tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Fifth Encounter: The Library

Our Fifth Encounter: The Library


For my very special muse, Jo

I am in the library working on a paper that I need to finish. It is a paper I agreed to do, but it is not on a subject I know well. I am struggling, spending far too much time and making too little progress. It is evening and I am about to quit for the day, when I look up from my work, and I see you sitting at a nearby table facing me. How long have you been watching me? How did you find me? What are you doing here? As I ponder these questions, you answer at least one of these questions with your warm smile and sparkling eyes. You are here to play.

I consider going over to talk to you, but I decide to stay put and see what you have in mind. I do not have long to wait. You put down the book you are pretending to read, and put your index finger against your lips. You slide your fingers across your lips a few times, and then your tongue emerges to lick its tip. Your tongue glides out, encircling your finger, caressing it, gliding over its surface. Then you move the fingertip between your lips and soon the entire finger is inside. I see your tongue swirling against your cheeks, your lips pucker, and your cheeks sink in as you suck on your erect finger. Your unflinching eyes are locked on mine as you suck on this substitute prick—my prick. As I watch, my prick grows hard, and I have to adjust it in my briefs, providing temporary relief.

After getting my attention with this erotic display, you slowly remove your finger from between your scarlet lips. For a moment I think that the show is over, but, as you lower your hand into your lap, I know that there will be more to come.

As I watch, you spread your legs apart and slide down in the chair. I see that you are wearing tan, lacy panties with only a narrow strip of semi-transparent material covering your pussy. Your wet finger slides up your inner thigh and moves along the fabric strip, teasing your clit and tantalizing your waiting pussy lips. Up and down your finger moves, and my eyes follow it as it glides across the silky fabric.

Suddenly, awareness comes over me, and my eyes leave your crotch to sweep around the room. We are alone, but we have no privacy. I consider asking you to join me elsewhere, but I don’t. You have chosen the place, and I must play along, at least for now.

When my eyes return to you, I see that your finger has pushed aside the fabric of your panties and is now buried up to the knuckle inside you. You have slid farther down in your seat, and your legs are now splayed apart. Your finger appears then disappears as I watch. Soon you are using two fingers, and then three to fuck yourself, and I can clearly hear wet, slurping sounds. Your other hand drops beneath the table, and you rub your clit in time with the motion of your now rapidly moving hand.

I raise my eyes to look into yours, but they are closed. Your lips are pursed and your nostrils are flaring as you breathe deeply and rapidly. I know you are about to reach a climax, brought on by the rapid motion of your fingers—my cock—buried to the hilt in your cunt. Your ass is jerking back and forth, surging against your fingers, desperate to take them all inside of you to help you over that final hurdle to the ultimate reward. Suddenly, your cheeks flush, your ass thrusts forward convulsively, and I know that you are there—you are cumming with my pseudo-cock buried deep inside you.

For several minutes you don’t move, your fingers still inside you and one finger resting on your clit. I silently rise and move toward you, but you keep your eyes closed. I stand behind you and rest my hands on your shoulders. Your head moves back against me and a quiver runs through my body. I bend down and kiss you gently.

I think that we must be at the end of this encounter, but I am mistaken. You rise slowly, and turn to face me. You kiss me, warmly and passionately. It is a kiss of lust, a kiss of invitation. I know you need more, and you want me to be part of it.

You glance around the still empty room, and then you lead me to a back corner of the room at the end of the last row shelves. You lean against the shelves and pull me toward you. We resume our kiss and your warmth flows into me. My cock is now pulsing against my zipper seeking relief. I feel your hand move down and slowly, carefully you free my over-erect cock. You lean back against the shelves, thrust your pelvis forward, and raise your skirt in invitation. Your smile of invitation is too much to resist. I push aside the now wet strip of panty covering your pussy and press my cock against your still engorged labia. I think I will enter you slowly, but you have other ideas. As I slide my cock along your slippery cunt, you grab my ass and pull me toward you, driving my cock deep inside you.

We fuck wildly but silently, aware of our surroundings but unconcerned about being caught. Only one thing matters to us at the moment, and we are not to be disturbed. But then, I change our pace. I stop moving, my cock buried to the hilt inside you. Your eyes open and you look at me questioningly. I smile, and pull you tight against me, savoring the feeling of your warm pussy pressing against the length of my cock, feeling your pert breasts poking against my chest, sensing your warm breath on my neck, inhaling your sensuous aroma. As we stand there in public enjoying our union, uncaring about others, at least for the moment, I feel you using your cunt muscles to squeeze my prick. In return, I tense my cock, filling it with blood, and then relaxing. We fuck like this, tensing and then relaxing, squeezing and caressing, unmoving but joined as never before.

After a few moments of this, I know that I can not hold off much longer. You sense this by a change in my breathing, and I feel you beginning to move against me, slowly at first, and then more rapidly. We fuck, like animals, consumed by our urges, linked by cock and pussy. Soon we are overwhelmed by a mutual climax that sweeps over us like an electrical charge, linking our emotions, flowing from your nerve endings to mine, and then back again. Our knees buckle, our skins flush, beads of sweat emerge. We hold on to each other more tightly for fear that we will fall down if we do not. Wow, you are absolutely the best!

You begin to move, as if to leave. But I hold on to you, refusing to let you escape, keeping you anchored in place with my prick still lodged within you. A ask your name, and I learn it is Jo. Finally, I have a name for the lovely visage that waltzes through my head at odd moments throughout the day. I ask if we can find time to meet, to have a lengthy encounter rather than the stolen moments of the past weeks. You are vague, elusive. I tuck one of my cards into your jacket pocket, asking you to call when you are ready. Without another word, you gently push me backwards, and my now shriveled cock slides out of you. You push down your skirt and straighten your jacket. You walk to the table, pick up your book, and walk unsteadily out of the room. Farewell for now.

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