tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur New Friends Are Exhibitionist

Our New Friends Are Exhibitionist


(This story will be written by two people at once. My name is Darrin and my writings and comments will be in regular type and Valerie's will be in 'italics'. Oh, by the way, this is a true story! At least as close as we can remember over the years, that is why the two of us are writing it together.)

Valerie was not an exhibitionist when we first met in the early 70's. She was 18 years old when we first met and just out of high school. She did not purposely expose a tit or her ass intentionally back then.

The only time I wore a bra back then was when I wore a very thin or sheer blouse, I even went to school braless. It was the style then and a lot of girls were braless. My school let us wear anything we wanted as long as it wasn't indecent. I use to love going to school on warm days in a halter-top and short-shorts. I also preferred my skirts and dresses on the shorter side.

Valerie claimed it didn't bother her when someone stared at her braless tits or got a look at her panties when she bent over to far. She said it was just the price she paid when she went braless or wore her mini-skirts or dresses.

Well, actually I kind of enjoyed being looked at; it made me feel a little sexy. And a couple time in school, if I caught a cute guy looking up my dress, I actually allowed him to look by not changing my leg position. All the girls wore short dresses back then and some of them, including me wore some really short ones. It was very common to look under a table and see panties up some gal's skirt, mine included. It got to where I got use to it and didn't care anymore.

Well, the first time I seen her, she was wearing a bikini and with some friends at the lake, nothing special about it but she looked really good in it. I don't remember how we started talking, but we made a date to meet at the 'Pizza Hut' right outside the air base I was stationed. When she showed up my dick went hard. She was wearing a tight light blue t-shirt and cut-off jean short-shorts. It was obvious she was braless, the cool air inside had her nipples hard and I could she the dark circles of her areolas halfway across the room. She seemed to have an, 'I don't care attitude' about it.

I was excited all day after Darrin asked me out for pizza. He was about the cutest guy I had seen in a while and he had a nice body, plus he was older than the high school boys I dated. Another thing caught me eye was that he was wearing a tight green stretchy type swimsuit that nicely displayed his bulge.

I got that swimsuit a couple months earlier when I was sent to 'Ramey Air Base' in 'Puerto Rico' for a week. I never have cared for loose baggy clothing; it's hard to display the hardware in loose clothing. It got Val's attention, didn't it?

I'm not sure what possessed me but I wanted to look sexy for him. I usually didn't wear that thin t-shirt out braless but I knew for that night I really wanted and just hard to be braless. I also wore my tightest pair of short-shorts for him. My nipples were hard from excitement not from the cool air of the restaurant. I looked in the mirror at home before I left and I knew he would be able to see my nipples. This also had me excited. This wasn't the true me but I wanted to dress like this for him. A guy I only met a few hours earlier. I didn't care if anybody else noticed my nipples or not. I was doing this for Darrin.

We both enjoyed that night and when I walked her to her car, it was just like in the movies, we looked into each other's eyes and started to kiss and kiss again. I know it's corny but I fell in love with her that night.

Oh, those kisses! I almost wet myself. If he had asked me to strip naked then and there, I might have done it. I knew I wanted him to be mine and I decide to do whatever it took.

When I got home that night, it was hours before I got to sleep. I had never been so worked up over a guy in my life. When I got home and got undressed for bed, I was shocked at how wet my panties were. I had though about sex before but never had I had this strong of an urge to want it. My thoughts were of how soon we would be doing it, did he want me as much as I wanted him, what his dick looked like and how big he was, and many more horny thoughts. Yea, I was HORNY! I was still a virgin but now I didn't want to be for much longer. I didn't get to sleep until I brought myself off.

We started seeing each other a lot and we both quickly fell into lust! And only four days after meeting and during a heavy make-out session, she took off her top without me asking. Well, we both ended up naked in the backseat of my 63' Ford Galaxy that night exploring each other's body, but we did not have sex.

Yea, that car of his had one big back seat and we put it to a lot of use before he got rid of it. The night I took my top off, I had worn an old, baggy t-shirt I had cut off that day. It was just3 or 4 inches below my breast, I had cut it short just incase he wanted to reach underneath and play with my tits. I thought I would make it easy for him. And once he did get his hands under my top and was playing my tits, I wanted him to see them too. But I couldn't stop there I wanted him to be the first man to see me completely naked, and I also got to see him naked.

I found out he was a virgin too. This surprised and excited me at the same time. I was hoping my first lover had a little experience but knowing I could teach him a thing or to would be fine too.

I was still a virgin but I was not innocent. I had let a couple boys see my tits and feel me up above the waist and had let one suck my tits. I have even jerked off two guys before. That was fun at the time, but getting naked and being touched everywhere was a whole lot more fun.

I went home horny again that night and ended up masturbating again. I wonder if he had too?

You bet I did. I had to jerk-off a couple times a day because of you. Every time I thought of you I got hard. Anyway, I worked late the next few nights and when I got a chance to see her again, she asked me to pick her up.

When he called and said he had the next couple evening off, my mine went straight to the gutter. I knew my dad had to do extra work and my mom would be out late, so I decided that tonight I was going to get that dick of his in my pussy.

I might have masturbated maybe one a month before I met Darrin, but the last couple of day have been pure horny hell. It seem like every time I thought of him and me naked together, my hands just seemed to find their on way to my pussy. I caught myself once rubbing myself through my shorts in the front room with my mother not 5 feet away. I quickly got up and went to my room to finish off. I must have brought myself to orgasm at less 4 times that day.

I never thought I was going to give my sex away to some man so easily, and tonight we will have only known each other for only a week and I am going to fuck him. Am I a SLUT? You know, I really don't care. All I want is to have him inside me.

I have decided to wear only a big t-shirt when he get here and surprise him by removing it in the front room as soon as I close the door behind him.

When I got there she was alone, she said her father was working a double shift and her mother was at Bingo. She pulled off her long t-shirt and was in all her naked glory as she led me down the hall to her bedroom. She told me to hurry and get undressed. We got on her bed and I remembered thinking how good a naked woman felt. We rolled around kissing and licking anything and everything then she stopped and told me to get on my back. She reached in her purse and pulled out a condom. She surprised me when she put my dick in her mouth, OH MY! That felt good! Then she opened the pack and put on the condom. She straddled me and looked in my eyes and said, "I've been waiting all afternoon to do this." She held my dick and brought her sex towards it. I watched in amazement as my dick slowly split her apart. She slowly lowered herself and then stopped, moaning as she rocked her ass back and forth a few seconds. Then she raised back up a bit and slammed down hard. I felt something tear and asked if she was all right. She smiled and said she was just fine.

That's right, the sex was great. Better than I imagined. When I saw him lying naked on MY BED, and that beautiful 8" cock of his sticking straight up in the air, I just had to put my lips around it. It felt so good I knew I was going to do more of that later. And when I lowered myself all the way on that cock, it felt like heaven. It didn't hurt as much as some of my friends said it would which was fine with me. I just loved the way his dick felt inside me. I almost cried from joy.

After going to the bathroom and cleaning myself up, he was sitting on the edge of my bed. He was holding his dick in one hand as I walked naked towards him. I leaned over and kissed him and thanked him for making me a woman. I then got on my knees between is legs and took the dick from his hand and placed in my mouth. It quickly got hard as a rock. I tried to remember what "Linda Lovelace' did in the movie "Deep Throat' I watched one night a couple weeks ago when I babysat for my brother. I found it on the floor in their bedroom and decided to put it in the VCR and see what it was. All I can say is WOW! I watched it all and had my hand in my pants most of the film. I tried to do to Darrin's cock some of the things she did. I couldn't take it all that first night but I learned how to swallow it all eventually. I guess I wasn't as bad as I thought I might be that first try, because before long, he shot his load in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all like Linda did but I couldn't, it leaked out my mouth and dripped on my tits. I have gotten a lot better through a ' lot of practice'.

We started having sex 1 to 3 times a day after that first night. We had sex just about everywhere, the chance of getting caught just made it more exciting. She likes to, at least, try and suck me off at least once a day too. Valerie got to where she didn't bother wearing her panties anymore she just carried a couple pair in her purse if she needed them. Of course I encourage this, plus I encouraged her to start wearing smaller, tighter, and thinner clothing. I bought her a couple see-thru tops. She found that she enjoyed wearing them braless in public. She loved the looks men gave her when they noticed they could easily she her breast though the top she was wearing.

We had a lot of sex! I got on the pill a couple days after I lost my virginity. I'm just lucky I didn't become pregnant. It would have screwed up a lot of the fun we had. Underwear got to be an inconvenience so I stopped wearing them. I had gone pantyless under a few long dresses and shorts before but never while wearing my minis, but I found it to be a lot of fun. Darrin had easy access to my pussy when ever her wanted and I got to not care when or where he grabbed me. He even fingered me one day while we were standing in line to get movie tickets. I found that very naughty and a lot of fun. He is also grabbing my tits anywhere and everywhere and I let him because I love the feel of his hands on them and I don't care who sees him do it. Screw them if they don't like it!

He bought me a couple see-thru tops to wear braless, I was a bit nervous being out like that in public at first but found it very exciting knowing that my tits were only covered by a very thin piece of cloth and anyone could see my breast if they look at them. I actually looked forward to wearing them in public with Darrin. I started looking for thinner sexier tops to wear. I ended up with a nice selection but I usually had to change into them after I left the house. My mother would not have approved of many of them. I use to get a thrill out of getting topless in Darrin' car as we drove down the highways. I started taking my time putting back on the other tops. Darrin quickly caught on and dared me to remain topless. I use to spend a lot of time in his car topless.

One day we went to play tennis and she wore a thin yellow halter-top and a very short white flare skirt that just did cover her ass and a small white lace bikini panties. We had been playing about 15 minutes and I noticed she kept reaching under her skirt to adjust her panties. I asked her what her problem was and she said they kept riding up her crack and was making her uncomfortable. I told her, "No one seemed to be around so why don't you just take the panties off and go without." She looked around, smiled and right in the middle of the tennis court removed her panties. I took them from her and put them in my pocket.

Every time she picked up the ball, she made it a point to turn away from me as she bent to pick up the ball. Giving me a great look at her ass and pussy. About 10 to 15 minutes later, two guys showed up from somewhere two courts over. I asked if she wanted her panties back she looked over at them and said, "Not yet. They seem far enough away that if I don't bend over their way, they my never know."

We played a while longer and she began to play like she had full panty coverage. One of the guys did she bent over and stopped dead in his tracks and let his buddy know. I saw Val glance over there a couple time seeing if the guys were watching her. She kept on playing, all the while that little skirt was flipping up and down, showing anybody watching her ass and trimmed bush. She finally said she was tired and was ready to leave. She turned her back to the guys who had now come to the near fence on their court to watch. She slowly bent over and picked up her towel and water jug. When she stood up I was in front of her, I took her and gave her a big kiss. I said I seen what she just did and that I loved her. She smiled and kissed me again, I reached around and reached under her skirt and grabbed two hands full of bare ass. She moaned and pushed herself to me, then broke the kiss and told me she need fucked soon!

Did I ever need to be fucked? When we got to the car, we tossed every thing in the back seat and I told Darrin get in on the passenger side of the front seat and pull his pants down. I then lifted my skirt up and climbed on his lap facing away from him so I could look at the two guys as I got fucked. I had never showed my bare ass to anyone but Darrin. I knew they were watching my skirt show my ass every time I bent or twisted while chasing the ball, but I just had to show more. So I turned my back to them and slowly bent all the way over. I had just purposely let two strangers get a good look at my ass and pussy. I couldn't believe how hot that had made me. My pussy was soaking wet by the time we reached the car, I could feel my juices running down the inside of my leg. They were now less than two hundred feet away and I looking at them as I was getting fucked. I wondered what I would do if they came over to the car and watched us. That got me very excited, and after he dumped his load deep inside me, I got off him and turned around and licked him clean of his and my juices. I've sucked him off quite a few times already but never had tasted my own juices. I liked it and still like to clean him off once in a while.

A couple hours' later and still dressed in her tennis outfit, we were at a local hamburger joint and Val's bare ass was on the 'cold plastic' seat. I was sitting next to her, lifting the back of her skirt and rubbing her ass, as people walked back and forth by us. I hadn't noticed but as I lifted her skirt I lifted where it rode around her waist and as we left I could see a couple inches of bare ass cheek showing below the hem of the skirt. That looked sexy! I told her as we reached the front door. She reached back and felt the bottoms of her ass and asked me if I liked how it looked. I told her I thought it looked 'Sexy as Hell'. She smiled and said, "OK, I'll leave it then." She just shook her ass a little more as we went to my car. She's worn that little skirt a few more times and she now always pulls up the back a bit so the bottom of her ass cheeks stick out.

On the way to my barracks room, she stripped naked and put on one of my military uniforms. I knew my roommate was working and once in my room, we stripped naked and she lay across my lap butt in the air. I slowly massaged her cheeks and eventually got down between her legs and fingered her pussy. Before long she was moaning and I felt her tighten and squeeze my fingers with her pussy. I hadn't plan on it but I pull my wet finger from her pussy and slid it up to her asshole. She tighten up a little and then relaxed as I applied a little pressure until my finger slowly slid in. As I started to slide in and out, she started to moan again. I asked her if we should try and use this hole too. She said I could if I wanted she was willing to try.

I got up and found some Vaseline in the bathroom and put one and them two fingers in her. I put some on me and started to slow push. I was just telling her that maybe it wouldn't fit when it started to slide in. I took my time because Val said it felt like she was going to spit. I offer to pull out but she said 'No'. And it finally got all the way in. We waited a bit and I slowly started to go in and out. She told me faster, so faster I went until I was fucking with full force. She had her hands under her playing with her pussy as I fucked her in the ass. I finally dumped deep in her ass and I could tell she came too. She said she actually came twice.

I had never thought of taking it up the ass, but once he started fingering my ass I wanted to try it. I was sore for a while but now I need it up my ass at least once a week. I guess that settled one question about me. I AM A SLUT! And I'm cool with that. I still smile every time I think about me being a slut.

After that morning, we have made it a game to "accidentally" let some man see her bare ass, tit, or pussy. Valerie always gets horny after an exhibition and must get screw as soon as possible. The police almost caught us once while she was straddling my lap in the front seat of my car, in the parking lot of 'K-mart', in the middle of the day. The cop slowed down and looked right at Val. When she froze and said 'Shit', I knew something was wrong. But he drove on, that just made Valerie wilder on my lap.

We did get caught once. We had been skinny-dipping in the river one afternoon; we knew that other people came swimming down here too, that's what made it more exciting. We were actually having sex while standing on a sandbar in the middle of the river when we heard voices coming our way. We were close to cumming so we finished up. We got back into the water and could see 6 people heading our way. We looked at each and smiled. It looked like we were going to have to climb naked from the river and get our clothes. We had hid our clothes under some tree limbs so they couldn't accidentally be found and stolen. They were going to get to the get out place before we could get there. We could tell there were 3 guys and 3 girls. The guys had taken their shirts off and were getting ready to swim in their cut-offs; the girls all were wearing bikinis.

When Val and I got to the shore, Val said she recognized 4 of them. They went to school with her. I asked if she was still ready to get out, she said yes, so slowly out of the water naked we came. They instantly recognized her and asked where her clothes were. She stood proud and naked in front of them not covering her body, letting the guys get a good look at her while the girls checked me out. She said that we had been skinny-dipping and were having sex in the river when they noisily arrived and ruined it. As she continued to talk to them I went to get the clothes. I put on my shorts and shoes but left off the shirt because I was still wet. Val was still talking away when I returned, she was rubbing one of her nipples, something not gone unnoticed by the guys, as she listen to one of the guys say something. I could tell a couple of the girls were getting pissed because Valerie had the attention of their guys. I told Val we needed to go and tried to hand her clothes back to her; she said she wanted to dry off some before she got dressed. She did put her shoes on and she walked naked down the trail to the car. I asked her if she realized she was rubbing her nipples in front of those guys. She said she did and that it took all of her restraint to keep from putting her hands on her pussy. She said for some unknown reason, she wanted them to watch her masturbate. Before we got to the car, I ended up bending her over a large downed tree and fucking her hard and fast. I bet those kids heard her.

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