Our Family Sex Club


He saw my eyes widen and my jaw drop. He put up his hand to stop me from interrupting.

"Hear me out. We are short on time. You could say if I am having this problem why don't I go into the bathroom and take care of it. I could do that, yes, but I choose not to. You have gotten into my libido, Miss Blake, and there is only one way to discharge it."

"I'm a magnet," I said. I was being a smart ass. I could see what was coming.

"You're a magnet?"

"I'm a sex magnet."

"Well now. Hmmmm. Yes. I was about to say the same thing basically. You are all about sex. When you smile, when you move your hips, those mind boggling legs, your round bottom in your damn skirts, the way your breasts rise and fall when you breathe. You exude sex."

"Good grief, you make me sound like some kind of a robot."

"Not some kind, one kind. But I know you're not a robot, not a sex doll. You're not satisfied with being just that. I can't imagine why not. If I could be a male version of you instead of this puny excuse for a man that you see here, I would be ecstatic."

"You're not that puny, Dr. Button." I felt sorry for him. I figured his erection must be puny itself since I hadn't noticed it. He gave me a funny look,

"Yes, well thank you. Anyway, you want to play chess and get the better of smart people with your brain. Very commendable. I can help. So, Miss Blake, this is what I propose, an exchange of good turns. I will teach you chess, say fifteen hours of private lessons, no hanky panky, straight chess. In return for that promise, you will let me fuck you. Right now. We are talking about fifteen hours from me to five minutes from you. What do you say?"

"Hmmmmm." I gave him a long pause, for effect mostly. I had figured out as soon as he mentioned his ninety minute erection where he was coming from. "I have to admit it does sound fair," I said. It did, especially if I was responsible for his problem like he said and I probably was - the way I taunted him with that crumb bit. It would bother me all night if I left him there with his invisible erection and his libido situation. Plus he was giving me an excellent opportunity to get good at chess! That was the exciting part.

He looked like he couldn't believe I was agreeing. He was so cute. It made me want to tease him. I did the brushing thing on my sweater again and said, "Would it be so terrible if you were just a little late for the meeting, Dr. Button?"

"What? No, I suppose not. Why?"

"I don't know. I was just wondering." Brush, brush. My nipples were sticking out with their hard points. "You said no hanky panky during my chess lessons. Suppose you have that libido problem again. What happens then?" Brush, brush.

A line of perspiration broke out along the top of his forehead. "Nothing happens, that is unless you want it to, Miss Blake. You will have totally filled your side of the bargain by letting me fuck you now."

"Mmmmm, I was never fucked in a teacher's office before. I hope we are going to do it here."

"Yes, yes! Here. Oh, thank you, Miss Blake." He jumped out of his chair and pulled off the cushion which he put down on the floor next to the desk. "Don't want those pretty knees of yours to get bruised. I want to fuck you from behind if that's all right. You kneel on the cushion there and I'll do the rest."

"Don't you want me to take my panties off?"

"Oh, right. Absolutely. Take them off."

"You might like to see me with all my clothes off, Dr. Button. Would you?"

He was already tearing at his own clothes. He stopped. "Oh, that would be wonderful. I better lock the door. Ha, ha. How could I forget that?"

He ran to the door and locked it. I was standing up, taking off my clothes. He watched me, never saying a word. It made me a little nervous the way he stared. What did I expect? Why would that make me nervous considering what was coming next? Anyway, I started chattering.

Off came my blouse. "I don't know about your libido theory, Dr. Button." Off came my bra, and I paused, keeping my hands at my sides while he looked. "I would think that fucking me could make that problem worse not better." I unhitched my skirt and let it fall down my legs. I had already stepped out of my sandals. "Mmmm hmmm," I hummed. "I wouldn't want to make your problem worse. But you're the psychologist, not me. Mmmm hmmm. I can't wait to see your cock, Dr. Button. I don't care how big it is. I bet it's strong and powerful like you are when you play chess." Down came my panties. I was completely nude. I stood while Dr. Button stared some more. After like fifteen seconds I went to where he put the cushion on the floor and got down on my knees, pointing my bottom at him. I looked over my shoulder. He hadn't moved a muscle.

"Dr. Button, you're not going to just stand there, are you?" He was disheveled from having started to undress but not finishing any of it, unbuttoned with his shirt hanging out and his fly unzipped in his baggy pants. I assumed the bagginess was what concealed his hardon and it was still concealing it. He had a kind of crazed expression but that didn't worry me. I was turned on by my own teasing, for heaven's sake.

"Heh, heh. Oh, no. I'm not just going to stand here. I'm coming there to fuck you and fuck you good, Elleann, you hot high school whore."

As soon as he said it he realized his mistake, or what he thought was a mistake. He began apologizing like mad. I thought it was funny. If it made him excited to call me a hot high school whore, I didn't care. It made me excited. I told him not to worry about it.

I gave a big sigh. "But I don't feel like talking any more, Dr. Button, if you know what I mean." I wiggled my bare bottom.

"Oh God," he groaned and went back to yanking off his clothes. When his cock finally came out, it was better than I expected, at least five inches when I had been afraid it would be smaller, and it was sturdy looking. I wiggled again for him without even thinking about it.

It had taken him quite a while but then he was at me in a flash, grabbing me by my hips. He pushed his cock in and banged away. He had zero finesse. He fucked the way a dog does only he couldn't go that fast. It was fine. I liked it. I pushed back at him, getting every bit as much of those five inches that I could. He lasted a minute at most, forget about five. I can usually have an orgasm in no time myself if I'm aroused when we start, which I usually am and I was then. We both had a short good time.

Afterward, I lay on my back letting the whole thing sink in while Dr. Button got dressed. I was having my usual glow. It wasn't one of my great ones, but it was a glow. I noticed Dr. Button giving me sharp glances for some reason.

"I hope your libido is better, Dr. Button," I said, softly.

"It is at the moment, certainly. I'm appalled at myself. Get dressed."

"Hey, thanks a lot!" I sat up. If that's all he could say to me, that he was appalled at himself, he could throw his chess lessons in the lake.

He had a black felt cap on his desk that he puts on his bald head to make himself look like a cool guy. I grabbed it and used it to wipe the cum off me. I put it back. He glared at the cap, not at me, and didn't say a word. Then I got dressed and stomped out without saying good bye and neither did he. I went for my bike.

I don't want to leave a wrong impression. Dr. Button was only appalled at himself until he got horny again. It's the way that usually works out, right? Things turned out fine. I had ten hour long chess lessons and ten half hour lessons and they ended the same way, every one of them. I knew the lesson part of the lesson was over when Dr. Button said, "So, Miss Blake did you find your lesson stimulating today?" This was our little ritual. "Oh, yes, Dr. Button, I did. I'm hot as anything." "Hmmm, I never knew anyone who became sexually aroused by chess. How do you explain it?" "Well, I don't see how a girl can't become aroused. The man, if she's playing a man, attacks her defenses with his powerful pieces. He takes her pieces. He surrounds them and snatches them away. He drives her into a corner. She has no escape. He weakens her more. Then he mates her, mates her, Dr. Button. Notice that word."

By this time Dr. Button would have one hand between my legs and one hand under my top and I would be rubbing him and unzipping his fly. It was pretty hot!

That was later, however. Now I was on my bike going home and, as I pedaled along, Dr. Button went out of my mind and my family situation came back in. My mother was going to give me more details tonight about our family sex club which I had super mixed feelings about. I worried especially about Daddy. The more I thought about him the surer I was becoming that I wanted him to keep being my regular safe and secure Daddy. No sex, thank you.

It was after five when I got there. We had a crowd at the house. Cars filled the driveway and the street in front. They were my uncles and aunts and cousins cars. Was this about me? I pulled into the driveway and got off my bike. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, our neighbors, came up the sidewalk and turned into our sidewalk. I felt a wave of relief. I stepped out from behind the cars and said hi.

"Well, Elleann, hi!," Mr. Johnson said and he and his wife gave me big smiles.

"What's going on?," I said.

"Your initiation party of course. Are you teasing us, Elle?"

"What initiation party? What are you taking about?" I had prickles running up and down my spine.

"She doesn't know yet, Ernie," Mrs. Johnson said, tugging his arm.

They had to be talking about the sex club but the Johnson were neighbors, not family. "No she's just being careful, aren't you, honey?," Mr. Johnson said. "No one told you yet about us being in the club. We were invited in years ago. Your family felt we had the, um, appropriate qualifications. Mary and I are the only non family members ever admitted in a hundred years. What do you think of that? But this is your night, sweetheart. Everyone is looking forward to it in a big way, including yours truly!" He laughed and winked at me. "You better believe it!"

I had known the Johnsons my whole life. Mrs. Johnson used to babysit me. Mr. Johnson made me a doll house for my sixth birthday. There were a zillion things like that going back over the years with never a hint of anything sexual, and now he was looking at me like sex was all there was.

I fought to keep my composure. "Oh, I know all about it Mrs. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was right about me being careful." I was trying to trick them into revealing information I didn't have but the next thing I said showed I didn't know much of anything.

"Well, I don't know what everyone is looking forward, too. I haven't decided to be a full fledged member and I might decide not to be."

I gave them a stern look. They gave me blank stares.

"Honey, once you're in, you're in. You are a full fledged member. There's no other kind," Mr. Johnson said.

"I told you she doesn't know, Ernie," Mrs. Johnson said. She grabbed my wrist. "You need to see your mother," she said, and she led me to the house..

(to be continued)

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