tagGroup SexOur Adventures with Vicky Ch. 07

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 07


A Fond Farewell

The week with Sue went all too quickly. Unfortunately I had to work a couple of evenings so we didn't see each other as much as we all would have liked. Vicky and Sue had other things to do as well. I suggested to Tony that we make her last night on the Thursday a memorable one.

"You mean just in case she doesn't remember any of the rest of the week?" he said rather dryly.

I phoned Vicky from work and invited the two of them for supper. I warned that it would be nothing grand. The last supper! No miracles!

I managed to get away early as I had done masses of overtime earlier in the week and bought food to prepare. I had the flat to myself which made life easier. As I pottered around with the food I reflected on the excitement of the previous few weeks and how far I had come in discovering my real sexual self. How far and how often!

Even the thought of the nights of passion got me steamy and I flirted with a provocatively shaped carrot that lay invitingly on the work surface. Before I realised what I was doing I was rubbing the vegetable against my crotch and moments later it was inside my panties. It was hard, rough and pointed and just the job as a makeshift dildo. I splayed my legs, pulled my panties to my knees, and started to play with myself. I steadied myself against the cabinets while I began to fuck the carrot more effectively. I looked around for other exciting objects and saw a cucumber which was otherwise meant for the salad. I decided that it would wash easily and then thought that my comrades would probably prefer the soiled article rather than the clean one! I took the cucumber in my other hand and ran it up and down the crack of my arse. I inserted the carrot as far as it would go, that is right to the tip and started bringing myself off. I pushed the tip of the cucumber against my anus and flirted with the idea of pushing it in but decided that I would be wiser to use the bigger blunt object on my clit. So with the carrot firmly in my cunt I stimulated my clitoris with the cucumber. My head was filled with memories of the last week and fantasies about the night ahead and these induced a sizeable orgasm a few minutes later.

I licked both of my dildo substitutes clean and went on preparing the meal as though nothing had happened.

Tony turned up eventually and insisted on fingering me up as soon as he got in. He got a pleasant shock as he didn't usually find my cunt quite as wet as it was.

"What have you been up to my love?"

"Nothing" I replied "I'm just pleased to see you as Mae West might say"

We left it there but I know he had his suspicions. Vicky and Sue came down about half seven and Ben arrived about ten minutes later. I had inadvertently forgotten to mention to anyone that I had invited Ben! I knew from a hint that Vicky had dropped that they had spoken in the week and from what she had said after the night of a thousand orgasms, she really would like to see more of him. I pointed out there wasn't that much left to see but she ignored me!

Anyway I knew I had done the right thing by the look on her face as he walked through the door. I imagined that both her cunt and Sue's were moistening nicely as he moved over to give them a welcoming kiss.

We broke open a bottle of cheap champagne and mixed it with orange to make a buck's fizz or fuck's bizz as Tony insisted on re-naming it.

Then we sat down to a delicacy of mine involving salmon in cream sauce. As we did so Vicky spoke:

"You realise you have broken my dream" she said

"Done what?" asked Tony

"Broken my dream. If you have a dream and shortly after it comes true, you call that breaking the dream. Last night I had a really vivid and very erotic dream about a dinner party."

She stopped talking and left us waiting while she ate her food.

"Go on" I insisted "Tell all"

"Yes" added Sue "You do realise that you owe us one. When we had the story session on Monday you didn't contribute. You really should have paid a forfeit"

"I thought that was me" joked Ben

"I know that" said Vicky "but we did get rather preoccupied. Anyway why tell stories when you can experience the real thing? Do you want to hear about my dream?"

"Yes" was the unanimous verdict.

"Right. Well, as I say I found myself at this dinner party. Really plush. Lots of chandeliers and silver cutlery in what appeared to be a mansion of some sort. I think there were eight of us round the table. Four men and four women. I was with Ben."

Ben looked suitably pleased. It dawned on me now why she had been so glad to see him.

"One couple were in their fifties, very distinguished, one couple were black, while the remaining one were in their late twenties. I remember noticing that the woman was big, and I mean big. We were being waited on by two butlers and two maids. The grey haired man in his fifties appeared to be the host and it was he who welcomed us all and gave the orders. We all sat in front of beautiful silver plates and the table decorations were palatial. Mr. Silver, as I might as well call him, snapped his fingers. The butlers bowed and left the room. At first sight everything was normal and when they returned with a small portion of caviar to start, it stayed that way. I remember that there was a fair amount of small talk and I was sitting with Ben on my left and the black guy on my right. Everyone was in formal dress. The sign that something out of the ordinary was going on came at the end of the first course. The maids took away the plates and Mr. Silver waved his hand again. The butlers came in with two silver trays, one perched on each hand. I couldn't see what was on the trays until they got closer. As they bent forward I realised they had on each tray two dildos and two butt plugs. We were being invited to accept these as a gift.

"Please help yourself" said Mr. Silver generously in a quiet velvet voice.

One of the dildos and one of the butt plugs in each pair were large and one was smaller. The others round the table took the offerings without hesitation, so I decided I had better do the same. I wasn't immediately clear why there were two dildos. That became more apparent when the maids came up behind the butlers and bent over to retrieve certain plates. They had no knickers on and were naked beneath their uniforms. The black guy leaned over and kissed his maid on the bum. She giggled. All the guests put their toys to one side like extra cutlery and we had venison and a range of delicious vegetables put in front of us by the butlers.

Again, life carried on as normal. During the main course the man to my right started stroking my leg and eventually his big black hands reached up to my tits. I looked over at Ben and he just smiled and carried on chatting up the big woman who was sitting next to him. It was all fairly lighthearted petting.

Again the summons was given by Mr. Silver and the plates were taken away. This time the maids came in and we were asked if he wanted any fruit. Ben said that he did and the maid pulled up her dress to reveal her naked cunt and arse.

"Grapes?" he was asked and to entice him the maid opened her bum cheeks and you could see a small stalk sticking out of her arsehole. Ben pulled and a row of seedless grapes came smoothly out. She dangled them in front of him and he devoured them. The other maid came in and did the same with Mr. Black, and then they alternated until all four men had eaten the grapes from the maid's arseholes.

Then in came the butlers who had now taken their trousers off and were naked under their tail coats. Very sexy they looked too.

"Would madam like a banana?" I was asked. The servant bent down and wedged up his arse was an unpeeled baby banana. I pulled it out and peeled it.


He was holding a jug in one hand. He dipped his dick into it and invited me to lick the cream off his knob which I duly did.

Again all of the other women were served in the same way. None of them blinked at the chance to have a ripe piece of fruit from their butler's arse. As the servants left the room, Mr. Silver stood up again:

"Ladies, it is time for the final course. If you would like to oblige the gentleman on your right."

I had no idea what he was talking about but the others were obviously experienced as all three women stood up, turned round, sat on the edge of the men on their right and pulled up their skirts. The last course for the men was ripe cunt!

I did likewise and Mr. Black watched with wrapped attention as my hairless twat was opened in front of him. I caressed my lips with my long fingers and opened and closed my cunt lips for his delight. After two or three minutes he moved forward and buried his face in my cunt and his long pink tongue snaked its way into my hole. The others were doing something similar and I could see Ben eating the fat woman's hairy cunt enthusiastically.

"Five minutes gentlemen" said Mr. Silver as he came up for air from between the legs of the Mrs. Black. His face was glistening with her cunt cream.

There was a time limit it appeared. I concentrated on coming before my gorgeous black lover moved on. I just made it. I think, judging by the noises to my left, Ben brought off Mrs. Big too. Then as the dinner gong resounded the men had to move round.

"Arseholes gentlemen" announced Mr Silver and that meant that this time it was the ladies arses that had to be eaten.

I was opposite the fat woman's husband and he pushed me backwards slightly so that he could access my anus. I rested on the table with my elbows and prepared to enjoy. He was good and gave me a very hard rimming. Just as I was hoping that it would carry on Mr. Silver announced that it was the ladies turn to eat. Mr. Silver moved in front of me, helped me off the table and sat me on the chair. He then pulled open his zip and let his distinguished cock brush my face. It was hard strong and circumcised. I tool it deep into my mouth with no hesitation. I sucked keenly and took it right to the back of my throat. He slowly fucked my face and I soon felt powerful jets of spunk hitting my tonsils. He was a heavy cummer and I couldn't take it all, so some of his thick sperm dribbled down my chin. I used my fingers to scoop it back into my mouth.

The gong thundered again and this time it was Ben's turn to put his cock in my mouth. It felt lovely as it hardened round my lips. I don't think he had cum from the ministrations of Mrs. Black. Not sure why, but it didn't take him long to make up for that. He pulled out after the first spurt and took great delight in covering my face with his thick white cum. I love the taste and again used my fingers to make sure it went into my mouth as much as I could.

"Allow me to clean you madam" said one of the maids and I expected her to bring out a tissue but it wasn't one of those parties, so she leant forward and licked my face clean taking all Ben's remaining spunk into her mouth. Elsewhere I noticed that the other maid and the two butlers were also using their mouths to clean up where appropriate. Mrs. Silver had taken her tits out and Mr. Silver had covered them copiously in his spunk. One butler caught a big load as it clung to her right nipple. He swallowed it."

Vicky's description of her dream was in full flow and the scene in our living room was pretty debauched. I had long since taken my knickers off and pulled my tits out. I had also pulled Tony's cock out of his trousers but was a little miffed to discover that Sue was sucking on it before I got chance to do so. Ben was listening to his supposed prowess in the fictional story, while trying in real life to eat Sue's cunt. That was initially successful until she got greedy and devoured Tony's cock; at which point he decided to release her and pay attention to me. He kissed me full on and I got a mouthful of Sue's delicious cunt cream. He then offered me his cock to suck and I accepted it gracefully. With Tony expertly sucking my left nipple I think you could say that Vicky's story was going down well!

She had her feet on the dining table and was enjoying the folds of her own wet hole as she continued:

"Mr. Silver then reminded us of the toys we had chosen earlier in the meal. We returned to our own chairs and because all the men had recently cum, they were given the choice to use theirs first. I was back again next to Mr. Black and I was a bit pissed off that I had not had chance to enjoy his prick at first hand so to speak. It was very big and hung limply between his legs. I invited him to take my dress off which he did and I felt very sexy being examined all over by this hunk. He played with my tits very gently and then ran his hands over my arse. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I put my hands behind my back and felt on the table for the butt plug I had chosen. I brought it round to the front and handed it to him as we broke our clinch. I turned round and rested on the table, spread my legs and invited him to make use of it. I couldn't feel anything so after a few moments I looked round. He was standing there smiling and his large ebony prick had grown in font of him. He knew full well why I was puzzled. He laughed and turned round. The bastard had only put the plug up his own arse! No wonder he had a hard on all of a sudden.

"I reached down and held the end of the plug and wiggled it around in order to stimulate him even more. I then pulled the plug out and ran the thick end round both of my nipples. They instantly stood out like two hard nuts. Mr. Black came forward and sucked on them enjoying the taste of his own arse on my massive jugs. While he was doing this I reached behind and inserted the plug into my own arsehole. I then sat back on the table so that it would go as far up as possible. I took it out and ran the thick end round my nipples again so that Mr. Black could now taste my arse. His cock was getting harder by the minute. I decided it was time to feel his meat inside me so I took it in my hands and guided it to the entrance of my cunt. It slipped in so easily. I looked down and saw the black rod disappearing centimetre by centimetre up my shaven hole until it was all inside. Mr. Black then took the butt plug off me and reached behind to insert into my arse. He couldn't reach so one of the butlers came over to help him out. He took the plug and bent down behind me.

"Excuse me madam but would you mind opening your cheeks please" he said extremely politely.

I did as asked and then felt the plug slip past my sphincter and into my eager rectum. Mr. Black started fucking me from the front while the butler fucked my arse from behind.

I looked around to see what was happening around the room. Mr. Silver was fucking Mrs. Black and one of the maids was liberating Mrs. Black's beautiful black tits from the top of her dress. As soon as they were free she feasted on them.

Ben had turned the fat woman over and was doggy fucking her from behind. Her big fat tits were hanging loose and banging against each other as Ben smacked into her arse. The other butler politely bowed to her and offered his cock to suck while she got fucked. She didn't turn it down.

Mrs Silver was also bending over the table and the fat woman's husband was kneeling behind her rimming her arse for all he was worth. The second maid was sitting on the table and Mrs Silver had her face buried deeply in the maid's shaven cunt. She occasionally came up for air and took the dildo from beside her and inserted that while she got ready for her next bout of cunnilingus.

So we were all having a great time! In fact I dreaded the idea of Mr. Silver suddenly announcing that there was five minutes and then all change. I wanted to be fucked by everybody but at my pace, not his!

The butler removed the plug from my arse and offered it to me to lick clean. I took it like a child does with an ice-lolly. It tasted great. The butler moved in to replace the plug with his own cock (so that's why they call it the tradesman's entrance!) and I wasn't sure I could take two but my arsehole was well dilated and accommodated his prick comfortably. I must have started a trend because I heard screams from my right and saw Ben pull out of the fat woman's cunt and readjust his position so that he could put his cock straight into her arse. She was screaming with delight and she had taken a dildo from the table as she still wanted something in her cunt while Ben arsefucked her. As the butler was still in her mouth she had all holes covered!

The fat woman's husband had turned Mrs. Silver round and I could see the sixty year old body more clearly. She looked good and her tits were still firm as they reacted to the pounding her cunt was getting from her lover. The maid had been temporarily ignored so she had joined her friend who was helping Mr. Silver fuck Mrs. Black. They played with Mrs. Black's tits for a few minutes and then decided they could have just as much fun themselves so got down to enjoying each other in a 69.

I had cum twice already and both men were still firmly in my arse and cunt. I felt Mr. Black begin to tense up and I knew my cunt was about to be filled. He roared as the spunk jetted into me. He then pulled out quite quickly to my slight dismay but it allowed the butler free reign. He took a couple more minutes and then deposited his load into my bowels. I felt well and truly fucked!

The other groups didn't take long to finish and within ten minutes the dining room was filled with the smell of sex. It was purely a question of seeing how long the men would take to recover. As this was a sex party they were pretty resilient and I was anxious to have Mr. Silver. He was so elegant and handsome and I had never been fucked by a much older man. He was indeed an expert. He knew that he was not going to able to cum loads of times but that wasn't going to prevent him giving his guests a good time. With a mixture of his tongue, toys and his own cock when it regained its hardness, he gave me a fabulous fuck. I was soon out of it. To tell the truth I wasn't sure who ended up getting fucked by whom and how often. Every five minutes or so there was some ear piercing orgasm from someone.

Eventually the activity died down. I was giving head to one of the butlers and was enjoying being fingered by Mrs. Black when Mr. Silver finally saw fit to make a speech. He said a few words of thanks and then suggested that we have a toast. Unfortunately by that time most of the drink was gone. So he commanded his serving staff to improvise. Both of the maids jumped to it. They each held a champagne glass between their legs and pushed the rim up to the folds of their labia. Then they filled the glasses brim full of golden liquid. The butlers were on hand to replace the full glass with an empty one when appropriate and very soon the needs of the dinner party was satisfied.

The glasses were passed around and Mr. Silver held his up:

"To the art of the good fuck!"

"To the art of the good fuck" we all replied and then we all drank the maids' hot fragrant piss.

I suppose it was slightly convenient that Vicky's dream ended just as the fucking did, but that sounds a bit unkind because it was still one hell of a fantasy!

I don't remember at which point exactly Tony entered my arse but I do know that by the end he was buggering me like there was no tomorrow. Ben was doing likewise to Sue.

"I want to taste your piss later" Tony moaned as he got close to the edge.

"You can taste anything of mine you like" I relied " as long as you promise to fuck my arse every day!"

"And mine!" added Sue as Ben's cock reamed her rectum in concert with Tony's.

"Shit! I'm coming. Yes, yes yes!!"

Tony filled my arsehole with his fabulous spunk as yet more expletives filled the air. Sue was screaming as well, as Ben filled her full.

As we recovered we thanked Vicky profusely for her dream. Tony pointed out that we had been somewhat distracted and that we still hadn't had pudding! We decided that as we had already worked a few calories off we had every excuse for something rich and filling. I had prepared a bowlful of profiteroles. I put them in the centre of the table. I then made the mistake of asking if anyone wanted anything on them. I meant cream of course but Sue thinks laterally!. She went over, grabbed the bowl, and put it under her bottom and let the spunk that Ben had recently impregnated her with drizzle into the luscious sweet. I felt I had to do likewise. "Careful" said Tony "we don't want any accidents. There's already plenty of chocolate in the bowl!"

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