tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Embarrassing Honeymoon Story

Our Embarrassing Honeymoon Story


The following story in 100% true:

On our honeymoon, my wife and I were was quite the exhibitionists. My wife is 5'4" 100 lbs with a tight very sexy body. My wife is typically very conservative. We were in Bermuda, which is also rather conservative. Since it was our honeymoon my wife decided to let loose and be wild. She wore thongs and very tiny bikinis to the beach. We were staying at the Marriott and had to travel on a small truck to get to the hotel's beach. The truck had bench seats in the back that made for a close and comfy ride for all involved.

One day my wife and I were really horny and started to fool around while at the beach. She was wearing a sexy little thong that drove me nuts. We moved to the far end of the beach and were about 75 yards away from the rest of the crowd. We ended up having sex on the beach in plain view of everyone during the middle of the afternoon. We really got excited by the people looking our way watching us. Luckily I lasted a long time (probably 30-45 minutes). It was about 1 PM in the afternoon when we finished our sexual escapes. We decided to leave about 2 PM and headed for the truck for a ride back to the hotel. A lot of other couples decided to leave at the same time, so the truck was full. The whole ride back to the hotel, most of the passengers kept smiling at us. We heard a few giggles as well. Finally, an older lady blurted out in an English accent, I wish I still had a body like you two and had a husband willing to please me that long. Everyone started roaring in laughter. Someone patted me on the back!

We got back to the hotel and made dinner reservations for 5 PM. In the elevator ride up to the room, my wife starts playing me. I know she is an exhibitionist so I dare her to walk naked to the room. She didn't disappoint! She slipped off her short dress and the 2 piece thong bikini and strutted down the hall completely naked past a family coming the other way. I was amazed at what use to be my conservative wife. I just smiled at the father who turned and watched her continue to our door and wait for me to open it. I was pitching a huge tent. The guy's wife and his daughters yelled at him to get going. Poor guy!

In the room I fucked my wife silly for about an hour. Those were the days!


After fucking her for awhile in several different positions and cumming twice, I decided to breakout a new sex toy that I had brought along. I pulled out 2 medium sized ben-wa balls that were tied together by a string. I loved them. They made a very metallic clanging sound when the hit each other. I slowly pushed them into her pussy. For the next hour she bound around the hotel room naked to feel the balls moving her pussy. She loved them too! We lost track of time and really had to hurry to be ready in time for dinner. My wife put on a very cute little sun dress with no underwear.

We had to run to catch the bus for the trip to the main town. I never even thought twice about the toys in my wife's pussy. Luckily we made it to the bus. It was really crowded so we had to stand in the aisle. Once the bus started moving, she lean up to my ear and whispered that she really needed to cum, but was really worried because it felt like our short-run had cause the ben-wa balls to begin sliding out of her pussy, I asked her what she wanted me to do. We were tightly packed on the bus and people were innocently bumping into us as the bus jostled down the road. I looked down into my wife's eyes. She had a look of pure passion crossed with desperation. She buried her face into my chest and started to Orgasm. I could feel her body slightly shudder as it washed over her.

Suddenly the bus lunged forward and came to a stop. It was now completely quiet on the bus as the locals were tired from a long day of work and the tourists were quiet trying to hear the driver say what the next stop would be. During this calmness my wife was still shuddering from her orgasm. She became suddenly still. Then everyone around us heard a clanging noise as the ben-wa balls slipped out of my wife's slick pussy and fell to the floor. We all looked to the floor, except for my wife who buried her face further into my chest. She gripped me tighter as another wave of orgasm washed over her caused by her total embarrassment

As the bus started moving again the ben-wa balls clanged even louder as they started to roll. A young boy reached down not knowing and picked them up and politely handed them to me saying, "Sir, I think you dropped these." I thanked him and quickly tucked them into the camera case.

What a fond memory for us of our honeymoon.

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