tagInterracial LoveOur Next Interracial Adventure

Our Next Interracial Adventure


The days since we met Ray at the club passed in a whir of sexuality. Despite having been on the swingers' scene for some years the erotic experience having a threesome with a black guy joining us had been a real highlight. Jayne had really enjoyed the experience, I knew she wanted more and I loved the memory of seeing my petite redheaded wife being so well fucked by our new friend. After we had finished having fun in a private room at the club we had exchanged e-mail addresses and I was wondering who would get in contact first, but for now was just enjoying the heightened sexual state my wife had been left in. I went to bed early one night leaving Jayne checking her mail on the pc, I had just got into bed when Jayne climbed in beside me beaming from ear to ear.

"What are you grinning about?" I asked as she snuggled up close to me.

"I have got a horny e-mail, want to read it?"

I climbed out of bed and followed Jayne into the study and then stood behind her as she pulled up Ray's e-mail. He thanked her for a great time at the, said how sexy she was and how much he wanted to fuck her again. I also noted he had his phone number on the bottom of the e-mail with the invitation to ring him soon! Just reading the words gave me a hardon and Jayne began to gently stroke my cock as I stood beside her.

"Like the thought of that honey?" I asked.

"Yes I do, you know I enjoyed Ray and I am game for a repeat performance. Maybe I should give him a ring?"

"Ok, I will stay on the pc for a while and you can go in the bedroom and have a chat."

I heard Jayne go into the bedroom, get undressed and into bed and then heard her voice talking quietly on the phone. Even though I was trying to engross my self in the computer I was straining my ears wanting to hear the conversation from our bedroom. After about 15 minutes I could resist no longer and went in and joined Jayne as she lay on the bed speaking to her lover. My cock got even harder as I walked into the bedroom to see my horny slut wife with two fingers in her pussy wanking as she said, "I want you to dominate and fuck me Ray. I want your hard cock in my pussy." Seeing my wife like this was incredible, although I caught my breath at her next words. "Gary will let me come to your place Ray. I just so want to fuck, I will tell him all about it and he will love it."

Her cunt was soaking as I knelt next to the bed, moved her fingers and began sucking her clit making her moan down the phone. I couldn't remember the last time she was so wet. I am sure it was because she had both her lovers well placed, me licking her to orgasm while her new lover told her on the phone what he wanted to do to her.

"Oh Ray I'm going to cum, I wish it was your cock in me. Suck my clit baby. I'm cumming. I'm going to cum in Gary's mouth."

Jayne started to shudder and cry out! Her fingers clutched at the duvet cover and her whole body spasmed in a mighty orgasm. Hearing my wife relate what she wanted made me want her there and then. She reached over and put the phone down just before I spread her legs wide and entered her. I thrust deep in her and buried my face in her neck whispering in her ear.

"What does your lover want baby?"
"He wants to fuck me and use me and dominate me."

My mind was full of visions of my wife being fucked, Jayne moaned with delight as I came, my back arched as Jayne gripped my bum pulling me deep into her cunt as I filled her with my hot cum. As we cuddled and I caught my breath Jayne whispered.

"Can I have him on my own though darling? Are you ok with that?"

Hearing my wife relate what she wanted made me feel horny but protective too.

"I love you very much and the thought of you fucking another man and then coming home to me really turns me on."

"Are you sure that you want me to do this?" She asked, giving me one more chance. "It would be very horny you doing that."

"Well, if it's ok with you then I'll do it, but will you drive me over there?"

"Any thing you want Jayne," I said, as we discussed them getting together in detail as we cuddled. We knew we wouldn't want to wait long; Ray wanted to fuck my wife as much as she wanted to feel his hard cock in her pussy.

The sex between us stayed hot in the next couple of days thinking about Jayne's next adventure, although it was not until Friday evening that I realised that tonight was the night! I went into our bedroom after I heard her emerge from the shower and saw Jayne putting on her sexiest lingerie.

"You ok to take me over to Ray's? I have his address but you know me trying to find places. I would feel happier if you took me and Ray has promised to bring me home when he has finished with me." Jayne had lost her inhibitions; she was actually going off to have sex with this man.

"Well, I guess things are set up for tonight then," I said as she slipped into a black lace thong and matching bra.

"How do I look?"

"Really sexy." I said looking at her.

"I am going to Ray's to fuck. Does it turn you on or upset you?"

"Makes me horny darling," I replied. Jayne slipped on a pair of hold up stockings and her slutty PVC mini-dress and high stiletto shoes to complete the look.

"Come on let's get going before I chicken out," Jayne said holding my hand and walking us to the front door. As we set off the conversation in the car was limited. The journey only took around 15 minutes as Ray lived in the next town and as we neared his flat Jayne applied an extra layer of red lipstick, completing the tarty look.

"I just hope he doesn't come in his pants when he sees you like that," I said.

As we pulled up outside a small block of ageing flats my slut wife looked at me, "Do you like the look? I feel like a whore doing this so might as well look like one I suppose."

"Well, I do love the thought of you being such a slut and I want to hear every detail when you come home tonight."

"Wait up for me Gary, I might even ring you and tease you when he is fucking me later. Would you like to hear when he is cumming deep in my pussy?" Jayne said as she opened the car door. Before I could answer she gave me a peck on my lips and was out of the car. I watched Jayne walk the few yards to the entrance of the block and along to Ray's ground floor flat. He must have been looking out for us as he opened the door the instant she knocked.

All I could do was go home with a raging hard on and try to relax watching television. Nothing was going to keep my attention though and I jumped as the phone rang later in the evening. Before I could speak, Jayne breathed down the phone.

"Hi honey, Ray's just fucking me now."

"Tell me what he's doing lover. I want to hear." I said as I took my erect cock out.

"I am blindfolded and he is fucking me from behind. His big cock is going to come in me and fill me full of spunk. Listen to us cum baby."

The earpiece clattered as Jayne put the phone down beside the bed so I could listen to the noises they made. I heard Ray give a muffled groan and say quietly, "You are a great fuck slut. Where do you want my cum slut?"

My wife couldn't answer as I recognised from the noise she was making she was coming. She whimpered as a wave of her climax began sweeping over her, "Oh Gary, he's fucking me so hard. I'm cumming again." I could hear her ragged breathing for a minute or so and then lots of movement as they changed positions on the bed.

"You're a little white whore Jayne, my turn to cum now and I want to cum in your pretty mouth. Now suck my cock!" I heard Ray say.

I hear Jayne murmur and then the sound of slurping as she took him in her mouth. Ray must have been almost ready to come as he slipped between my wife's lips as only seconds later I heard him roar, "Fuck I'm cumming, oh god! Take it baby!"

A few strokes of my cock was all it took to put me over the edge and I came all over my stomach visualising Jayne with Ray's black cock between her lips filling her mouth with cum. There was more movement and I heard shuffling and then the phone was put down leaving me with just a dialling tone to listen to and a mind full of erotic images. I fell asleep on the sofa relieved and relaxed.

I awoke at 2.00am as the front door clicked open and Jayne walked into the room. Her makeup was smudged, hair messed up and her stockings torn and laddered.

"Hi darling, how did it go?"

She looked directly into my eyes with a teasing stare, ""I've been fucked really well, and can I fuck Ray again sometime?"

She looked like she had been fucked hard and as she neared me on the sofa she unzipped and dropped her dress to the floor. She was naked underneath her dress; her pussy was swollen and glistened with moisture.

"Ray kept my knickers and bar……….. until next time," she said lowering her pussy onto my hard cock. "Be gentle, I am sore baby."

I was gentle because the whole evening had been so horny that in only a matter of minutes I was filling my sexy slut wife's pussy with my cum as she sat astride me fucking her second man of the night!

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