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Our Island Adventure


Every once in awhile I'll enter one of those contests you see in a store or in a magazine. You know the kind, the ones basically designed to entice you into entering just so they can get your phone number or email address and hound you to death with sales offers.

I happened to be shopping for groceries on a cold, snowy, January evening when I spotted the advertisement box for one of these contests. It was sponsored by Corona and the winner of this particular contest was promised an all expenses paid vacation to an exclusive resort in the beautiful tropical paradise of Aruba. A tropical vacation was extremely enticing to me given the current season. Living in a far Northern clime has many benefits, but one of them is not enduring the many long cold winter months, and since it was only the middle of January we still had several months of snowy, cold weather ahead.

I filled out the entry form and folded it in my special "contest winning" fold that I had read about once in a magazine, and dropped it into the already stuffed box. Of course I never expected to win, as I never win anything, but it was nice fantasizing. Especially when my fantasy included my very dear friend Cindy, whom I often wished could accompany me on just such a vacation. How we could pull it off, me running off on just such a vacation without my wife and she without her husband, was an altogether different problem. A problem I would probably never be fortunate enough to have, but it sure was fun thinking about her and I in such a tropical paradise. I suddenly realized not only was I smiling, as I always did when I thought about Cindy, but that I was getting hard thinking about the fun we'd have. Grudgingly I returned to my shopping, and my dreams.

About a month later I was surprised when I received a letter in the mail informing me that I had won the vacation. At first I thought it was one of those, "yes you've won, but there's a catch," but the more I read the more convinced I became that I had actually won a legitimate contest. I called the number on the letter and talked to the representative, and sure enough I had truly won a great trip. The only catch was the vacation had to be taken within the next 2 months.

My wife is not one for traveling, especially to far off lands, and the timing was not good for her anyway. When I approached her with the news she was, as I anticipated, not that interested. I feigned my disappointment and half-heartedly suggested that if she wasn't interested that maybe I'd see if Cindy was interested. She took the bait as I had hoped she would and I called Cindy. Of course Cindy was excited, but didn't know how she'd get the okay to go. None-the-less a few days later she called me to let me know she could come. I think she had to ransom herself to her hubby to get his okay.

That is how a month later, just at the beginning of April, I found myself seated next to Cindy on a plane bound for Aruba. I had received a number of brochures about this resort, which was described as a "play land for adults, surrounded by white sand beaches, gorgeous blue water, private coves, palm trees, and beautiful native people, where discriminating adults can have the adventure of a lifetime." We read through the material and we talked excitedly about how we'd soak up the sun during the day, while enjoying margaritas on the beach, and spending the nights listening to music, walking along the romantic moonlit beaches, and getting into whatever "trouble" we could find. Just like when we traveled to Vegas we agreed, "What happens in Aruba stays in Aruba." Of course the "play land for adults" and "adventure of a lifetime" descriptions really piqued our interest. We joked around about what kind of fantasies we could possibly explore in this adventure land for adults, and of course while neither of us had to say anything we both knew that we were thinking about sex.

When we finally arrived at the resort it was near 8:00pm and the sun was just beginning to wane. We were shown to our rooms, as we did get two as promised to our spouses, but they were situated next to each other on the 3rd floor of this gorgeous 5 floor hotel complex, that was situated right on prime ocean front property. Even though our rooms were separate, they had one of those interior common passage doors that could be opened to allow access to both rooms and make in effect, a much larger suite. Needless to say we opened that door and did not plan to close it for the rest of the trip.

Our rooms were plush, each furnished with a king size bed with oversize pillows, a seating area with a table and loveseat, a fully stocked mini bar which was part of the prize package, bathrooms with oversized whirlpool tubs, and balconies. The balconies were the type with large French doors that you could open wide to let in the warm sea breeze. They had those willowy, white, almost transparent curtains that you always see in the movies. The kind that seemed to float gently on air as the warm breeze from the ocean came into the room.

Joining Cindy in her room we opened the balcony doors and stepped outside where we were immediately taken by the ocean view. The sun was now just beginning to set, and it looked like a big orange ball sitting on the horizon. The soft orange rays reflected off the shimmering water and white sand beach to make everything look like it was glowing. To the left we could see the mountains silhouetted against the darkening sky, while to the right we saw the sprawl of the city with all it's twinkling lights. Down below you could see couples still lying on the beach while others were milling about, walking hand-in-hand along the shoreline as only lovers do. You could also hear the soft sounds of what I would describe as "Island music" against the backdrop of the rhythm of the ocean waves as they crashed on the shoreline.

Leaving Cindy on the balcony I went back into the room and opened the bottle of complimentary champagne that we found cooling in a container of ice when we first walked in. Pouring two glasses I turned back towards the balcony and was immediately stopped by the view. There was my beautiful Cindy, standing in profile on the balcony, all a glow in the orange rays of the setting sun. The sheer curtains were rhythmically billowing in the wind and added to the sensual aura of the scene before me. I could see Cindy's body in perfect profile, with her full breasts revealing their sensual curves, muted by both the light and the curtains such that she appeared to be completely naked. The points of her nipples straining against the fabric of her shirt made my mouth water, and it took all my will power to keep from dropping the champagne glasses and ravaging her. After admiring the view for a few minutes I continued out to the balcony and coming up behind her I wrapped my arms around her waist, and offered her a glass of champagne.

"You look great and you feel so good," I said as I buried my mouth in her neck and gave her a kiss.

"Why thank you," she replied, as she took the glass and sipped the refreshingly cool liquid.

Backing I away I drank from my glass and set it down. Reaching out I took her glass and set it down and then turned to face her. I placed my hands on both sides of her head, cradling her cheeks in my palms.

"I'm so glad you were able to come. I know we are going to have so much fun. This is truly a dream come true," I said as I bent forward slightly and kissed her lips.

"Me to, so what now?" she asked with that little twinkle in her eye that I so loved.

"I can't wait to hold you in my arms and sleep with you tonight and to feel your naked skin pressed against mine."

"And just what makes you think that's going to happen," she said with that little tease in her voice.

"Are you saying you are going to crush my dreams," I said with a pout.

"Maybe, and maybe not, but a gal can't appear to be too eager now can she," she said with a laugh.

"Maybe not, but at this point the night is still young. If you are hungry we can eat, otherwise I'm thinking we should take the rest of this bottle of champagne, and a blanket, and take an evening stroll along the beach so we can finish watching the sun set."

"Sounds fantastic!"

"Let's go then, I'll grab the champagne and you grab a blanket," I said as I headed for the door.

Cindy joined me and we headed down to the lobby and towards the hotel's beach entrance, which exited onto a terrace overlooking the ocean. When we stepped outside the sight that greeted us was, for lack of a more fitting description, paradise. All around were palm trees whose leaves were gently blowing in the wind. There were many couples strolling along side the hotel, and the air was filled with the muted sounds of laughter, the clink of china from the hotel restaurant, and the scent of exotic flowers. I grabbed Cindy's hand and we began walking around the perimeter of the terrace until I spied the steps leading down to the beach.

"There's where we get down to the beach," I said. "Let's go before we lose all the light."

We hurried down to the beach which was now almost deserted. We started walking up the shoreline, away from the hotel, but after only a few steps stopped as the sand was so deep that it made walking difficult. Removing our shoes we continued walking hand-in-hand, feeling the silky softness of the warm sand beneath our feet. When we had walked a couple of hundred yards up the shore away from the resort I stopped.

"Let's put the blanket down here," I said, noticing an area where the sand had been pulled into a mound against which you could sit and lean back. It had obviously been pushed up like that to be used as a vantage point during the day. Once down we sat next to each other, and I put my arm around Cindy and passed the bottle of champagne.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" she asked.

"MMMmmm," I agreed, "just like you."

"Flattery just might get you everywhere tonight," she said.

"That's what I'm hoping for!"

"I should have known, you and your one track mind," she said with a laugh as she took another swallow of champagne.

"How could my mind be anywhere else when I'm sitting here, in what must be one of the most beautiful places on earth with what I think is one of the most beautiful people I have ever been so lucky to know."

Blushing she said, "I feel the same you know," and snuggled in next to me.

The next few minutes we just sat there watching the sun slip below the horizon. There was now a steady, warm breeze blowing in off the ocean. Even though warm it was still a breeze and if it had not been for the heat radiating from the sun warmed sand and the effects of the champagne it might have even felt a little chilly. Turning to face Cindy I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. My hand soon found her breasts and began caressing them through the material of her shirt and bra.

"MMMmmmm," she moaned as my mouth found her neck and began alternately nibbling on her ear lobe and nipping at her neck. As my fingers began undoing the buttons of her blouse she pulled back and looked around.

"What's a matter?" I asked.

"What if somebody sees us?"

"And just what might they see?"

"Well if this is any indication," she said as she squeezed my hardening cock, "you are every bit as horny as I am and all this touching and feeling will soon lead to something more."

"And just what might that be," I said with a smile knowing full well where I hoped this was leading.

She gave my cock another squeeze and leaned in next to my ear, whispering, "Well I don't know about you, but I need to be fucked."

"And so what's the problem, ever done it on the beach before?"

"No, but we're in public!"

"So, look around. The sun is down, we're here in the shadows where we can't be seen unless someone walks right up to us, and do you see anyone, anywhere around?"


"Okay then, let's make another fantasy come true."

"And what would that be?"

"Sex on the beach," I said.

She giggled, "I thought that was a drink?"

"It is and it is one I also expect to enjoy tonight."

"MMMmmm," she moaned as I finished undoing the buttons of her blouse.

"You can leave your blouse on around you, but let's take off this bra and lose the shorts and panties too."

"Hey, I'm not going to be the only one naked here!"

"You won't be, I'm letting you keep your blouse on," I laughed.

"You know what I mean, get those pants off right now Mr.," she said as she teasingly slapped me, "If I'm going to be exposed then I want your cock out now!"

Smiling, I immediately removed my pants as Cindy finished removing hers. Lying on the blanket you could feel the warmth of the sand as it radiated into our bodies. I pulled Cindy close to me, reveling in the feel of her now naked tits and body against mine. My fingers stole downward until I felt the hair of her pussy and found the folds of her slit. As we continued to kiss my finger slipped into her pussy. She was extremely wet and was obviously very turned on. I bent down to take one of her perfect eraser tip like nipples into my mouth and sucked hard as I pushed my middle finger as far as I could into her very wet, tight pussy.

"AAAhhh," she moaned.

Just then I felt her fingers on my cock and let out a moan of my own.

"How about a second finger to go with the first," I said as I added my index finger to her pussy. She was so wet it slipped in without any resistance. "You feel so tight and wet, let's try a third," I moaned as I added my ring finger to the other two that were already probing her hot, wet hole.

Cindy began humping against my fingers and after a brief while pushed my hand way. I could tell her clit was becoming over sensitized with all the attention.

"My turn now," she said.

Pushing me back she leaned over me and grabbing my cock bent down and took me in her mouth.

"Oh yes, that feels so good. Suck me," I said as she began to move her lips up and down my now very hard cock. "I love the way you do that," I breathed.

"Do what?" she asked with a giggle, as she stopped to tease and make me wait.

"Suck my cock," I groaned.

She smiled and returned to the task at hand, repeatedly running her tongue up and down my cock and then swallowing me whole. After a few minutes she began bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She really knew how to pleasure me and after a few minutes I was close to cumming.

"I'm not going to last much longer if you keep that up," I said.

"I can tell you are getting ready."

"And how is that," I asked, wanting to hear the response I loved.

Crawling slowly up my body, dragging her tits against me all the way, she reached my ear where she whispered, "Because I can taste you". I groaned as she continued, "and I guess I better quit because I need to feel your hard cock in my hot wet pussy. I need you to fuck me now."

"Mmm, there's nothing I'd like better, but first lay back."

"That's what I had in mind she giggled."

"Yea, but I'm not going to fuck you just yet"

"Then just what are you going to do?"

"Guess," I said, as we switched positions. Taking the bottle of champagne, which was almost empty, I sprawled between her outstretched legs. Placing my finger over the top I began rubbing the neck of the bottle up and down her pussy lips.

"What are you doing," she asked.

"Remember, I wanted a drink," I said with a smile.

"Sex on the beach as I recall," she said with a laugh..

As she finished her sentence I pushed just the very tip of the bottle into her pussy, while removing my finger at the same time, and lifting the bottle to let the remaining contents drain into her pussy.

"OOOOhhhh," she moaned, "it tickles."

"You feel the bubbles doing their thing then?"

"Yessssss," she growled in a whispered, throaty voice.

"Good, now it's my turn."

Removing the bottle I quickly replaced it with my mouth and began sucking the champagne from her pussy. When the sweet nectar quit flowing I began running my tongue up and down her slit, pausing once in awhile to flick her clit.

"AAArrrggghhh, I need you in me, now!"

Rising up I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her tight little hole and plunged into her very warm, wet pussy. She pulled her legs up so that I could penetrate her fully, and I pounded into her hard enough that you could hear my balls slapping her ass over the noise of the waves. "Oh, yesss, harder, that's it!"

After a few minutes I cried, "I'm almost there!"

"Ohhhh, yesss, give it to me," she said as I thrust three more times and then buried myself inside her and began to explode. At the same she wrapped her legs around me and grabbing my ass pulled me tight as I began to feel her convulse in an orgasm.

We lay there like that for several minutes holding each other, my cock still embedded in her pussy, until it softened enough to fall out. I then rolled off and we lay there cuddling, enjoying the afterglow of our coupling as the warm ocean breeze flowed over our bodies. We dozed off like that, for how long I don't know, but when I awoke I knew we had to get going. I certainly didn't want to get caught sleeping naked, on the beach, in a foreign country as who knew what the penalty for that might be. Getting up we gathered our clothes and hastily dressed as we headed back to our room to enjoy a proper nights sleep.

On the way back to our room I took the wrong path and we wound up walking through a garden like area with a number of small, one-story buildings which I presumed to be bungalows. I was certain this was where the very rich came to stay and play at the resort. Some of the bungalows were well lit and some were not. As we passed one well lit bungalow I thought I saw a naked woman in one of the windows. Stopping Cindy, I retraced our steps and pointed to the window. We moved cautiously up the dark path towards the bungalow, until we were situated in a thick grove of bushes that hid our view from within. From our vantage point we could clearly see into the window and there, lying on the bed we saw a beautiful, naked woman. She was lying on her back and sitting next to her on the bed was a man clothed only in shorts. He had a camera and appeared to be taking pictures as another gentleman, a chocolate brown looking black man, worked his hands over her naked body. You could see the oil glistening on his hands and her body as he expertly worked over her full breasts. Every once in awhile his hands would trace their way down her stomach and disappear in the vee of her legs. When his hands disappeared below we could see her back arch up and it was obvious from her reaction that he was exploring her pussy.

Seeing this sight I became instantly aroused and snuggled up behind Cindy, pulling her close. Working my hand under her shirt I began massaging her breasts, tugging on first one nipple and then the other. Cindy began to push back against my hard cock as we watched the woman on the bed get up. She moved in front of the black man and begin to remove his clothes.

Once naked she pulled him back to the bed, and as he laid down we saw her take his black pole, squirt a little oil on it, and massage it to life. Cindy reached back and grabbed my cock, matching her strokes to the ones we were watching. With one hand paying attention to Cindy's tits, my other stole down the front of her pants and began exploring the furry patch between her legs as we continued to watch the show in front of us. It wasn't much longer before the woman stopped massaging the now very hard cock in front of her and stood up. At this point my fingers found Cindy's very wet, hot hole, as we watched this strange woman lift her leg and straddle the black man. Rising up she grabbed the hard pole in front of her and placing it at the entrance to her pussy, impaled herself quickly on his hardness, as who we presumed was her husband, took in the show. We watched as she threw her head back in ecstasy and began to slowly ride up and down on his cock. I moaned into Cindy's ear as she pulled my cock harder against her ass.

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