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Our Bedtime Story


It’s late and I’m very tired. I can see your eyes drooping as you watch the remains of the fire. The fire has burnt down to glowing embers and it’s just too nice lying here on the couch in your arms. But it’s warm enough in here and I don’t hear your complaints as I slip my hands under your shirt. Your eyes looking into mine as I move towards you. Lifting my hands slowly up your chest, pulling your shirt up as my hands rise. Feeling your warm skin under my fingertips. Moving over till I’m straddling you and easing down till you are tightly between my thighs.

Feeling your hands lightly on my hips as I settle down onto you. A sly smile as I raise my top and watching as your eyes are drawn to my skin as it is slowly exposed for you. My skin pale in the dim light, but I can see your delight reflected in your eyes as I reach behind and unclasp my bra. Releasing the weight of my breasts as I let my bra fall. Feeling your hands rising to feel the warmth of my breasts, cupping them as your hands cradle their weight.

Wriggling a bit till I’m comfortable on your lap, then leaning in to kiss you, my nipples brushing over your chest as I lean closer to you. Teasing your lips with my tongue as I slowly move my chest over yours, my nipples hardening with the touch of your skin against mine. Your lips soft against mine as our breaths mingle and we kiss. Hiking my skirt high on my thighs as I feel you getting hard underneath me, running my hands slowly down your chest and fumbling to undo your pants. Asking you to lift your butt up as I slide your pants off.

Settling back onto your lap, only my black g-string between your hard cock and my now wet pussy. Raising myself up a bit so I can tease my pussy over your cock, brushing my wet g slowly over you. Quickly slipping off my g-string as your hands lower to my waist and I continue teasing my smooth, wet pussy lips over your hard cock. Lowering slightly onto you, your cock just entering me, raising back up as you try and push your hips up. Wanting to prolong that feeling as you first enter me.

My hands resting lightly on your shoulders as I finally feel your cock sink deep inside me. Feeling you pushing your hips up to get deeper into me. Circling my hips down onto your cock, squeezing you tight inside me as I wriggle and squirm in your lap, feeling every inch of you as I tense and relax my walls around you. Riding you faster, forcing myself hard down onto your cock. My head back as I moan and writhe, getting closer and closer to cumming.

Your grip on my hips getting harder as you pull me down onto you again and again. Feeling my legs tensing and my toes curling as my orgasm grows. You pull me hard down onto your cock one final time, a deep moan as you cum deep inside me, sending me over the edge as you thrust deeper into me. Moaning louder as I cum, tight spasms from my orgasm hold your throbbing cock deep inside me. Leaning forward onto you, our breaths hard and labored as we relax against each other.

I pull off you slowly, getting on my knees in front of you. My hands running gently up your thighs and my breasts brushing lightly over your legs and I lean in towards you. Leaning in, taking your softening cock in my mouth and slowly zig zagging my tongue up your length, softly licking the taste of our cum from your cock. Oh babe, it really is time for bed, taking your hands in mine I pull you up from the couch…. lets go to bed…Hmm, I think I’d like to cum again…and again…and maybe once more before I go to sleep.

But babe, there’s almost more satisfaction just lying here in bed with your arms around me. Feeling your love and soaking up the last warm feelings of our physical act. Your softened cock nestled against my lower back as a reminder of the pleasure we can share together. To go to sleep with you next to me, knowing that I’ll be waking next to you in the morning and it can all begin again.

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