say that to every woman that has the best ass in the world. Currently the count is at one."

He kept talking as he progressed, stroking her ego just as he was stroking his surging member along the inside of her sweet flesh. She was sweating beneath him, and in the ambient blue light she looked like some exotic sexual treasure.

Jasha tried to be as careful with his style as when he used his fingers or tongue, but it was no use. His cock demanded that he take his pleasure and after a while he lost his will to resist. He began to plough into her for his own sake.

And so, with both he and Emerald moaning, he made a final thrust up and gloriously offloaded his cum into her, exploding within her and calling out wordlessly.

"Get out, get out," Emerald panted, eyes wide. Jasha, horrified that she might be in pain, pulled out immediately. Her hand snapped to her bald, slick flesh and began to rub furiously.

Jasha just knelt there, watching Emerald get herself off. Her whole body soon shuddered, and her stomach muscles clenched again and again. He almost wished he hadn't just blown his load, because the sight was incredible.

Finally she stopped and lay there panting before him in the blue glow. Her short hair was spread around her in sweaty locks, her beautiful face was serene and her whole body was lax.

She is gorgeous. That's all there is to it.

Jasha returned the room's light to normal, the lamps leaping into flame, the ceiling just an ordinary ceiling.

"I guess I didn't have what it takes," Jasha said ruefully, laying himself down beside her. She curled her limbs into his.

"What do you mean?"

"You had to finish yourself off."

"Silly," she said, moving to bring her face up against his. "I've fucked for nights on end without cumming. You did well."

The kiss she then gave him lasted for a long time. They lay side by side, wordless or a few minutes. Jasha looked down her body.

There are worse things in life, he mused. Plus, what is a promise to Jasha Sill? Worse case scenario, I throw a charm over her and walk away.

He was finding it strangely hard to convince himself.

"So, Magic Man," Emerald teased, "what was that before about profane fucking? Are you going to subject this poor innocent maiden to unspeakable acts?"

He turned to her and smile.

"Oh, we'll see."

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