tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Daughter Nude Model Pt. 01

Our Daughter Nude Model Pt. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is the first part of what I envision as a two-part story. This is largely to set the stage for the second part. This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real person or institution are unintentional and coincidental.


My wife, Denise, and I were proud of our daughter April. As a senior, she finished third in the region as her school's number one singles tennis player. She is fluent in French and German. She graduated second in her class and aced her college boards. Those credentials got her into a very prestigious, albeit very expensive, university about 300 miles away.

April was also a very beautiful girl. She had her mother's dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. April had a great smile and an athletic body. Her breasts and tight ass were in perfect proportion. If you were to find some fault, I suppose that you would have said that April's legs were a bit too big and muscular. They looked fantastic to me.

Despite being very beautiful and smart, April had been a fairly quiet girl in high school. She had, of course, dated some; but nothing that seemed serious. Thankfully, she stayed away from trouble: no drugs or excessive alcohol. We had pretty much always known where she was while she lived at home. April had always been very open with us. We never thought that she hid anything from us.

April was also very appreciative of the financial burden we undertook to send her to college. Denise and I tried to give April everything she needed and would want to fit in. However, April almost never asked for money or for us to buy something for her. Despite carrying a heavy course load, April had gotten a job working many hours per week in a dining hall during her freshman year to generate her spending money.

The summer after her freshman year, April got a job helping the tennis pro at a local club. She didn't ask us for a dime all summer and didn't ask for any money, above her large tuition and room and board, before she returned to school. During the summer, April had told us about her dining hall job in detail. It didn't sound very attractive to me. Shortly before April went back to school, I asked her if she intended to work again this year.

"Of course, Dad," April relied. "I need some spending money and, given what you're already spending on me, I can't ask you or Mom for it."

"Do you have something lined up?" I asked.

"No," she said, "but I'm sure that I can get on at the dining hall again."

"I wish that you could find something better," I said. "The way you describe it, the dining hall sounds like a crappy job and it takes up a lot of your time."

"Dad, there aren't that many part-time jobs out there," April responded.

"Please try to find something else," I said.

"Ok," April said. I thought that was just to get me off of the topic and that she'd go back to the dining hall.

While she was at school, we talked to April by phone about once a week. A couple of weeks into the new semester, I had asked April whether she had found a job.

"Maybe," she said. "I'll know in a week or two."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Dad, it may not come through and, if it does, I'm not sure that I want to take it," April said. "I'll let you know if it works out."

"Just stay away from the dining hall," I said.

A couple of weeks later occurred an evening I'll never forget. After dinner, Denise was watching TV in the living room and I was in the room which I used as a study reading a book. My computer made the sound to tell me that I had an e-mail. E-mail coming to our home e-mail address was rarely urgent, so it was a few minutes before I got out of my easy chair to check it.

When I did look at the computer, I saw that it was an e-mail from April with an attachment. I called out to Denise, "Honey, we got an e-mail from April. Do you want to come in here while I open it?"

"Sure," Denise called back. "Just give me a minute."

A couple of minutes later, Denise came into the room. "Ok, what have we got?"

I sat down at my desk and opened April's e-mail with Denise looking over my shoulder. There were two JPG files attached.

"Mom & Dad," April's e-mail read, "attached are a couple pictures of my first day on my part-time job for this semester. It isn't the dining hall."

I opened the first attachment and froze. Behind me, I heard Denise suck in a deep breath. After a moment, Denise said, "I'll be damned" and started laughing.

The picture showed April standing on some sort of platform. She was facing the camera. In the foreground, you could see the backs of the heads of a few people sitting at easels. However, what you noticed first was that April was stark naked.

"What the fuck!" I said.

"Honey," Denise said, "it appears that our daughter has a job as a nude model."

I was a little pissed off that Denise was being so calm about it. "Did you know about this?" I demanded.

"No," Denise said. "I didn't think she'd have the courage to try that."

"'Courage'?" I shouted. "It's fucking obscene."

"Well, no, that picture isn't obscene at all," Denise said. "It is just April standing in front of people with no clothes on. Open the other file."

The other picture was apparently taken from the same spot. However, April had turned her back to the artists. I had been too shocked to notice in the first picture, but April's tan lines were very visible framing her ass in the second picture.

"I'd say that isn't obscene either," Denise commented.

I was still pissed off. I quickly typed a reply to April's e-mail: "What in God's name are you doing?"

April's reply came back very quickly. I guess that she had been waiting for our reaction. "Only five hours/week and pays more than dining hall."

I quickly replied, "WE NEED TO TALK!"

"Honey," Denise said, "calm down. April's an adult now. You said that you didn't want her working in the dining hall and she isn't."

"But, I didn't tell her to start taking her clothes off in front of strangers," I replied.

"It's not like she making porn dear," Denise replied. "She's posing for an art class. Apparently, this will take a lot less time away from her studies. I think that you should admire her courage. I'm not sure that I could do that." Denise paused, and then added, "And, she looks very beautiful naked."

I turned back to the computer and opened the first attachment again. April did look extraordinarily beautiful naked. She also looked at ease standing naked in front of other people.

A couple of minutes later, Denise's cell phone rang. Denise answered. She listened for a minute or two, and then said into the phone, "No, I'm not angry at you. I'm just surprised. Why did you choose to be a nude model?" That told me that it was April calling her mother.

Denise listened for several more minutes before saying, "Really? That's interesting. Now that you've explained it, I'm proud of you." Denise paused and then said, "Your father will get over it. You take care. Love you." Denise clicked off her phone.

Looking at me, Denise said, "As I'm sure you figured out, that was our daughter. She saw the job posted on a message board at school. What caught her attention was that it paid about fifteen dollars an hour more than the dining hall and only takes five hours a week. She's making $150 a week with a lot more time to be a student. She's been modeling for about a month now."

"But why nude?" I asked.

"She said that she took that as a challenge," Denise replied. "She said that part of college should be getting out of her comfort zone and overcoming her fears. According to April, this was a way of doing that without risking physical injury or incurring expense."

"Don't tell me that she's enjoying it," I said.

"She is," Denise replied. "She says that, once she got over her nervousness, being naked in front of people is empowering and liberating, and she enjoys being the center of attention, even if the artists are looking at her as an object to draw rather than as a person." Denise paused again. "April didn't say it, but I'll bet that she also gets a bit turned on from it."

"Turned on?" I said. I was unable to process the concept of my daughter sexually turned on.

"Wouldn't you get turned on by a bunch of people looking at your naked body?" Denise asked.

"Would that turn you on?" I asked Denise.

Denise thought for a moment. "I don't know," she said. "Thinking about it is a little exciting."

I looked at Denise. The shock of learning that my daughter was working as a nude art model at college was compounded by the shock that my wife found the thought of being nude in front of other people exciting. What was my world coming to? I picked my cell phone up off of the desk.

"Honey," Denise said sharply, "you are not going to call April about this. She's an adult now. You have to trust her judgment."

I put the phone down, growled a little, got up, and walked silently off to bed. However, I didn't sleep well that night. Around 2:00 a.m., when I thought that Denise was sound asleep, I got up and went back to my study. I opened April's e-mail again and opened up the two pictures. To myself, I had to admit that April looked even better naked than she looked in clothes. She also looked perfectly comfortable and natural. Putting aside, sort of, the fact that they were pictures of my daughter, there was something sexy about the two pictures.

I was so engrossed in looking at two nude pictures of my daughter that I didn't realize that Denise had entered the room until I heard her say, "April really does look very beautiful naked, doesn't she?"

I started and turned around. Denise was standing there without a stitch on. Although she was twenty-six years older than our daughter, she looked every bit as beautiful. Denise kept herself in very good shape. April had inherited Denise's eyes, cheekbones, smile, and perfectly proportioned figure. It had been a while since I had really looked at my wife's nude body.

Denise let me look for a few moments before she said, "I thought that, if April can stand naked on a platform in front of people, I ought to at least be able to walk around my own house naked in the wee hours of the morning."

"Well," I said, "it is obvious from whom April got the beautiful body."

Denise smiled. "Stand up," she said.

I did. I'll argue that it was my wife's nude body that was getting me hard and that my daughter's pictures had nothing to do with it.

Denise stepped over to me. "We need to let that out," she said as she undid the drawstring on my shorts and pushed them down to my feet. Denise ran a finger slowly up the underside of my dick. I put a hand between her legs and began to gently finger her clit. Denise leaned forward and we kissed, gently at first but with rapidly increasing passion. I worked my finger into Denise's pussy as her hand circled my dick and began stroking. After a few moments of that, Denise broke off the kiss and said "right here, right now."

I put my arms around Denise and lowered her to the floor. She spread her legs, giving me a view in the dim light of the most beautiful vagina in existence. "In," Denise said. I got over her and she guided my dick into her.

This was not gentle lovemaking. On the floor of my study, Denise and I were fucking like animals. When Denise came, it was loud and violent. I shot so hard into her that it was painful, in a good way. When we were done, and had enough breath back to speak, Denise said, "I don't know whether nude modeling is a turn on for April, but she sure turned us on."

I got home from work the next day before Denise did. She came in wearing one of her business suits. With only a "Hi Dear" she went straight upstairs. A few minutes later, she came back down stark naked.

I was again feasting on Denise's nude beauty when she said, "Harry, in honor of our daughter, we're both going naked at home when it is just the two of us. Get your clothes off."

There were other houses fairly close to ours and it wasn't out of the question that our neighbors could see in. "What about the neighbors?" I asked.

"Screw the neighbors," Denise said. "On second thought, no I don't want to. But, I don't care. If they want to peep into our house, we've got nothing to be ashamed of. Now, get naked Mister." What could I do except undress?

Going nude at home had a very positive effect on our sex life. Being fully exposed to each other, Denise and I took renewed interest in each other's bodies. Being fully accessible encouraged us both to touch each other in places we had too long ignored. I quickly became very happy that Denise had insisted that we become home nudists.

About three weeks after Denise imposed her no clothes at home policy, we were sitting nude of the sofa one night watching TV. Denise said, "About ten days ago, I told Kerry that you and I now go nude all the time at home."

Kerry was another department head at the bank where Denise worked, and was one of Denise's closest friends. We went out to dinner with Kerry and her husband at least once a month. Kerry was a really great person. Still, I wasn't sure that our home nudity was something she needed to know about. I chose not to say anything.

"Today," Denise continued, "Kerry told me that she and Mike were home all weekend last weekend and she suggested to Mike that they stay nude. Mike went along with it and Kerry said they've been nude at home every night since. They've also fucked every night since they started."

"You girls share too much information," I said.

Denise punched me gently in the shoulder. "You enjoy hearing about it, you pervert," she joked. "Hey, April called me at work today."

"Yes," I said. We were scheduled to visit April at school the following weekend. I wondered if she had called to cancel that.

"Can you take Friday off?" Denise asked.

"Yes, why?" I responded.

"April has one of her modeling sessions Friday at 1:00 p.m. until 2:30," Denise said. "She talked to the Professor, who's willing to let us sit in and watch."

I had loosened up some in the time since the shocking discovery that my daughter was modeling in the nude, but the idea of being in the same room while April posed nude on a platform left me more than a little uneasy.."You want to do that?" I asked.

"Yes, I do," Denise answered. "And, April said that she would like us to do it. She said that she wants us to see what she's doing so that we don't have any wrong ideas about it"

"Uh, I don't know," I said.

"Since when have you developed a hang-up about seeing a beautiful woman nude?" Denise asked.

"That 'beautiful woman' is our daughter," I said.

"She's still a beautiful woman and she'll be completely nude," Denise said. "It will be fun. Please?"

"Please" in that tone of voice was Denise's signal that she really wanted to do something. In 27 years of marriage, I had never said no to that "please."

We met April for lunch just off campus about 11:45 a.m. that Friday. April looked like a normal college student, albeit a very beautiful one, in a rugby-style shirt and jeans. We talked about her classes, what she was doing outside of class, everything except her modeling.

We talked for almost an hour. I had just paid the tab when April addressed the elephant in the room. "We need to get going. It takes about ten minutes to walk from here to the Fine Arts building and I need a couple of minutes to get undressed. Professor Lawson thinks that the students in the class need their regular perspective, but, if you sit behind them, you won't be able to see me. I don't think that you want to stand for an hour and a half, so I got Professor Lawson to agree to put a couple of chairs off to the side of the platform. You'll be out of the students' direct line of sight. Your perspective on me will be different from the one the students have, but you'll be pretty close. Ready?"

April stood up and led us out of the restaurant. It was a pleasant walk across campus in the late autumn. However, April's energetic pace suggested that she was eager to get to her modeling gig. We followed April into a 1970s-style building and through a maze of hallways to what seemed an ordinary classroom. Inside, there were about 20 easels set up in front of chairs. About half of the chairs already had people sitting at them, fiddling with their pencils or whatever. While the infamous JPGs April had sent showed her standing on a low platform, the front of the room was now occupied by a platform that was about waist high, draped with an off-white cloth.

The door to the classroom stayed open as April led us to a reasonably young, attractive, red-haired woman in the front of the room.

"Professor Lawson," April said, "I'd like you to meet my parents, Harry and Denise."

The red-haired woman turned to us and smiled. She extended her hand. "Hi, I'm Shelia Lawson," she said, "I'm pleased to meet you and glad that you've come. We've put a couple of chairs for the two of you over here."

Professor Lawson walked us over to a couple of chairs that appeared much more comfortable than the one allocated to the students. The chairs were against a side wall of the classroom about five feet from the draped platform. Our line of sight to the platform would be at a right angle to that of the class.

"I have to applaud you for approving of April's modeling. Some parents wouldn't allow it and that would be a shame. As you will see, April's a natural and so extraordinarily beautiful with her clothes off. I've done a lot of nude modeling myself and it is a wonderful experience. Exposing yourself that way is cathartic and gives you great self-confidence."

April came over, completely nude. It dawned on me that Shelia Lawson had given her little speech to distract us from watching April undress. Now, however, she took a step back so that we had a clear look at our 19 year old nude daughter. I have to admit, April looked, well, gorgeous. There was also something special, and reassuring, in the smile on her face.

In a louder voice, Sheila Lawson said to the room, "OK, let's get started. April, let's start with the pose we discussed."

April hopped up onto the platform and sat, facing the students, with her legs crossed and her shoulders slightly forward. Denise and I sat down off to April's left. The pose caused April's beasts to fall forward slightly, which was very noticeable in the profile view which we had.

At first, I was fully engrossed with the beauty of my daughter's nude body. However, as time passed, I became aware of other things. One thing that struck me was that the room was silent except for the sound of drawing instruments on paper. While Sheila Lawson walked among her students and, occasionally pointed to something on their easels, she didn't say anything. As the time stretched on to twenty minutes, it dawned on me that April had not moved, not at all. Not the slightest flex or flinch.

About twenty-five minutes into the class, Shelia Lawson said, "Ok. Let's give April a short break." April got off of the platform and walked over to us.

"What do you think?" April asked us.

"I think that you look very beautiful," Denise said.

"Dad?" April asked.

"Well, I thought that I was going to be pretty uncomfortable, and I was for a couple of minutes, but you seem so relaxed about it that I guess I relaxed too," I said.

"Great," April said. "Hey, I need to get some water before the next pose. I'll be right back." To my utter amazement, our daughter walked out of the classroom into the hall stark naked.

The second pose had April lying on the platform on her stomach with her upper body resting on her arms so that her head was slightly elevated. April's feet were towards us so we had a view of her feet, the backs of her legs, her ass, and her back. I was learning that there is no bad view of April when she's naked.

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