tagIncest/TabooOur New In-Laws Ch. 08

Our New In-Laws Ch. 08


Milt kept the sound field turned off the rest of the day and all night to observe the Bakers' post-orgasmic reactions to their sexual activities. After a heavy steak dinner the couples met in the movie theater. Instead of cushioned seats, the Oscars' home theater was filled with plush couches soaked in Scotch Guard. The movie for the evening was You've, Got Mail, a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedy. The shut-off sound field gave the couples a warm feeling of euphoria to enjoy the movie's comedy and romance.

Jack and Allison decided to skip the nightcap and go to bed. As they left the theater, Allison slipped her hand into Jack's. He was surprised and hesitated before tightening his grip around her small hand.

"I'm sorry, Jack." Allison gave him a responding squeeze.

"For what?"

"Our marriage." She sighed.

"That's a lot to apologize for. Haven't we had a good life?"

"I guess, in some ways, in other's it's been terrible." She squeezed his hand again trying to tell him the depth of her sorrow.

Jack opened the door to their room. "In what ways?" He was going to leave Allison to enumerate the flaws in their marriage.

"Sex." She confessed. "Sex."

Jack shut the door as they entered their bedroom. They were both still nude. Clothes didn't seem necessary between them and their new relations after the events at the pool earlier.

His wife slowly knelt before him. "I owe you twenty-eight years of sex, Jack." Her breath warmed his limp cock. "Twenty-eight years of begging for something that I should have given willingly." Her lips pressed against his flesh. "I'm going to make it up to you, Jack." Her tongue wetly trailed down his twitching shaft.

Jack Baker stood over his wife as her warm lips nibbled on his soft flesh. Was this possible, after a day at the Oscars'? What sort of place was this? Her lips opened and she suckled the head of his penis. She pulled half of his thickening cock into her mouth. A drop of her juices ran down her thigh. His cock grew in her mouth until his shaft pressed against the back of her throat. Her inexperience was overcome by her love of her husband and this new thrill of pleasuring him. His hands caressed her hair as she moved the tight ring of her lips up and down his rigid cock. "Oh, God, Allison," he moaned. The thrill in his voice flooded her cunt with juices. Allison again cursed her mother for stealing so much pleasure from her barren life.

Pre-cum leaked from his cock and coated her tongue. She pressed it hard against his shaft to grind the flavor deep into her taste buds. Allison wanted the taste of his cum driven deep into the physical memory of her senses. Her pussy grew demanding, but she ignored the deepening need of her cunt for satisfaction. Jack moaned as her fingers softly massaged his balls, the miraculous source of his taste. He didn't know how much he had for her. He couldn't believe he was hard after all his sexual good fortune that day. Yet, not only was he hard, but also he was close to giving his wife what she now so eagerly desired.

Allison's willingly given blowjob, after a twenty-eight year drought, was more intense than any he could remember from his teens. His sperm bubbled and frothed as she caressed his balls. He tried to warn her. He tried to push her off as the white liquid rose up through his shaft. Allison wasn't going to be warned off, and she wasn't going to let go. She sucked him deeply gagging as the head banged against the back of her throat. She wanted his cum, all of it. She vowed that Jack would never again waste a drop of his precious semen.

Jack groaned as the first spurt emerged through Allison's two-handed grip into the back of her throat. She coughed and sputtered, but never let go. Gasping and swallowing, she wasn't going to lose a drop of her husband's sperm. He staggered back from the force of his orgasm and sat down on the bed. Allison's nails dug into his cock as she kept her grip and swallowed every spurt as she followed him down. Jack flopped backward and moaned as his wife finished him off. Allison softly licked his shaft getting every drop of his sweet cum. She whispered into the hot flesh of his cock, "Fuck you, Mom," and began to softly weep.

Allison wept at the thousands of lost opportunities during their marriage to pleasure her husband. Jack didn't know what to do. He had just received the greatest blowjob ever given, and his wife was crying, soaking his cock in her tears. His hand came down and stroked her hair.

Allison didn't cry long. The burning in her loins dried her tears with its demand for moisture. Her hungry cunt left nothing for tears. Jack's limp cock offered her no solution, so Allison, like a cat sneaking up on a mouse, silently climbed onto the bed and up Jack's body. When their eyes met, Jack could see the fires of passion in his wife's eyes. He thought she was going to kiss him, but she kept moving up. His tongue fell short when her tits moved by, and then he suddenly realized his need to awake his dormant talents for oral sex. As she kept moving up, he mined the depths of his brain for the correct procedure for pleasing a very wet and needy pussy.

When she stopped, hovering over his lips; he saw that her pussy hair was matted and dripping. Her lips were swollen and wrinkled. Her aroma was thick with her arousal. Allison didn't know what it felt like for a man to lick her pussy. She just knew that she needed this. She needed to have Jack make her climax. Since his cock was dead, she would use his tongue. His lights went out when she sat down firmly on his mouth. "Eat me, Jack." Her voice demanded.

His tongue got on its bicycle and rode like it was yesterday, teasing her lips, sucking their plump petals, and tickling her clit. The new Allison was not a quiet lover. Her moans were loud and deep. Her language was filthy as she climbed to her peak. She ordered him in every movement.

"Suck my cunt lips, Jack ... lick my fucking clit ... tongue my twat, baby." She rode his face and took her pleasure. "Oh, God, Jack, make your bitch cum!" She screamed as she went over the top.

Her body froze. She stopped breathing. Jack panicked and pushed her off. She lay on the bed motionless. Then she shuddered in a grand spasm and began to sob. He moved over her, concerned with the force of her orgasm. She pulled him down to her and held him tightly. "Oh, Jack. Where was I all these years? In what desert of pleasure did we live? ..."

She felt his cock on her thigh. It was hard again. She wiped her tears and took a grip on his shaft and pulled it to her pussy. "Fuck me, Jack." She rubbed the head over her wetness. "I don't think I can ever go to sleep again, unless you fuck me." He drove his cock deep in her and they began to really have their honeymoon, just delayed by twenty-eight years.

Allison awoke feeling warm. Not just warmth caused by the luxurious bedding, but warmth exposed by the sound field the day before. Her hangover from its effects was gentle, and she lay in bed reviewing her so out of character experiences. She searched for guilt at her brazen adultery with Isaac and Milt. None was there. What was there was her husband's cock, hard no doubt from a full bladder. Her hand closed around it, and she knew she wanted him again. Her foot pushed down the blankets, until she could see it in its steely glory. Scooting down the bed, she held it up and wondered why she had never appreciated the beauty of it, the thick shaft, and the vein that meandered from the crown to the base. Until yesterday, she found the idea of sucking a cock revolting. Now, she had sucked three of them in one day and enjoyed every inch of each one. She let Jack's cock fall down on his stomach and suckled the head in her mouth. So softly that Jack's dream shifted from titty fucking Dee Dee's monsters to his wife giving him a blowjob.

The bedroom door opened and Jenni stepped in to see her mother's mouth stuffed. She whispered, "Mom, breakfast is ready." Jenni stepped up to the bed to watch. "Is he about to cum?"

Allison slightly nodded.

"Wow." Jenni parted her white robe and touched her bare pussy lips stimulated by her mother's unashamed cocksucking. Allison kept up the slow suck. Could she make Jack cum without waking? She saw Jenni's pussy lips swell and moisten. Her fingers softly stroked Jack's cock. Jenni touched her mother's thigh near her pussy. Allison gazed at her aroused daughter as she encouraged Jack's load from his balls.

Allison jerked when Jenni's fingers touched her inflamed pussy lips waking Jack. He lifted his head to see his wife's mouth tight around his cock, and his daughter pushing two fingers into Allison's pussy. "Oh my God!" He moaned.

"Morning, Daddy!" Jenni said brightly.

Jack groaned, "I'm cumming...."

Allison pointed his cock at Jenni, "Want some breakfast, honey?"

"Sure, Mom," Jenni moved on the bed as Allison pushed her mouth back over Dad's cock. She sucked hard and soon was collecting breakfast in her mouth.

When Allison pulled up she opened her mouth so her daughter could see the load collected. Jenni and Allison sealed their lips together and shared Jack's semen. The kiss stretched on and on as their tongues pushed his cream back and forth between them.

Jacked watched, and again he wondered what was going on. He didn't think it possible that his stiff-necked wife could be talked into trading his cum with Jenni. Something else was going on, but until he figured it out, he was going with the flow.

Breakfast was on the patio by the pool. Servants served them in a royal fashion. Milt supervised the lavish treatment of his guests, omelets to order and orange juice squeezed from fruit to glass. Danish rolls still steamed from the oven. He mean for his guests to be satisfied in all ways.

He offered Jack a Cuban cigar. Jack didn't know how to smoke one.

Milt held his up. "The finest Corona's you can buy. I have them flown in every week, though various channels, because they are still illegal to import." Milt led Jack through the ritual of cutting and band removal. He pulled a long match from a box. "I don't use lighters. Strike the match and let the sulfur drift away." He struck the match with practiced ease. "Then get the entire end to light evenly."

Jack copied his host, and the two sat digesting their breakfast. Allison leaned over to Milt, "May I try one?"

Milt laughed, "You are going to become my second wife, if you love cigars."

Allison reddened, but accepted the rich brown cigar. She duplicated her host's actions and found the taste and the smell very satisfying. Holding the cigar awkwardly she decided that she would ask Milt where she could get a box.

"Jack, wouldn't old Frazier be shocked at the next partners' meeting when I pull one of these out and join them." The senior partner was a cigar snob and completely ignored the non-smoking rules of the city.

The men laughed and Milt said, "Allison, let me send you a box to your office today so you can impress him the minute you get back."

She nodded her head and blew a thick cloud of smoke toward him. Her thoughts floated up with the rich, gray smoke. A small voice in her head asked her if she truly wanted to go back to Denver and her old life.

"Allison, How about a tour of the business after breakfast? Interested?" Milt watched her reactions closely.

"You mean where you administer the business?" Jack asked delicately.

"It's all in the same office complex." Milt tapped off an inch-long ash. "I think you need to see what we do, and how well we do it."

Allison sat back in her white robe, crossed her legs exposing her pale thighs to Milt, and took another puff on her cigar. "I'm game. Will we see anything in production?"

"Yes, we have one shooting scheduled for today."

"Then let's go." Allison brushed her toe on Milt's bare thigh and took a puff. "Does the company really have over a billion in sales?"

"Yes, we went past that last year."

Milt watched the wheels turning in Allison's mind as she digested this sow of a number. "You must be one of the biggest companies in your sector."

"We are. We are involved in videos, websites, adult oriented businesses, adult toys and more." He reached over and rubbed Dee Dee's thigh. "This woman got us going, "Miss Cherrie Pickle."

Dee Dee laughed loudly, "God, that was an awful name, but I can only blame old Carmine for thinking it up. Soon, it was just too well known to change."

"Who is Carmine?" Allison asked.

Dee Dee slipped a hand between her thighs, and cooed, "Let's talk about Carmine later tonight. We'll have a little girls' time, and I'll tell you how I became the hottest star in porn in my day."

Allison's legs compulsively opened and she reveled in the woman's touch. This touch of a woman was new to her, and very pleasurable.

Milt said, "Yeah, and we started with selling her videos though the mail and in sex shops."

"Sounds like a lot of hard work." Allison laid her hand on Dee Dee's, which was high on her thigh. Allison intertwined her fingers with Dee's and the women exchanged a charged look.

"Not just hard work, but some of our customers were a bit weird." She laughed, "I signed autographs for many men whose pants were stained with their cum."

"Did you ever fuck any of them?" Allison's interest was intense. Jack listened amazed at his wife's casual use of the strictly forbidden vulgarity.

"Mom?" Jenni gasped. "I've never heard you use the "F" word before."

She waved off her daughter with the tip of the burning cigar. "You were too busy with Dad to hear me say it yesterday." She turned back to Dee Dee. "Did you?"

"No, we had a strict don't touch rule at the adult theaters."

"Oh?" Allison seemed almost disappointed.

Milt stood up. "So, is it a date?"

"Sure!" Allison popped up. "May I take my cigar?" She pulled hard on the firm tube setting the end to glowing and tilted her head back to blow a long plume of smoke. Smoking such a fat cigar reminded her of sucking cock.

"Of course, it's also audition day."

"Auditions?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Isaac said, "We interview new people that want to be in our videos."

Allison joined Milt standing. "What should I wear for this?"

Dee Dee replied, "Your clothing is laid out on the bed."

"You picked it out?" Allison sounded doubtful. This caught Milt's attention.

"Yes, it's very sexy." Dee Dee bubbled.

"Jack, let's go get dressed." She took a puff from her cigar and left leaving Jack to follow.

Dee Dee gave Jack a smoldering look. "Why don't we leave business to our spouses and spend the day relaxing. We have two tennis courts if you play."

Jack did play, and he played well. "You play?"

She stood and pulled him up. "I adore playing, but I need a worthy opponent."

Jack stood by her. Her sexuality burned his skin. "Let me go help Allison get off."

Dee Dee giggled, "You go do that, Jack. Just don't wear yourself out for me." She patted his ass and went into the house.

Milt swiped his amulet over the security door. The security monitor showed Jack and Allison's room was empty. He turned on the sound field. Allison's continued enthusiasm meant the effects of the sound field weakened slowly with her. He had expected her conservative ways to come sweeping back after a twelve hour gap in her exposure. Her banter at breakfast and her husband's silence told him their reaction to the field differed markedly. He wanted Allison arriving at the studio with some affects fully charged. He watched and waited.

Dee Dee slipped in. "Jack's staying behind with me to play tennis."

Milt considered this. "I think that's good. His reaction to the field is normal. I need to study Allie closer."

His wife chuckled, "I bet you do. Was she that good yesterday?"

Milt honestly answered, "Yeah, for a beginner she was fabulous."

Dee Dee rubbed her husband's prick. "Don't wear this out, Daddy's coming to dinner and spending the night."

Milt chuckled. "What makes you think he'll get past Allison. You know how he loves a little fresh variety."

"She can join in, I won't mind at all." Dee Dee heaved a sigh. "Daddy just loves a good orgy."

Allison strode down the hallway to her room. Her robe billowed out with her long strides. An observer would have seen quick glimpses of pussy hair as her robe flew out before her. The clouds of Cuban smoke she left behind gave her an air of a woman who knew what she wanted and would demand it from any man or woman. She entered her room and left the door open. She tossed the robe to a chair and saw the small box on the bed.

Inside she found a white leather mini-skirt, a white leather bodice that was held together in front by a natural leather string, and a pair of high heels with long spikes. She held up the clothes in front of her.

Jack walked in to see his naked wife evaluating the clothes. "Jack, I can't wear this." She searched the box. "There's no underwear in here."

"Wear something you brought along." Jack suggested.

Milt had keyed the sound transmitter hidden in the room below theirs. He set it for half-power. He just wanted her to have a small boost to carry her though the drive into the city.

"It's all in the RV, Jack."

"I'll run out and get what you want." Jack offered.

Allison picked up the leather top. "This would show off a lot of my tits, Jack." She held it up before her nude body. "Is it getting warm in here, Jack?"

He could feel the heat also though the thermostat on the wall still read seventy degrees. "Yes, just suddenly." Her husband gave her new attire serious consideration. "It would be sexy, honey, without the panties."

Allison turned to get a different perspective. She put on the top. "Jack, lace me up." Her husband threaded the leather strings through the holes. A three-inch gap ran down the front of the top. Jack pulled the strings tight and her tits pushed into the gap giving her generous cleavage. "God Jack, that's tight enough."

She turned to the full mirror and looked at her image. "Dee Dee was right, Jack, this is fucking sexy." She fluffed her full bush. "I think I'm going to shave my pubic hair, Jack."

"Really, like Jenni does?"

"Yes, I think you can hardly see my pussy lips through this mess." She pulled on the long, kinky hairs.

Milt watched the couple satisfied that the sound field was reasserting its effects. He saw Jenni enter their room. The sound field was good at drawing in passersby.

"Mom, nice outfit."

"Thanks, honey, it is lovely. I'm thinking about shaving down here." She patted her pussy.

"Cool, Mom." Jenni said. "Need some help?"

She gave her daughter a wicked look. "Would you?"

"Sure, Mom."

Jenni searched the drawers for scissors, cream, and a razor. "Sit on the toilet, Mom."

Allison sat down and spread her legs. She stroked her soon to be gone hair. "Jenni, I've been wondering about our relationship since we've been here."

Jenni spread a towel on the floor. "You mean that you've been ... liberated?"

"I guess you could call it that." As she stroked her hair she felt it dampen. "Why do I think about sex so much now?"

Her daughter wet a towel with hot water. "I don't know, Mom. I've noticed that when I'm here that I'm always very horny."

"Very horny is putting it mildly, Jenni. Yesterday was just beyond belief. I had three cocks in me. Honey, I fucked your fiancé!"

"Open up, Mom." She wet down Allison's muff with the hot towel. "I know, I was there fucking Daddy."

"And that's another point, Two days ago I would have divorced your father for fucking you, now I get turned on when I think of it."

With a comb and small scissors Jenni snipped her mother's long hair leaving behind short stubble. "I'm glad you're not mad. I intend to fuck him again. He was good."

"Your father is a good lover." Allison opened her legs more and bent over to watch her pubic hair fall into the toilet basin.

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