I got home feeling really horny - it had been a hard day, and my secretary must have had a row with her boyfriend for all the use she'd been. My first thought was to go upstairs and wank, but then I heard a noise from the back bedroom, and she came downstairs, smiling cheekily.

"Hi, Don, you're home early. What's up?"

Without waiting for an answer she passed me and headed into the dining room. I flipped my hand at her backside, but only just made contact; she laughed, tweaked up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her panties and stepped down into the kitchen.

That glimpse, that tiny sight of black panties and her bum, hit the spot. Calling out "get back in here! Now!", I strode across the room and caught her by the elbow. The surprise showed on her face as I pulled her back into the dining room and with my other hand yanked out one of the high-backed chairs. Never before had I behaved like this towards her and now she became angry.

"What the hell are you doing? Let me go, I've things to do."

I twisted the arm I had hold of up behind her back, sat myself on the chair and pulled her over my lap. She was struggling to get up, so I clamped my right leg over the back of both her flailing legs and this effectively cut her wriggling down. Still holding her arm up behind her I smoothed her skirt across her bum and down the legs.

"You bastard! Let me up!"

Ignoring this, I caught the edge of the skirt and lifted it: the black panties came into view and her ever-so-slightly plump bum too.

"No...no! Stop! This is wrong. You can't...mustn't". It was beginning to sink in that I had control, and she definitely didn't like it.

"I can - I will. You've behaved like a teenager - I'll treat you like one," and as I said this I spanked her bottom, on the right buttock, and loved the sound it made.

She gasped and attempted to wriggle over. I released her arm and instead gripped her just above her waist, with my leg still over hers. I spanked her again, on the left buttock - oh what an erotic sound!

Her cries also were having an effect: my cock, already stiffening when I first got in, was now completely erect. As she squirmed and wriggled, so she made it worse. Bliss!

At the next two slaps to those juicy tight buttocks the individual cries became proper tears, sobs even, and I let my impulse have full rein to spank her thrusting bum. I twisted my head to eye the tightly pulled crotch of the black panties, but the darkness of the material gave nothing away. So, I did the next best thing, grabbed the waistband and pulled them to her knees. To my delight, despite crying she actually lifted her bum to let the panties slide down.

"Stop, Don, please. I'm sorry - I'll....I'll behave more...ladylike in future."

I hardly heard - the blood in my cock was making it throb, and its noise deafened me. I spanked and spanked her....4..6..8..10 of the hardest slaps I could produce, and she yelled and wriggled, cried and squirmed.

At length I stopped, my breathing sounding as if I'd run all the way home. By now her legs were as wide apart as the panties just above her knees would allow and I eyed her puffy cunt. My assault on her bum had certainly aroused her, and I took a few seconds to look.

"Listen to me, and listen well. When I allow you to get up I expect you to take your panties off and give them to me; then you can go upstairs. I don't want to see you again tonight. And please be aware: tomorrow I may well repeat all this. Do you understand?"

A wriggle, a couple of sobs and a mumbled "yes".

I slapped her again. "I didn't hear that."

"Yes. Oh yes. Please let me up." Another gulp and hiccuppy sob.

I moved my right leg, and slowly she scrambled up. The first thing she attempted to do was to rub her bum, but I stopped this with my hand and simply said "panties."

Reluctantly she attempted to pull them off without raising her skirt, but again I put out my hand to stop this, and forced her to take them off whilst facing me. As she gave them to me I caught full sight of her gorgeous hairy pussy: oh tomorrow would be fun!

Rubbing her red bum, through her skirt, she hurried from the room.

"Goodnight, mum," I called. Reply came there none.

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