tagLoving WivesOur Sex Vacation Day 1

Our Sex Vacation Day 1


I was unable to speak or move as I watched the cock sliding along the hand that was wrapped around it. The foreskin would envelope the head on each upstroke and then stretch the head upward on each down stroke. The hand was stroking at a fairly fast pace but to me it seemed as if it was in slow motion.

I jerked out of my trance to look at the man who belonged to the cock. He had his head leaned back against the seat and his eyes were closed as he was breathing heavily. It was evident that he was nearly ready to cum and shoot his load onto the hand that was stroking his cock.

I glanced back at the hand stroking the cock in time to hear the man groan and jerk. Again, it was as if it was in slow motion as his sperm flew into the air and splashed down onto the hand that was now squeezing and stroking quicker to intensify the man's orgasm. Spurt after spurt erupted from the head and onto the hand. There was now a squishing noise as the lubricated hand continued to pump on the cock.

The man finally quit jerking and squirming in his seat as the hand slowed and then stopped still holding onto the deflating cock.

I looked over at the man whose head was still thrown back against the seat. His eyes were still closed as he was enjoying the orgasm's afterglow.

I then glanced at my wife. She looked at me and smiled then said something that I could not hear as my ears were ringing. She looked quizzically at me then I heard her say, "Honey will you give me some of those napkins?"

I reached into my lap for the napkins and realized that my cock was also rock hard. I handed her some napkins and she used them to wipe the cum off her hand. I then looked at my crotch and the front of my pants where there was a wet spot from my cock emitting so much pre-cum. I had nearly shot my load just from watching my wife give this strange man a hand job.

My name is Steve and my wife is Lori. We have been married for 12 years and as so many marriages our sex life had become kind of dull. We had decided to take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort that catered to uninhibited couples. We had been wondering what it would be like to see the other with another partner. We were on the red-eye to the resort because it was a little cheaper and very few people were on the plane.

When we got on the plane a lot of the seats were empty with only about 25 people on the plane. As usual the airline put us in a row with another passenger. There were 3 of us in one row. I had asked Lori if she wanted to move and she said, "No I'm fine."

As it turned out his name was Tom and he was a businessman traveling to a meeting. He was probably in his mid forties with salt and pepper hair and decidedly a nice looking man. He kind of had a George Clooney look about him. Lori was sitting between him and I and they had started up a conversation.

Lori is 36 years old and turns heads everywhere she goes. She is a strawberry blonde that is 5' 10" tall with long shapely legs. Her ass is tight and firm and her tits are not huge yet more than a handful and also set high on her chest with beautiful pink sexy nipples that are usually hard. She will talk to anyone about anything and usually is the first to strike up a conversation.

Lori was ready for this vacation as was I. I was excited about the adventures to come this week. I was also a little apprehensive about each of our reactions if it came down to actually having sex with another person. It is one thing to fantasize about watching another man's cock sliding in and out of your wife's sweet pussy and another to actually see it happening in front of you.

Lori and Tom's conversation soon turned to where we were going and the anxiety about the actual event. After several drinks on the plane Lori had placed her hand on Tom's thigh and would pat it as they spoke. The patting turned into rubbing it and the rubbing worked closer to his dick. Tom in return had gotten a little braver knowing that we were going on an experimental vacation and his hand was on Lori's upper thigh.

She had on a sexy low cut dress that barely covered her ass and I knew she had on no panties. She had said before we left, "I'm leaving all of my panties at home this trip. I want to provide easy access to my pussy for you or whomever."

Lori's hand had eventually worked it's way to Tom's dick and thus to the hand job.

As my crotch was damp form pre-cum I excused myself to go to the restroom. In the restroom I removed my pants and underwear. I threw the underwear in the trash receptacle and washed the sticky fluid from my dick and balls. I looked in the mirror after putting my pants back on and said to myself, "Are you ready for this?" I decided I had better be because Lori was wasting no time in getting it started. I pushed open the door and started back down the aisle to where Lori and Tom were seated.

When I reached my seat Lori had a blanket over her lap and Tom's hand was under the blanket. Lori now had her head back against the seat and her eyes were closed. Tom just looked at me and nodded then smiled. He nodded toward her chest and her nipples were rock hard and poking into her thin sundress.

I could hear his fingers sliding in and out of and around Lori's pussy because she was so wet. Lori opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. She reached for another blanket and put it over my lap. She reached under it and began massaging my cock through my slacks. She unzipped them and reached in to pull my cock from my pants. It was rapidly growing hard again. She was slowly stroking my cock but keeping it held down so that it would not tent up the blanket. She leaned back again and closed her eyes as if she was sleeping and let Tom's fingers work over her sopping wet pussy.

I check the aisles and everyone was either asleep or reading and the flight attendant was nowhere to be seen. I reached across and put my hand into her dress and pinched one of her hard nipples. She never opened her eyes but a soft "mmmmmmm" escaped her lips.

Lori scooted down slightly in her seat so that Tom and I had better access to her body. She kept slowly pulling and twisting my cock in her hand.

Lori began to breath heavily and we knew she was nearing her orgasm. Her body began to tremble then she jerked as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed her body. She was biting her bottom lip at an attempt to subdue the scream that she so desperately wanted to let out. She then jerked again and again and again. The lack of screaming and the strange hand that was bringing her off made this one of the most intense orgasms for her that I could remember in the short term.

During her orgasm she had taken to very quickly jerking on my cock as if she wanted me to come with her. I was too involved in the moment and the thought of Tom's fingers in my wife's pussy to cum when she did.

She now sat quietly and was enjoying the glow of a great orgasm.

Tom pulled his fingers from under the blanket and they were shiny from the massive amounts of juices they had been swimming in.

I tucked my cock back into my pants and Lori drifted off to sleep. Tom leaned back and also went to sleep. I on the other hand was wide-awake. What was the rest of this trip going to be like? We had not even got there yet and Lori had already had a stranger bring her off and she had jacked him to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and all my mind was showing me was the sight of Lori's hand around Tom's cock and it was imagining the sight of his fingers sliding around on and in my wife's pussy.

It did not seem that long when the flight attendant came onto the speakers and announced that we needed to prepare the plane for landing. This woke up Lori and Tom. We all returned our seats upright and folded up or tray tables.

When we walked off the plane Tom turned to us and said, "Thanks to both of you for making this a flight I will never forget."

Lori walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and said, "We will never forget it either."

Tom then turned and started down the terminal building to catch his next flight.

Lori and I headed for the baggage claim area holding hands and both of us smiling with anticipation of the week to come.

We retrieved our bags and headed out into the bright sunlight to look for our ride. Just outside the door was the limo from the resort to give us a ride. The driver welcomed us and put our bags in the trunk. We climbed in the back and settled in.

Lori asked me, "Are you ok?"

I replied, Yah, sure why do you ask?"

She looked at me with a don't play stupid look on her face and said, "I just wanted to know if you were ok with the thing on the plane with Tom?"

I looked at her and replied, "It was mind boggling at first watching you with another man's cock in your hand and then his hand in your pussy. But, I was very turned on by it."

She leaned over to me and kissed me. We then talked about the scenery on the way to the resort.

Soon the limo pulled into a gated entry. The gate swung open and we drove down a long secluded road. The limo pulled up in front of a beautiful hotel and a man opened the door and welcomed us. He said, "You folks go get checked in and we will get your bags to your room."

We went into the hotel and there were people walking around in various states of dress from fully dressed to completely naked. It was a little bit of a shock being from the Midwest seeing people walk around naked so nonchalantly.

We checked in and went to our room. Our bags were already there.

Lori said, "I'm starved and it is lunch time here. Let's change and go check out the buffet and then go walk around and get some sun."

I replied, "Sounds great! I'm hungry too."

Lori went into the bathroom to freshen up and change clothes. I slid on a pair of shorts, sandals and a t-shirt.

Lori walked out into the room with her thong swimsuit bottoms on and a very hide nothing sheer swimsuit cover and no bikini top. Her tits were clearly visible. I let out an appreciative whistle and she spun around for me.

She smiled, "I don't think I'm ready to do the naked thing yet and I thought this was a good first step."

She walked over and slid on a pair of platform sandals that really made her long tanned legs look very sexy.

We stepped out the door and Lori looked a little embarrassed to be walking down a public hallway nearly naked. On the other hand I was fighting to keep my cock from getting hard. We stepped into the elevator and there was another couple on there and she was topless with a thong suit bottom. She apparently had been there before because she and her husband seemed perfectly ok with the fact that his wife was baring her full beautiful tits to everyone. They said hello and we chatted with them on the ride down. When the doors opened he said, "Hopefully we will see you guys later."

We walked into the area of the buffet and again there were people in all stages of dress. Most of the completely naked people were women. There were absolutely beautiful women with great bodies to grandmas who should have been covered up. You just had to appreciate their free and open spirit at their age.

We went to the buffet and got our food. The place was packed but we found a table and sat down to eat. On the table was an events calendar. Tonight was a make your own swimsuit party. It explained that the swimsuit had to be made completely out of clear cellophane wrap. There had been a complimentary roll left in our room for us to use.

Lori looked at me and said, "Wow, that should be fun and sounds like a good time."

I replied, "Do I get to help you design your swimsuit?"

She smiled and answered, "Only if I get to design yours."

We finished eating and went toward the beach to get some sun and relax. We found a couple of lounge chairs together and settled in. Lori pulled her top off and spread a towel on her lounger. I pulled off my shirt and also was getting ready to sit down when Lori asked, "Will you put some sun lotion on me? Please."

I reached for the lotion and started to spread it on her long lithe body. She had rolled onto her stomach and I was putting it on her back. I could not help but to get a hard on while spreading it on her firm tight ass. I made sure to get all of it covered evenly.

I rolled onto my chair and laid on my back. I covered my crotch for a bit until my cock went soft again. I didn't want to look like a pervert on the first day.

I was looking through the crowd and at the variety of shapes and sizes when I saw her. She was just one row in front of us and two chairs over from where we were. She had just come up from the water. She was fantastic in every aspect. Her tits were larger than Lori's and probably only about 5'5" tall. She was a brunette with a small brown strip just above her pussy. She was a petite fully tanned beauty. She reached for a towel and bent over with her ass and pussy pointed directly at me. My first thought was of plunging my cock deep inside that pussy and thrusting until we both came. Needless to say I was going to have to leave the towel in my lap for a bit longer.

She laid back in her lounger and I admired how her natural tits laid against he body. I was guessing she was about our age. A guy then came up from the water and bent down to kiss her. He was wearing a skimpy men's suit that I'm sure was drawing a lot of attention from the ladies. Lori was napping now and completely unaware of the couple that was in front of us.

I got up and walked to the water while Lori was sleeping. There were lots of beautiful women on the beach. All of them were topless and some completely nude but none of them compared to the raven-haired beauty I had been ogling.

I looked up to our chairs and saw that Lori had wakened up and had rolled over. She waved at me and I headed back to her.

At that time the couple got up from their chairs and started gathering their things to head in.

I got to the chairs and Lori said, "No wonder you were not sleeping with a perfect body like that for you to look at."

I played nonchalant and asked, "Where?"

She laughed at me and said, "Nice try Mister!"

I said, "We had better head in too get cleaned up and design your bikini for tonight's dinner party."

She responded with, "And yours!"

Lori got up and I noticed several guys who had been watching Lori. They now were not hiding the fact that they were looking at her splendid body.

When we got to the room Lori peeled off her bottoms and shed the flimsy top to get in the shower.

She gave me a sly smile and asked, "Want to join me?"

"Hell yes!" I responded as I was stripping off my clothes.

Lori was letting the water cascade over her luscious body when I got in the shower. I moved closer to her so that the water was running over both of us. It felt good to have her naked wet body pressed up against mine and my cock was immediately hard. She grabbed the soap and worked up a good lather then placed her hands around my cock and began stroking it. I reached for her tits and very hard nipples and rolled them between my fingers. She reached behind me and let her hands spread the soap onto my ass and then let her fingers lightly graze between my cheeks sending shocks throughout my body. She then let the water rinse the soap from my cock and got on her knees in the shower and sucked my cock into her mouth. I looked down to watch her mouth sliding on and off my cock. Her red lips were stretched tight around it and she held my balls in her hand. The eroticism of the water and steam from the shower made it a dreamy atmosphere.

I was attempting to hold back so that it would last longer but, Lori's experienced mouth won out and I shot my load into her mouth. She rarely lets me cum in her mouth so my orgasm was much stronger than normal and I nearly folded as my knees denied me their support.

She stood up and turned her back to me. I reached around her and let my hands slid down her body to her smoothly shaven pussy. I quickly found her hard clit and massaged it under my fingertips. She moaned as I kept rubbing her. I quickened the pace and she was soon leaning into me. I felt her shudder then her knees buckled slightly as she let the orgasm flow through her body.

We finished washing each other then got out to dry off.

Lori went to the vanity to dry her hair while I got out the cellophane wrap and was designing her eveningwear for tonight.

She finished drying her hair and walked over to me naked and asked, "Ok mister designer, what do you have in mind for me tonight?"

I replied, "Turn around and face the mirror so I can see both sides of you and how it is working."

I unwrapped the cellophane and made one pass around her tits then another so the plastic would stick together. Her tits were clearly visible beneath it. I then reached around her and bunched the plastic together between her tits. I worked the plastic on her sides and back so that there was only a strip of it rolled together. I then pulled out some more and rolled it into a rope. I then wrapped it around her neck so that the ends could be tied together where I had bunched it together between her tits. I checked out my handy work in the mirror and was happy. Her tits were covered with plastic but every detail was still visible. I then rolled some more plastic into a rope and wrapped it around her waist. Another rope was then tied to the back, ran down between her cheeks and across her pussy and tied in front.

I said, "Ok turn around so I can see it."

She spun around and you could see the edges of her smooth pussy as the plastic was running between her pussy lips.

I just responded with, "WOW!"

She asked, "You really want me to go out in public like this?"

I replied, "Oh Yah!"

My cock was rock hard again.

She said, "Ok if that is what you want. Now it is my turn but you are going to have to lose that hard-on before I get started."

She went in and combed through her hair again so my cock would deflate.

She came back in and said, "I guess that will be close enough."

She took the wrap and wrapped a layer around my waist about three times. She then stood back and looked it over. My cock was getting hard again but this time the wrap was holding it down. She then decided to roll it into a rope around my waist. She peeled off some more and tucked it into the front and between my legs. She rolled the back into a rope and made a thong of it and placed it between my ass cheeks then tied it in the back.

She stood back and looked at her creation. I looked in the mirror and said, "You can clearly see my cock and balls with this design."

She looked at me and responded with, "Yah, So?"

I could tell it was going to be and interesting evening not to mention embarrassing going out in public dressed like this.

She said, "Let's go!"

We walked out the door and down the hall to the elevator. When the doors opened I was glad there was nobody on it. We hit the button to go to the lobby as the party was by the pool. The elevator slowed at the second floor and the doors opened. There was another couple wrapped in cellophane.

It was the couple from the beach earlier today.

She was not really wrapped in cellophane but merely had single layer triangles covering her nipples and her pussy. She was truly naked to sight and what a sight it was. I actually felt overdressed compared to his outfit. He simply had a rope of plastic around his waist with a single layer of plastic draped in front of his cock like a loincloth.

They laughed when they got on and she asked, "I guess we are going to the same place?"

Lori smiled back and replied, "Apparently so."

He held out his hand and said, "I'm Todd and this is my wife Crystal."

I shook his hand and replied, I'm Steve and my wife Lori."

The girls shook hands and the doors opened on the lobby level. The good thing about meeting them was at least we did not have to walk out into the lobby as the only ones wearing cellophane.

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