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Our Secret


In the old Road pictures, either Bing Crosby or Bob Hope would break that theoretical barrier between the audience and the actors. They would turn to the camera and directly address the audience.

This is my Road moment.

In the stories I have read on mother/son incest, one theme seems to be prevalent. The father is absent, dead or an asshole or some combination of these. The son then fills that void in the mother's life.

In my stories I take a contrarian view. The father is not necessarily a bad guy. He is alive and involved in the life of his family. He, in effect, is cuckolded by his wife and son.

I will also use a MacGuffin, a plot device that is only designed to provide context for the story. Google it for a further explanation.

If ANY of these offend your sensibilities, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!


"Do you think I should shave my pubes?"

The year was 1973. I was hot tubbing nude with my mom and dad. Mom was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her feet dangling in the water. We lived a semi 1960's style hippie existence. Casual nudity was the norm. Marijuana was as readily available as salt and pepper.

"Huh?" I said eloquently. Not for the first time I was transfixed by the sight of my mom`s pussy lips. They were a puffy brown color and folded back like butterfly wings. Her hood was prominent covering what must be an enormous clit.

"Maybe just trim them in a heart shape for Valentine's Day." dad laughed," I`m not sure if I want you bald down there."

Mom ran her fingers through her black briar patch of pubic hair. The thicket started just below her belly button and extended down between her legs. In keeping with the times, it was thick and luxurious. I slid down so I wouldn't be embarrassed by my granite hard cock popping up in the water.

"Tommy, Tommy!"

I realized mom had said something. But the droplets of water clinging to her pubic hair and hanging almost obscenely on her pussy lips had sent me into my favorite fantasy world where my dick head parted those pouty lips, where my shaft filled the love canal hidden behind that bristly hairy thicket.

I raised my eyes to see mom watching me with a smirk on her face.

"Chrissie, leave the boy alone! You are embarrassing him!"

Dad rose and stepped to the edge of the hot tub. His cock's soft 3" lay limply on his ball sac. I don't know how big dad is hard, but soft I was twice his length and half again his girth. I had yet to find a girlfriend who could take all of this 18 year old cock.

Dad helped mom to her feet. At about 5' 7", mom was not a small woman. I had seen pictures of women like mom in art appreciation class. They were painted by a guy named Reubens. The women were all full figured with large hips, thighs and ass. They were called Reubenesque. Add some 38D's and you have my mom!

Mom slipped her feet into a pair of clogs and added a mid-thigh length terry cloth robe. Dad's robe was similar in length. He slipped into a pair of tan boat shoes.

"Come on, Sport, dinner is potato salad and cold cuts!" mom said.

"In a minute, mom!"

As soon as mom and dad had walked from our redwood deck into the adjacent kitchen, I jumped out of the tub. My rigid cock slapped gently against my belly as I padded nude across the deck to the patio entrance to my first floor room. I glanced nervously in the house. Dad had his back to me but mom was staring hungrily at my bobbing cock.


We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains in a town called Big Bear. It`s comfortably nestled among the redwoods. Typical of the times it is a live and let live atmosphere. Marijuana is readily available and of good quality. There are numerous private wineries scattered about the area. So finding a good bottle of wine was a parlor game. Friends always helped friends find the latest vintage from best local winery.

Dad is software engineer in a burgeoning field of information technology. He drives down the hill 5 days a week to UCSC to pursue what was to him an exciting career. He is a tenured professor there, but a good portion of his time is spent developing his concept.

It was February. I had just graduated from school. I planned to attend UCSC in the Fall. I spent my days hanging at the beach with my posse and the girlfriend of the moment. I was living in what I would think of later as the Golden Age of Sex. It was the time between the introduction of the Pill and the discovery of AIDS. Everybody was fucking everybody with no worries about pregnancy.

Mom spent her days hanging with her girlfriends shopping, hanging at the nude beach in Santa Cruz, and drinking wine and smoking bud. She was more or less perpetually high.

Today was a bad beach day because of the fog. I had decided to hang at home and check out the Tube. Mom was chilling on the deck smoking and drinking wine. One of her friends had given her what she called "ass kicking bud"! She had loudly proclaimed that she and her old man had fucked like bunnies after toking. She went on to say my mom had better have her man close after smoking it. Mom shushed her, reminding her I was in the next room.

She was unsteady on her feet as she stumbled into the family room. She was bare foot and wearing a shapeless ankle length dress. The dress was sleeveless. Her large breasts hung loosely. She was weaving slightly. Her eyes were glassy and heavy. A thin sheen of sweat coated her upper lip.

"Tommy, I need for you to do something for me." Her speech was slurred.

"Sure, mom!"

Mom had a slack jawed grin on her face. Her eyes were unfocused. She balanced herself on a lounger. I had seen her like this many times before. I expected she was having a munchies attack. It meant a trip to the store by me for Twinkies and potato chips.

"I need you to shave my pussy for me."


Mom's grin grew broader. It was a caricature of a drunken leer. She reminded me of pictures of the Joker's grin in the Batman comics, but without the garish make up.

"You remember when the three of us were discussing how I would look with a bald pussy. Well I want to surprise your dad with it tonight. It will be his Valentine's Day present"

"Mom, no fucking way!"

"Watch your language, young man! I am your mother!"

She was more fucked up then I had ever seen her. In spite of the coolish day, beads of sweat popped out on her forehead.

"Ok, ok but does dad know? Besides he said heart shaped"

"I told you it's a surprise and he will take what I give him! Anyway I'm tired of the whole exchanging chocolates thing!"

She smacked her substantial behind.

"That's how I got this! Now let's see. Perhaps the best way is to put a chair on an old sheet. Then you can trim it and shave it."

I was torn. Like any teenager in puberty, my mother was my sexual fantasy. I would learn later in life that I chose my girlfriends based on my mom. Despite myself I was getting rock hard thinking about being that close to my mother's pussy.

"Mom, I don't think this is a good idea!"

"Nonsense! It'll be a nice surprise for your father!"

Mom busied herself setting up the sheet and chair. Then she brought in in the tub of steaming hot water, towels, the scissors and razors. She stripped off her dress, poured a glass of wine and sat down in the recliner and raised the leg rest. That forced her head down and raised her hips. She wiggled forward so that her feet were on the floor. Her pussy was just over the edge of the main body of the chair. When she pushed up to slide a towel under her ass, her pussy gaped open revealing the inner pink sanctuary

I gulped loudly. I had grown up with casual nudity, but this was a level of intimacy that at once frightened and excited me. It didn't help that my johnson was rigid and pumping copious amounts of pre cum into my jockeys.

My hands trembled noticeably as I knelt between her legs. I realized that the raised leg rest kept me too far away. I leaned belly down on the leg rest. To my right and left, mom's thighs were barely 6" away.

Mom's pussy was inches away as I began my task. I thought I could detect the faint aroma of female arousal musk. Mom's pussy lips were shiny with moisture as I careful trimmed her bush with the scissors.

"You are going to have to pull my lips a little to get a good trim around them."

I tried to hold one lip delicately between my thumb and forefinger but mom's pussy was so wet it kept slipping. I would dry my fingers on a towel and continue trimming. I was collecting an impressive pile of pubic hair on the sheet.

"Lean back so I can get the lower part of your ... ummm of......"

"Of my pussy?" Mom voice was slurred.

"Yes ma`am"

Mom rocked back on her back, drew her legs up to her breast and locked her arms under her knees. I gently pushed her thighs apart. There were a few scraggly hairs on the lower part of mom's pussy. I leaned in close and carefully snipped them. Her labia were swollen and turned slightly out revealing the pinkish interior. They gleamed wetly. A whitish fluid oozed from the lower edge of her pussy. My nostrils were overwhelmed by the musky pungent aroma of mom's arousal.

"Don't forget the warm towel!" mom moaned huskily.

I placed the warm towel over mom's pussy and molded it around it. I rocked back on my heels. I was drenched in sweat. It poured from my face, my chest, my arms and thighs. There was an incredible ache from my rigid member. I could hear the blood roaring in my head as began its journey down to my cock and back again. I needed to come! I needed to come badly and urgently.

I removed the towel. I squirted shaving foam on my hand. I gently applied the foam starting just below mom's belly button. I worked the foam into her trimmed pubes. My hands were slippery with mixture of soap and mom's juices. Mom took a deep whistling breath as my hand brushed across her hood.

I used the palm of my hand to thoroughly soap her hood. I saw the pink nub of mom's clit appear wetly from its sheath. She jumped, her legs jerking open and close.


"It's ok!" Mom had continued to toke and sip her wine. I suspected that the bud she was smoking and the wine had so lowered her inhibitions that she thought it was ok for her son to shave her pussy.

Being careful to use only downward strokes, I tried to shave with the grain of her pubic hairs. I watched her pussy lips tremor as I lightly shaved across her hood. Her clit stood out hard and pink. Her anus twitched reflexively.

I carefully placed the razor at the edge of mom's anus and pulled the razor up her ass cheek. Mom's anus kept twitching. It was like a brown eye lewdly winking at me. Was the wink also an invitation?? I placed my hand on the just shaved cheek. I pulled the razor slowly from her anus up the unshaved cheek. There were a few strands of hair on the skin between her anus and the bottom of mom's pussy.

I took a wet hot towel and wiped away the shaving foam. I used one hand to hold mom's ass cheek. As I tried to get those wisps of hair, mom's pussy was oozing all over my hand. Again I dried my hand on a towel.

I looked up and mom was staring at me oddly. She was drenched in perspiration. I could see the wet outline of her body on the cloth of the recliner.

"That's enough!" she said huskily.

"Mom, I'm not finished!"

She stood quickly, almost over balancing. She staggered and caught herself by placing a hand on my shoulder.

"This was a bad idea!" she slurred.

She released my shoulder and attempted to move around me. She lost her balance. Instinctively my arms shot out and encircled her to ease her fall. My arms ended up wrapped around her ample ass. As mom fell backwards the weight of her body pulled me with her.

Like a felled tree mom tumbled backwards. I was pulled to my knees. As mom landed hard on her back, both legs flew into the air. My abdomen slammed into the edge of the recliner, knocking the wind out of me. I fell forward and my head landed between mom's thighs!

Mom thrashed about, her legs waving uselessly in the air. This caused her thighs to close about my ears. I was struggling to catch my breath while mom's thighs held me in place, face down, my forehead pressed against the heat and wetness of her aroused pussy.

Faintly I could hear her trying to say something. But she was too high to make sense and her thighs were too tightly wrapped around my ears for me to hear her.

I was becoming aware of the incredible muskiness of her arousal. My cock throbbed as I inhaled the aromatic pheromones of her sex. My mind, my body reacted as Nature had intended millions of years ago when she installed this hormonal mating call. I kissed mom in her pussy.

She reacted by thrusting her hips up, her legs fell crossed over my back. Her hands tightly gripped my head. Was she trying to push me away or hold me in?

I licked tentatively at the flood of juices that poured from her pussy. I felt her kick painfully on my back. My tongue slid easily into her engorged wetness. Her hips began move rhythmically up and down. Freed from the vise of her thick thighs, my head followed her undulations. My tongue thrust in and out, fucking mom's pussy.

Now I could hear her. She sounded like an old car trying to start.

"Uh uh uh uhuh!"

I managed to get one arm free. I let two fingers replace my tongue in mom's gushing pussy. My mouth found her clit. I alternated between flicking it with my tongue and gently sucking it.

"Tommy, baby, you must stop! We can't do this!"

I peeked over her shaved mound. Despite her protestations, her head was lolling from side to side, her arms were spread to either side of her body, her nipples were rigid and she kept thrusting her hips up and down in the throes of passion.

I added a third finger. I sucked hard on her elongated swollen little man in the boat. I was rewarded with a scream and a jet of female come that squirted forcefully against my forehead and closed eyes.

I stood and slipped pants and jockeys down. While mom was still rocking up and down, caught in the ecstasy of her orgasm, I mounted her. She felt the bulbous head of my man meat split her labia.

"Oh god, no ...Tommy, no...You mustn`t!!"

Mom tried to scoot up on the recliner, retreating from the advance of my cock. I followed, forcing more of my tool into her spasming love channel. I could feel her pussy flexing spasmodically as my cock continued its journey to the depths of her birth canal.

Her hands came between us and tried to push but her thighs kept thrusting up. Mom gurgled as my 10" of coke can girth meat filled her vagina. I assayed a series of slow thrusts in and out.

"Should I stop, mom?"

Her arms flayed the air behind my back.

"Jezuz, Tommy, we can't do this!"

Mom's arms wrapped themselves tightly around my neck. Her full, womanly thighs tightly encircled my back.

"This......oh fuck.....this is....oh my fucking god! You're...ahhhhh...you're going to......oh shit...split me in half!!!"

I pumped harder, drawing out until just the head was just inside her swollen labia. Then I'd thrust home until my progress was stopped by her cervix.

"Just say stop, mom, and I will!"

"Ahhhhhh fuck......don't stop! Keep fucking me with this incredible tool!"

I doubled my efforts. Thrusting harder, trying to force myself deeper, I was fucking my mother! I was almost insane as waves of lust washed over me. Eighteen years before I had emerged squalling from her womb. Now I was going to send my swimmers back into her womb of life.

"Easy, Tiger, easy!" mom gasped. "I need to be able to walk after we finish!"

I slowed. I rose on my hands and knees. But still I pulled my full length out to the head and slid back in. I alternated with short hard strokes.

"Oh my god, baby! Drill your mom with that incredible dick!"

"Yes, mom, I want you to feel good!"

Groaning loudly, her orgasm beginning its march through sweating, thrusting hips, mom managed to whisper before she screamed:

"You can't come in me, Tommy! You MUST pull out before you come!"

Before I could promise, mom came hard. She screamed and shouted my name. She implored me to fuck her harder. I obeyed my mother. I felt her pussy spasming, tightening and loosening as her orgasm rocketed through her body. Her hips kept undulating against my crotch; her legs gripped me like a meaty vise. Her arms clung to my neck so tightly that it was painful.

And I came. It was like a string of hot fluid was being yanked from by balls. I fired my seed deep in mom's pussy. Time after time, spurt after spurt, I flooded her birth canal.

"No, Tommy, no baby....you must not....you.....ohhhhh fuck!"

I lay on top of my mom, spent. My cock only softened slightly. Mom affectionately rubbed my neck and back.

"I'm sorry, mom, I'm sorry!" I wailed.

"It's ok baby, it's ok. I'm the grown up here. I should have exercised the control I was asking you to show!"

We were both drenched in sweat. The air stank with aftermath of our incestuous act. I rolled off mom and sat in the floor next her, my head in her lap.

"Tommy, you must swear that you will NEVER, NEVER tell anyone!!"

My head bobbed hard. "I won't, mom, I promise!"

She placed a hand under my chin and raised my head so we were looking eye to eye.

"Not you friends, not your father, a priest, no one never ever!!"

My head bobbed assent as mom brought her finger to pursed lips

"Shhhhh, our secret!"


I wish I could say this was the start of a winter orgy of sex with my mom. But it wasn't. Oh, we got touchy feely sometimes but there was no more sex.

I enrolled in UCSC for some Spring classes. I decide to learn this new technology of computers. I continued to live at home.

One evening I came home from a late lab. Mom and dad were sitting at the kitchen table. The excitement in the air was almost palpable. Dad's eyes were bright and dilated to the size of saucers. Mom was excited also, but there seemed to be a touch of sadness.

Dad looked like he was spring loaded as he jumped from the chair and ran to meet me.

"Tommy, fantastic news!!! We are having a baby!"

To say I was shocked would understate my feelings. I knew they been trying since I was born. I had even overheard whispered conversations about a low sperm count. But they had finally succeeded. Dad and I were in a bear hug when it hit me. Mom was watching our celebration with a bemused look. She brought her finger to her pursed lips. She lowered her finger and silently mouthed the words:

"Shhhhhhh, our secret!"

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