tagNovels and NovellasOur New World Ch. 02

Our New World Ch. 02


Note: These stories are meant to have some level of disbelief, where you do not exactly question what is going on. However, I have read your comments and I will work on trying to address your concerns in coming installments.


Lucille, Stacy, Daisy, and Eliza are at the Lunch Hut, one of the few fast food restaurants left after the government published a health report which caused many major chains to close down. The four girls, still completely naked from head to toe, then walk into the store.

"Hello, is anybody here?", Lucille asked.

They were met with total silence, which was completely surprising, as not even a robot answered. Eliza walked forward and looked at the counter and jumped across.

Daisy yelled, "Are you sure you should be doing that?"

Eliza quickly replied, "I used to work here. I know my way around the joint."

She sees a fridge in back, and opens it up by inserting the four-letter password, which has not changed from the five-nine-two-seven it was when she worked there six years ago. Daisy, Stacy, and Lucille anxiously look at Eliza as she pulls out rolls, eggs, Provolone cheese, and tomatoes.

"Number eight, anybody?", Eliza screamed.

She then grabs the eggs and puts them on the grill as she adds the rolls to the grill to toast them up and melts the Provolone onto the rolls. Eliza grabs the rolls, with the melted cheese, adds the tomato slice to each roll, and adds the poached eggs to the roll.

She puts the sandwiches onto a tray and brings them out to the girls. Stacy, Lucille, and Daisy run up to the counter and grab their egg sandwiches. Daisy took a bite of her sandwich.

Daisy immediately cried, "This sandwich is so good, I might have an orgasm right about now."

The sandwich proved to be so good that each of the other girls said similar remarks. They polished off those sandwiches quickly and Eliza closed the fridge to ensure that it wouldn't spoil, in case they came back.

A few hours later, while on the road, Stacy suddenly felt an intense urge to pee, having drank a cola after eating the sandwich.

Stacy asked, "There's nowhere to pee."

Lucille sarcastically said, "Pee right on the road. It's not like anybody will care."

Stacy then proceeded to squat down and almost instantaneously let out a lot of her urine onto the black pavement, as she began to cry out loud in pleasure.

Eliza then told Stacy, "You pee is very hot. I am surprisingly turned on."

Stacy blushed in embarrassment at Eliza's remark but quickly brushed it off. The girls walked a little farther on and saw an old gym, which had no name put on it.

Stacy asked, "Anybody need a shower, as now we are at a gym shower room?"

Eliza asked, "What gym is this?"

Daisy yelled out, "It is called Mom's Gym."

The four girls walked in and reached the shower room, which was thirty feet by thirty feet, and was ten feet high. Spaced out five feet apart were each of the shower heads. Daisy turned on the showers, and then the four girls each proceeded to turn on several shower heads, letting a massive flow of water come down.

Each girl then cried out loud and ran around the shower room like they were little kids at the water park, all giddy at the opportunity to parade their nude bodies, and in public. After roughly eight minutes in the shower, they turned off the shower heads and all sat down in major exhaustion.

Suddenly, without warning, Lucille went down on the ground and began kissing Eliza passionately before beginning to lick Eliza's pussy wildly and Eliza quickly began to cry out in pleasure, having never felt that pleasure before. Stacy then began to lick Daisy's asshole, which shocked Daisy beyond belief.

A few hours later, all four were knocked out asleep and all wet from both water and cum from sex and shower. The four girls woke up and agreed it was the best day of their lives.

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