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Our New Life


Our New Life Chapter 1: How it began

Hi. You can call me Alex. All my life, I'd been highly sexed. I thought about it a lot. I was interested in many aspects of sensual pleasure, but they all were based in conventional roles. You know: oral, anal, straight fucking, that sort of thing. As I've gotten older, my attitudes have changed quite a bit. I still love the "straight" thing, but the past few years, I've become interested in other things, as well. The one who really broadened my horizons sexually was my wife, Michelle.

Our sex life had been pretty conventional, up to about a year ago. Being as horny a guy as I am, that means there was not nearly enough of it, but I will admit that when our sexual paths did converge, it was wonderful. Now, our sex life is a vastly different relationship than it started out. It has improved things, I think, for both of us.

As I said, Michelle changed our sex life, and it was in a manner which I hadn't really given much thought to.

One morning, I woke up to find Michelle not in bed with me. I got up and looked around the house, and found her sitting in front of the computer. Peeking over her shoulder, I discovered she was looking at a bondage site, at some woman, blindfolded, bound hand and foot with a cock in her mouth. Now, I'd noticed that occasionally when she was on the internet, Michelle would look up these sites. I didn't really know why she did, but I'm an open-minded guy, if she wanted to look at this stuff, fine with me.

I could tell that Michelle was embarassed to have been "caught" looking at this. However, she didn't try to cover up that she was looking at it, either. And the thought of her sitting there looking at porn was arousing in itself, since Michelle has admitted that she's not a voyeur, so images of things sexual normally don't do a lot for her. This, though, apparently interested her.

Reaching out, I started to rub her shoulders while she sat at the desk, the sexy image still on the screen. Slowly, my hands worked their way around to her breasts (she had been sitting at the computer in the nude). As I slowly caressed her lovely tits, I asked her, "I've noticed you looking at this bondage stuff lately. What's the fascination?"

After a moment's hesitation, she got up from her chair and said, "Let's talk about this in the bedroom."

Michelle led me into the bedroom, lay down on the bed, then motioned me to join her. I lay down next to her, and she snuggled up close to me.

We lay there for a few minutes, not talking. Michelle was trying to work up the courage to tell me something, though I couldn't think what it might be. Finally I said, "It's okay. Just tell me."

Still, Michelle hesitated, then worked up the nerve to speak. "I want you to tell me what to do."


"Sexually, I mean."

I was a little surprised, but aroused, too. "And what brought this on?" I was starting to get really hard.

She swallowed, then plunged on ahead. "I've wanted it since I was young. I was reading *Old Yeller* (By Fred Gipson. Yes, it was a book before Disney got their hands on it), and there was a scene where some indians tied a girl up, naked, and threw her over a horse and took her away. It turned me on a lot. I'd never masturbated or orgasmed before then."

I was hopelessly hard by this time. I wished I could have seen her then. But still, part of me didn't know what she was getting at. I stayed quiet, letting her tell the story at her own pace.

"As I got older, I kept it to myself. After all, 'good' girls don't have such thoughts. Besides, big women are supposed to be the pushy ones, always trying to be in charge. I've been waiting for someone I can trust enough to tell this to, and maybe do this for me." She hesitated. "I hope you're not disgusted. I love you and I couldn't bear that."

I didn't know for sure what to say. Disgusted? Not in the least. Stunned? Undoubtedly. Here was one of only a few - what I considered extreme - aspects of sexuality that I hadn't really paid much attention to. However, my thoughts of its extremity stemmed from my ignorance of what it really entailed, or could entail. Now, here was my wife saying it was something she had been waiting almost thirty years for. I thought about it for a few minutes. Michelle stared at me with a frightened look in her eyes. I could tell she was afraid she'd destroyed our marriage.

"Suck my cock."

Michelle hesitated for a second. I think she was waiting for me to yell at her, to tell her how repulsed I was by having such a slut for a wife, to tell her I wanted a divorce immediately, anything but what I'd just said. She had prepared herself for rejection so well, that my acceptance was more of a surprise than my condemnation would have been. But, that lasted only a moment, and she crawled down and swallowed my hard cock right down.

Now, my wife had given me head before, in fact, she's very good at it, but this was a blowjob to put the others to shame. She sucked and licked my dick with a joy and enthusiasm that I hadn't seen in her for a long time. The power rush was so intense, I nearly came when she *started* her work. I don't happen to be a power hog, but this aspect of the power trip was something I could definitely get used to. The thought of someone doing something like this just because you told them to was almost as good as the sex itself was. This was every male's adolescent fantasy: to have a woman who will drop and suck you off at your merest whim.

I fought really hard not to cum too quickly, though I really love shooting into Michelle's beautiful mouth. I wanted this to last, and didn't want the down time that cumming this soon would cause.

Eventually, Michelle stopped her work on my cock, and something in me said I should scold her for stopping before I told her, but I didn't know how far to take it. I'm usually a really nice, easygoing guy, so being strict is kind of tough for me. I knew I would do the best I could for my wife in this, however.

So, next, I told Michelle, "I'm going to eat you, but you are not to cum. Orgasms are now mine. Whether they're cock orgasms or pussy orgasms, they're all mine." I reached out to her nipples and gave them a good tug. "These nipples are mine, these tits are mine." I reached down and cupped her pussy in my palm. "This is my pussy. You now have nothing. It is all mine. Tits, pussy, ass: mine. And subsequently, all orgasms are mine. I may let you touch My pussy, or tell you to pinch My nipples or squeeze My breasts, but remember, any orgasms are mine to give out."

Breathlessly, chest heaving, Michelle nodded. "Okay."

My wife now looked at me from the top edges of her eyes, since her chin was slightly tucked down into her chest in a natural bow of submission. She fell into this very easily. Apparently she really *had* been waiting for this day. At the moment, I could tell she was looking to me for her next move.

Now came the hard part. I was now the one on the spot. You ever notice how you can always think up things right and left when you don't have any pressure on you, but when someone actually puts you up to making up your mind, it goes blank? Well, that's where I was at that point. There were a hundred different things I wanted my wife to do, but to come to one single one, not yet. I was still a little overwhelmed; I wasn't sure how far to go with this. I knew I didn't want to whip or humiliate her, but to whittle down what I *did* want her to do was the hard part.

Finally, I told her, "Pinch My nipples, play with My tits." She reached up and grabbed her gorgeous nipples and gave them a tremendous tug, accompanying it with an ecstatic moan. My cock throbbed. The power of this situation was almost too much, but it wasn't so much that I didn't enjoy it.

Michelle squeezed and pinched her beautiful breasts, putting on a fabulous show for me, and something else occurred to me.

"One other thing, baby." I reached down to her pretty pussy. "From now on, this is a 'pussy' or a 'cunt'. I know you don't necessarily care for that second term, but from now on, you won't use such boring, clinical terms as 'vagina' or the like. This is mine," I rubbed her clit a little for emphasis, "and I have either a 'pussy' or a 'cunt'. Got that?"

She quietly said, still rubbing her breasts, "Okay."

I grabbed her bountiful tits and gave them a hard squeeze, eliciting a moan of delight from my new sub, and told her: "And these, my gorgeous girl, are 'tits'." Another moan of pleasure burst from Michelle's mouth.

"You enjoy being thought of as a sex object? You like these new terms for what are now *my* most intimate bits?"

One of her hands replaced mine on her breast as I backed off a little, and the other reached down into her juicy pussy. "Yes. These are your tits, this is your cunt." Her breath was becoming ragged, she apparently liked this very much. "Please, may your cunt cum?"

Without hesitation, I said, "No, I'm not ready for that yet. Keep doing what you're doing, though."

I sat back as my fabulously gorgeous wife continued her rather frantic manual work on her clit and breasts. It was pretty obvious that she was conflicted over obeying me, or obeying her body, and her body was barreling toward a crashing cum. She managed to hold off, though, and after a few minutes I told her to stop.

Again, as I watched her vibrating, hysterically horny body try to keep from plummeting over into orgasm, I softly said to her, "Suck me."

There was no hesitation this time. She fell onto my cock like a starving lion on a steak. I still could barely believe her enthusiasm for my cock, now, but the feelings her lips and tongue gave my hard-on showed she was *really* into this.

Feeling myself rising toward another cum, but not wanting to yet, I pushed Michelle to her back on the bed and grabbed her ankles. She thought I was going to put my cock in her cunt and fuck her, but instead, I dove down and locked my mouth onto her throbbing clit. She about died. I stopped long enough to remind her not to cum, but I could tell that she was having a terrible time trying to hold back.

I raised my head and said, "Don't cum, girl. Remember, it's *my* orgasm." Then I ducked back down and sucked her clit between my lips once more.

Michelle was having a hell of a time not cumming. She was on the edge for *ages*, but I wanted to do exactly what she said she wanted me to. Part of me felt like an asshole for causing her discomfort in making her withhold her orgasm, but she said she wanted to be told what to do, and in my book, that included what *not* to do.

After several minutes, I glanced up at the clock, stood up, announced that I was hungry and that we were going out to eat.

Michelle's moan of frustration echoed through the house. Here she'd been teetering on the edge of a crashing cum for what must have seemed forever, and now I was telling her she was going out in public, still horny as hell.

I turned from her stunned, desperate look and started to get dressed. A big part of me wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but I realized immediately upon taking my new role that I had to attempt to maintain some kind of control. I reasoned to myself: if I couldn't control myself, I couldn't be expected to be able to control my sub. (Looking back on it, I think I was just making excuses to draw this experience out longer. Nothing wrong with that, is there?)

It wasn't easy stuffing my hard-on into a pair of jeans, but I was careful, and was sure to make a show of my arousal to my wife. The front of my pants bulged out obscenely, but there wasn't anything I could do about it until my cock softened. Besides, Michelle's longing look at my crotch was well worth it.

While I was pulling on a T-shirt, I looked to the bed and saw that Michelle hadn't gotten up yet.

"Going like that, are we? I'd enjoy it, but I think you'd be a little uncomfortable, and I'm pretty sure not everybody would be as appreciative as I am."

I grabbed a pair of socks out of the drawer and started for the door. When I passed by my wife, I reached out and brushed my hand against her hot, horny cunt. Of course, Michelle moaned in protest, not wanting to get up until her desperate horniness was taken care of. I left the room without looking back.

As coolly as possible (I think I was as horny as Michelle was at that point), I went to the living room, put on my socks and shoes, then simply waited. After a few minutes, a *very* shaky Michelle peeked her head around the corner to see if I was still serious about going out. Seeing me still dressed, she stepped out around the doorway so I could see that she had indeed put on something suitable for public wear. Of course, what she *had* put on wasn't much. My wife doesn't wear dresses or skirts much, but she was wearing a little slip-type dress that I don't remember ever seeing her in before. She looked very sexy, because the skirt came down just above her knees, and she'd strapped on a pair of sandals.

Seeing that she was dressed, I got up and went to her. I pulled her in to me, and while I held her, my hands roamed her back. I was, while I hugged her, checking to see what she had *under* her dress. I felt her bra: that I could understand, her tits need all the support they can get. Slipping my hands lower, to her ass, I felt the distinct evidence of panties.

With a slight smile, I stepped back and knelt down. A brief look of surprise, followed shortly by a guilty bow of the head told me she knew what was coming.

Michelle let out a moan when I placed my hands on either side of her thighs and slowly slid them up under her skirt. My fingers hooked around the waist of her panties and pulled down. I assumed the gasp I heard was from the sticky crotch pulling away from an extremely wet, aroused pussy.

A quick glance at her panty crotch told me that I had one *really* horny girl here! Of course, I knew *that* before I "de-pantsed" her.

Standing up again, I smiled and said, "Ready to go?"

Michelle nodded her bowed head, but said nothing. I took her face in my hands and lifted it so I could see into her eyes.

"It's alright, Baby. Do you want to quit? I'm just playing this all by ear. If this isn't what you want, please tell me."

My wife gave me a really submissive look. She hadn't stopped shaking since she came into the living room.

"Master..." she chewed her lower lip a little. "Can I call you that? Nothing's wrong. You're doing fine. I just think I've wanted this for so long that I'm a little overwhelmed. Keep going."

I breathed a small sigh of relief that I hadn't overstepped myself. This was too fun to stop!

Calmly, I replied, "Good. I'm glad you're enjoying this. I love you and wouldn't care to do this otherwise. I never thought of myself as a 'Master' before, but it turns me on to hear you say it.

"Now let's go."

I took Michelle's hand and led her to the car. Once we were moving, I had her pull her skirt up a little, so that more of her legs were showing, then I told her to put her hands behind her back. I figured she probably wasn't ready for sitting there in broad daylight with her pussy on view, even in the car, so I didn't press the matter. Maybe later...

Since I considered what my wife was wearing was rather nice clothes, I went to a restaurant that sort of went with it. Every once in a while, our eyes would meet. I would smile, and Michelle's eyes would suddenly drop. Honestly, I don't remember a word of what we talked about. I'm sure we both wanted to discuss our new lifestyle, but neither of us cared to do it in such a public place.

Even though my dirty mind dreamed up all sorts of nasty things, I didn't make Michelle do anything she would have considered embarassing while we were out. We were still new enough at this, I didn't want to wreck it by going too far. We'd only been at this for a couple hours, after all.

Eventually, our meal was over, the check paid, and we once again were on the road. Michelle was still horny, I could tell. She'd stopped vibrating, but there was still an erotic tension about her that told me she was ready for just about anything.

Shortly after leaving the restaurant, I decided, 'What the hell' and said to Michelle, "Show me your pussy."

She looked at me for a moment, but then reached for the hem of her skirt and slid it up her legs, until her fuzzy bush was visible. A few times in the past, she'd exposed herself to me in the car, but none of those times had quite the spark they did today! Just the fact that she'd shown me her pussy in broad daylight, in a pretty public situation was arousing enough. The fact that she'd done it because I'd ordered her to was amazing!

The traffic was heavy enough that I could tell Michelle was concerned about being seen half-naked and getting in trouble. Once again, not wanting to be too much of a jerk about it, I let her cover herself again, but just barely. She looked more comfortable not having her pussy showing, but was still a little weirded out having her skirt riding so high. I didn't let it bother me. I liked the view.

Then, another thought occurred to me. "Sit on your hands." Obediently, Michelle slipped her fingers beneath her thighs, leaving her skirt just at crotch level, not exposing herself, but right on the verge.

A honk from beside us at a stop light startled us. We both looked to the right and saw a guy in a van looking over into our car and giving a thumbs up. Apparently, his proximity allowed him to see enough of the passenger side of our car for him to discover Michelle's bare legs. He appeared to like what he saw, because he was grinning broadly, but not really like some lecher. He was just enjoying the view.

Michelle's face flared bright red, and she buried her chin into her chest, clamping her eyes shut. But to her credit, she left her hands beneath her, and didn't try to cover up.

The guy waved just before he pulled away when the light changed. I told Michelle to look up and wave back, since the man was so appreciative of her legs. She looked up a little in the direction of the van and gave a weak wave. I don't know if the guy in the van saw her or not, but I was proud of Michelle for actually having bitten through her embarrassment and acknowledging his reaction.

Michelle jumped when I placed my hand on her bare upper thigh, working my fingers into the seam between her leg and her pussy. She spread her legs a little to allow me access to her cunt, which - I discovered quickly - was soaking wet. Evidently, through her embarrassment, there was a major degree of arousal going on here.

My finger slipped easily into my wife's wet cunt, and we drove the rest of the way home like that: with my fingers sunk into her hot wetness. Michelle writhed and moaned while I fingered her, and she could hardly wait to get in the house.

Once inside, Michelle flung off her dress, unhooked her bra and right there in the living room, panted, "Fuck me. Right now."

Well, I'd about had it, myself. I'd been so hard for so long that my cock ached something terrible. And I knew what the cure was.

"Strip me, baby."

Michelle threw herself at me, tearing at my clothes, even popping a few buttons on my shirt. She didn't even wait until my pants were completely off before she swallowed my cock down her throat. I had a case of blue balls so bad that I was afraid I'd pass out if I came in her mouth, so I pulled her up and at her pleading look, pulled her in close and kissed her deeply.

Michelle gave a squeal of surprise when I pulled her away from me and tossed her toward the couch, where she landed with a bump. Her legs immediately spread wide though, when she realized I was ready to give her exactly what she wanted.

I knelt between my wife's legs and lined my cock up with her juicy pussy hole. She was so wet, I slid into her with one single, burning-wet thrust. I started to pump slowly in and out, but Michelle had other ideas.

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