tagLesbian SexOur New Neighbors Ch. 2

Our New Neighbors Ch. 2


This is a continuation of the story Our New Neighbors. The previous story established the characters: Bob and Sherry-husband & wife, mid and early thirties, bi-sexual swingers; Phil & Betty, the new neighbors, same ages, also bi-sexual swingers; and Hillary, mysterious bi-sexual, door-to-door lingerie saleslady. Your invited to read Our New Neighbors before reading this sequel. This story picks up after sexual encounters between the new neighbor ladies and Hillary and both couples. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Sherry sat in her kitchen drinking her second cup of coffee while day-dreaming about Bob's 8½ " cock and the amazing feeling she experienced just one hour earlier as Bob shoved it in and out of her ass. What a way to start the day! She finished him off by gulping down all of his cum as she cleaned his hard dick with her mouth. She was still wet. Bob left the house weak-kneed and promising to take care of her steaming hot pussy as soon as he walked through the door after work. Those thoughts were the source of her wet pussy and the glassy-eyed look in her beautiful blue eyes.

Sherry was rudely awakened from her wonderful dream by the sound of the Westminster doorbell chimes. Who the hell could that be this early, she thought somewhat annoyed.

She pulled her terry cloth robe together, tied the belt and went to answer the door. She was completely naked underneath the robe and had not yet showered, fixed her hair, made up her face or done any of her getting ready-for-the-world routine. She was sure the smell of fresh sex still lingered on her body, but expected to dismiss this inconsiderate visitor in short order.

She peeked through the spy-hole in the oversized solid oak door and was surprised to see the smiling and very attractive face of her long-time neighbor, Melody. Melody was fiftyish, married to a very wealthy, distinguished CEO of a local software company also in his fifties. They had been the neighborhood's first residents and well liked by all. Sherry didn't really know either of them well, but really liked them and thought they were a really cool and very attractive couple. She and Bob had often remarked about how fit Melody and Robert were for their age and wondered if they had any interest in sexual activities outside their marriage. There had never been an opportunity to find out, but the curiosity was still active.

Anyway, Sherry opened the door wide and with her most engaging simile cheerfully said, "Melody, what a lovely surprise! Please come in and excuse my appearance, but I've just been too lazy to get ready for the world yet."

Melody sheepishly said, "You look beautiful as always, and please forgive me for interrupting your morning, but I saw Bob leave and was sure you were awake. I just stopped by to ask you a question and I promise I won't stay long."

"Nonsense." said Sherry, "I'm delighted you're here. I was just enjoying my morning coffee. If you can stand looking at me, you're welcome to stay as long as you like. We don't get a chance to visit that often and I so enjoy you when we do. How do you take your coffee, or do you prefer tea?"

"Coffee's fine and I like it black" Melody replied as Sherry took her by the hand and led her back to the kitchen.

As Sherry tended to the coffee, she invited Melody to be seated at the breakfast nook table. Melody couldn't help but notice that Sherry was apparently nude under her short terrycloth robe. As Sherry reached up to retrieve a cup and saucer, her robe rode up her ass and exposed beautifully shaped butt cheeks and a quick, teasing peek at what appeared to be a very wet cunt. Melody also couldn't help but notice the twinge in her own pussy as she watched this beautiful creature move around the kitchen so gracefully. Melody licked her lips and wondered, once again, what it would be like to taste her. And was that cum she smelled? Would that explain the streaks down Sherry's legs?

Sherry bounced over to the breakfast nook and as she placed the coffee in front of Melody, she said, "So, what's the question?"

"Huh? Question?" said a distracted Melody. "Oh, of course, I'm sorry my mind wandered a bit. That seems to happen more and more lately." She laughed as she looked up into Sherry's captivating eyes. "I think I'm starting to exhibit the early symptoms of Alzheimer's!"

"Melody, you look and act younger than anyone I know. I only hope I'm in as good shape and as gorgeous as you when I'm your age." Sherry said with a smile and sincerity.

"Why thank you. You're so sweet to say that, honey." Melody replied. "Anyhoo, my question. I was just wondering if that saleslady, Hillary, stopped by to see you. She visited me last week and I wanted to contact her to order more lingerie, but I failed to get her business card."

Sherry noticed that Melody was obviously more than a little uncomfortable, appeared to be blushing and was not looking her in the eye when she asked the question. After her own experience with Hillary and the new neighbor lady, Betty, Sherry wondered if there was something about Melody that she didn't know! Could it be possible? Could this middle-aged beauty be a cunt licker like her? Good god, she was getting wet all over again just thinking about that possibility.

"You know, Melody, Hillary didn't come by here, but I did meet her at Betty's, you know our new neighbor. We all had a good time looking over her stuff, but I have to admit, I really didn't think about getting her business card. Now that you mentioned it, I have no idea how to reach her. Maybe Betty does. When we're done here, we could drop by and ask her."

As she spoke, Sherry took a seat on a barstool at the kitchen counter directly across from Melody. The stool was just high enough that her crotch was at eye level. As she sat down, she flipped the robe back so she didn't sit on it and spread her legs just enough to expose her hairy pussy to her sexy visitor. She was determined to find out if her suspicions were correct and she knew exactly how to do it.

Melody's eyes locked in on the wet furry cunt that seemed right in her face. She could see the moisture glistening on the slightly opened lips and, once again, was sure she got a whiff of the lovely and erotic smell of fresh cum and pussy juice.

Melody cleared her throat and said, "Okay, that sounds like a plan. Are you sure Betty's up and around this early?" Her eyes never left their target. She could feel her nipples hardening, her breathing deepening, her face heating up and her cunt juices flowing. My god, she thought, I want this bitch! She's so fucking hot!

Sherry has seen enough. Any doubts were completely erased and she was ready to make her move. She slid off the stool and let her robe fall open exposing her entire, aching body to Melody. She slowly walked over behind Melody and began lightly massaging her shoulders and neck. She bent over and said into to Melody's ear, "Melody, I know what you want you filthy whore, and I want you too. I've wanted this from the first moment I saw you. I also know why you want to reach Hillary. You fucked her didn't you, you nasty cunt. Betty and I did too. Now I'm going fuck you, you slutty whore."

Melody stood up, turned around and took Sherry's face in her hands and said, "Oh god, I do want you. I've dreamed of this for so long. Kiss me!"

They locked in a passionate embrace and began frantically kissing. Tongues explored while hands groped. Melody found Sherry's breasts and begin massaging them and squeezing the bullet-like nipples. She broke the kiss and bent over to take one in her mouth and began what Sherry believed was as good a tongue job as she's ever experienced.

As Melody sucked on her tits, Sherry stripped off her robe and threw it on the floor. She pulled Melody's face back up to hers and said, "Get these fucking clothes off girl. I want to see you."

Melody's dress was practically ripped off and to Sherry's delight, she found a completely naked Melody underneath. "Oh, you are bad, aren't you?" They both laughed as Sherry grabbed Melody's ass and pressed their bodies close while they resumed their kissing and groping.

Sherry was delighted to see that what she suspected about Melody's body was correct. She was in wonderful shape. While there was the to be expected amount of fleshiness in the thighs, tummy and ass, her body was still relatively firm and well shaped. She still had a firm, heart shaped ass that screamed "grab me!." Melody's breasts were awesome! They were about 36-38 D's with large dark aureoles and long stiff nipples. They did sag just a bit, but hung beautifully with the erect nipples still pointing upward. Sherry was very impressed and totally turned on by this woman. She took her hand and led her to the nearby family room couch.

By now both women were completely into it. Neither was thinking of anything but wild passion and dirty sex. Melody gently shoved Sherry onto the couch and knelt down in front of her. Holding Sherry's legs up and placing Sherry's feet on her shoulders, Melody pushed forward until her face was right on Sherry's smelly, wet and nasty cunt. Sherry grabbed her legs behind the knees and lifted them above her head presenting her pussy to Melody's mouth in breathless anticipation.

Melody used her fingers to part the lips and immediately found Sherry's large and erect clit with her tongue. As she flicked the clit lightly but firmly, she found the opening of Sherry's pussy and slid two fingers in. She could smell and taste Bob's cum that still remained from the early morning fucking. Melody began finger fucking and clit-licking using all the skill she'd acquired since she ate her first pussy thirty years ago. Sherry was in total ecstasy. Her arms were looped under her spread-opened legs and she was massaging her tits and squeezing her nipples.

As Melody continued her work on Sherry's cunt and clit, she slipped two fingers of her other hand into Sherry's asshole and starting fingering. With all of this intensity, Sherry was quickly approaching an orgasm. She could feel her entire body shuttering, she was gasping for breath, and moaning loudly. It was like an ocean roaring in her head. Her body jerked and stiffened as she released. She came hard. She grabbed Melody's head and held her mouth firmly against her cunt as she hunched wildly up and down smearing her cunt juices all over Melody's face. "Oh god, I'm cumming! Don't ever stop! Your fingers in my ass, my cunt, oh god, fuck meeeee!"

Melody rode Sherry down to earth. Her face was covered with Sherry's smelly cunt juice. She wiped her face and liked her lips as she slip up Sherry's body. When she got to Sherry's breasts, she began gently sucking and licking while keeping her body pressed tight against Sherry's. As Sherry slowly recovered, they exchanged a deep passionate kiss. Sherry licked her own pussy juice off Melody's lips and out of her mouth. As they both collapsed beside each other on the couch, Sherry looked into Melody's beautiful dark eyes and sighed, "My god, girl you're fabulous. I though I was going to die! This obviously isn't the first time you've fucked another woman."

"Not hardly, sweetheart. I've had my face in more pussy than you can possibly imagine. I'll tell you all about it later. Right now, my pussy needs some major attention and I'm quite sure that you know exactly what I need and how to give it. So get with it slut, eat me!"

Sherry took the order to heart and dropped to her knees between Melody's already spread legs and went to work. Melody's cunt was covered with dark hair. Her clit was huge! Sherry could suck it like a little dick. To say it was sensitive was an understatement to say the least! As Sherry's tongue licked lightly and rapidly over it, Melody twisted her body, moaned and shoved her crotch into Sherry's face. Sherry replicated the finger fucking, asshole fingering and cunt licking that Melody just finished on her with very similar results. Melody reached a climax kicking and screaming pressing Sherry's face firmly into her cunt.

Both women were sexually and physically drained. They lay on the couch holding each other, fondling and kissing while they reentered Earth's atmosphere. After about ten minutes, they had recovered sufficiently to sit up and face each other. They gave each other a little smooch and Sherry said, "So let me tell you about my and Betty's encounter with Hillary then you can tell me about your meeting with Hillary and about you and Robert."

Sherry told Melody in great detail about the exciting encounter between her, Betty and Hillary. Melody listened with great interest, and was obviously sexually turned on. The process of just telling the story also turned on Sherry.

Melody said, "Wow, that's quite a story. I definitely want to meet Betty. I've seen her out in her yard and like what I saw. As for Hillary and me, we pretty much duplicated what you guys did only with just the two of us. I'm closer to her age than you two, and somehow we read each other's minds almost as soon as we met at the door. She introduced herself. I invited her in and as soon as I started to try on one of her thong outfits, her tongue was in my pussy. We ate each other to orgasm and fucked each other's pussy and asshole with that big black dildo of hers. In short, we totally fucked each other silly. Afterwards, she just hurried off and left me lying on the couch completely naked with a messy face and a dripping pussy. Sound familiar? Anyway, I didn't get her business card and have no way to contact her for a repeat performance which I definitely want."

"As to Robert and me, well, as you can probably guess, we both are very sexually active mostly with other women that I bring in, but also with a few select couples. I introduced Robert to threesomes before we were married. I can still remember my roommate's cunt over my face while I ate her out and watched Robert's big cock ramming in and out of her asshole."

"We've always been swingers, but now that the kids are out of the house, we're even more active. What about you and Bob? Does he know you like women? Do you guys swing?"

"It sounds like we're about where you two were twenty years ago, Melody." Sherry said. "Bob and I are both bisexual, love to fuck each other and other people and have always been very open about our sexuality. Like you, our adventures began before we were married. Relationship-wise, we're both very straight and monogamous, but, as I said, we go both ways when it suits us. I'm much more into women than he is into men, and that seems to work for us."

"Same with us." Melody chimed in. "Robert will exchange blowjobs, but that's about it. I love to watch that, don't you? I'm absolutely addicted to big cocks and watching two guys with big dicks suck each other is a real turn on for me. But my favorite sexual activity is still eating a big hairy pussy while some stud is fucking me with his big cock. Tell me about Bob's cock. Robert's is about 7½ ' long but it's as thick as his wrist. I can't wrap my fingers around it. The head on that fucker is even bigger. When he pulls it out of my cunt or ass, you can hear this sucking sound. I love it."

Sherry laughed and said, " Bob's cock is a lot like that but not as thick and about an inch longer. I'm sure you'd love it. I can't wait to get together with you guys. Robert's cock sounds fabulous. He sounds like this black football player I used to fuck in college. He had this monster cock that I never was able to get completely in my mouth. By the way, Phil, Betty's husband has a cock just as big. He's hung like a horse. It's like getting fucked with a baseball bat! You'll love it! Listen to us," Sherry laughed, " we've already got the whole neighborhood in one big orgy."

"Let's just focus on us and our men for now." Melody laughed. "I would love to have you guys over this Friday. We can eat ourselves silly. I'll even have some food too! What'ya think, can you guys do it?"

"I'll have to check with Bob, but I'm sure we can." Sherry said as she leaned into Melody and took one of those beautiful breasts and began to massage it. She whispered, "Now shut the fuck up. I want some more of you." Melody sighed, and took Sherry's head in her hands and leaned back so she could open her legs and enjoy what she knew was cuming.

To Be Continued...

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